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Atelier: Arland Trilogy

by Sylphid

Part 34: Update XXXI: An Alchemist and the End of her Journey, Jyu: End of a Rivalry

There it is!

Again!? Everybody, run!

*fade to white, then black*

Excuse us.

Hey, guys...look at you. Did you do it again?

Aww, don't make it sound like we do this all the time...

But...isn't this like the sixth time this month?'s the eighth...

Grand Master always said that making mistakes every once in a while makes you more endearing.

Really? She said that?

Is that so...? Hmm.

Anyway, I'm hungry and tired. Can I get something to eat? Oh, I have to clean up this mess...



The most brilliant, you say?

Your restaurant? I-I can't do that. I have my own work to do...

Huh? I'm sorry. I don't get it...

Alright, let's get moving. Hey kid, can I get your help?

Please, call me Hom.

W-wait! I didn't agree to this...

*fade to black*

Hey, thanks! Mmm, it looks delicious.

Uh, just be careful. You can't always judge Rorona's creations by their looks.

That's a horrible thing to say! Let me be the judge of that.

Wh-whoa there, hey! Pops! Wake up!

Rorona, what the hell did you make?

Apparently not! Hey, Pops!

...Hehe, hm-hehehe... Alright! I've got lots of hair...

Get ahold of yourself! Wake up, now! Rorona, do something!

Antidote!? So it was poison...?

N-no! I just... Okay, it was a mistake! Let's see, the ingredients for the antidote are...ooh, I should try using this one instead!

Iksel Ending

Iksel Ending