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Part 53: Update L: An Adventurer and the Center of the Earth

Fiftieth update, huh? Man, I can't even imagine how much time I've put into this LP thus far, and we're about at the halfway point. If my first LP can reach 100 updates or so, that'll be something, alright. Anyhow...

Here's the recipes we got from Iksel. Of all these, the Iksel Plate is by far the most important, at least how I play the game. It is an incredibly valuable healing item, and I'll explain why when we finally make it. In addition to the recipes, we also get...

The most important gift we got from Iksel is another Water of Life. That's 3 / 5, and we can't get the final one until we rank up. However, more drones doing my bidding can only be a good thing. I'm making a girl this time, and for the names, we get...

I don't trust Totori with coming up with a name on her own, so let's go with Chimucia. Sounds like a girl's name, at least.

Knew it.

Here's the rest. Don't touch the Behemoth Heart until you make the Iksel Plate, but the Sonne Fruit (the yellow item. Actually, this is the first time we can have this ingredient, as we can't access any areas that have Sonne Fruit for a while) and the Sage Herb can really be used for anything.

The Sage Herb has a really nice trait called Cure-All which removes all status aliments*, which I'd definitely advise putting on a Healing Salve. In addition, it has Quality L on it, so feel free to replace the Healing Salves you stocked with Tiffani and / or Ceci.

*note: may not actually remove all status aliments. Some status aliments Cure-All can't do a damn thing about. Good thing to have anyway.

Naturally, we'll be dropping off the Gnardi Ring we made last time with Tiffani, so everyone on the team can take advantage of them.

I kinda cheated last time, since I mentioned taking Sterk and Mimi out of town, but didn't post the scene you get from doing so. I will rectify this presently.

Yeah. Do you know him?

I don't know him personally, but I've heard his name... Oh, there he is.

It's okay. We just got here, too.

Please don't mind us. You've arrived right on time.

And you are?

Please excuse my insolence. I am a knight of Arland, Sterkenburg Cranach.

I'm honored to be guarded by such a highly regarded knight.

I swear by my name you will return home unscathed.

Very well. Now, let us go.

*Mimi leaves*

*Sterk leaves*

I guess Sterk has a thing for the rich girl type?

Our first voiced scene this update. Video goes until Totori says "When does he find the time to do anything else?"

Oh, Sterk's pigeon.


Hiya. Isn't Sterk with you today?


*fade to black*

Where are you going? Wait!

*fade to black*

I finally caught up... What is this?!

Oh, it's you. I'm sorry, but could you give me a few moments?

S-Sure... Are all these pigeons yours?

You have so many birds...




What? What's going on?!

Really? They're cute, but it's kind of scary when I see so many of them at once.

All right. You're the last one. Be sure to deliever this for me. Go!

Wow... They're all flying away. It's a really majestic sight.

Now then, where were we? Did you want something?

You don't know that pigeon exists. I thought we agreed on that.

Oh, right. I forgot I agreed to forget.

*Sterk leaves*

I'm confused, but he seemed mad... Sterk does his own work, helps with mine, and he cares for those pigeons. When does he find the time to do anything else?

No wonder Sterky seems so stressed out. Poor guy.

Man, how many times have I used the carriage this game? Gotta be at least 20-30 times...

Well, we need to stop by the Silent Path to get some ingredients (the Tar Fruit), but it's just as well. There's something we really, really want at the Forgotten Village, and it's right in the neighborhood.

But I'll just skip the Path, since we've already seen it. When I arrived at the village...

Music: The Village in the Fog

There's no one at this village. I wonder what happened? Why would everyone just disappear? I shouldn't think about it. I'll start to get sad about it...

So this area has all the hallmarks of another big location, but it's not really one. The only points here are for finding all the gathering spots. No boss or landmark, but there is something that you can get here and only here, for now.

So, there's a whole bunch of ghosts and goats wandering around, and the materials here are of extremely high quality. Gatherable materials are kind of an afterthought, though.

This item can be found at another gathering spot, but that's not for a looooong time. This is your only chance to get a World Spirit before then, and unlike Rorona, chests don't restock. Use it wisely.

This black goat is an enemy that can also be found in Night's Domain (yes, that'll be back, too), but this is his first appearance. He's not that much of a step up from his goat brothers.

And that's that. The only really other prominent thing here is...

A well. Best quality Water you can find in the game, but in the end, it's just Water. Our job here is done.

Back in town, we've got the Traveler Shoes to make. It needs a World Spirit, so you get one shot at this. Make it count.

I was ready to reload my save if I failed to make this, because you really, really want this item, and I wasn't about to wait for it. That Judgment M really helped, since my alchemy level was 29 before making this, meaning there was a good chance I could have failed. Now that we have the Shoes, we'll be dashing all over the place.

But, we have a short little scene first in the Dining Room. Video goes until Totori says "Hmm, I wonder if we should leave it at that".

I'm hungry. Is dinner ready yet?

Almost. Just wait a bit more.

You're really a big glutton, Totori.

Mel? What are you doing here?

Ceci said she wanted to treat me to something she made with lots of love.

Between this and that Gino scene in the fourth update or so, seems Ceci has a problem with this.

Oh, really? I guess with Mel around, we won't have to worry about that.

You had a small stomach?

Nope. I was normal. Ceci just scarfed down plate after plate of food like there was no tomorrow.

S-Stop it. We were kids back then... It's embarrassing to think of now.

I never knew that. I figured Mel, you'd be the one who ate three times more than Ceci.

You're as rude as ever, Totori.

Three? That'd be Ceci, Mel, and...?

Peter. The three of us used to play a lot together.

Really? Why not ask Peter here, too?

No way. I'll lose my appetite if I see his face.

I knew you'd say that.

Huh? You, too?

I think he hates me. Even if he came, it'd get really awkward.

Peter hates you? Why would you think that?

I don't know what I did, but it really seems like he hates me now.

But that's because... I don't know if I should say this, but Peter...

That's enough talk. You better watch the food or it's gonna burn.

Oh, whoops.

*Ceci leaves*

No. It's more interesting if you keep your mouth shut.

Interesting? Only for you.

I don't think Peter will ever say it for as long as he lives.

You can be so blunt. That's all the more reason. If he can't say it himself, he doesn't deserve to fall in love with anyone.

You're pretty harsh, too. Hmm, I wonder if we should leave it at that.

I think we have a pretty good collection of items for an adventure. But we're canning Mimi again.

Back in Arland, I took Mimi's Crimson Polearm and dismantled it, so I could have a Chim start synthesizing it to replicate it for everyone on the team to get a weapon upgrade. But here's the weird thing. Goldstein is a higher tier ingot than the Silvatite we used to get the Crimson Polearm in the first place.

We can't actually get any new weapons with a Goldstein, but I found it weird the game upgraded the ingot, instead of the usual degredation in base materials you get when you dismantle an item. Ah well.

After returning to the Atelier de Rorona, we get this scene. I believe this triggers as soon as Sterk's friendship level is greater than 50.

Is that Sterk? Come in!

I'm sorry, can you open the door? My hands are full right now.

I wonder what's he carrying... Hold on just a second!

What's this box?

I just find it kinda funny Astrid moving back to Arland at the end of the last game is this big emotional moment for Rorona, but apparently Astrid got bored really quickly and left within a couple years at most. Then again, I can see her not seeing much reason to stick around if there's not many chances to troll Rorona.

Master's? All of this was left there?

Are you sure I can use it? It's Teacher's teacher's, right?

It doesn't matter. If she left it to rot, she has no right to complain.

Really? Okay. I'll gladly accept it.

Good. That's why I brought it here. What's the matter with you?

I know, but still...

Why don't we split it between us, then? I don't think I can use all of it.

Huh? That wasn't why I was upset. I'm sorry.

I don't know who's the adult here.

Poor Sterk. Anyway, what we got from Sterk was...

The last four items are what I got. Water of Life is obviously the big one, but the Black Runestone we'll be finding in the wild this update, and the Dark Dew is from Night's Domain. The Dew and Spore are rather useless, as they have no traits on them, so I don't find much use for either.

But, it's time to make another boy. Our options this time are...

Hm...nothing that really tickles my fancy, but I suppose we'll go with Chimux. It's French, see.

Another ace. I'm on a roll.

Yep, I can put them right to work. In time, everyone will have much better weapons.

But as for now, Rorona's getting an upgrade.

Ah, Rorona and Sterk. Classic duo, and they'll be accompanying me to the center of the earth.

But let's head to the Adventurer Guild. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori thinking about Sterk and Filly.

Th-That was Filly? What happened?!


E-Excuse me. Oh, it's you.

Sterk. You came at just the right time. I heard Filly scream and...

What made you come to that conclusion?

N-No, I just...

Aw, poor Sterk. Being a cool dude just isn't enough these days, unfortunately...

Um, I don't think you should let this bother you so much! Knowing Filly's personality, she'd pass out no matter who she sees. I think.

I'm sorry. Can you...leave me alone?

*Sterk leaves*

I made another Brunch, since a bunch of requests are coming in for it now, and it's an easy S-rank synth we can start putting toward some rank points that require getting S-rank on 15 synthesis quests. You can drop it off at Iksel's (to rub it in, naturally), and just turn them in when they come in.

After a few more minor synths, off to Alanya. After leaving, I got this scene. This is probably my favorite of the party scenes.

It's all right. I just arrived, too. Oh, you're with her.

Yeah. I won't let you drag me down like that last time.

You're terrible. I should be fine now. I'm a full-fledged alchemist, you know?

Teacher, you were weak before, too? I guess that seems normal enough, but it's really reassuring to hear.

What's embarrassing about that? Everyone is inexperienced at one point. Besides, you became so strong so fast you didn't need my help anymore.

Well, that, and a healthy supply of items. Don't put yourself down so much, Sterk.

Wow, that's amazing, Teacher.

That's even more embarrassing!

Did you two go out together a lot?

I wasn't good at fighting, so he helped me a whole bunch.

Well, that was my job.

Your job?

What?! 300?! That much?!

Wait! But that's...!

I-It's because my value of money was off. I kept thinking about it compared to my knight's salary... Besides, if you had trouble playing, why didn't you tell me? You sound spiteful bringing it up now!

How was I supposed to haggle with you?! I just met you and you always looked so scary, too...

That's because it was so sudden! Why are you still holding a grudge? Why can't you just forget it?!

Damn, this kitten's got claws.

You're the one holding grudges. Who's nagging who about money issues from years ago?!

Then again, Sterk does have a point.

P-Please don't fight.

I think this is a good time for me to come out and say this. You're always so...

I don't wanna hear that from you! Besides, just the other day, you...

First new location is far to the east, in the Crystal Hole. Nothing much here, but we might as well stop by.

Nothing too fancy here. Bounce Stones, Original Gems, and Snow Stones. Lots of Demons, though.

Since Rorona has an AoE attack, it can hit these groups for some pretty substantial damage. It's awesome. Trash mob describes this crowd perfectly.

But now for the main event. It's been two years since your journey began, Totori. You've come such a long way already, and there's still so much time.

Music: Crystal Waltz

Wow! There are so many minerals here! I found a great gathering spot! I think I can go even farther down. I should bring lots of bombs if I want to really explore.

You actually only need one to find all the gathering spots, but lots of bombs never hurt anyone, except for all the monsters they're designed to hurt.

So, the Runestone Nest. A very large locale, with tons of gathering spots and lots of powerful enemies. The boss was in the second screenshot, but you're forced to fight it if you want to access the second half of the area. The materials here are all of really high quality, so it's only natural you bring a Tonic here.

These jerk penguins do a number on this, but mainly because we still haven't upgraded anyone's armor except for Mimi and Marc. A shame I forgot to do this.

There's a gathering point you have to fall for. How did I know this after just entering this area? I've played this game before.


After some more gathers, it's time to return the Jewel Element to the earth.

Music: Ophiuchus

As a note, Ophiuchus is the regular song that plays here, and the one that plays in the video. Mainly because this is one of only two fights in this game where this plays, and it's pretty boss.

Jewel Element always starts the fight off with an Arrow of Light, a very powerful area of attack move. I'd recommend putting your weakest character (in this case, Rorona), on duty of protecting Totori during Arrows of Light.

Unfortunately, Jewel also moves twice in a row, and has a whole bunch of really annoying attacks like this. However, I don't consider Jewel the hardest boss in the first half of the game.

Damn. Rorona's down, and those Nectars aren't good enough to revive Rorona and have her have enough HP to last a turn until she can heal. Guess it's just Sterk and Totori fighting this beast.

Sterk also has a skill called Judgment, where he hits a single target for pretty substantial damage. I'll be spamming it in this fight, while Totori focuses on buffing with the Ankh and keeping herself alive.

She naturally gets priority, since if she goes down then there's no way Sterk can last long enough to finish the fight.

When Jewel gets to around 80% health, she gives herself back some health. I believe she only does this once during the fight. Oh, and reviving Rorona was a mistake. Should have buffed Sterk first.

As if Jewel wasn't obnoxious enough, she can also Stun, which is a general stat debuff, although it seems the Ankh mostly cancels the defense hit. At the very least, Jewel Squall is her weakest attack.

I was really playing with fire when I allowed Totori to get hit by a Jewel Storm (powerful single target attack), but she survived. Even if Totori were KO'd, Jewel is definitely screwed next time Sterk is up. I used a Cannon with Solvent against Jewel, Sterk's super move is charged up, and he has an offensive buff.

Amazingly, Totori survived that blow. I thought for sure she'd get KO'd from that.

But the game is over. Prepare yourself, for the time of reckoning is here.

Be free...

Totori's closest thing to a super move is this, Duplicate. What it does is that it replicates the effect of an item for MP. Replicates in that it doesn't use up an item's use number. Can be pretty handy if you don't want to waste your items on trash mobs.

Rorona also got her super move.

Sometimes, Jewel drops a random piece of high-end equipment, but not this time. That's alright, though. We just want that Komet.

25 points for reaching level 30, and an extra 50 points for Jewel's head. Things are looking really good for the next rank-up.

And here's the only place you have to bomb. Mega Bombs are more than good enough.

What lies beyond is a whole bunch of items. Our just rewards for a fine victory.

A bit further in and when you start going up a ramp, you get the landmark. Pretty crystal.

The sweet smell of accomplishment. Let us return.

Not. There's a couple locations south of Alanya we haven't been to yet. Not much point in going, but for completion's sake I'll visit both. At least this place does have great Magic Grass for making improved Tonics.

There's virtually nothing worth talking about in the Mountain Cave, unfortunately.

Returning to the town, we get this important scene. Video goes until Mel says "Ceci told me to keep quiet, too"

Hmm... Mmm... Aaah... Hmm...

What's wrong? I've never heard you make those sexy sounds before.

Mel! S-Sexy?! I didn't know I was doing that!

I know that's true, but it kinda hurts.

What's up? If something's on your mind, you can talk to me.

It's no biggie...

Adventurers come in all forms, but we just do whatever we want. That's how I do it!

Just do whatever... Am I doing what I really want?

Why are you asking me? Why'd you want to become an adventurer in the first place?

Haha. You're not making progress on either of those!

Grr! Don't laugh! I'm being serious here!

I know I've mentioned it before, but I just love how Cassandra Lee voices Totori, especially for lines like that. She puts all these nice little inflections in her voice as she reads her lines.

Sorry. I never imagined you'd want to be an adventurer like Gisela.

What kind of adventurer was Mom? I don't really remember much about her. What do I gotta do to be an adventurer like her?

Huh. I'm not sure how to answer you. I don't know her that well, either.

Oh. Ceci and Dad never really tell me stories about Mom...

See you later.

*Totori leaves*

I hate having to keep secrets. Especially from little Totori. But there's no helping it given the circumstances. Ceci told me to keep quiet, too.

The reason this scene is important is because after this, you can ask quite a few characters in Alanya and Arland about Gisela. You only need to talk to Cordelia to actually make progress in the game, but we'll be chatting up everyone we can. Gerhard's scene is especially nice.

But let's start with Pamela. Video goes until Pamela says "I was just going to tell you about her".

Sorry. I'm not here to shop today. There's something I wanted to ask you.

Really? Me? What could it be?

It's about my mom. Her name's Gisela. I was wondering if you knew what kind of adventurer she was.

I guess you wouldn't know. I don't know why I came to you. I'm sorry. It's nothing! Please forget I asked!

*Totori leaves*

Hmm? Where did you run off to? I was just going to tell you about her.

But let's see if Guid has anything to say, but before that, I ran into another scene. Video goes until Gino says "You gotta tell me, Master!"


Too weak!

I love how Liam O'Brien barks that line. He has a lot of good voice acting in this scene, incidentally. He's a pretty great voice actor with a wide range, if Dist from Tales of the Abyss is any indication. I can't believe Dist and Sterk have the same English voice actor.


How many times must I tell you? Rushing headfirst like a brazen fool will never let you get a strike in.

Grr... One more time!

*fade to black*

All right. That's enough for today.

Huff... Huff... I can't even graze you. Why are you so strong, old man?

I told you to stop calling me that.

Whoops. Sorry, Master.

But I've been doing that since I was little.

That's not enough experience. Keep it up for twenty more years.

If I do that, Totori's mom will be an old woman!

Is that why you want to be stronger?

If you were born in a different era, you may have become a good knight.

What was that? I didn't hear you.

No way. That's impossible.

You never know. I had a similar experience.

Wait, that means you lost, Master? Against who? Who did you lose to?

Uh... Well... It's just an example. Go home and get some rest. Knowing when to rest is part of your training.

Come on! You gotta tell me, Master!

I think sword training scenes are a thing with Japan. I've seen a ton of anime with sword training scenes, including the one I just finished yesterday. Then again, swords are pretty awesome in general.

Hm, nope. I actually did run into that previous scene by accident, even though I knew what Guid's response would be.

Same with Ceci. Hm, a whole bunch of non-related people are talking about Gisela, but not those two...

But on this subject, our buddy Gerhard has quite a bit to say. Video goes until Gerhard says "Well, I can deal with that later..."

What is it? Just don't ask me for anything too strange or inappropriate.

It's nothing weird. It's about my mom.

Oh... Uh, Gisela...

I want to be just like her, but I don't know what kind of adventurer she actually was.

It's very like you to ask that kind of question.

Oh, really?

It's the same for the whole village. She was the only one who became an adventurer at the time. None of us went with her on any adventurers to see what she was like.

Oh... Now what am I supposed to do?

Really?! I wanna hear them!

Don't expect much. They're very ordinary stories.

She bragged, huh...

Yeah. She was talkative when sober, but it opened up a whole different can of worms when she drank. She talked about how she almost killed a bandit. Or how she destroyed some ruins along with a monster inside it. She went on and on with trival stories like that.

Those don't sound trivial at all...

They'd all say they were caught up in some trouble caused by her, and they complained on and on about it.

They were happy even though they got caught up in trouble?

Everything about her was reckless and beyond belief. But nobody held it against her. Then again, I'm one of those people.

Did Mom do something to you, too?

R-Really? Oh, Mom. Um, I'll pay the tab in her place!

Don't bother. You couldn't even begin to chip away at it. I just take her stories as payment for the drinks.

It's that much? How much is... Wait, maybe I shouldn't ask.

She'll be back! I'll definitely bring her back!

I'm counting on you. That's probably all I can tell you. Was that what you wanted to hear?

Glad to be of service. Sorry, but I need to get back to work.

Oh, sorry to keep you. I'll be leaving now.

*Totori leaves*

I talked too much. I shouldn't get her hopes up like that. Well, I can deal with that later...

Gisela sounds pretty awesome. For more awesome, we can talk to Gino.

What's with you all of a sudden? Why ask me of all people?

I just don't remember anything about her...

If you don't remember anything, why would I... Wait, there is something.

Really? What is it?!

Your mom beat me!

Oh... But that's not what I wanted to ask you.

You don't think it's horrible? I mean, I'm not stupid, right?


It was back when your mom went away. I definitely remember. You were crying for a long time and we couldn't play.

I was crying...? I don't remember at all. Are you sure it was me?

That really happened? Why don't I remember it?

I wonder... Anyway, one final Gisela scene in Alanya with Peter. Video goes until Peter says "Oh, but they'll definitely get mad at me for it..."

Hi, Peter. Hmm, I doubt you'll be helpful, but I guess it can't hurt to try.

Then, do you know about my mom back when she was an adventurer?


I shouldn't have bothered...

Can you blame me? I'm not really interested in adventurers in the first place. Gisela was more like a scary neighbor than an adventurer to me.

Forget it. I didn't expect much anyway.

*Totori leaves*

Maybe I should just tell her everything. Oh, but they'll definitely get mad at me for it...

Something is definitely up, but we can ponder these mysteries and more, next time.

Castle Gate

Crystal Waltz
The Village in the Fog