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Part 43: Update XL: An Adventurer and the Big City

Happy Holidays to everyone on Something Awful. Sorry for this update taking longer than you might think, considering how little gameplay actually happens in it. I've been hard charging through ACIII to get the Platinum in time for the New Year, and just an hour or so ago, I succeded. Now this LP has my undivided attention until the 1st.

In any case, we rejoin Totori where we last left her, about to make her first trip to Arland. Let's just jump right into it...Video goes until Ceci says "I guess she'll be back soon".

Hahaha! You two thought I was serious? Bwahahahaha!

Don't laugh!

Yeah! You're a terrible man!

Sorry. Gino was so persistent, I couldn't help myself. Besides, Ceci was against you going to Arland.

That doesn't make it okay for you to lie.

But thanks to my lie, Ceci's letting you go, right? You should be grateful.

Oh, whatever. Let's just hurry up and go.

Calm down. It'll be a long journey, so let's just take it easy.

What?! C-Ceci?! I, uh, don't want to get in the way of your goodbyes... I'll wait for you way over there!



I'm glad I made it in time. Here's your lunch. All three of you should share it, okay?

Okay. Thanks.

The trip to Arland from Alanya is roughly two weeks. That better be a hell of a lunch, or I'm sensing some logistical problems will arise.

I need to take care of soemthing. Hey, Peter. Get over here!

You better make sure they get there safe. If anything happens to them, you'll never see the light of day again.

D-Don't worry. Nothing will ever happen while they're in my carriage.

I'm starting to get really worried. Maybe I should tag along.

Ahh! Don't! I definitely don't want you to come!

Those two seem to be having fun.

Is that how you see it?

Yeah. Leave her to me.

Geez! Do you ever quit?! I'm going now! Everyone, get on.

Oh, sure. Well, I'm off.

Bye. Be sure not to eat anything weird. Watch out for strangers offering you treats when you get to town.

I'm not a kid anymore. Well, I'm off for real!

*fade to black*

She's gone. It's gonna be quiet around the house for a while.

Why the long face? She'll be back before you know it.

Yeah... I guess she'll be back soon.

And we're off. Video goes until Peter says "Let's get outta here".

But it's so shaky. How many days will it take to reach Arland again?

Days? I think he said a few weeks.

Seriously, neither of these two have any form of entertainment on-hand (that we know of), and it takes roughly a week to travel across the length of the continental United States (in my case, it was a relatively straight shot from California to Maryland, if you're curious). Even with a form of entertainment, it gets boring as hell after a while. These two have the patience of saints not to complain too much about the travel time.

Oh... That's a really long time.

But it'd be even longer if we wealked. You never know what sorts of monsters are lurking by those paths.

Oh, that's true. But we'll be adventurers after we make it to Arland.

Yeah. Adventurers... finally. I'm so excited! Can't we speed this thing up?!

*fade to black, then 5/23*

Urp... The shaking is making me queasy...

C'mon. Snap out of it. You've been sick this whole time. You need to get used to it already.

I dunno if I can... U-Urp...!

Blegh... If I knew it would be this boring, I would have just walked.

But you said that'd be dangerous. Urp. I wanna walk back home, though...

*fade to black, then 5/30*

Just one more day. Try to be patient.

One more day! Finally.


You're really out of it, huh? Are you okay?

But you've just been riding in a carriage.


*screen shakes*

Ah! I hit my head.

Hey! Why did you stop all of a sudden?!

Th-Th-This is bad! Really bad!

What's really bad...? Whoa!

*screen shakes violently*

Music: This Looks Bad

Ahhh! I can hear the wood cracking!

It's going to crush the carriage! What are we going to do?!

I don't know! I've never seen anything like it before!

Geez! You're so useless!

Wahhh! Ahhh! What d'we do?! What d'we do?!

Fight it?! I-I-I can't! We can't win!

We have to do it! Come on! Let's go!

Ahhh! I really can't!

*fade to black*


Wahhh! Ahhh! Nooooo!

Hey, where'd it go?

Hey, that voice sounds like...

He looks really scary.


Oh, I'm sorry! Did you hear me?! Scary isn't right! What I meant was...

Wow! That old guy beat the monster by himself!

Old guy...?

Wahhh! Watch your mouth, Gino!

I can't exactly think Totori's reaction was out of the blue. Sterk looks downright menacing most of the time. He sure knows how to pick a look that makes him look like a bad guy.

I'm surprised, too. I've been working around here for a while, but nothing of this magnitutde has happened before.

I see. I'll take care of the report. You three should get to town right away.

Hey! Don't ignore me, old man!


Gino! He's glaring at you! He's glaring at you really hard!

...Take care.

*Sterk leaves*

He's gone. I think he looked cool... Like a real adventurer!

I was so scared... I think he was scarier than the monster...

All right! I'm going to become an adventurer just like that old guy!

I think the carriage can still operate. Let's get outta here.

I think it's better Melvia never hears about this, for Peter's sake if anything...

Anyway, when that scene ends, it fades to 6/1 and you arrive in town. This next video happens just after that. Video goes until Totori says "Now I'm getting really worried".

Wow... So this is Arland...

Whoa. It's totally different from our village.

Look! The ground is made from stone! It's really easy to walk on!

These houses are huge. How do they make them like that?

Stop gawking. You're making it obvious you two are from the boonies.

*Peter leaves*

Tomorrow afternoon, huh? That doesn't give us a lot of time. Let's go get our licenses!

Sure! So, um, where do we get them?

Isn't it obvious...? Wait, I don't know either.

You don't know?!

I thought we'd get one as like a gift when we got here.

*Gino leaves*

H-Hey, wait! Now I'm getting really worried.

The first woman we can talk to says where we need to go next, and if you were so inclined, you could head there right now. But let's not. There's a few scenes upon reaching Arland, but in a nice touch, if you ignore them right now and visit the usual shops when you're back in Arland (which should happen around...late August to mid-September, if I recall), you'll get different scenes with dialogue changed appropriately. Neat touch.

Anyway, since we're on old stomping grounds, let's check out Atelier Rorona first. Maybe my memory is off and Rorona is hanging around.

Well, he mentions Factory Way from the last game, but this street and the lobby of the Castle is all of Arland that you can actually visit. However, there's a small exception to that, which I'll comment on at the appropriate moment.

Video goes until Totori says "I thought I'd get to see her".

If you look carefully on the left, you'll see a barrel. There's a group of them, and that's what's blocking our usual path from Artisan's Way to the Square.

Hey, it's Teacher's workshop!

Ah, and I should mention, as a sign of respect toward her, Totori almost always calls Rorona "Teacher". You'll very rarely hear her call her Rorona.

Your teacher? You mean for alchemy?

Maybe she's not home...

There's a note on the door.

For a while, I was confused who left this note. Hom is the only one who ever called Rorona "Master", and Hom is not in town (Astrid took her with her when she packed up and left sometime between the end of Rorona and start of Totori), so I was at a loss. But, I think it's a safe bet that Cordelia is the one who left this.

See that?

Aww... I thought I'd get to see her.

Another time, Totori. Let's go on down to Tiffani's store and see if she's in, at least.

Jeez, what's your problem? Jerk. And how does Totori look like a hick, anyway? Those clothes aren't exactly anything anyone else in Alanya is wearing. Anyway, in we go. Video goes until Totori says "Bye-bye".

This is a really cute store. I wonder if they sell sundries here.

Hmm. I doubt they have anything I'll want to buy.

You don't know that. Look. A lot of guys are gathered over there.

Hey, you're right. Let me take a look.

*fade to black*

Yes. I'm also an alchemist and I... Wah!

I'm sorry, did I scare you?

N-No, I'm sorry I freaked out.

That's so great! I thought I wouldn't get my fix today!

It's thanks to that girl! She's awesome!

They're all excited for some reason.

Don't worry about them. They're always like that. Well, it's nice to meet you. My name is Tiffani.

Well, not much substantial has changed about her design, but I still really like it. Shorter hair looks really good on her, I think.

I'm Totori. Nice to meet you, too.

Totori? Oh, so you're her. Rorona's little pupil, right?

You know my teacher?

Yes. Rorona's a regular of mine. She mentioned finding a really cute student.

Hey, Totori!

Gino, are you done?

There wasn't anything I wanted. Those old guys were getting hyped over nothing. Let's go. We need to get our adventurer's licenses.

Oh, right. I'm sorry. We have to go.

I will. Bye-bye.

As you might expect, Tiffani's not selling anything particularly great at the moment. But, it is the start of the game.

Let's check up on Hagel, shall we? Video goes until the screenshot of Hagel referring to Rorona.

Um, what's this shop?

We'll find out if we go in.

Right. In we go.


Wait. I might've just seen something really, really weird.

Weird? What're you talking about? If you're not coming, wait out here.


*fade to black*


Wow, is this a forge?! There are weapons everywhere!

Hey, kiddo. You've got good eyes to understand how great my works are.

Um, was someone else in here a second ago?

Huh? What are you talking about? I'm the only one here.

I really thought I saw someone with a gigantic head of hair...

Don't be silly. I'm all smooth up top.

Hm, sounds like Hagel has come to terms with things. One could hope, at least...

I guess so... Maybe I'm tired from the carriage ride.

We came from Alanya to sign up as adventurers.

Oh, adventurers? Good to see youngsters with some grit. The name's Hagel. If you're an adventurer, I recommend any and all of my weapons.

Hagel hasn't changed slightly, but that's because his look is a triumph in character design.

Oh, my name is Totori. Um...

(Hagel seems a bit...)

You were just staring at my head, weren't you?

I-I wasn't! I would never stare!


(He looks scary, but he's really nice.)

If you want to be an adventurer, you'd best hurry. The castle reception desk will close for the day soon.

What? Really? We actually don't know where to go sign up as adventurers.

You don't even know that? I'm starting to worry about you two. Head west when you leave my shop. They'll tell you the rest there.

Th-Thank you!

Okay! Let's go, Gino.

I want to look around some more. Wow, I'd love to use this huge sword...

We don't have time! Thank you! We'll be going now!

Yeah! Good luck!

*Totori and Gino leave*

In spite of Totori's protests, we can actually shop with Hagel for a bit. He actually does have one thing interesting going on: the Port Outfit. It's Gino's armor at the moment, but the curious thing is that he sells it for 400 Cole and it sells for 539. Let's just make a little profit, shall we?

Last but not least, Iksel. Video goes until Gino says "What are you, my mom?"

Is this a restaurant?

Perfect. Let's get something to eat. We really didn't eat anything good during our trip here.

But Ceci told me not to waste any money.

I don't serve anything so expensive you'd think you're wasting money. Cheap, fast, good. My three rules.

Oh, I'm sorry... Um, do you work here?

Yeah. I'm Iksel. Nice to meet you.

Iksel, I think, has a a pretty great redesign. But he's not my favorite of the redone characters. That would be Rorona by a long shot.

I overheard you say you came by carriage? Just you two kids?

I'm no kid. We're adventurers, y'know?!

Well, not yet. We came here to get our licenses.

Well, today's a special day for you two. Eat anything you want. My treat.

Really? Thanks, man!

We couldn't do that... I have some money, so I can pay you...

Kids should accept good will when they can. Repay me by telling people about my food when you travel. Tell everyone to come to the Sunrise Cafe when they arrive at Arland.

I'll advertise if your food's good. I won't do it if it sucks.


*Iksel leaves*

I'm glad he's so nice. You shouldn't be rude, Gino.

What? I only speak the truth.

Maybe, but you better thank him after you finish eating.

What are you, my mom?

Again, nothing fancy. Really, the Port Outfit is the only thing worth buying (then immidiately selling) at this point.

Enough wasting time. Let's head to the castle. Video goes until the screenshot of Cordelia by herself.

This must be the castle's reception desk.

Seems that way. It's been a long wait, but I'll finally be a real adventurer!

So what do we do to get a license? Do we haev to take a test or something?

No point worrying about it now. Let's go ask someone.


It came from over there. Look, a crowd's starting to build up.

You're right. Hey, some tiny girl is arguing.

Because a rude little baby without manners doesn't deserve one.

Y-You're the one with no manners. How dare you talk to me like that! I'm the head of the Schwarzlang family!

Oh? You're from the Schwarzlang family? I'm a member of the Feuerbach family. Looks like we're both aristocrats.

"Nouveau riche" is a fun term It means "New rich" for those not familiar with the term, and it basically refers to people who have acquired their fortunes within their lifetimes, as opposed to those who have inhereited it. The term is fairly recent, dating back to shortly after the 1790 French Revolution.

In fact, if you'll allow me to go off on a tangent here, the Nouveau riche of France before the Revolution were a big part of the reason the three estate system of the Kingdom of France had become hopelessly out of date by the end of the 18th century. An entire class of people who were not of noble birth or members of the clergy possessed a large part of the wealth of France, at a time when nobility had stagnated in terms of membership.

Hmph. That's stupid. It just means it's so insignificant, it can be bought for a price. And you put on airs and decide to flaunt it around here? Do you know how stupid that makes you look?

Why you... I've had it! Prepare yourself!

Oh? You can't win with words so you resort to force. Aristocrats nowadays are no different from barbarians!

Gaaaah! What did you say?!

Gino, you really shouldn't stare...

Nah, it's fine. Let's get a front-row seat.

Ah! Don't pull on my arm! Wahhh!

Oh hey, I literally just noticed this. There's a character we have yet to meet on the left edge of this image. This part always happened so fast I never picked up on it.

Music: A Suspicious Elephant

Oh, sorry...

Ow... Oh...

What do you want?

If you get in my way, I'll show you no quarter.

Uh-oh! N-No, it's not that! I just tripped and fell! But, um... I came to get my adventurer's license, so, uh...

Can you consider the situation before opening you... Hm? Where'd you get that staff?

Huh? This? My teacher gave it to me...

Um, yes. Rorona is my teacher, but...

Cordelia still loves Rorona, even a few years later. She's matured in a lot of ways, especially with her massive crush on Rorona.

Come on over here. I'll give you as many licenses as you want.

O-Oh... But I only need one.

Hey! How could you give a license to that redneck and not me?!

What? You're still here?

Yes, I am! Of course I am!

Her? An alchemist...?

Yes. She's the student of Rorolina Frixell, the alchemist who led this nation to prosperity. That menas she's the student's student of the infamous Astrid Zexis. You still got a problem with her?

Grr... You!


Your name. Tell me your name.

Um, it's Totori...

*the strange girl leaves*

Huh? Huh?! Why does it seem like she has a grudge against me?!

Geez. People who flautn their status always cower in front of others with a higher title. Hey, You came to get your license, didn't you? Come with me.

Hey, Totori! No fair! What about me?!


*fade to black*

Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Cordelia. I take care of all the formalities involving adventurers. Nice to meet you.

Cordelia definitely took a turn for the better in between Rorona and Totori. She's gotten a lot more mature and adult-like, probably because her job has given her some responsibility and something to do. But, she can't let some things go, still, as we'll soon see.

Nice to meet you, too. So, um, Cordelia... How do you know my teacher?

And of course, she'll never be able to hide her affection for Rorona.

I...don't think I get it.

Wow. So this is an adventurer license. Hoory! I'm an adventurer now!

Huh? That's it? Are you sure?

It's fine. Anyone can be an adventurer if they want.

O-Oh, really? Then what about that girl?

She's out the question. If she had just asked nicely, I would've given it to her.


It's easy to become an adventurer, but it's up to you become first-rate.

"First-rate Adventurer" is also, almost certainly not coincidentally, the name of the Platinum trophy for this game.

I know. We have to go on adventurers and beat up strong monsters, right?

It's not that simple. Fine, allow me to explain the details.

Well, the big tutorial of the game, at last. I'll do what I can to explain everything in text, if you choose not to watch the video.

The status screen is what tells you everything you need to know. By completing certain achievements in-game (for example, Totori's adventurer level 5, or 10 different items created), you gain Rank Points. When you have enough Rank Points, you go to Cordelia to level up.

The big benefit to doing so is that more areas of the game open up. Also, when you level up, you typically get a new set of objectives to complete. You only have to level up to Diamond, which I believe is...level seven. Could be wrong, but it's something like that. That's about it. And don't worry about going over the point threshold for a new rank. If you do that, the points that go over go straight to the next rank.

A last thing I should mention. This means that although there's no mandatory check-ins like Rorona, you still need to work hard to actually progress in the game. You could theoretically piss away your three years without having unlocked anything past Glass (the lowest level), but why you would do this is a mystery.

That should do it. You understand?

Um, yes. Somewhat.

Something about points? And we have to get it updated? Uh...

Simply put, you go on adventurers, beat monsters, fulfill requests, and synthesize lots of items. You'll learn as you go.

That's not much different from what we already do.

Uh-oh. I forgot something important.

Assuming you are diligent (having a heaping helping of knowing what's to come certainly never hurt anyone), this is quite easy to achieve. Three years is very generous. You can easily have this requirement done by two years from today in-game.

Three years? What happens after that?

If your rank is high enough and I see you're fit as an adventurer, I'll renew it.

And if my rank is low?

Your license will be revoked. You'll never be allowed to register as an adventurer again.

And of course, that means game over. Again, don't sweat it.

I-Isn't that really strict?!

If you don't slack off, it's not tough. We don't want useless adventurers taking up space, so limits like this were put into effect.

Umm... I'm starting to get worried.

What are you getting depressed over? We have three years. It'll be easy.

That's it for my explanations. Are you two sticking around the area for a while?

We're going back to our village tomorrow.

I tried going to her workshop earlier, but no one was there.

I do believe this line is different if you never got the scene where Gino and Totori try to open it up. Certainly would make sense.

Speaking of which, I'm sure you two didn't book a room at the inn. Stay the night in Rorona's workshop.

Her workshop? Are you sure that's okay?

It's fine. You could stay at my place, but I have a lot of work left because of that stupid girl.

Thank you. But why do you have the key to her workshop?

Huh? Well, because she's too careless. If she carried it, she'd just lose it. That's why I keep it safe for her.

Hey, let's go. It's gonna be another long carriage ride, so we'll need as much sleep as we can get.

Wait! Well, good-bye.

Yeah. I'll see you off tomorrow if I have time.

*Totori and Gino leave*

Now, obviously there's nothing left to do here. Let's head to the workshop. Video goes until the second screenshot of Totori on the couch.

Hello? Anybody home?

There's a lot of weird stuff here. Isn't this messier than your place?

That's only because Ceci always cleans my workshop for me.

Is this a weapon? And this one is... Whoa! It's gotta be a bomb!

Hey! Don't touch that! It looks so complex. I wonder if I'll be able to make stuff like that someday.

Let's look over here. I'm sure there's something even better!

I said not to touch anything!

Come on. You looked like you were gonna.


Where? On the bed... Wait, I only see a couch...

How did she live like this?

I'll just find some corner to sleep in. Go ahead and use the couch.

Are you sure?

Yeah. My blood's still pumping from getting this license. I'm going to fiddle around with the stuff here.

Please don't break anything. Well, good night.

*fade to black*

*fade to 6/2*

Video goes until the screenshot of Cordelia by herself, again.

Thank you for everything, Cordelia.

You're welcome. Did you sleep well?

I slept on the floor, so I'm sore all over.

It was my first time sleeping on a couch, so my back's a little sore.

Well, the first time I can understand, but I actually like couches a lot for sleeping. Obviously depends on the couch, but I've gotten along fine sleeping on them in the past.

Oh, right. I forgot the workshop was still like that. But you'll be camping outdoors a lot as adventurers. So staying ther was much better than that, right?

Sure, I guess...

Hey, let's get going.

Okay. Bye-bye, Cordelia.

Okay. Until next time.

See ya later, shorty!

What?! Who're you calling short?!

Whoa. What are you upset about? I was giving you a compliment.

She's serious! Let's get out of here!

*Gino and Totori leave*

You sure? All right. Away we go!

After that, you get the intro again. But we've already seen it. Tune in next time for the official beginning of the game.

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