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Atelier: Arland Trilogy

by Sylphid

Part 31: Update XXVIII: An Alchemist and the End of her Journey, Nana: A New Calling

For the record, for this ending and next, the first scene is exactly the same for the Lionela, Tantris, and Normal Endings. The second scene is where they start to diverge.

I am very bored.

Me, too...

Perhaps you should sign up for the jobs posted at the front desk of the castle.

Well, those jobs are too easy and boring... I wanna do something more challenging!

Ugh...I guess...

We are going to run out of savings soon.

Hmm... You know what?

I have no idea.

*fade to black*

Yes, Master. I checked last night.

Okay, then...

I'm so sorry for being late!

I was so nervous last night that I-I fell asleep really late,

Relax. Don't worry about it, okay?

Uh, okay...

Oh,come on. It's not like we belong here anyway.

Plus, there's no point in us staying if you're not gonna be here. Right, Lionela?

Should we go now?


*fade to black*

Ummm...Liona? Do I really have to do this?

Of course. We need money.

I know, but this is...

Oh, shut up and just accept it already.

That's right. You're the one who said you didn't want to force Lionela to work by herself.

I know that, but...this is more embarrassing than I expected...

Are you saying that Lionela is making an embarrassment of herself all the time?

Really? Is that how you see me?

Shhh! The audience is here already.

Lionela Ending

Lionela Ending