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by Sylphid

Part 26: Update XXIII: An Alchemist and the End of her Journey, Ni: So As I Pray...

Getting the Pie Ending is kinda tricky. Not only do you have to make every pie at 80 or greater quality, but you also have to fulfill one character's ending flag. However, this character cannot have the generic ending conditions met where you'd get their ending. For example, if I was going for Cordelia for the Pie Ending, I'd need to trip her flag, but fulfill the Normal or Good ending requirements. If I fulfilled the True Ending requirements, I'd get Cordelia Ending instead.

I am the Oak of my Staff

I know this is what I said I wanted to do, but... *sigh*

Master, your hands have stopped. Please focus.

Fragile is my Body and Flour is my Blood

Oh, sorry...

If there is a problem, I think you should talk about it.

Are you worried about me?

I have prepared over a Thousand Recipes

Yes. We cannot finish anything when you are like this.

Right... So Homhom, I was just wondering...

Unaware of Oversalting,

Does that mean you will not need me anymore?

Oh, no! I'll still need your help.

Nor aware of Perfection.

Then i see no problems. I am here soely for the purpose of helping you.

Okay... Well, I have an idea! There's something that I've really wanted to do for a long time.

Withstood Criticism to create Food, Waiting for the proper Baking Time.

*fade to black*

I have no Regrets. This is the only Path.

...But she didn't tell me what kind of store it was gonna be.

My whole life was

*fade to black*

Rorona! I'm here!

Welcome to Rorona's Pie Shop!

Unlimited Pie Works


Oh, hey Cory!

What are you wearing...? And what is this place?

Don't you like it? I thought it was really cute...

This has always been my dream! And I still use alchemy! Half of the pies are made from alchemy. everything okay? You don't want people getting food poisoning, you know?

Oh, please! You're so mean.


I may as well try some of your pies while I'm here. What do you recommend?

Pie Ending B

Pie Ending - Cordelia
Pie Ending - Iksel
Pie Ending - Sterk
Pie Ending - Lionela
Pie Ending - Tantris
Pie Ending - Gio