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Part 32: Update XXIX: An Alchemist and the End of her Journey, Hachi: Dedication

I am very bored.

Me, too...

Perhaps you should sign up for the jobs posted at the front desk of the castle.

Well, those jobs are too easy and boring... I wanna do something more challenging!

Ugh...I guess...

We are going to run out of savings soon.

Hmm... You know what?

I have no idea.

*fade to black*

Good morning... Tristan, right? Is today your first day?

Yes, I'm gonna be a Minister-in-Training for a while.

For a while, huh? Are you sure about that?

What do you mean?

Oh, nothing.

It's not like that. Oh, but please don't tell her about this.

I wouldn't do that. So, are you planning to never see Rorona again?

Well, not until everything settles down...

I'd like to give you a harder time, but time is running out. Let me tell you something... Rorona is...

*fade to black*

Minister, do you have some time?

What is it? I'm busy right now. What's his problem!? This is his first day, and he's already missing!

I think I saw that person this morning.

You did!? So where is he!?

I'm not sure...oh, but he left a letter for you, Sir.



I don't know. I'm guessing it means what he wrote down, Sir.

That stupid brat!

*fade to black*


Huh!? I-I wasn't... Well...

I told you that you should say goodbye to everyone instead of sneaking out.

I know, but I thought that would just make things more difficult...


It's a long story, but...basically, we were meant to be together.


Hah, I thought you would blush like usual.

I'm used to it now. You're the one who trained me!

Of course...I mean, as long as you promise not to say anything to embarrass me.

I thought you were used to it by now.

I am, but it's still embarrassing.

Alright. I promise.

Good. Well, I guess we should be going then.


I can't do this, either? You didn't mention anything about this.

Tantris Ending

Tantris Ending