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Part 51: Update XLVIII: An Adventurer and the Desecrated Temple

Another little break from LPing work, as I needed one. I've been enjoying, in the meantime, wasting zombies, J'avo, and assorted freakshows in Resident Evil 6 and watching anime (shocking, I know). I honestly couldn't care less where Capcom takes the Resident Evil series, as long as I get to do awesome stuff like picking up an enemy as Chris Redfield and tossing them into another, or the pure visceral thrill of the counter system in that game. I mean, part of the reason I really enjoyed RE5 was just the pure excitment of winding up a punch as Chris and punching an enemy's head clean off their body, or a massive melee attack that sends everyone in a two mile radius flying.


Let's make Gino's stupid item. I had just barely enough ingredients to make it, which is good, as I'd hate to have to go to Arland and back just for this little part of Gino's ending events. This was not the case.

Oh yeah, forgot I had all those Ice Bombs still lying around, and they're one of the few items that reduces in quality the more you have it out of the Container. Good thing I have tons more where that came from.

There we are. Let's see what he thinks of them...

Um, it's...this.

Huh? He likes it?

Hold on. This isn't a super move. It's just a weapon.

Uh-oh! He caught me!

Hey! What's the big idea? This isn't what I asked for!


You learn your super move by training! It's not a real super move until you train and earn it!

Oh, yeah... You're right. It's something I have to earn...

All right! Thanks, Totori! I'll show it to you when I learn it!

*Gino leaves*

... I guess if Gino likes it, it's okay.

After this scene, Gino gets a new move. It's alright. You'll notice I'm not using Gino much, and it's for a reason: there's just nothing really special about his abilities that can't be better handled by another member of the team. Sad, but true.

Oh yeah, goddamn it game, talk about being unintuitive. In no way would I consider a cannon magical.

I had to go out and get some ingredients from the Natural Garden, while Gino was still in the party, and got this scene.

Sterk? Who's that?

Oh, yeah. You don't know his name.

Remember when we first went to Arland? He's the person who saved us.

What? That old guy?!

C-Calm down. It was a few days ago, so I have no idea where he is now.

Then why didn't you get me when he was here?!

So I can be his student, of course.

You want to be Sterk's student?

Yeah. You can get stronger faster if you become the student of someone who's strong already. Then the student defeats the master and becomes the world's mightiest man!

Just be sure to tell me when you see him again! You got that?!

*Gino leaves*

Sterk said he's come back, but I don't want to trouble him with this. Maybe I'll just keep it secret.

All of these items give us some points just for making them, and we need the alchemy experience. Good reasons to make them when you have some downtime.

Our next item is a search item. What this does, as long as it's in the Basket, is that if you're defeated in the field, then you don't get automatically forced back to the nearest town. This can be pretty helpful if you were unfortunate enough to be caught off guard or something, but in some cases it might just be better to go back to town than keep at it. Still, I like having it around.

After a few more syntheses to cover some items that are easy to make and add to our total number of items we've made...

Yes? Oh, Sterk.

Sorry to impose, but I would like you to find me some medicine again.

Sure. What kind are you looking for?

I'm not sure if I do... Let me go take a look.

I'm sorry. I have a guest over, so... Oh, no!

Guest? What guest?


Hey! It's that old guy!

Ahhh! Gino, stop! Don't be so rude!

You promised to tell me if the old guy came back, so why didn't you?!

W-Well, that's because...

That's not true! You're still young! And, um... You look really cool!

Hey, old man! I've been searching for you for a long time! I want you to make me your student. Come on! Please, old man!

When you call me old so often, it really makes me feel...

Gino! His name is Sterk! He has a name!

I'll excuse myself for today.

Um, sure. So what about the medicine?

*Sterk leaves*

*Gino leaves*

Oh, Gino... I hope Sterk is all right.

And now, the final scene in Alanya that has a weird time frame, but I do know if you see this scene, you don't get the one where Mel talks about getting older. Video goes until Totori says "You have to stop!"

You came at just the right time. Do something about her!

But Mel is...! Are you okay?


Don't worry. She's just drunk.

Drunk? You were drinking?

Oh, really...? Gerhard sounded scared, so I was wondering what happened.

It's not Melvia I want you to do something about. It's Ceci.

Ceci? Why her?

Um, Ceci...I see a lot of mugs. Did you...?

A lot? It's not much... I only had... One, two... Just forty.

Damn. Even Homer couldn't down forty Duffs without complaint. If I recall one episode, he couldn't drink a six-pack without needing a break. Then again, the brew in Alanya may not be that potent.

Forty?! Did you drink it all yourself?!

She did. At this rate, she'll empty out all my taps. Please do something about her!

Ceci! You're drinking way too much! Come on. Let's go home.

It's fine, geez. It's Gerhard's treat!

Did you say that to her?

Ahh! My forty-first. Gimme another, Gerhard!

Wahhh, Ceci! You'll run his bar into the ground. You have to stop!

And back again. Peter is getting rich off my dime.

Back in the atelier...Video goes until Rorona says "I can't say it's not true".

Teacher, I'm back.

Welcome back.

Cordelia? What are you doing here?

I was waiting for a certain somebody to finish working. It's my day off and we promised to go somewhere.

Sorry...I'll be done soon.

Don't rush. If you mess up and have to start all over, then I'll get ticked.


What? You look surprised.

You're very direct, aren't you? Well, you're not wrong about that. I'm just used to it with her. There's no point in getting mad.

Less talk. More work!


Umm... Let me go make you some tea.

I'm sure you'll see a lot more of this, so don't worry about me at all.

Oh... Is this sort of thing going to happen all the time?

Yes. Without a doubt. I guarantee it.

Ugh...I can't say it's not true...

First order of business is making a new Chim. For some strange reason, you can't make the Chim unless you have the Water of Life in the Basket. I don't know why the game does this, but it's a problem easily remedied by a few button presses.

In addition to a gender, we can also come up with a name.

Hm...these are alright, and I wouldn't mind "Chimtaro" as a reference, of course, to Hamtaro (even though I didn't watch more than like three episodes of that show), but...let's see what Totori comes up with on her own.




That does it. No more random naming rights for you. Obviously without my constant care and supervision, you would fail miserably, if your naming skills are any indication.



That's your name, Chim-man!

Look at that expression. Totori's greatest failure? I think so.

Totori, you sure you want that name?

HUh? Was it that weird? I thought it'd be good since it's easy to remember.

O-Oh... Well, if you like it, I guess it's fine. Maybe you're not cut out for naming things?

That is putting it mildly. Speaking of weird names, my oldest brother always named Link whenever he played a Zelda game "Zeppo". I always thought he was alone, but when I watched The Iron Giant, there was a line that went "Hogarth...might as well name a kid Zeppo". My life was never the same.

But let's see what's happening with Tiffani. I believe this scene triggers after you take a large number of requests from Filly. I don't think it matters if you take a request from Filly but fulfill it with Gerhard. Video goes until Totori says "I totally forgot".

Please calm down. It's nothing like that.

Filly? What's going on over there? Excuse me...

Hello, Totori. I'm sorry about this...

Huh? Oh, it's Totori.

What happened? Why were you screaming like that?

What? Filly, you're going to quit?

I want to... But if I did, my sister would be mad at me...

It's okay. She always goes back to work after crying about it.

No, I won't! I'm serious this time!

Huh? Ahhh! Oh! Oh no! I better get back!

*Filly leaves*

See? She's always like that.

Oh... Are you and Filly good friends?

I see. So Filly isn't very close to her sister? Filly complained about her sister this one other time.

Sounds complicated.

I know. I wonder why those two sisters can't get along. I'm always stuck in the middle of their disagreements. Oh, I'm sorry. I didnt' mean to complain to you. You came to shop, didn't you?

Oh, that's right. I totally forgot.

Since the events just keep on coming, another scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Marc thinking to himself about alchemy.

It's only been 30 minutes.

It's already been 30 minutes! Maybe someone kidnapped Chim! Chim is just too cute, after all.

Don't worry. I'm sure it's fine.

I'm going to go look for Chim.

*Totori leaves*

*fade to black*

There are times when new inspiration comes when your mind is completely blank...



Oh, excuse me. Are you okay?


There, there. Don't cry. Be strong!


Stop! What are you doing to my Chim?!

You're acting quite ferocious. This little one is from your place I presume, Missy?

Are you okay, Chim? You shouldn't be talking to weird old men.


Huh? Wahhh! Marc? I-I-I'm so sorry! I said it in the spur of the moment... Um, I couldn't help it because of the way you look!

I don't mind being called weird. I am a bit hurt about being called old. Is this your child?

Yes. It's Chim.

Teacher? I see. She may look childish, but I suppose it's not strange for someone her age to have a child.

That's not it either. Chim is...

From the look on your face, I know you're imagining something very rude.


I-I'm busy today, so I have to go! I'll see you some other time!


*Totori and Chim leave*

She makes it so obvious something's up. That child didn't seem normal either...

A synthesis for Pure Poison finally put me to January 1st of year 3, and since we're in Atelier Rorona, this important scene comes up. Video goes until Totori says "I think I'll feel like a third wheel, though"

*knock on door*

Excuse me.




I-I'm sorry. It's been a while, so...

Huh? Totori, you know Sterk?

Yes. He's come here a few times before and we've talked...

...I'm leaving.

*Sterk leaves*

Huh? W-Wait, Sterk!

Please wait! I'm sorry, Sterk!

*fade to black*

How long do you plan to keep sulking? Will you please cheer up?

A-Anyway, aren't you here because you wanted something?

I heard this workshop's owner returned, so I wanted to pay a visit. I didn't think both the owner and her student would scream at the first sight of me.

We already apologized.

But you look even scarier than before...

I was born this way!

Wahh! I'm so sorry!

Hey, don't yell at Totori! You're being immature.

N-No, I should be...

It's okay. Sterk is a really nice guy.

You screamed, too. Since your'e back, does this mean you found your master?

I couldn't find any trace of her...

I was going to give her a piece of my mind if you did bring her back.

What about you? Did you find Gio?

Don't even ask. I wouldn't be making this face if I found him.

I guess not... *sigh*

I know! If you can't find him, you may as well help Totori, too.

T-Teacher, what are you saying...?

What do you mean "may as well"? What does she need help with?

Totori is looking for her mother.

Oh? Is that why?

I-It's nothing big like that...

I see. Meaning we're all searching for particular individuals. Is that why you're helping her?

You could be on to something. He may be more wary of me because I'm going at it alone. This may sound manipulative, but if I go with her, I can camouflage myself.

That's right! Totori is like camouflage!

Yes, thank you! (How did this happen?)

Isn't this great, Totori? Sterk is really tough. You can count on him!

You sound happier than she is.

Of course I'm happy. It's been a while since we've gone out together!

Hmm. When you put it that way...

*Sterk leaves, fade to black*

He's gone. He's always so busy. Maybe I shouldn't have forced him to do this.

I think he was just feeling shy.

Shy? Why would Sterk be shy?

Yeah. Back when I started alchemy. Wow, that takes me way back...

Oh... I think I'll feel like a third wheel, though...

Sterk is basically this game's Gio. He is much, much stronger than anyone we currently have, and is a nice fit to virtually any situation. Sterk and Rorona make a pretty fantastic team for the entire game, but I do not have that luxury. For our next adventure, I'll be taking Sterk and...Marc out. Why not? Mimi's been in a few too many battle videos lately.

After talking to Tiffani again...

Yes. She's completely back to normal.

That's good. I was worried because I was a bit strict with her.

It'd be fun to have an older sister like you, I bet.

Oh? Do you want to be my little sister, too?


Or considering our ages, maybe it'll feel more right if I called you my daughter.

I'm joking. If I did that, Rorona and your real sister would get mad at me.

O-Oh, you were just joking. I thought it'd be kind of nice though.

Here's a pretty sweet item: the Tonic. What this does is that if you use it at a gathering location, there's a pretty good chance the materials in the area will dramatically increase their quality, number of traits, and / or the trait level of the items (for example, Judgment S may become Judgment M).

You can get some really good materials if you get lucky, but the chance of the Tonic doing something awesome depends on the quality of the materials used to make it. But we'll want it for now, since we're heading to the northwest. I had a Chim start replicating it.

Teacher asked me for a Healing Salve, and since it was a very quality Salve, I got this reaction. Awww

Okay, here's the scoop with Gino and Sterk. A lot of Gino's ending events requires Sterk to eventually take him under his wing as a student, but here's the thing, and do not forget this if you're going for Gino's ending or the True Ending, which like Astrid's ending last time, simply requires you to get every party member's final events, and since it has the highest priority, is the ending you get if you fulfill this condition.


If you have this party before then, then for some unfathomable reason, eventually Gino's ending events stop after a certain moment. Believe me, I figured this out first-hand. I was going for the True Ending one time, and innocuously took Gino and Sterk out at the same time. As soon as I got the final Gino event I could, I couldn't get more, and realized that was the problem. I eventually had to get the third game over ending. What a joke. Whether that's a glitch or some intentional punch in the gut, I care little.

Moving on from Totori-inflicted PTSD, Sterk is like Gio in another way. He gets his super attack right out of the gate. Apparently means "Light Cutting Edges" in German. Seems appropriate.

Recycled from Mimi's previous weapon, Marc gets a Johnny Depp movie. I could have upgraded Sterk's weapon, but he hardly needs the help.

Upon talking to said scientist...

Hello there. Wonderful weather today. I feel my very soul getting cleansed.

I didn't expect that out of you.

No matter. Aren't you here because you want something?

Huh? I did...but I forgot what.

You are quite careless as usual. If you forgot, it probably wasn't important to begin with. Come back when you remember.

Umm... I only forgot because you were saying weird stuff again.


No, no. Laboratory. Where I research.

You should have just said that then. I think I want to see what it's like.

Really? I'll be glad to come!

All right, then let's... But first, I have to ask this. Do you like bugs, Missy?

Why are you talking about bugs now? Yes, I like them. Butterflies and dragonflies and stuff like that.

Butterflies and dragonflies... Hmm, then it might be hard for you...

What? So when you mean bugs...?

I won't use exact names...

Wahh! No, not them! Especially that last one!

Especially not the last one... I see. Shall we go?

Wait, why did you ask? I have a really bad feeling about this.

Don't worry. I was just curious. There's nothing to worry about.

Marc also gets an armor upgrade. Fascinating.

Because the game can be a dick sometimes, when you select the Tonic from the Container, the first option highlighted is "Use", which is completely pointless to do in the atelier. For the record, I just re-loaded my previous save, because screw that.

At the very least, I really like Sterk's basic attack. You can barely see him start swinging his sword before the enemy is dead. Looks pretty cool.

After arriving at Traveler's Path for a request I picked up before leaving...

Do you want to rest? We've walked quite a distance.

No, I'll be fine. I can still walk!

Don't push yourself too hard. Rest when you can.

Ugh... All right. I'll take a break.

Was Teacher like this?

Yes. In her case, the closing of her workshop kept her running around.

When you say it like that, it sounds as if she's just slacking off now.

Huh? That's not what I meant...


When she was still new, she may have been a bit of an airhead, but she always listened to other people's advice. Not a speck of that prudence remains now. She willingly does dangerous things.

I think you might be exaggerating...

Sterk! Let's just stop right there!

Yes, let's. Not cool.

Oh... What am I saying? I'm sorry. I let my emotions take over.

It's all right... But you seem to have a lot of stuff bottled up.

That's just the way I am. Now then, I think you've rested enough. Let's continue.

*Sterk leaves*

After the first battle with Sterk, another scene.

You seem strong enough to me. Unlike what I've heard, you handle yourself just fine.

That's not true. I still have so much to work on. I think I've been doing better since becoming an adventurer.

Teacher? Oh, Rorona? What does she...

Nothing. *sigh* Right when I thought I found someone I could protect...

*Sterk leaves*


After yet another battle with Sterk...


Huh? You look mad... Did I do something again?

Really? Even if i do that, it's not something I do consciously.

What do you think of as you fight?

Huh? Well...I just want to bash them with as much force as possible.

Oh... So what should I do?

First, relax your shoulders. Maintain that stance as you swing your staff.

O-Okay... Let's see here... Relax my shoulders and... Hah!

Widen your grip a little. Keep an extra fist-length between your hands.

It feels more natural holding it this way!

Try to keep that in mind. With enough practice, you can do it without even thinking about it.

Thank you!

Sterk's such a nice guy, you get a free level after seeing that scene. Lovely.

But, here we go. Let's see what lies beyond...

Music: The Decaying Monastery

Why is there a building here? It seems pretty abandoned. It looks kind of scary. I don't really want to go inside...

Objectives here are the same as the Wasteland and Stein Hill. First, since the boss is kinda tough, let's start with him.

But first, using the Tonic. Since we have to do a lot of harvesting here, it works out for us.

The boss isn't too hard to find. Just take a few rights from the entrance, and he's down a corridor.

Unlike Jagd and the Wasteland Beast, he waits patiently for you. Like last time, he's going to be a lot more bloody than Scarlet when I'm done with him.


Scarlet has a bunch of goons with him. Since I have Cannons, my plan was to pummel Scarlet with direct attacks, and destroy all the remaining Demons with splash damage. They're not strong enough to warrant too much attention.

And thanks to Solvent, they all now have reduced defense.

As a plus to this Ankh giving whoever receives it an attack and defense increase, I also get a certain percentage of HP back each turn for free. How nice.

Oh, you little rat bastard! You're going to regret that.

One of Sterk's skills is Sword Blitz, which is elemental damage to all enemies on the field. Since the Demons are already badly weakened, I'll teach them to mess with my supply lines.

Play time is over. The final resolution is upon us.

Well,I didn't intend for Totori to get KO'd, but what's done is done.

However, an unintentional plus came about as a result of Totori getting KO'd, and Sterk finishing the fight. This scene comes up.

Hrmm? Mmmm....

Good. You've regained consciousness.

I was... That's right. I lost to monsters, and... Ow! I feel a big bump on my head.

Sorry. I talked about protecting you, but I failed miserably.

No, it's because I got reckless and went where I wasn't supposed to...

Y-You don't have to apologize!

*Sterk leaves*

He doesn't have to feel so responsible for it... It feels like I did something bad to him...

If you see this scene, Sterk goes on a Berserker rampage (the best kind of rampage), and annihilates all enemies in the location for the duration of your stay there. It's pretty rad.

If I hadn't use that Tonic, these materials would be C and B rank stuff. As said before, the Tonic can make a pretty substantial difference.

The landmark here is that black edifice thing, and is very easy to find (it was in the second screenshot), being at a very prominent location.

This location also has a lot of Flour lying around. Especially for some events coming up, I'd advise taking it.

That's a wrap. Let's head out.

Next up, we're heading further to the northwest.

Here's another set of pretty unique points. Basically "Pioneer" achievements are when you arrive at a particular location before a certain time point. I don't know when that is, but evidently I was early.

Now then, the Promised Land has materials for the next two tiers of ingots. We're not equipped to make the latter tier, but we're getting pretty close to being able to upgrade ingot-tiers, so taking a bunch of Sunny Crystals is advisable.

Speaking of tiers, these Scare Phantoms are a step-up from the Ghosts. Not much of one, but here they are.

Hm, broken machines everywhere, strange landmark...

And for one final stop, the Drifter's Grave.

Basically the only thing of note here is a bunch of Forgotten Bones, and Phlogiston. Highly unncessary place to visit, but meh.

Well, that was a fun adventure. Time to head back. When you return to Arland without Rorona, and with a full Basket, this scene comes up.

Welcome back. Wow, lots of materials.

I found a really good gathering spot. I always pick up too much when I go adventuring.

Hehe. I know how you feel.

Huh? Wait, no! I didn't mean that...

Sorry, I wasn't trying to sound mean.

I'm not saying adventuring is bad. It just...makes me feel a bit lonely.


But I stayed behind today...

That's because of other circumstances, and...combat abilities and stuff...

I'm sorry. I'm just throwing a tantrum, aren't I? Just forget what I said.

*Rorona leaves*

Was Teacher sulking? She's an adult, so I doubt it...

Again, way to make me feel like a jerk. Anyway, if you talk to Tiffani with a pretty full Basket, you get this scene. Video goes until Totori says "I'll take really good care of it"

No problem. I need it all. Wow, this is pretty heavy...

Why don't you take it back a little at a time?

It's all right. The workshop's just next door... Whoa!

I-I'm fine. It's just a scrape, but... Oh, my basket is all squished...

This might be rude of me to say, but isn't your basket hard to use?

I guess. I just used whatever I had at home when I started alchemy.

I got it. Hold on just a second.

Wow, it's so easy to carry. And it can fit more, too!

That's great. I used it when I first opened this store. Back then we didn't have a supplier, so my husband and I went and gathered the merchandise on our own.

Of course. No one will use it if I keep it here. It would be a waste to keep it locked up.

Thank you so much! I'll take really good care of it!

And just like that, our Basket can now hold 100 items. It's not a huge improvement, but it's a free upgrade, so why not?

Incidentally, I've had this Mandra request going, must have been 8-9 months in-game already. Damn I glad to have it off my docker.

Another random scene in Atelier Rorona, since there aren't enough of those.

Hello, Sterk. Oh? You look tired...

Maybe you should rest instead of taking pills.

You're right, but I've never been able to stay still for too long.

All right. Let me go get you some herbal tea, then. Please wait.

*fade to black*

Hrmm. It's bitter, but I can feel it working already.

I made it pretty strong. Try to drink it all.

... (It's partly my fault Sterk's so tired... I want him to rest, but he probably won't listen to me... I know.) So what kind of person is the former king you're looking for?

Hmm? Why do you ask?

If I know what he looks like, I might see him when I go adventuring. That and I'm also a bit interested in what he's like.

What's his name?

Ludwig Giovanni Arland.

He does sound like a king. But if he has such a long name, it should be easy to find him...

I guess... What does he look like?

He's an old man, somewhat thin. That's all I can say. No other feature of him is particularly notable. He looks young. You wouldn't know his real age just by looking at him.

If I can't search for him by looks, how are you supposed to find him?

I do legwork and make sure no stone goes unturned.

But that'll take forever...

He's the former king. I could never do that.

Ugh... I guess you would've considered everything I could think up...

I should get going. Your tea truly helped to recover my strength. I am in your debt.

Maybe you should rest some more...

*Sterk leaves*

He's gone... I wish I could help him out somehow...

And upon that anticlimactic note, this chapter closes. Until next time.

The Decaying Monastery