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Part 21: Update XVIII: An Alchemist and her Surprise

We're coming down to the wire here. I don't have much for this Assignment. In fact, I won't even dignify it with a strategy on how to pass it. You know what counts as a Sundry? A Supplement. You can take it from there.

By now, you should have the entire world map open, so whatever you're missing out on, this Assignment will give you plenty of opportunity to finish it up. For me, I'll be conquering the last of Orthogalaxen, as well as a loose end in Night's Domain. Of course, we have a lot of pie to make, and some character events, particularly for Lionela. Tantris and Iksel are already right on the border of having their flags tripped. Really, by the time you finish up this Assignment, you should have fulfilled the conditions for the ending you want. With all that said, let's mosey.

First up, we need to make a good KO recovery item. Why not the Elixir?

The Elixir can have many different effects, including KO Recovery L and Health Recovery XL, and such. It's not only valuable on its own, but we need it to make the next pie. I dropped this off at Tiffani and had her replace a useless item I wholesaled a while ago.

Now, the conditions for this scene can be kinda tricky. You need to have seen the Astrid / Gio event outside of town, the scene where helps at the workshop, Sterk needs to not be in the hospital, Gio's friendship level needs to be 70 or greater, and it needs to be sometime in year 3. Video goes until the screenshot of Rorona talking about bandits.

Hello. Sterk?

Hi, Rorona. You came at a good time.

I was just about to come see you at the workshop.

Is something wrong?

There have been some incidents of travelers being attacked by bandits around here.

You don't have any men at your place, either, careful, okay?

Okay, I will...

Ah, now we've hit the jackpot. When Hom is greater than level 45 and Ortho is open, she can gather all this fine stuff. Which is why I emphasized making Hom work as hard as possible. There's another very good reason to have Hom gathering all this stuff, but we'll get to it later this update.

And now, one final Esty scene wanting an item. You also need more than 90% trust level.Video goes until the screenshot of Esty is talking about Rorona's training.

Yes? Is it another job?

That's correct. So I don't even have to say anything for you to know anymore, huh?

Haha...I'm used to it by now. So, what do you need this time?


Unlike the last couple of times, this is very straightforward. The Night Ladies that you can find in good quality in Night's Domain should be around 50-60 quality, and the alchemy level multiplier should make a Scale Cloth needed for the Gorgeous Dress easily more than 80 quality.

I think this is gonna be the last request from me. I know you're busy but...

Don't worry. I'll get it done as soon as I can.

*Rorona leaves*

If you've been diligent in stopping by Rorona's parents' home, on Assignment 11 they give you these goodies. Only one is valuable. Take a guess.

Oh, and I guess I should explain. While sometimes neither Ryan nor Laura are home when you stop by, most of the time when you do, one of them comes to greet you. Despite the fact both scenes are only a few seconds long, it's voiced for both parents. One of the very few times Laura has a voice, actually.

Well, like I said, it's a pretty easy request, so why don't we take care of it now? Video goes until Astrid says "And time is running out..."

Thanks... Sorry for making you do all this work all the time.

A plenty pretty penny for our final reward.

Oh, no, I'm sorry for misunderstanding some things and being rude...

Ah, I remember that... You never told me what Ms. Zexis told you.

I-I can't tell you!

Ah, c'mon. That's what I really want to know from this game, to be honest. Had to be something pretty juicy.

Aww, don't be shy. I won't get mad.

Um, ugh...I'm so sorry!

*Rorona leaves*

Why do you care? I helped you for free. Rorona's shy face will make everything even.

That's pretty pricey... I shouldn't have asked you...

*sigh* So she won't be coming back here like that anymore, huh? I'll miss her...


You look a hundred times sadder than me.

I won't deny it.

Have you decided what you wanna do?

I don't know how well some front desk lady can keep a secret.

You don't trust me much, huh? Whatever. I'll stay out of it.

Good. This is something that I have to decide on my own. And time is running out...

Now we're talking. That Seven Star Staff has great traits and is Rorona's best weapon, and that Dragon Tusk has all four "Attach" traits on it, that Dragon Scale has good traits, too, and...

Gold! Gold is extremely hard to make, and we still don't have the recipe book for it. Still, this was worth it.

And now, we really need to finish up Hagel's sidequest. You get this scene after making Hagel's wig. Video goes until Rorona says "I don't wanna do this..."

You finished it? Let me see.

Oh, okay.

*fade to black*

...Why the afro?

The question on everyone's mind, I think.

It caught on fire near the cauldron, so it got a little burnt and shriveled.

A little...? Not from what I see...'s pretty bad, huh?

...I know I made it, but are you sure this will be okay?

So he's gonna get mad...? *sigh* I don't wanna do this...

Like Astrid says, we should hop on over to Hagel's shop. Video goes until Rorona says "...And I needed a new weapon, too..."

Pops... Pops?

Hey, Kiddo. Why are you being so quiet?

I thought I shouldn't talk so loud about this... Um, I have that thing you asked for...

H-hey! Shhh! It was actually too heavy for me to carry, so I left it at the workshop...

The workshop!? Gotcha. Let's go! I'm coming right now! Double speed!

*Hagel leaves*

Whoa! W-wait for me!

*fade to black*

Where!? Where is it!? Where's my wig!?

*huff* *huff* ...Pops, you're too fast. It's that thing on the floor...

This!? Aghhh! It's so freakin' heavy!

It usually isn't that heavy... Anyway, before you put it on...

He's not listening...

Hmph, tyah! How does it look!?

*fade to black*

Hah! It actually doesn't look...

Music: Hair Root Cape

Hmm, you look pretty good, Mr. Boldness.

Wh-who's bald!? Wait, no. I"m not bald anymore. Oh yeah, where's the mirror!?

There's one in my room. This way.

Be careful... You shouldn't run...

Oh nooo! P-Pops! Pops!

Pfft! Hahahahaha! Did you hear that!? I think he broke something! Ahahahahaha!

That's not funny! Pops, wake up!


*fade to black*

"This shop is temporarily closed due to the owner's injuries."

...Do you see that?

Oh, don't look so upset. You're going to ruin your cute face.

Ugh! You really crossed the line this time!

Oh come on, Rorona. That was totally worth it.

You better! *sigh*

...And I needed a new weapon, too...

Now that Hagel's out of commission for a week, let's make that Pielixir. Video goes until Rorona says " N-no...nooo!"

Congratulations. *clap* *clap* *clap*

Hehe, thanks. Will you try a piece?

Yes. Hrmm... Hmm!?

Wh-what's wrong? What is it?

Okay, but what about the taste?

...My apologies. I cannot express it with my current vocabulary. If I may try, though... It is rather...elixirtaste.


I bet those Arabic alchemists who thought up the concept of an elixir in the first place would have never imagined their idea would end up being put in a pie some day. It must be fate.

You would be better of trying it for yourself, Master.

Well...does it taste good or bad?

It tastes elixirtaste.

...I'm not that hungry.

No, you must have a taste. Here.

Ugh! Gah... N-no...nooo!

Now we need to start moving into the final tier of armor upgrades. Damn I wish this game had the Totori / Meruru system of being able to choose between traits on items. Would make things so much easier.

This next scene triggers when you've made the Dunkelpeit, Piemeteor, Pielixir, and the Living Pie at 80 quality or greater. Unlike the previous few scenes like this, I believe it triggers the day after you finished the last of the four pies. Video goes until Rorona says "I shall master my own pie!"

So why aren't I happy...? I feel like I"ve got a great big hole, right in the middle of me...

I absolutely love how her voice actress delivers that line. Nice sing-songy kind of way.

*fade to black*

Yes. I see the resemblance of you in her right now.

*workshop background fades back in*

I can't stand it anymore! I have to do this... I shall master my own pie!

It's not enough. It's never, ever, EVER enough. We have to keep making pies. The only thing she can do well in this life is making pies. Can't ever stop. Can't ever back down. Nothing will ever satisfy an unchained spirit like hers, but we can damn well try.

But before all that, it's been seven days since the last Hagel scene, so this came up. Video goes until the screenshot of Rorona crying.

Pops! Are you alright, now?

..Sorry for all the trouble. You worked so hard for me...

Oh, no! You shouldn't apologize!

Hell, it was all because of my weak neck. I'm so ashamed...

But no one could wear something like that...

And sorry it took so long, but here's your reward.

More than I remembered it was. 3000 Cole is pretty nice for what little effort we put into this whole affair. Works for me.

Whoa! But, I can't accept that!

What the hell is wrong with you? You did what I asked you to do. Don't hesitate now. Anyway, I'll let you know if I need anything else!

Well, it's a good thing he didn't take it too badly. Then again, this whole affair was just a simple misunderstanding.

*Hagel leaves*

Man...I feel really guilty...

He seemed happy. You shouldn't care so much about it.

This is about the best armor you'll get for four members of the playable cast. Besides, I'd wear something like that.

After making another cloth, this scene with Gio came up. As long as you saw the previous event in Tiffani's store, this will happen a couple weeks later. Video goes until Rorona says "What should I do?"

Welcome. What do you...?

It's kind of urget. I need your help.

What? Oh, no. I can't!

Is it gonna require me to leave the workshop right away like last time? I really can't...

No, it's nothing like that. I need you to be well prepared for this one anyway.

Okay then, I'll listen.

Yes. I heard about them from Sterk.

I see... Wait, what!? Just you and me? What about everyone else?

Well, naturally. You'd need a whole army of bandits just to bring Gio down to half health.

It has to be just you and me. I don't think it's a good idea to sneak in with a large amount of people.

But, why me?

I need your knowledge. Apparently, they have been stocking up on firearms and bombs lately. Otherwise, I would just sneak in by myself...

But I don't know all that much more than anyone else. You should ask Sterk or the other knights...

I'll be back in a week. I hope you'll think it over till then. Oh, and please keep this just between you and I.

*Gio leaves*

Mr. Gio! *sigh* What should I do?

So, like he says, he'll be back in a week. We can't hire Gio during that time period, and we can't go to a number of locations. Why not upgrade our equipment in the meantime?

If you want something anyone can wear, you can't do better than the Heroic Cape. I like those numbers.

Rorona could also use her final weapon. I used that Dragon Tusk from Esty and another item to get it, so Rorona can finally kick some ass without bombs. It also has my favorite design of any of the weapons.

So, it's not like you can actually gather all those Tusks and Scales...are we sure Hom isn't a total badass, driving Arland's dragon population to extinction? Something to think about.

After making another Velvetis, this follow-up scene showed up. Video goes until a battle results screen.

*knock on door*

I knew it! Welcome, Mr. Gio...

You know why I'm here, right? I'd like to hear your answer.

S-sure. Um...

Now, obviously there's no point in a choice here. Of course we're helping out. If for some reason you don't, however, Gio gets injured and is unavailable for the rest of the game. You also of course miss out on his ending flag. However, you have nothing to worry about during the upcoming scenes, trust me.

I knew you'd accept. Shall we go, then?

...Right now?

Yes. We need to get rid of those rats as soon as possible.

What about the preparations for it...?

That's what the week was for. You knew that, right?

Well, it's more lie...I have to get mentally prepared!

Hey wait, don't pull me!

There he goes again...

*fade to black*

Shhh. We're almost there... Look.

I'm going to try to see if they're willing to talk this out. It'll be best if they just agree.

But what if they don't?

Then we'll have to use force.

That's it? Don't you have a more specific plan than that?

There's no need for that. Let's go.

*Gio leaves*

Whoa, w-wait!

*fade to black*

M-Mr. Gio...don't make them mad...

What? An old geezer and a little brat? Are you guys lost or something?

The old man's got a big attitude, though.

Huh? What's your problem?

We're bandits. We stole them. Duh!

I see. So did you steal those bombs and firearms over there, too?

What did you say? Hey, who the hell are you?

Don't tell us what to do, you old geezer!

We would've let you go, but now...I guess not.

If you didn't understand my question, let me re-phrase it for you. Did you get those weapons from the Minister of Arland, Meredith?

What!? How did you know that!?

Dude, you...!

Aww, crap!

We'll ask him in person later. But before that...

We don't know who you are, but we can't let you go!

You have to die right here. S'nothing personal!

Enough already. Hurry up and start.

These are no stronger than generic enemies you'll find in The Catacombs. In fact, I'm beginning to doubt there actually was a battle here.

The evidence tells me there was, but I'm still not convinced.

Anyhow, we've got a long, important scene up next. Video goes until the screenshot of Meredith by himself, being angry again.

*sigh* ...I think we made it.

I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you.

It was nothing... So, what should we do with these people?

They won't be able to move for a while. We need to get someone from the castle.

Is that...Sterk?

Uh oh, he's here already, huh? I guess we took too long.

What do you mean?

*fade to black*

*huff* *huff* ...There you are! What the hell do you think you're doing here!?

Agh! I'm sorry!

You're here, too!? Why didn't you stop him!? Why didn't you tell me about this!?

Ah, stop yelling so loud. I get it, okay?

No you don't! Do you know what I went through because of you...!?

Ummm, Sterk? You should calm down a little...

How can I!?

Ahh! I'm so sorry!

Besides, it's not like we're dead...

Whoa, hey!

Stupid kids. Can't keep their mouths shut...

...What? The King...?

Sterk! I told you to keep that a secret!

No! She needs to know. That was, you won't be able fool around so much. Rorona, listen...

Music: King of Arland

Incidentally, I played Dragon Age: Origins a lot earlier this year, and in the Warden's Keep DLC for that game, the backstory for Warden's Keep was about a jerk named King Arland. Dragon Age Arland and this old coot couldn't be more different in terms of personality, but it's a fun coincidence anyhow.

And yes, I did notice they missed a "To" there. Consequence of having to sit through every voiced scene at least twice.

You fool...

...What? Mr. Gio is...the King?


*fade to black*


I apologize about what happened tonight. I've caused you so much trouble by making you help me.

What? Oh, no, it's just... I've been so rude to you... I'm so sorry!

No, no, I should be the one to apologize. I lied to you about my identity. I'm sorry. I really am.

Oh, please, don't! The King shouldn't apologize to me...

Okay, sure! I'll be waiting!

*Gio leaves*

Mr. Gio is the King... *sigh* I don't even know what's going on anymore...

*fade to black*

Sorry for all the hard work.

Huh!? Who's there!?

Meredith, it's just me.

M-my Lord!? What brings you to my house?

I wanted to have a talk with you in private. I know it's rude, but I let myself in.

Now, now, stop with the lecture. I've had enough of that tonight. Anyway, does this look familiar to you?

That's one of the bombs that we've been testing in one of our kingdom's factories... Wait...! H-how could you bring such a dangerous device into my house!?

You don't need to keep yelling. These bombs were confiscated from the bandits nearby.

They already admitted that you delivered the bombs to them.

... Are you saying that you would trust those filthy bandits over me, my Lord? Even if that was true, how would I profit by doing such a thing?

The first thing that comes to mind would be data collection.

... could have been planning ot team up with the bandits to start something more sinister. You already have more rights than anyone in this kingdom, so why not take it over entirely...

Lord! That is an outrageous assumption!

Leave it to a king to lay down the law. Gio's such a nice guy this doesn't even feel like he's getting mad.


I'm able to vacate the castle comfortably because I know you do a great job holding the fort. I appreciate your hard work very much, and that's why I stayed out of most of your things. However, don't you think you've crossed the line recently?

I said there will be no lecturing tonight. Besides, you're completely right about that, but why provoke change when everything is going so well?

That kind of selfish reasoning will not be acceptable forever! I have a thing or two to say to you!

That's all for tonight. Sorry to have bothered you on your time off. Rest well now.

Hey, get back here! My Lord!

*Gio leaves*

Well, that was a long scene, but it's over now. Although there was no CG image to mark it, seeing that scene means you've tripped Gio's ending flag.

I went to talk to Tantris so I could take him to Ortho again, when this scene came up. Probably happens after the scene where he talks about a successor with Meredith, but you have to actually talk to him in the Square for this to show up. Video goes until Rorona says " I'll try my bestest!"

Really? I don't think so... Hmm? You look a little down today.

Oh yeah? Hmmm...oh well. I guess it's better to tell you sooner than later.


Goodbye...? What!? Where are you going?

Would you really miss me when I'm gone?

I've been thinking about it for a while, now. You know? It's not really like me to stay in one town for very long.

So you're going to travel again?

Yeah...something like that.


But, that's coming up soon...

True...oh, and I have a favor to ask.

What is it?

But, I've never made an instrument before...

I want one you made. Will you accept it?

...Okay. I'll try my bestest!

After this scene, Tantris gives you a book on how to make a lute. Once you make that item, you've triggered Tantris' ending flag. We'll be holding off on it for a bit.

Homina homina homina homina. Yeah. That's how you break 1 million in a non-New Game+. Basically, you get Hom to gather you all those Tusks and Scales, make them into Halmolium and Velvetis, then turn them into Esty for mad returns.

For now, though, let's take another trip into an alternate universe. This is a scene I discovered completely by accident on a playthrough a while ago, and basically what you need to do to make it happen is that you have to discover Gio is the king no later than the last couple weeks of Assignment 10. If you do that and take him to Night's Domain, this scene triggers. Video goes until the screenshot of Gio talking about how dangerous Night's Domain is.

Yes. I was told to gather a rare plant from around here.

Is this place dangerous? Don't you know what the assignments are ahead of time?

No. I'm not on that committee.

What? But this is for the kingdom, right?

If I was involved in it, I wouldn't be helping you. Sterk isn't involved in creating or evaluating your work, either.


Oh, umm... Hahaha, I guess not.

Hmph...I didn't think so. That's why it makes it easier for me and Sterk to help you out.


In any event, Tantris and Lionela are coming with me to continue plunging deep into Ortho. Even though I didn't cover as much as I could in this update, this is a good place to end things. Next time, we'll be having many exciting battles! And some not so exciting ones, too.. Tune in!

Bandits' Hideout
Gio concept art
Female Hom concept art

Hair Root Cape
This is me talking. I don't believe this is on the in-game soundtrack, unless this game is being a jerk and hasn't added it yet. Anyway, just putting it here for completion.

King of Arland
It's the song for a king, but unfortunately he's not very kingly-like, so this one was a challenge. I ended up making it sound really regal... He is the king after all.