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Part 55: Update LII: An Adventurer and the Ocean

Year 3 comes to a quiet end, while Year 4 begins with a bang, this time on this LP.

Our trip back to town after Punicarnate put us on Christmas Eve, meaning we've got just a few days until the exciting Year 4 starts. Let's talk to Gino and tell him what Sterk suggested to us.

For whatever reason, the first part of this scene is unvoiced, while the next part is. I decided to combine the two parts in this video. Video goes until Totori says "I can't imagine that".

Yup. It might not feel like one, but I think it's the perfect super move.

I think that's good, too. I might not even have to practice it. When did you learn so much about sword fighting?

Huh? Um, well... I was asking Teacher about it...

I-I think it'll be fine. I made her promise not to. Even if you ask her, she'll pretend she has no idea what you're talking about.

Okay. I'm gonna try what I practiced on Master later!

*Gino leaves*

Is this what you wanted, Sterk? Now I'm starting to get worried. Maybe I should keep an eye on them...

*fade to black*

You seem out of breath even before we've begun.

Hah. I'm better than I was yesterday. Prepare yourself, Master!

Yeah, in a neat little thing, you get thrown into a mock battle with Sterk. Since he'd wipe Gino out in a flash, Sterk will do a "move" called Stand By, which simply skips his turn. Gino's strikes are lucky to do more than one damage until the next voiced dialogue comes up.

I'm just warming up! Here I go!

After a few turns, you get the option to use this move. Kinda neat, but again, it belongs to a party member who really doesn't have much going for him.

Did it work? It worked! All right! I can win!

You can do this much with such a minor bit of advice? I'll commend you for that.

Advice? What are you talking about?


Yeah, he's not kidding about that. This is easily my favorite part of the scene. I want to say with Gino's HP, and judging by the first hit of Licht which I saw did 392 damage, he got KO'd more than 17 times over.

G-Gino! Are you okay? Don't die! Gino!

Don't worry. He's only unconscious.

B-But this is too much!

It's no problem. Compared to the strike I took from the king, this is nothing. Besides... The higher his aim, the better.

R-Really? But wait a minute. The king is even stronger than you?

*Sterk leaves*

I wonder if Gino will get as strong as Sterk... I can't imagine that.

After that scene, Gino learns My Critical for general battle use, which would be nice if I ever used him. The odds of that aren't too good, especially since I basically need to have Mimi around all the time now.

I went to the Natural Garden near Alanya to get some high quality Mandra Roots, and thought I'd try out my Mega Bomb against the mobs there. I must say, the results were encouraging.

But back we go to Arland, this time for a very important scene with Cordelia. Video goes until Totori says "That means...Dad?"

There you are. I can't decide if you have good or bad timing.

There's one thing I've always found weird about some scenes in this game: dialogue constantly complimenting Totori's timing. I swear, at least half a dozen characters have talked about Totori's timing. Very odd to me.

Huh? Am I not allowed to be here?

It's not that. Hmm... I shouldn't hesitate after coming this far.

Mom? What?! R-Really?! Where?! When?! Where is she now?!

Huh? What does that...

Well? Do you still want to know?



I do. Please continue.

Around the same time as when you said she stopped coming home.


It's a while ago, so we have no idea where she is now. The problem is where she went. She went by ship to the outer seas.

By ship?

It was buried under a pile of complaint reports about her, so I only found it recently.

You scared me! I thought you were gonna give me bad news.

Are you being serious? Or are you just forcing yourself to sound happy?

Huh? What do you mean?

I've heard of it. It's supposed to sink your ship if you go too far out to fish. Yeah. It becomes a huge commotion every few years and... Oh...

There were a lot more reckless adventurers back then. A few others also tried to sail through the waters. Every single one of them had their boats sunk. Only a few lucky ones made it back alive.

I tried to confirm what I found out by visiting your village. Everyone refused to talk. It's like they all agreed to keep quiet about it. After I kept persisting, a few finally told me.

What did they say?

B-But those are just pieces. It doesn't mean her ship sank!

Believe whatever you want. That's all I have to say. Nothing I tell you will comfort you anyway.


It looks like she wrote it on the first piece of paper she could find, but it's still a keepsake to you.

Thank you...

*Cordelia leaves*

A note written by Mom. It really does look like she scribbled it down on a random piece of paper...

Huh? Her husband? That means...Dad?

Oh dear. Sounds like Guid has some explaining to do.

But before that, our new and improved Healing Salve. Cure-All and the Salves really go well together.

But anyway, back to Alanya to get the scoop on what happened. Guid has to know something. Video goes until Guid says "Hmm, now what am I supposed to do?"


Totori? Welcome home. What are you shouting about?

Dad?! Where's Dad?!

He's right next to you.


I-I'm sorry. Anyway, I have something I want to ask you!


Totori, where did you hear that?!

May I? Hah, this is her departure notice? It's so like her to write it this way.

Dad! This isn't the time to be laughing. We asked everyone in the village to keep it a secret...

You can't keep it secret forever. She'll find out eventually. Though, "remembering" would be more accurate.

That's because I was...

Me? Fall apart?

You really forgot all about it.

When pieces of Gisela's ship washed up, the entire village was sad. But you didn't understand what it meant.


You cried non-stop for a week.

That's why everyone in the village decided not to talk to you about what happened.

No way... I don't remember that at all.


You've matured after becoming an adventurer. That itself made it worthwhile. If you knew about it from the start, you would never have pushed yourself to become an adventurer.

Let's stop now. I have to get dinner ready. Can you help me, Totori?

Dad, can I ask you a favor?

Hm? What is it?


Don't be an idiot! Didn't you hear what Dad said?!

I did, but I don't understand. Why are you assuming Mom's dead? Her ship just broke, and she can't find a way to come back! That's all!

You're way too optimistic.

Dad! Be quiet! No means no, Totori. Dad won't make you a ship. Even if he did, I'll never let you go.

No, I'm going. Please, Dad. Make me a ship.

That's not true! I believe in you! I know your ship won't sink!


*flash to white*

Music: Dia ~ on orgel

It's not as simple as you say. You're talking about challenging the Flauschtraut here.

Oh? Don't tell me you think I'm going to lose.

Of course not. No monster in the world could ever beat you.

It's not that simple.

Look. You're the man I fell in love with. Have more confidence in the ships you build.

You fell in love with me only for my shipwright skills?

Heh. You sure are blunt. But if you say that, I feel like I really can do it.

Good. Then I'll keep saying it until you have unshakable confidence in yourself. Your ship will not sink. It's true because I say it's true.

*flash to white*

You're just saying that! You forgot Dad was even a shipwright in the first place!

M-Maybe... But I still believe in him!


Dad...? What are you laughing at?


Dad! What are you talking about...?

Give it up. You know stopping her is like trying to stop your mother.


So you'll make a ship for me? You'll let me go look for Mom?

Yeah. But under one condition.

What's that?

And only a first-rate adventurer will be able to gather all of them.

A first-rate adventurer...

Yes, you have to get them all yourself. Otherwise I won't make the ship for you.

All right. I'll go get them all!

But I have to, or else you won't build it for me, right? I have to do it no matter what.

Heh. Logic that only makes sense to an idiot... It's like your mother's.


Hey, don't make that face. We're just starting to get excited about this adventure.

No! What if something happens to Totori?! She might never come back! If that happens, I don't know what I'll do...

*Ceci leaves*

Ceci... She was crying...

Yeah, she was... Hmm, now what am I supposed to do?

Let's follow-up that long scene with an even longer one! This scene has to happen right after the last one. You can't do syntheses or leave town after that event and before this one. There's basically nothing to do, so let's not waste time.

To trigger this scene, you have to go to the Dining Room, which is otherwise virtually never used. Video goes until Guid says "All right, let's get to work!"

Ceci. Ceci!


Um, I made my workshop explode again... You...wanna clean it up with me...?


Haha... I guess that's only fair. I should clean up after myself...

I'm so hungry. What's for dinner tonight?

I don't know.

Not eating for two or three days isn't gonna kill you.

W-Well, I guess not.


Ceci's super furious.

Yeah. I thought she'd cheer up faster.

Move it.

O-Okay. I'm sorry.

Um, going somewhere, pumpkin?

Work at Gerhard's.

A-All right. Take care.

*Ceci leaves*

*fade to black*

Well, when I say it's longer, I mean it's just an amalgamation of about four scenes. But it's just better to have them all happen under one roof, because they all happen in very quick succession just by following the breadcrumbs.


Can you try to soften your expression? You have customers to help, you know?

Who gives a crap? It's not like you have any customers.

Then leave me alone.

Oh, brother. You know, Guid feels really sorry about all this.

He can be as sorry as he wants. Who knows what might happen to Totori out there, but he still...

You're on his side, aren't you?

It's not about choosing sides. You might act mad, but I can tell deep inside you're a little happy, too.

Why would I be?! You don't know what you're talking about!

Oh, really? Your face looks angry, but I don't see you seriously trying to stop them.

That's because they'd never listen to me anyway...

They're waiting for you to be able to accept the idea.

I don't believe you. They'll start without me eventually.

If you're seriously opposed, I know those two will give up. On the other hand, they act that way because they know you'll eventually cool off.

So if I agree, I would just play into their hands.

But if you don't, your life at home is going to be awkward for quite some time.

Hmph. Well I guess I'm still just a kid.

Then act more like it. You're too stubborn and uptight for your age.

If I'm not, those two will just...

I don't know about that. It's all up to them.

You could've just lied to reassure me.

Even though you've tricked Totori all this time?

Now that's just not fair. You were the ones who asked me to.

Heh. I guess so. I'm sorry.

It'll always work out in the end.

I really hope so.

*fade to black*

*sigh* I'm so hungry...

Me too... Can't you cook anything?

I could... But I want Ceci to cook. If we don't let her cook, it'll feel like we're pushing her away even more.

Yeah. I guess we should wait until she cheers up.


Huh? Ah! Ceci?!

You were back? Wait, don't get the wrong idea, now...

We'll talk later. I'll go make you dinner.

You will?'s all right if we do it?

You won't listen even if I say no. If you're gonna do it, you might as well do it right. All I can do to help is make you food.

Ceci... Ceci!

I'll try my best! I'll definitely find Mom!

You're getting ahead of yourself.I'm not going to build a ship until you get all the materials.

I'll get them! I know I'll get them!

I'm sorry. It's my fault you had to go through so many terrible things.

Oh? Am I gonna have to go through another one?

Haha. No way. I won't let it happen again.

Ceci! What are you making? I wanna help.

Just sit down. It's my job to make you dinner.

*fade to black*

Now that we have her permission, it's time to build us a ship!

Yup! So what do I have to do? What do I have to bring?

Calm down. I'll explain them one at a time. For now, I'll start by making a basic frame.

In spite of what Guid might imply, the quality of the stuff you bring doesn't matter. As long as it's made, that's what's important.

I know, I know. So tell me what the materials are. I'll get them to you as quick as I can.

I said calm down. But I guess you can't help yourself. Okay, bring me everything on this list.

Wow, there's actually a lot.

Better than Mom's... I'll do it! Um, there's a lot of stuff I've never heard of on the list. Where do I get it?

That's for me to know and you to find out. You're going to challenge the Flauschtraut, so this should be easy.

Fine. I'll bring them to you right away!

*Totori leaves*

Haha. Look at her go. All right, let's get to work!

Now that that's all out of the way, let's check out what we need.

Sounds like quite a handful, but of course, we need to know how to actually make these things. This is the whole list of ship parts and ingredients to make each.

Forged Anchor

Whirlwind Sail

Proofed Deck

Centenary Hull


Mystic Prow

Hm, that's quite a lot, but we can handle it. Whatever ingredients you're lacking, I'd advise setting the Chims to making it. It's going to take a while, but we've got time. Now then, if you don't remember me ever mentioning the Shining Saucer, that's because that ingredient is what's keeping you from finishing the ship before about July of Year 4 or so.

When we rank up, we'll get the location that the Shining Saucers are in, but until then, no dice. Still, five out of six isn't bad at all, and there's nothing stopping us from gathering the other materials for the Helm.

In addition to materials, you need actually a little more than a month of synthing time alone to make everything. And yes, you have to make the boat and set sail to actually beat the game. Doing nothing about the ship, or not discovering Gisela's whereabouts before 6/1 of Year 6, means you get a game over. However, considering you can easily fulfill this by September / October of Year 4, you'd have to really, really try to screw up that badly.

But because I remembered (and got kinda lucky), I was able to make the Mystic Prow right off the bat.

Now, in a rather boneheaded decision, I decided to go to the Holy Slumbering Tree to gathering some Bamboo for all the (Lumber) you need (without a single one in the container, nor having any Tar Liquids on hand, you need a whopping 57 (Lumber) items to make everything.

The reason why this is dumb is because Chims can gather by themselves, as long as the ingredient is in the Container. So I could have just gone to an area nearer to Alanya, gotten an Eiche, then had a Chim gather it. Chims can gather Eiches at a rate of one a day, so that's 57 days, which could be reduced by assigning multiple Chims to the task. But I also needed some Tar Fruits to make the Tar Liquids, so it's kind of a wash. Anyway, not a huge worry.

Getting back to the workshop, the Chims have been working hard, and now we have three more ship ingredients we can make. Excellent.

So by the start of April, we have all the ship ingredients we can. Of course I'll be having the Chims make the ingredients for the Helm, so we won't waste any time by the time we can get the Shining Saucers.

Anyway, a trip back to Arland and a synthesis in the atelier got me this scene. Video goes until Totori says "She's acting weird."

Totori, I want to ask you something. Do you have a minute?

Yes? What is it?

Huh? I don't know how to answer...

Then let me change the question. What do you want to be in the future? An alchemist or an adventurer?

How is that different?

You won't tell me?

Totori's response depends on which is higher: her adventurer level or her alchemy level. For the purposes of Rorona's ending flag, this scene can go either way, but my alchemy level is higher at the moment, and she deserves to catch a break.

Really? Are you really, really sure you want to choose alchemy?

Yes. I don't mind being an adventurer, but I think I'm doing it only because I want to search for my mom.

Well, yes. Why does Teacher look so happy?

Let's hurry up and find your mom so you can concentrate on alchemy. I'll be sure to help out as much as I can! Yeah, let's do this!

*Rorona leaves*

What's that about? She's acting weird.

For another bit of search equipment, here's the Fate Talisman. What this does is that it lessens the chance of running into encounters on the road. Rather useless, but points are points.

Here's a pretty neat item, the Blessed Coin. It's main effect is to prevent items in your Basket from deteriorating, but it can also be used for ingot materials. It is highly customizable, meaning you can attach a lot of valuable weapon traits to it, then transfer them to the ingot of your choice.

Also, because of the fact it has a high cost level, it can also support all those high-level traits.

And here's our strongest bomb available at the moment. Good thing I made it, too. It's going to be more than a little bit helpful in the next few months. It's a far cry from the apocalyptic power of the Tera Bomb, but at least we don't have to worry about blowing ourselves up with it.

My last act for May of Year 4 was to go back to the Ancient Monastery to do some grinding with Mimi, as she needs to catch up a bit. I didn't do anything of note otherwise until 6/1, so let's just get on top of that.

Uh-oh! Cordelia said to show up today! I better hurry!

No matter what you're doing on 6/1, you get forced back to Arland to either accept your punishment for not getting enough rank points (somehow), or extend your license. However, I of course have not a thing to worry about. Video goes until Totori says "But at least I can be an adventurer for two more years"

Y-Yes. You told me to come today, right?

Yeah, but why do you look so scared?

I know it'll be okay, but I just can't help it.

Yes. It's good for another two years.

Thank you! Thank you so... Wait, two years?

Yup. Two years.

W-Why just two years? That's shorter than before!

Well, how do I put this? You know how adventurer protocols are still new? Nothing's really clear yet.

I guess...

Then that means in two years, my license will...

You'll have to come back and renew it again.

Don't worry. You'll get one that lasts a lifetime next. I think.

What do you mean "you think"?!

Just stop by the day it expires and I'll get you a new one. Okay?

I'm worried all over again... But at least I can be an adventurer for two more years.

Next scene happens after you rank up, and you saw the scene with Mimi, Totori, and Filly in the Adventurer's Guild (the one where the latter two express amazement Mimi helped someone). It is possible to screw yourself out of this scene (and Mimi's flag in general), if you reach Galaxy without seeing this scene, but this would be really hard to pull off.

In fact, I'm not even sure it's possible to reach Galaxy without making the ship, which is the next major Mimi event toward her flag. In any case, Video goes until Cordelia says "What should I do with that troublesome little girl?"

Hehehe. Hmm-hmm.

What are you grinning about? It's giving me the creeps.

Hi Mimi. Hehehehe.

You're seriously creeping me out. Did something good happen to you?

Yup. Look, I ranked up again.

Of course I am! You should know since you go on adventures with me. But when I see my rank go up, it tells me I'm one step closer to being a first-rate adventurer.

Huh? What?

Why are you outranking me?

I am? Really? Hehehehe.

What's wrong with it? I worked really hard for that.

You mean to say I haven't? I've worked tens, no, hundreds of times harder than you!

I never said you didn't. Why are you mad at me? I was just...

B-But it's not my fault. I just outrank you.

Oh, now you're talking back to me. You think you're superior once you've attained a higher rank?

But that's true. What's wrong with saying that?

Cordelia told me an aristocrat's title doesn't mean much.

Tch! Keep going and I'll be furious.

Shut up!

Wahhh! I... I'm sorry I...

I have nothing but my title. You must see me as someone petty.

That's not true! I never thought of you like that!

I hate you!

*Mimi leaves*


Thanks for making a scene at my workplace. Why couldn't you take it elsewhere?

I didn't mean to say all that. Why did I...?

There, there. Don't cry. I know she's in the wrong here. But you also went a bit too far.

What should I do? Mimi hates me now...

She said it in the spur of the moment. She doesn't mean it.

But... But...

Oh, geez. You're such a handful, I'll deal with her. Just stop crying.

Of course. What? You don't trust me?

I do. Thank you.

Good. Now go home for today. Have a good night's sleep, and you might feel better tomorrow.


Geez. I'll get Rorona to talk with her. What should I do with that troublesome little girl?

Well, we'll figure out something next time.

Flashback Gisela

Dia ~ on orgel