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Part 54: Update LI: An Adventurer and the Silent Plains

Let's just keep on trucking with another update. This update's going to be pretty quiet, mostly, but the next six months of the game from the New Year to June will be more interesting.

Unsurprisingly, I took the carriage back to Arland for a few more Gisela-related scenes. But first, a scene in Artisan's Way that seems to take place a few months after our old party members got together at Iksel's. Video goes until Totori says "Especially since Cordelia is the tiny one."

*sigh* You said it was important so I was wondering what it could be. That's just stupid.

It's not stupid! I'm serious here!

Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry. But what's the point of telling me about it? Just ask her yourself if she likes alchemy or adventures more.

But what if she says adventuring?

You're so cold, Cory. Wait! If she likes adventuring more, that means she likes you better, Cory!

How did you come to that conclusion?

What should I do? What am I supposed to do if that happens?!

I can't. Totori's my first student...

Look, don't you have a teacher, too?

Huh? Yeah...

Nope. If anything, Master forced me into it.

Did you hate alchemy as a result?

Not at all! I love it!

There's your answer. Geez, get it? I'm going back to work.

Hey, wait! I need your advice. Cory!

I didn't quite hear them, but Teacher was acting like a little kid. It's so weird. Especially since Cordelia is the tiny one.

Talking to Sterk for another scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori thinking about Rorona and Gisela.

It's not my personal desire to, but yes, I do. What about it?

I was wondering if you've ever met my mother.

I should have asked for her name, but I completely forgot.

I guess I never told you. Her name is Gisela, and I think she's supposed to be famous.

Yes! Do you know her?

I haven't met her personally, but knowing that adventurer had a daughter like you... Wait, forget I said that.

I have a feeling I know what you were gonna say.

But now that I think about it, you have an amazing title.

What do you mean?

I guess it sounds kinda impressive if you say it like that.

Is it so hard to believe? Either way, it would be wise not to spread it around.

Huh? Why not?

To be honest, you're an extremely easy target for the likes of them.

I-I can't deny it. So does that mean I should be more careful when asking about my mom?

Sterk... Thank you!

You don't need to thank me for it. I'm merely doing it as I search for the king.

*Sterk leaves*

I didn't notice until he said it, but I'm pretty amazing... But...I'm not living up to that cool title at all.

For this next scene, you don't talk directly to Mimi, but when you return to the atelier after leaving it in Arland, this shows up. Video goes until Mimi says "I'll hand her over to you after I beat her in a match".

Wahh! You scared me... What's wrong?

You! You're the daughter of Gisela Helmold?!

Y-Yeah... Do you know about her, Mimi?

You lied to me!

I didn't lie to you. I just forgot to tell you about it...

Play dumb with me, will you? Where is Gisela?! It'll do you no good to keep her from me!

I don't know! I'm looking for her, too!

Oh... That's right...

Come on. You're casting me as a villain when you make that face. Oh, fine! If she's too scared of me to show herself, we'll have to find her ourselves!

You're going to help me find her?

I think it's some sort of law that every tsundere character has to have a line that goes something like this. That is one line I have heard a lot of variations of over the years.

Okay. Please tell me if you find her.

I'll hand her over to you after I beat her in a match.

And now for one final scene, this time with Cory. Like I said last time, you have to talk to Cory to actually make progress in the game. If you don't do it by the rank-up, I'm guessing you get it then, as you're forced to talk to Cory then. Video goes until Totori says "Thank you!" the second time.

Why are you staring at my license?

It might be a bit late, but I noticed your last name is Helmold. Don't tell me you're related to that Gisela Helmold woman.

Yes, she's my mom.

But it's not a coincidence! She's my mom! Do you know her, Cordelia?

She's your mother? Really?


If you know anything about her, please tell... Huh? Slap me?

Is that a yes? Brace yourself!

Ah! Wait! Why do you have to slap me?!

She'd wreak havoc here, cut down a bridge there. She'd bring monsters into the city and get drunk on the streets! Do you know how many complaints I had to take care of every single day?!

What? Did she do all of that?

Thanks to her... Grr! Just recalling it is starting to make my blood boil!

Ahhh! I'm so sorry! I'm really, really sorry! But i have heard that she was a really great adventurer.

What do you mean "heard"? She's your mother, isn't she?

Hmm... It's true that she was amazing. For better or for worse. She was a huge troublemaker, but her feats as an adventurer more than made up for it.

Oh, really? But was she hated by everyone?

At the very least, I hated her. I don't know about other people though. For some strange reason, I've never heard anyone badmouth her. Wait, why am I defending her?!

You're mad again!

I can't take it anymore. I need to say this to her face!

For years? Doesn't that mean...

Knowing her, I'm sure she's out there somewhere. That's why I became an adventurer. So I could go look for her. And um...

I guess. She's not the type to die very easily.

I-I'm sorry! I thought Teacher already told you about it.

Never mind. I'll tell you if I learn anything. I'll ask the other adventurers if they've seen her.

Really? Thank you!

That's why I have to find her no matter what.

Thank you!

Cory sure takes her time finding info. I don't believe we can't proceed with the main storyline until the start of Year 4. At the very least, the time I got the follow-up scene was in early January of Year 4, so what do I know? Anyway, we've still got a few things to do before that series of events.

So, my battle against Jewel proved to me I definitely need to upgrade everyone's armor, and Tanbeash is the highest tier we can reasonably make at the moment. But, I don't have any good traits I can put on a cloth. We need to find a synthesis item we can put in for (Threads).

As it happens, the Living Rope counts as a thread. We can definitely try to get some good traits on a Living Rope, then transfer that to a Tanbeash.

That'll do nicely. As it happened, I exactly met the cost level to get all those traits on one Living Rope. I got lucky that time.

Very good. Chimucia will start replicating that, so like with the Goldstein everyone can benefit from it in time.

And finally, we can can that damn Light Iron Staff for something a bit more respectable. It reduces Totori's HP by 11, but raises her power pretty nicely, so I'll accept it.

Check out how much of a bonus I got from an S-rank, high quality Tanbeash making this armor. It helps to do things right. But for making this item, we get another scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori saying she wants to meet a certain someone.

It's a popular design. When it comes to phantom thieves, you always need a black cape with red trim.

Phantom thief... I remember reading a picture book about one.

If you wore that, they'd figure out your identity in a second.

Huh? Why's that?

No reason... He looked really nice in the books, but it seems kind of plain when I see his outfit in person.

A real phantom thief? No way...

It's true. I'm not surprised you haven't heard about him. He appears out of nowhere and saves the day!

My God...

Masked G?! I want to meet him!

I do, too. But nobody's seen him for the past few years. He must be out there somewhere, fighting evil...

That name More on topic, the Phantom Thief is for Mimi and Gino. It's a pretty great bit of armor for now, so I'd advise making and using it ASAP.

Here's something really weird I discovered in Rorona: you can't unequip items directly. There's no option like there is here, where just a simple button press takes a piece of equipment off. Very odd, but this just goes under "little stuff that makes this game much easier to play in comparison".

But, we need to inform Sterk about what Hagel told us.

Why are you staring at me?

I'm sorry. I was just wondering why you always wear that trench coat.

I've worn this since we first met. Why are you asking this now?

It reminded me of this person called Masked G.

Wah! What?!

Answer me! Tell me where you saw him!

I-I didn't see him, honest! I only heard about him from Hagel!

You just heard about him...? Sorry. I don't know what came over me.

You know who he really is?! Tell me! I want to meet him someday!

No, I can't. This is something I can't tell you!

Please! You have to tell me!

National image?

I feel stupid just saying that aloud... When will he stop with the games...? If there's nothing else today, I'll excuse myself.

Oh, sure...

*Sterk leaves*

Hm...Masked G hasn't been seen for a while, and he clearly causes Sterk a lot of distress...could it be Astrid behind the mask? Sterk refered to Masked G as a guy, but with a person that mysterious, who knows what lies behind the illusion? We may never know.

Here's a rather obnoxious item, the Magic Paint. The reason I call it that is because it requires a whole bunch of ingredients to make, but you can register it with Tiffani / Ceci, so make it once, and never look back, I say.

Here's another bit of search equipment, the Speed Gloves. What it does is it reduces the time it takes to gather from 5 blocks of time to 3, which is much more a difference than it seems. It is necessary? Not especially, but it does help cut down time pretty substantially if you're going for a massive run like I am.

Plus, it's good for some points.

After making some pie in Alanya, this scene shows up.

Hi, Ceci. I'm baking a pie using alchemy. Teacher taught me how.

What? With alchemy? You're making a pie by mixing stuff in the cauldron?

Yeah. Is something wrong?


Well, if you can make your own pies, want to learn how to make Fish Pie?

Fish Pie? The one you're best at? You'll really teach me?

I want to know Mom's pie recipe! Please teach me, Ceci!

Hehe. Oh, fine. Let's see. It's probably better to write it down. Hold on just a sec.

Sure. Thanks!

Another recipe, but as it turns out I'm not making much use of pies. Oh well.

I returned to the Crystal Hole to grind with Mimi and Marc for a bit, but ended up getting bored quickly. Really need some bombs I can use to deal with mobs like these.

At the very least, I got the final "Traveler" rank points. 80 is the highest for a single assignment, but you're bound to get this as long as you're on the road fairly regularly. Carriage rides count toward this total.

Bombs like this. Meteors are pretty great in this game, and excellent for wiping out mobs, since it will hit every enemy on the field per use. I wasn't entirely happy with the traits for this one, but I'll deal with it.

After synthing that, this scene.

Really? Hehe... Thank you.

I brainstormed a brand new recipe just for you!

Um, is it more pies?

No. This recipe is just for you. Take a look.

Oh, the majority of ingredients are fish.

I thought you might know how to make something tasty.

Wow. Teacher sounds like a teacher.

Th-That was a huge compliment. Yeah.

Okay, good. I'll think up more recipes for you. Just tell me when you think you can handle more. least it's as advertised. Nothing too valuable here, but it's the thought that counts. I also used my time in Arland to finish up all the initial drinks for Gerhard's sidequest. I got this scene just after.

Gerhard said he wanted a speciality. This one's not really special... I'll think I'll try something different. I don't know about the taste, but I want it to look more fancy.

Another batch of drinks. Totori seems to have a knack, but I probably won't follow up on this for some time.

Finally, Totori gets an armor upgrade. I can't believe I hadn't upgraded her yet.

I also took the time to get a better Gnardi Ring. We'll be a much more formidable force on the battlefield after this update.

Ah, the Iksel Plate. What this marvelous little thing does it restore a lot of HP and LP, as well as having "Wake Up" on it (thanks to the Behemoth Heart). Wake Up is KO revival, making it vastly superior to the Nectar.

There are a couple bosses in this game that drain LP like crazy, and this is the ultimate countermeasure to that. In fact, it makes the second-hardest fight in the game a rather trivial matter. I had all my Chims start making copies of that for future adventures.

I don't normally show rank points unless there's something to talk about with them. However, i think this achievement name speaks for itself. Everyone loves the Ghostbusters.

Now with Marc at level 25, we'll be getting his final event when the time comes. After that third scene in Artisan's Way with him, you have to get him to level 25 to trigger his final events. Anyhow, after returning to town, another event with Sterk after speaking with him.

It's you. Do you need help with another adventure?

No, today is something different. I just noticed it, but...

But what?

Do I? It's not something I make a conscious effort in doing.

But I always you by name. I-Is it because you hate me...?

But that means you don't say my name on purpose.

Ugh... Wait, no. It's because...

That's not fair. You have to say my name. It's "Totori." Now say it.

It's a bit embarrassing to say it after all this time.

No. You have to say it.

When is that going to be? I have a feeling you'll never say my name no matter how long I wait.

Soon. Soon! I-If there's nothing else, I'll get going now!

*Sterk leaves*

He ran away! Sterk!

Strange guy, but we need his help.

After some deliberation, I decided to replace the Phantom Thief with this, since it increases her power and HP, but somewhat reduces Mimi's speed and defense. Not that big of an issue.

Sterk is getting an upgrade, too. Finally, our team is presentable on the battlefield. But speaking of Sterk, since he's at friendship level 60 and entered an area (traveled back to Alanya, since traveling between the towns seems to be a thing this update), this scene shows up.

Sterk's pigeon?

What? I'm working. Is it an emergency?

Coo! Coo!

What? Is that true?!


I'm sorry, but I must tend to something. You'll have to excuse me for today.

Did something happen?

I think you should hurry.

I'll make it up to you someday! Farewell!


*Sterk and the pigeon leave*

Good luck out there! I hope he'll get to find the king. But what should I do now?

If you notice the background, you'll see I'm in the second area of the game. It may seem a bit intentional I got this scene, but that's because it is. What happened was that on my initial recording, I actually went out on a major adventure, and got this scene, so Sterk left. I wasn't about to face the boss I want without him, so I just reloaded my 10/14 save and got this scene here so I didn't waste so much time.

But as for now, let's focus on something we can do while Sterk is away.

Like leveing up Gino so his next few events will trigger. His next events trigger when he's at level 15. But let's cut the fat and return to Alanya to get said events. But before those, look who showed up when I got back.

Hi, Sterk. Did you find the king?

I have failed...


Wahhh! S-Sterk! What happened?! Get a hold of yourself! Sterk!

*fade to black*

You collapsed all of a sudden. Of course I'd be worried. The wound is minor, but is this...?

Hm, Gio is awesome as always. Even far more powerful than a few years ago, Sterk is still no match.

You lost... (If he can beat up Sterk... The king must be really strong...) So what are you going to do now?

There's only one thing I can do. I must retrain myself and challenge him one more time. I may have lost, but now i see what I must do in order to win.

Thank you. I was thinking or resuming my duty of helping you with quests.

What? You will? Don't you have to train?

There are some things that can only be learned in real battles. More so when I fight while protecting you.

Please don't worry about that. I need your help. I hope we'll continue on like always.

Thank you.

So yeah, he's back in Arland. We'll be headed back again, though, after a scene with Gino. First up, there's a scene with Guid in the wharf. I don't believe this scene is needed for his ending flag, but here it is anyway. Video goes until the screenshot of Guid by himself.

I'm just fishing. Then again, nothing's really biting.

That's because you're daydreaming. The fish won't catch themselves.

As an aside, my one experience with fishing was years and years ago (I think while I lived in Alaska, but it's been such a long time), I caught a rainbow trout my first time, the biggest catch of the day between everyone fishing that day. It didn't go down well, though...

Haha. Maybe. You always seem to find me for some reason.

What do you mean "find"? It's not like you're hiding.

Well, I guess that's true. How's life as an adventurer?

I see. I'm sorry. Sounds like Totori is causing you hardship.

That's quite reassuring to hear. Now I can stay here and fish without a care in the world.

But you're not catching anything... Totori's weak, but she's working hard. You should at least do the same.

Hahaha. You got me there.

It's Totori. Crap, I forgot we promised to go somewhere together. Well, see you later!

Take care.

*Gino leaves*

Don't get ahead of yourself, kid. Just as soon as I returned, this came up.

Hi, Gino... What happened to you? Your face is all beat up.

Don't say that... Master did it to me.

Sterk? Is your training that harsh?

Oh, really? Hold on. Lemme get you something for your face.

It's fine. I'll just get beat up again tomorrow. I have a favor to ask.

Favor? What could it be? I have a bad feeling about this...

I knew it! You want me to think up another one?

Please. I really want to beat Master. Even if I can't win, I want to at least get a hit!

But Sterk is the one teaching you, so maybe you should have him...

As long as he keeps teaching me, I'll never be stronger than him.

Oh... Okay, I'll try to come up with something, but don't expect too much.

Nope. I expect a whole lot.

What? Um, just for reference, what kind of super move do you want?

That's hard... All right. I'll try.

Now, there's two versions of the next scene. One that takes place in Alanya's town square, and the other in Arland. You have to way out of your way to get the Arland version, since you can't use the carriage. But, a foot trip to Arland, with the shoes, is...

Only 12 days, down from a little over 20 without the shoes. Beautiful. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori happy and telling herself to talk to Gino.

This rather nice CG can only be seen by seeing this version of this scene. Kind of obscure, but there you go...

What are you mumbling about?

How about...? No, that's no good. It has to look stylish. Hooyaa! Ack!

*fade to white*

Oh! Are you all right? You should look where you're going.

I-I'm sorry. I was thinking about Gino's super move and I...

His...super move?

Yes... Wahhhh! S-Sterk!

Don't shout in my ear. What did you mean by that?


I think I understand the situation. Why don't you try calming down?


*fade for exposition*

He has some admirable aspirations. Or is it stubborn competitiveness?

U-Um... It was supposed to be a secret from you. So, um...

I know. I'll pretend I didn't hear it.

Thank you. Thank you so much!

So did you come up with anything?

Since he does claim to be my student, I'd prefer you not teach him anything too bizarre.

I guess...

This is just my own complaint, but despite his small stature, he tries to be a brawny warrior.


So you mean...

It's nothing to discuss in the middle of the street. I'll excuse myself now.

Sterk... Thank you.

I should be the one thanking you. You listened to me complain about my student.

*Sterk leaves*

Another scene in the AR.

Wow, thank you. I feel kind of bad because you do so much for me.

Well, most of these recipes are recycled things I used in the past. But they're all really super great! Here!

They look like tools to use on my adventures. These are amazing!

You adventure in scary places, so I thought you might need these.

Wait. You can make the items listed here, right?

I can. Why?


I-It's not what you have with you! It's how you use the things you have!

So you mean you didn't use it right?

I'm sorry! I was just thinking out loud... But, thank you! I'll be sure to take this stuff with me on my next adventure!

I'll never live this down...

Aw, poor Rorona.

Some are useful, some not so, but all of them are straight from the last game. However, I won't be making them right now, because we're more than well-prepared for what we must do.

Unfortunately, Rorona's day is going to get worse. Video goes until Sterk says "I'm not sure what to think now..."

Thank you for waiting.

It's not a problem. I just got here. So where are we going... Hm?

What's wrong?

I sense someone's eyes. Who's there?! Show yourself!



It's you... What're you doing there?

It's no fair...

What are you talking about...?

What? Stop acting like a child!

Y-Yeah. It's not like that at all. We're just workign togeth...

I'll never forgive you if you take Totori from me! You got that?!

What happened with her?

Don't worry. She's just jealous.

Jealous? Her?

But the object here is different. I'm not sure what to think now...

These games are just out to get me. There's another scene like this in Meruru, but it's somehow ten times worse. Wonderful.

Anyway, with all distractions out of the way, let's finally get started.

I mentioned a while ago you could occasionally run into dangerous random encounters (this time south of the Pixie Dance Floor), and this is one. Neither of these enemies shows up in an area we can access, and especially the penguins are pretty dangerous. I actually had Mimi get KO'd during this fight, but I ended it quickly enough.

But how nice of them.

First location is just south of the Pixie Dance Floor, the Camp of the Defeated. A rather unremarkable area, it does have this in a chest.

Those are a lot of really nice traits. But the Rose Maiden stays.

I do always like the motif of a deserted village, though.

But hey, there's Mimi's super attack. She would do Gio proud.

Next area is the Jade Ruins. This area is unique for having Wispstones, the second-highest ingot material. Trouble is...

The Stones are really, really crappy quality. It's not unusual to find 20 quality ones, and with materials that bad, even a Tonic can't do much.

Look at that! And that was after using a Tonic! Terrible. Good game, though.

This is actually the furthest south the map goes, even counting some areas we can't see yet, much less access.

Made it. But our real target is the big blue blob just off-screen.

Time to crush the Punicarnate.

Alright, the deal with this guy is he is viscious. All of his attacks hit everyone, and a bunch of them take off LP. Couple that with the fact you burned a lot of LP to reach this place, and he can really bring the heat after a couple turns. There's no way you'll survive without upgrading your armor significantly.

On the plus side, though, he doesn't have much defense or HP. Hit him fast and hard. No holding back.

Damn Mimi with her pathetic LP anyhow. Totori's only a few levels more than you and she has almost twice what you do.

Yeah. a giant bunny rabbit head is Falling ??? effect for high quality Meteors. I remember bunny rabbit heads from Metal Gear Online...creepy stuff.

Look at that. I remember one time I was creeping through enemy territory when some guy came around the corner, wearing that. I immidiately got my AK102 out and blew his brains out all over a nearby armored car. I didn't care if he was an ally or not (he was an enemy), he was just too spooky to live. Someone had to put him down.

But it vanquished him after a surprisingly short battle.

Well, it is only a Puniball, but goddamn those are some nice traits.

Main ingredients here are very high quality Star Pieces and Sage Herbs. I'd definitely advise taking a whole bunch of Sage Herbs. Very valuable.

Well, I think we've had enough fun here for today. Another time.

Arland Square