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Part 45: Update XLII: An Adventurer and the Long Road North

Welcome to the final update of the year. Not the most dramatic of updates, certainly, but here we are. Anyway, here we go.

So after that previous scene, we can hire Mimi. I'd recommend doing so, as she has the harshest requirements of any of the character endings. She and Totori need to be at Adventurer level 50 by the end, and she needs to have roughly in the neighborhood of 80 friendship level. In addition, she starts at 0, much less than Gino and Mel do, so it naturally follows you need to have her around a lot.

I decided to can Mel again. Sorry, but I only have room for two here. After dropping off another request at Gerhard's, I decided to hit the trails. You get this scene with a party of Gino and Mimi.

I object to the phrase "this girl."

Oh, this is Mimi. Remember when we went to get our licenses? She was the one making a scene at the front desk.

Oh, yeah! Her! Now I remember. You managed to become an adventurer? Good for you.


Wait! Uh, um... This is my childhood friend, Gino. We always go on adventures together. Could you two please try to get along?

Simian, huh? That's a first for me. But y'know, we're at a fishing village. Let me guess. You're dumb, aren't you?

D-Did you just call me dumb?!

I-I'll make you write me an apology for this slander with your own blood!

Short fuse, huh? No surprise everyone hates you.


Wahh! Just stop right there!

You have to act more mature. My mom tells me that all the time. Let's go already. I wanna beat some monsters today!

Huh? Oh, okay.

*Gino leaves*


Um, Mimi?

Wahh! Y-You have this crazy glint in your eyes...

That simian has some guts for treating me like a chlid. I'll show him what a mature lady is capable of!

*Mimi leaves*

I hope nothing happens. I didn't know it'd end up like this...

Mimi is slightly stronger than Gino, but weaker than Mel. Much stronger than Totori, but that's not exactly a great accomplishment. Note her very little LP. That'll come back to get me by the end of this update.

But like with Mel and Sterk, we get a little scene after our first battle with her.

What's wrong? Why are you daydreaming again? Did my graceful wielding of the spear strike you with awe?

Yeah. I thought you looked cool.

O-Oh. I didn't think you'd admit it that easily.

It's not quite that amazing. In short, I'm using technique instead of strength to wield it. Just swinging it like a brute will make you look stupid.

Wow, I don't know how it works, but it's great! Do you practice a lot?

Huh? I-I don't need to train. All members of the Schwarzlang family have this skill from birth.

I'm so jealous. All I can do is bop monsters with this staff.

Yeah. I'll try!

... That wasn't too harsh, was it? It should be all right since it got her motivated.

After inflicting malice on a few more Audras, I returned home. This came up as I returned. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori thanking Guid.

I'm home... Oh, right. Ceci's at work.

Welcome home. You're back early today.

Wahhh! I-I'm home... I forgot you'd be here.

You came back at the right time. I wanted to tell you something. Here, take this.

What's this? An alchemy reference book? Where'd you get it?

Your teacher stopped by at the village while you were at Arland. She was sad she couldn't see you, but she asked me to give that to you.

Oh, really? I wanted to see her, too. Was she doing fine?

She said she was lost for weeks and one of her bombs suddenly went off, destroying all her food and luggage.

Teacher hasn't changed at all. This book looks a little burnt.

I asked her to stay until you returned, but she insisted she had to go. Now that you're an adventurer, I'm sure you'll see her somewhere out there.

It's a good thing we've stayed. Those Bombs are going to be a lifesaver.

After a few more request, I finally have Glass Artisan. These __ Artisan quests are important because if you rank up too fast, you miss out on them. Not good. But finally, we have enough points to head to Arland, and by achieving stuff along the way, hit 100 points for the rank-up.

But this time, Gino is the one getting canned. We'll need someone a bit stronger than him to fight an old friend near Arland.

Pamela sells the Phlogiston we need for the Bombs, but they're terrible quality and we're not going to get a good Bomb out of them, but they'll do. Bombs are already quite a bit stronger than Crafts in the first place.

Like so. It might not be a great Bomb, but it'll do. Also, unlike Rorona, you can use the same item multiple times in one go. There's a number next to the item in the Basket that indicates the number of uses left, so we actually have six Bombs from making two of them. Between a few Healing Salves I made in the meantime, and these Bombs, we're good to go.

Just remember to go into your Container and actually put the items you've made in your Basket. Don't be like me and forget this all the time. On August 8, we set out.

This scene you get with a party of Mimi and Mel.

You're late. Who do you think you are, making... Hm?

Oh, so this is Mimi? Hmm... Uh-huh...

What are you looking at?! Who is this...huge woman?!

She's Mel. My sister's friend and an experienced adventurer.

Hey! Don't flip my cape like we're children on the playground!

Come on. It's just a cape. It's not like I'm flipping your skirt. You'd do the exact same thing, right?

Why are you asking me?

The cape might be all right, but flipping a skirt is criminal!

That's a bare-faced lie! Even girls can be prosecuted for it!

You're wearing pants under it, so who cares? I guess you do have a sort of plump tushie. Wait, is that why you have the cape? To hide your big behind.

Oh, sorry. I should've been more sensitive. You gotta be more careful. Your muscles get all bulgy after you've been adventuring for a while. You're cute now, but imagine if that big butt became solid as a rock...

Stop! Just stop!

Don't worry. As your senior adventurer, I have a few pointers I can teach you. After this adventure, I'll give you a really thorough massage.

No, thank you! I'll never let you lay a finger on me!

Something tells me Astrid and Mel would probably get along pretty well. But anyway, we've got to hit the trails again.

Our first stop, the Natural Garden. I'd advise not having a lot of stuff in your Basket before you set out, because we've got a lot of harvesting to do on the way there.

Music: Red Zone

Along the way, I ran into some punk-ass Mandragoras that actually gave me my first "tough" battle (works the same way it did in Rorona, and why Red Zone is linked above), but they're still pretty easy. Luckily Totori was able to learn after the battle...

Our first passive skill. Evacuation is a modifier where enemies target her less. Pretty neat, I guess.

I'd advise picking up a lot of the spots here, because fruit items only grow in the central area of the continent, and they're required for more than a few recipes down the road. It can be annoying coming back here time and again.

The Golden Plains, huh? Haven't we seen something that matches that description already?

Music: Separate the Milk

Wow, this place is so vast. Is it a farm? I see some goats. Maybe I can get some milk!

I...guess that's correct, Totori. Funny way of looking at it, though...

So yeah, our first landmark. The way landmarks work is that in most of these "big" areas, you'll have something on the map that, if you get close to it, counts as a landmark and gives you points. The windmill is a freebie, since you get as soon as you gain control. Others you may need to search for a bit.

One of the license achievements is finding all the gathering points in the Golden Plains. What this means is that you have examine each gathering point, then collect all the materials and exit or just press Square and exit the point. This spends time, but it counts as finding a gathering point.

Obviously, this wastes a lot of time, but again, the point is to get points. And yeah, this is the place Sterk was walking through in the scene where Totori talks about adventurers and her mother. Anyway, there's a bunch of generic materials abound. Might as well take them, but be conscious of your basket.

The guy to the left gives you advise on milking the goat, and basically you just have to stand a bit away from it and talk to it, and if you did it right Totori will give a brief dialogue box to indicate she'd like to milk the goat. You can get 10 Chariot Milks from it, but they'll probably lose about 15 quality points by the time you reach Arland. And no, it doesn't count as a gathering spot.

There we go. We're done here, so let's head out.

We definitely want to stop by the Buried Ruins. Namely because we've got another character to meet, and not going here ASAP will back his events up quite a good deal, so let's not do that. You get this scene as soon as you head there for the first time. Video goes until Totori says "I'm tired already, but I better get over it".

Wow, there are so many machines here. I wonder if they're useful for alchemy.

Music: The Unusual Genius Scientist

Oh, this is rare. What's a young lady doing around here?

Huh? Oh, h-hello.

(Who could he be? He doesn't look like an adventurer.)

Hello to you, too. Pleased to meet you. Have you come to explore, Missy?

No, I was just passing by. I thought this place looked neat.

Th-Thank you.

(He seems weird. What should I do?)

This is extremely unfortunate, but I suggest you go back for today.

Huh? Why?

Something precious? Umm, bury it in the ground?

Insufficient. You never know who's going to dig it up.

Oh, right... How about putting it in a locked box?

It'll depend on the size. It might still be taken away, box and all.

Right... Then how about... Hmm? Wahhhh!

Let me give you a hint. It may be best to keep it on your person. If you can't do that, then traps would be quite effective. The traps I refer to are...


Correct, monsters. Now let's go back to the beginning. What I want to iterate is...

This isn't the time for that! Look behind you! Monsters!

Why are you so calm? We have to run away!

Staying calm no matter the situation is a law all scientists must follow.

*Dr. Science leaves*

H-Hey! Don't run away by yourself!

*fade to black*

There actually are two voiced scenes here, the second coming up whenever you re-enter that area. The above video just incorporates the two.

Is it safe now? Looks like the monsters are gone. I'm tired already, but I better get over it.

You get another freebie landmark upon re-entering the area, but what you want to do here is gather a bunch of Bounce Stones and Phlogistons. You'll definitely want the Bounce Stones for later, and Phlogistons, of course, for Bombs. I'd actually spend a bit of time here, taking care of wolves and Green Punis for additonal rank points down the line.

After one of the battles, I got this.

Since you're here, I thought we could have won easier.

That kind of hurts. But it means the monsters around here are getting stronger, too.

Really? I get the feeling you're just not fighting seriously...

Is that how it looked?

Sorry. I didn't mean it in a bad way. Um...

Really? Why don't you fight seriously?

Because it's tiring. And...


*sigh* It's so like you to say that...

Our second to last stop before Arland is the Old Path. I got my rank up here, officially, because I got the five points from the Puni Ridder achievement from a random encounter on the way here. A quiet location, it's only good for some materials. Feel free to skip if your Basket is full (mine was), or you just want to head to Arland soon. I'll be stopping by, but I didn't do anything there of note. Let's skip all the way to the north, because I did do something interesting there.

Hey, it's Traveler's Way from the previous game. Neat. This guy is giving us hints on what's just slightly off-screen...

This guy. We're definitely picking a fight we're at a disadvantage in, but we can take him. Griffon.

Cool dude Ardeem replaced the standard fight music with Chaotic Moon from Mana Khemia 2. The game considers this a normal fight, but I'm just going to go ahead and call it our first boss fight. Red Zone would have played here normally, but I consider Chaotic Moon a vast improvement.

Now then, notice Mimi is suffering from several debuffs. That's because she's almost out of LP, and is going to do absolutely pitiful damage to the Griffon. She's going to be strictly on guard(ing) duty.

Yeah, he hits this hard against our toughest party member at the moment. He's no joke at this stage in the game.

It's not much, but we just have to outlast him. Easier said than done...

No holding back now. The Axe Strike especially helps, by lowering his defense.

We cannot afford to lose Mel, especially since we can't revive her. Gotta keep her healthy.

Well, we lost Mel, but he's almost dead himself.

We won, but at a cost. Still, that's what matters. He didn't drop anything neat, the bum. Still, 30 points for his head, meaning we have a head start for the next rank.

Home away from home. Let's go chat up Cordelia.

I haven't seen you in a while. How's adventuring treating you?

Well, it's okay, I think.

Whatever. Are you here to update your license? It must be a lot of trouble getting out here every single time.

Not really. I was able to come here without any trouble this time.

This time? Did something happen the other time?

A monster attacked the carriage I was in last time. I really thought I was going to die.

What? A monster that close to town?! Why didn't you tell me sooner?!

Wahh! I-I'm sorry!

Oh, but a scary person already defeated that monster. He saved us...

Scary person? Did he look shady?

I didn't mean it like that. His face is scary, but he's really nice.

Yes, he did. Do you know him?

Yeah. He's probably St... Ster... Ster... Whatever. It's Ster-something. His real name is long, and he's a former knight of this nation.

Ster-something...? What? A former knight?

Now he's a self-proclaimed knight. When this nation became a republic, they abolished knighthood.

Oh... Then why does he still say he's a knight?

Even now? Didn't this country become a republic a long time ago? He's been doing that this whole time?

Yeah. The whole time. He's persistent. I'm jealous, though. I'd love to chase down Gio, too.

Huh? Um, Cordelia?

Oh, Gio is the king's name. He's thin, but he has great posture and is such a gentleman! He's perfect!

Cordelia?! Cordelia! Are you listening?

*gasp* Anyway, if you want to know more about him, just ask Rorona. He was a lot closer to her than me.

I think I want to know more about Gio than Ster-something now.

Anyhow, when you rank up, you get a little recap of the achivements you earned to put you there. Don't worry if you don't see some of them. The game only counts up until you achieved the rank, not necessarily everything you've done (I was about 30 points higher than I needed to be, but the game didn't count that, when I ranked up).

When you do rank up, you get this scene. Video goes until Totori says "Is this really gonna be okay?"


Okay, you made it. This is your first time ranking up. Congrats!

Yay! Thanks so much!

Whoo, 1500 Cole. We're going to get much nicer rewards from Cordelia in due time.

You did this quicker than I thought. I had my doubts about you being an adventurer, but you seem fine. I guess it's expected of Rorona's pupil.

Hehehe. Thanks.

Yes ma'am!

I'm not sure. I might do some shopping or go out and explore a little before going back to my village.

Now that I think about it, it sounds tough having to come all the way here only to update your license. Why don't you just move to Arland? It'll be a lot easier on you.

I don't have that kind of money... Besides, I couldn't do my work as an adventurer without my workshop.

I guess. Rorona was mostly useless without her alchemy, too. Without it, she's weak, helpless, stupid, and...

I-I think that's a bit harsh.

Huh? Teacher's workshop?

Yeah. You can stay for free and you can use it to synthesize. You can kill two birds with one stone.

B-But won't she get mad if I use it without her permission?

Why are you doing so much to help me?

Don't misunderstand.

Huh? I didn't quiet hear what you said at the end.

It's nothing! Well, that's settled. Get to the workshop and stop slacking off!

All right! Is this really gonna be okay?

This next scene takes place immediately after. Video goes until Totori says "I'll ask Teacher when I see her".

Oh, Atelier Rorona isn't playing anymore because I switched the workshop theme to Atelier Elie's workshop theme. Just for a change of pace.

Is it really okay for me to use this workshop? I know Cordelia said it was fine, but... There's a lot of weird stuff... Hey, is this Teacher's Container?

Can I what's inside, too? What's in there, anyway? Maybe I shouldn't look, but I'm so curious... Here goes! I bet there's lots of stuff I've never seen before... Huh? Everything in here looks familiar...

Wait, everything is identical to my Container! One, two, three... The number of items is the exact same, too. How? Why? Are they connected? I-I better not think too much. I'll ask Teacher when I see her.

So now Atelier Rorona is our base of operations in the north, thankfully. Very shortly, we'll have Arland's version of Gerhard, so we don't even need to head south to do more requests. As for now, I'd advise hanging around until you rank-up again, as there's not much going on down south in Alanya that can't wait.

But we do need to talk to Cordelia again, now that we've ranked up. Video goes until Totori says "I wonder if she'll be all right".

What is it?

Now that I'm borrowing the workshop, I was hoping to do requests here, too.

Then do it. That's why you have your workshop.

Where do I go to accept requests? I can't find any place like Gerhard's tavern.

Where? The counter right next to mine.

Huh? I don't see anyone there.

Get out here!


Music: Still Can't Get it

Haven't we seen her before?

Ugh... Please don't scare me like that, Cordelia...

Don't give me that crap! I keep telling you to stop acting like a frightened squirrel at work!

But there are so many strangers...

Anyway, you have a customer.

Uh, hello...

Hi, I'm Filly. Nice to meet you.

I'm Totori. Nice to meet you, too.

Good ol' Filly. Whether you like her more than Esty is again, something that really doesn't fall into my purview to commentate on, but she makes a really fun addition to this game.

Still, I wonder where Esty went?

Don't give me any more trouble. Now off you go.

Huh? I have to give the briefing? I can't!

That's your job! Do it!

I wonder if she'll be all right...

Filly is, of course, your job contact in Arland. You can turn in requests in either town, so don't worry about who exactly you took a job from. Again, I like to stick around Arland until I rank up again, as a trip back to Alanya is just too much time at the moment.

But now we have another Mimi and Mel scene, since I need to head to the world map to find out where to go next.

You're that molester woman! Why is she here again?!

But she's really strong and reliable.

Ahhh! Don't come near me! I-I know. Why don't you touch Totori?!

Huh? M-Me?!

Totori? Hmm... Nah, Totori's no good.

Why not?!

She's just...kind of sad.

Oh, that makes sense.

Feel sorry for me? I'm not that bad off, am I? Wait, when did you give me a massage?!

When you're asleep or concentrating on synthesizing.

No way... I didn't notice at all.

I don't need or want that!

Alrighty, so we have a few locations opening up. There's one far to the east of Arland, one to a familar lake in the northeast, a location attached to the Buried Ruins where we met Dr. Science (it's the only reason to do anything, after all), one to the north of Hunter's Forest, one south of where all those cranky birds are hanging out, and one to the west of the Dry Sea.

Off all these, I'd say the location near the Buried Ruins is the most important, but there's nothing especially pressing at the moment. For this rank, you're going to have to scrape the bottom of the barrel, which means defeating x of a certain monster type (bird, wolf, Puni, etc.). It involves a lot of grinding, but hey, you do what you have to.

Beware if heading east, however. There's a random chance you'll run into a Griffon, and you can ill afford to fight too many of those. I'd advise making a bunch of Bombs while in town, using those Phlogistons from the Buried Ruins. After a few days in Arland, you get this scene in the workshop. Video goes until Totori says "I better be more careful next time".

Excuse me.

Hi, Cordelia. Sorry, I'm really busy right now.

Don't mind me. I just came to check up on you. How do you like this workshop?

That's good to hear. Mm-hmm, you really look the part of an alchemist.

Th-Thank you. B-But it's kind of embarrasing when you stare at me.

Sorry, but I couldn't help it. By the way, you're pretty tall, huh?

Huh? I am? I'm actually one of the shorter girls in my village.

I don't really remember. Last year I measured around four foot eight?

That... That's small to you...


Wahh! Wh-What happened?

Ugh... No, don't. You're a fully-grown adult now... Don't worry about your height. Who cares about your height...

I was just pissed... I mean, annoyed... I mean, I'm not feeling well. I'm going home. I'll come again later.


*Cordelia leaves*

She's bothered about her height. I better be more careful next time.

The last scene of the year, interesting... Anyway, if you talk to Filly after doing five or so requests from her, you get this scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori sighing.

You seem to be really wary of people, Filly.

Huh? How did you know?

I thought it was really obvious.

Well... My older sister forced it on me.

Sister? You have an older sister?

Yeah. Until a little while ago, she was working here instead of me. She loved this job and worked her for a long time, but before she realized it, she was thir... Ooh!

Wh-What happened?

Oh, you kind of changed your wording.

She wouldn't be able to get a boyfriend, let alone married at this rate. So she set out to hunt down a husband. And she forced me to take her place.

Well, that'll do it for this LP in 2012. I hope you'll join me when we start bright and early in 2013.

Incidentally, in spite of the fact that the number of different games I've played this year, and they have been legion, Totori was the alpha and omega for 2012, when it comes to me at least.

Filly artwork

Red Zone
Separate the Milk
Still Can't Get it
The Unusual Genius Scientist

Alternate Tiffani scene
Alternate Hagel scene
Alternate Iksel scene