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Part 42: Update XXXIX: An Adventurer and the First Trails

This will likely end up a pretty short update, simply because there's not many events, and I wouldn't want to butt in on the end of introduction content, which is quite a lot. But, it's necessary anyway. First up...

Music: Atelier Totori

The couch. Now that we have control of Totori, we can actually just sleep all the time for a period of a month or so, and you'll get what I like to call a Suicide Game Over. You'll basically get a glorified Game Over where Totori drops the idea of doing much of anything in particular, and just decides to take life easy. But, I'll cover that another time.

Here we go. Change BGM is a lovely little feature, where you can change the background music of either Atelier Totori or Rorona, normal battles, or boss battles. Four songs are free, but the rest will cost you a nominal sum. I only have one at the moment, and no particular need to get more. I'll post a full track listing of what I have outside of this update, and then decide how I want goons to make my decisions for me.

But enough of all that. We need to stop by Gerhard's to see what he wants with us. Video goes until the screenshot of Gerhard saying "Atta girl".

Hiya, Gerhard!

Good to see you could make it. Have a seat for now.

Sure. So, um... What did you want my help with?

Let me explain. I've been thinking about it for a while, but I decided to start a new line of work today. I realized I can't make a living with only this tavern.

Yeah... I mean, you don't even have any customers.

I-I'm sorry!

Well, anyway. About this new work...

What kind of requests?

In Arland, they gather requests from people and distribute them to adventurers and volunteers. This village will help handle a certain proportion of those requests.

Um, sure I guess. I still don't get why you're telling me...

Because I want you to handle these jobs. There aren't many adventurers in this village, you see.

What? I can't do that. There's no way I'm ready!

It's all right. I've already turned down the difficult ones. Besides, you're an alchemist, right? You should be able to make things even adventurers would have trouble finding.

Just do the ones you're confident you can fulfill.

The ones I'm confident about... Okay, I'll try!

Well, easy requests is right. Everything for a while will be painfully easy to accomplish, and given I have so much money, I don't need to worry about funding.

But hey, why don't we check out the second location?

Music: Following the Footsteps ~ The Plains

This area looks kinda nice, but there's only Blue Punis wandering around and not too many valuable ingredients. Actually, the Punis here are slightly dangerous at our current levels. Don't fight too many, because you likely won't survive more than a couple battles.

That bridge leads to the second exit, but of course, we can't use it.

When you decide to leave this place (or Nuse Grove if you decide to revisit the place), you get this scene.

Money? Not a whole lot... Why?

Oh... I was thinking whether or not we could save up 100,000 cole between the two of us.

A-A hundred thousand?! There's no way! What do you need so much money for?

To go to Arland and get my Adventurer's License.

It takes that much money to travel to Arland?

Oh... Wait. I'm going with you? Are you sure?

I thought you wanted to become an adventurer.

I'd like to. But I'm not sure yet... Did I ever tell you I wanted to become an adventurer?

N-No I wasn't!

Well, whatever. So you don't money either. I'll have to think of another way to get some.

*Gino leaves*

Hmm. I never thought Gino could see right through me like that.

Well, when we get back to Alanya after the previous scene, this comes up. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori promising herself she'll be an adventurer.

I'm home.

Welcome back. Dinner will be ready soon.


Huh? N-Nothing.

Liar. You're only like that after you do something naughty or want something.

N-No, that's not always true! Mmm... Umm...

If you've got something to say, just say it.

Promise you won't get mad?

Of course I won't get mad... Unless it's really, really bad.

You didn't have to get so angry... I was just saying what if...

Music: Deep in Emotion

No means no! Don't be stupid!

Stupid? Why would you say that?! It's not a stupid question at all!

It is stupid! There's no way you can become an adventurer!

Why would you say all that?! I can do stuff by myself! Like alchemy!

You're always messing up!

I'll get better! If I work hard, I can become a great adventurer like Mom is...

Stop! If you follow in Mom's footsteps, I won't know what to do...

You won't find her anywhere! You should already know what happened to her. She hasn't come back in years and she doesn't write to us at all. Mom's already...

No! I'm sure she just got lost out there or something!

Are you still saying that...? I said no! I mean it!


I'm not saying that because I want to be cruel...

It's been a while since you two fought like that. I really want you sisters to get along.

She said she hates me. Totori hates me... W-Wahhh... Ahhh...

Why are you crying, too? Oh, by the way... What are we having for dinner?

*fade to next day*

I wonder if Ceci is still mad at me...

I should apologize... Okay!

*fade to black*

G-Good morning, Ceci!


Um... Ceci? About yesterday...

Hmph. I don't care about you anymore.

Huh?! *sniff* Wahhh...

What?! Wh-Why are you crying?

B-Because you're still mad... I just wanna apologize and you said you hate me...

Th-That's because you said it first... Oh, I'm sorry, Totori. I'm so sorry. It was immature of me. I'm really sorry.

*sniff* You're not mad anymore?

I'm not mad. Now dry those tears.


Because I said no. We're done here. If you talk about becoming an adventurer again, I'll give you the silent treatment forever!

Ceci! Ugh... Boo...

Well, this sucks. Ceci's not on board and that bum Peter wants 100,000 Cole for the trip that we already have 8 times over. Let's see if we can't find a way to get out of this.

You know what's a massive convenience? You no longer need to have the job items in your Basket in order to turn them in. As long as you possess said item, you'll be able to turn it in. It's a minor thing, but it's so nice.

Now, my strategy for the prologue involves making a lot of Crafts (weak bomb item), so let's return to Nuse Grove to get more Nuses to make the Crafts. This scene shows up the first time you leave after that last big scene with the sister. Video goes until Gino says "I don't think she'll tell us anything worthwhile".

Gino, let's work hard and save money! If we work together, I'm sure we can!

Y-Yeah... You seem really motivated.

I decided I'm definitely going to become an adventurer. I don't care what stupid Ceci says.

Did you two fight again? Well, whatever. Any ideas about how to make our fortune?

If we work hard enough, we can... Wait, next month?!

Yeah, the next carriage is heading out in a month. Didn't I tell you?

No, you didn't! If we can't make it by then, when's the next carriage?!

He said when he felt like it. Peter is really inconsistent. Who knows when the next one will be.

You can't give up before even trying. Let's just do what we can!

O-Okay... But I'm really not sure.

Huh? Wahhhhh! Wh-Wh-What?! What is that thing?!

It's huge! Get away from us!

This is bad... Hey, we have to run!

I'm too scared... I-I can't stand up...

S-Stop! I'll never let you lay a finger on Totori!

Nooo! I don't wanna get eaten up!

*fade to black*

Just kidding! Haha! It's me!

Music: The Super Girl

It's been a while, hasn't it? Did I go too far this time?

Y-You gotta be kidding me! Do you know how much you freaked us out?!

Sorry! But you looked cool for a second. "I'll never let you lay a finger on Totori!"

Sh-Shut up! Who cares about what I said?!

*fade to black*

Phew. That was heavy. It's not easy to pull such an expert prank, you know.

Why would you go so far to do that? Did you beat that monster all by yourself?

Well, I haven't been home in a while, so I wanted to bring back a huge gift.

You just got back now?

Yup. I saw you guys on the way and I knew I had to tease you.What are you two doing out here, anyway?

N-Nothing. Nothing to do with you.

Oh, right. I'll see you two later, then. There we go.

*fade to black*

How can she carry that on her own? Do all good adventurers have to be strong like her?

I don't think that's the point. Mel has always had barbaric strength. I hope she didn't overhear our conversation.

Her? I don't think she'll tell us anything worthwhile.

Says the kid. Mel is awesome, both as a character in and in-battle, but we'll be seeing her again soon enough.

I only used that trip to go get some Nuses, so I headed back just as soon as I was done gathering. When you return to the village after seeing Mel the first time, this scene shows up. Video goes until Totori says "I guess I should ask Mel to tell me her stories later".

I'm home.

Welcome home. You're early today.

(I think Ceci is feeling better today.)

I just saw Mel come back. It's been so long since she left.

Yeah. She stopped by earlier. I didn't know what I was going to do when I saw that giant lizard burst in.

Hehe. She came straight here.

We talked for a while and then she left. I couldn't get any housework done because of her.

Oh, you're not allowed to listen to Melvie's stories. Being an adventurer is scary and dangerous. You'll have nightmares. Nothing good about being an adventurer! Melvie was born with her uncanny strength, so she's fine. Regular girls could never...

Hm, Ceci might be warming up to this whole idea. She didn't seem entirely serious about her whole little spiel there, but we'll see...

Can we change the subject now? Like, what are we eating today? I'm starving.

Oh, right. It'll be ready soon. Can you call Dad over?


*fade to black*

Okay. I guess I should ask Mel to tell me her stories later.

Well, we're on a roll here. This shows up whenever you head for the square next. Video goes until Totori says "Thank you, Mel".

Oh, hey Totori. I knew you were about to come.

Huh? How did you know that?

When I was talking to Ceci, she told me not to tell you anything. She was really adamant about it.

Ceci did? No way...

I'm sure Ceci already told you this, but it's not as glamorous as you think. You get attacked by monsters outside. You don't get paid unless you do quests. It's not all fun and games.

Then why did you become an adventurer?

Did you think I could hold a normal job?

Yeah, you'd get fired right away.

Wait, what's that supposed to mean? But anyway, do you still want to be an adventurer?

Yes, I do.

Are you serious?


Are you against it, too?

What? Help me? Really?

Yeah. It's not like I can do too much for you without Ceci knowing. I'll help by joining you whenever you go outside.

But are you really sure? I thought she told you to keep quiet.

She did, but she didn't tell me not to help you. Just know I won't do anything else for you. I don't intend to, either. You'll have to save money and convince Ceci on your own.

Okay! Thank you, Mel!

Mel is basically Totori's answer to Sterk (even though he's in this game, but work with me here). She is vastly more powerful than Gino and Totori at the moment, and can single handedly carry your team for quite a while. Use her a lot.

Why Crafts are important is because they're good for alchemy level grinding at the start. They're only a level two item, but it'll do for now. Just make those Crafts, turn them in if you want (I obviously have no reason to bother), and go from there. Level 5 or 6 is a good place to start the main game on.

The first time you leave Alanya with Gino and Mel, you get this scene.

Yeah. She said she'll help us out.

Hi again, kids.

That's rare. You always hate working on anything. Why would you want to help us out now?

Well, there's not that much else to do in the village.

You talk real big for a slacker. I doubt you can teach me anything worthwhile. I've been training ever since you left. I'm a lot stronger now.

Oh, really? I guess you're a boy after all. If I fought you now, maybe I'd lose!

You're making fun of me, aren't you? I really am stronger! It's true!

You can't just talk about it. You'll have to show me some proof.

*Gino leaves*

Haha. He hasn't changed at all. He's so simpleminded... Or maybe he's still just a kid.

Don't tease him so much. Gino is serious about this.

Now that Mel is with us, a third area opens up. This place has a bunch of angry Audras in it, which are by far the strongest enemies we can fight at the moment. That is, Mel takes about 3 normal hits to kill one, and they hit her for a whole three or four damage usually.

They immidiately make a beeline for us, but we want to fight them anyway.

There's really not much to say about them. Just smack 'em around a whole bunch. The damage to Totori and Gino can add up quickly, so that Healing Salve will come in handy, but don't worry. Everyone in a battle gains experience, no matter if they were KO'd at the end of the fight or not.

After your first battle with Mel, you get this scene. The Sterk parallels only grow stronger.

Good job. You look more like a real adventurer with each passing day.

I still have lots to improve. I'm still scared and I get tired fast...

Everyone's like that at first, I think.

What about you?

Well, this is sudden.

I always wanted to ask, but I couldn't find a good time.

Being strong was just part of it. But my main reason was becuase I looked up to Gisela. There's other stuff, too.

Now Totori's mom finally gets a name. It's pronounced with a soft G, for the record.

What other stuff?

Do you really want to know?

I do. If you put it like that, I'll just get even more curious.

What? am I supposed to know when I'm grown up enough?

When I say you are, you are.

That just means you'll tell me whenever you feel like it.

Let's cut the silly chitchat. Start by becoming a real adventurer.

I feel like she just brushed me off...

Mel's only ability at the moment is Axe Strike, which is more than twice as powerful as normal, non-critical hits, and lowers the enemy's defense to boot. Very ability. It's going to remain our most powerful attack for some time.

So, here's what I like to do. Make Crafts, go to this area, then level up against the Audras. You'll be killing two birds with one stone (so to speak), and use plenty of time doing it. There seriously is nothing to talk about between the first battle against those Audras and the end of the prologue, but thankfully it only lasts until 5/15. Whatever you're doing on 5/15, you get forced back to town and this scene comes up. Video goes until the screenshot of Guid talking to Ceci alone.



What's with you two? Cheer up!

We couldn't save enough money...

After all that work, too. We'll have to wait for the next one.

But we don't know when that'll be.

Right... Ugh.

I guess. I don't feel like doing anything anymore.

Yeah... I'm going home too...

They can be such a handful. I guess this shows how serious they were. You know what to do now, Ceci.

*fade to black*

Ah, something else I should mention. You know how in Rorona I mentioned a really bad glitch with infinite loading? This game has no such problem. Seriously, this game is polished to a mirror sheen when it comes to glitches. I've yet to encounter one, and I've played this game 11 times. It's quite remarkable.

I'm home. Oh, you're back before me today, Totori.


What's wrong? You have that look again.



Just because you couldn't do it now doens't mean you'll never be able to.

But we both tried so hard. We really, really did... But...

I'm not crying! *sniff*

Oh fine, Here, take this.

Huh? Money?

A-Are you sure?

No, I'm still against it. But Melvie keeps telling me to let you. She says you two will be fine... And I wouldn't want you to sit around here and mope all the time...

Wow, thanks Ceci! Oh, but...


This isn't enough for the carriage fee.

But Gino said it'll cost 100,000 cole.

100,000 cole? Who would ask for such a large sum of money?


D-Dad! How long were you there?

How long...? I came home with Ceci.

Oh, really? I didn't even notice...

Hm, at this point, I'm beginning to suspect the man just bends light around him.

A-Anyway, what do you mean by Peter pulling Gino's leg?

That snake. Don't worry, folks. He won't be getting any better, but he has his uses for a while.

I thought everyone in the village already knew that.

Oh, really? That's terrible! We were so depressed about it!

Peter's always been like that. He never changes.

You know, I don't think she actually gives us any money here. If you watch the video, you notice I'm not cutting out any "Money get" notifications, so I'm not sure it actually happens. Oh well.


But you're not allowed to just waste it. Be careful out there.


Let's have dinner. You should go to bed soon because you need to wake up early tomorrow.

I should tell Gino first! I'll be right back!

*Totori leaves*

When she heard me say she could be an adventurer, her face really brightened up.

I think it's great. It's better than her being depressed.

I know... But I'm still not sure about it. Even if she's a depressed mess, I'd rather she stay home and not become an adventurer.

Let's end things here. It's going to be a long next update...

Monstrous Power
Alanya Outskirts
Melvia artwork

Atelier Totori
Following the Footsteps ~ The Plains
Deep in Emotion