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Part 37: Update XXXV: An Alchemist and the End of her Journey, Jyu-San: Similarity

...Where the hell is she!? She's late! Could she be...? No! I can't wait anymore!

*fade to black*

*fade to black*

Who are you!? No cutting!

Shut up! I'm not one of you guys!

*fade to black*

*sigh* This is never gonna end...

You have no time to complain. You must finish at least five more jobs.

Five more!? No matter how hard I work, it keeps piling up!

That is because you accept every job without thinking about it first.

Ugh...! That's... That's true...

Oh, hey Cory. Welcome.

Don't "Welcome" me! We were supposed to hang out today, remember!?

Huh...? Oh no!

Um, well... Hehehe...

Y-yes, I can! I can finish them all!

She can finish them, but not on time...

...Homhom, that's not helping.


*fade to black*

Oh, sorry... Just a second... Okay, it's done, Cory!

Don't call me Cory! I'm the Manager of this workshop!

I-I'm sorry!

What is it? Don't stop! Keep your hands moving. feels like there's the same amount of work to do, even after you came to work here...

Well, yeah. I crunched all the work for this week so that you can take a day off next week.

I can take a day off!? Yaaay! I haven't had a day off in forever!

Huh!? I was hoping to have a more relaxing day...

Sorry. That's an order by your manager.

Do you not want to take a day off?

Ahhh! I'm sorry!

Cordelia Ending

Cordelia Ending