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Part 61: Update LVIII: An Adventurer and the Place of Eternity

With a name like that, you'd expect something big, wouldn't you? Don't worry. I'll try not to disappoint.

Well, like I mentioned last time, I tried really hard to get to 12 Totoris, but things just didn't work out the way I planned. It's a moot point, anyway, since Master Synth here puts us over the top for Galaxy. In-between the end of last update, and this screenshot, trust me, I didn't do anything worth recalling.

But, let's just skip everything not interesting and head forward to April Fools' Day, when I decided to rank up. Video goes until Totori says "I definitely will!"

The highest rank? I did? Thank you so much!

I can't believe such a tiny, timid, weak little kid managed to become such a good adventurer.

Thank you! Thank you!

But this isn't the end. I bet there are places you haven't gone, or monsters you haven't fought.

I guess so. I think there are materials I haven't found and items I haven't made yet either.

When you discover those things, I'll give you points. So try to stop by once in a while.

Sure. I definitely will!

So Galaxy doesn't unlock any new areas (well, this isn't entirely true. You'll see what I mean shortly), but it does make a couple monsters show up who otherwise are AWOL on any other rank. Galaxy is mostly for bragging rights, as those monsters you can fight now are purely for the challenge, since you don't need points anymore.

But first, here's something else that can be found at Galaxy Rank.

This fellow only shows up after you've made it to Galaxy.

It's pointless to screenshot every line of dialogue this guy has, but basically what he tells you is a monster named Ozean Kaiser is hanging out northwest of the Lost Island, which if you'll recall a few updates ago, was the small island with the goat.

Here's the thing, though. Don't even *think* about fighting him without a lot of heavy, heavy firepower. The Ceaser of the Seas is by far the hardest boss in the game, and we'll need some genuine Weapons of Mass Destruction to take him on. I'll probably make fighting him the last update before the end of the game, simply because he deserves that much attention.

But now we need to talk to Mimi again to continue her ending tree. All you need to do to see this scene is talk to her any time after you return from the Frontier Village for the first time.

What do you mean?

You became an adventurer to look for your mother, right? So...

Oh, right. I didn't think about it...

Help you?

What? You don't want to?

It's not that. I do.

O-Oh... That's good. Wait. World's greatest together, meaning...

W-What are you talking about?! You're just going to be an accessory to my becoming of the world's best adventurer!

Why can't I do it with you?

That's because... Well, I'll think about it. Either way, can I assume you'll continue to be an adventurer?

Next Mimi ending event is for getting both her and Totori to level 50. That won't happen for a while, unfortunately.

For our next cool item, I need some Gravistones. There's a place called the Crystal Spot that has very high quality ones, just south of the Runestone Nest. I didn't need to go here, per se, but I might as well stop by for completion's sake.

Anyway, before we make that, let's stop by Pamela's. We need to fill her in on Rorona's marvelous plan. Video goes until Totori says "I don't care anymore!"

Hey, Pamela.

Welcome! Oh, you're both here today?

I actually have a favor to ask.

*fade for exposition*

You're really going to ask her? I'm sure she'll just refuse.


Great. I knew you'd be fine with it.

Wait! Please wait! Don't agree to it so readily!

Hmmm? But why not?

Because! You're gonna be sacrificed! You'll die!

That's not a problem, right?

Yes, it is! It's a huge problem!

Well, you know, I can't guarantee it'll work.

Let's give it a shot for now. If it fails, we'll think of something else.

Why aren't you two troubled at all?!

B-But... Geez! I don't care anymore!

At last, now there's a point to going to that big tower. Thing with Pamela is, is that there's a big event that requires her being available that is available on Year 5, 6/1 exactly. If Pamela's not back to normal by that time, you miss out on that event entirely. It's just best to take care of this whole plot before Year 5, 6/1, to avoid any complications.

Anyhow, let's take care of another Piana event. There's a couple more after this, but those are purely a time-based thing. Video goes until Piana says "Thanks for the muzztash!"

Welco... Totori, it may be strange to say it to you, but don't bring a child to a bar.

Huh? A child?

Piana! You followed me here?!

There's nothing to do at home.

B-But you have to watch the house...

Why does he have hair on his mouth?


Oh, right. You don't see men often... You see, mustaches are...

I wanna touch it! Lemme touch the muzztash!

What? You can't! Gerhard doesn't know how to react to that...

Well, if she just wants to touch it, I don't really mind.

Are you sure?

Me, too? I-I'm sorry...

Oomph. Oomph. I can't reach!

Hold on. I'll come over there.

I got it! Hiyaaa!

Ack! That sounds like it hurt!

Huh? The muzztash came off...

Ugh... Agh... Ahhhhhh!

Wh-What are you doing?! I-I'm so sorry, Gerhard!

I'll be sure to give Piana a scolding! We'll get going now!

Thanks for the muzztash!

And yeah, whenever you see that previous scene with Pamela and you leave Alanya, you get this little notice you're supposed to bring Pamela to the tower.

For what we're going to do next, make sure to change the boss music back to the default selection if you have a choice. You'll understand why soon.

But now it's time to shine. By the way, does anyone have any idea what "Liechtein Soehnle" means, or how to pronounce it? It sure sounds like a couple words that should translate into English, but I am at a loss.

Anyhow, this scene happens when Pamela is a guest party member and you head to the tower. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori's battle cry.

We're finally here.

Are we? It was farther than I thought. I'm all tired now.

You don't have to force yourself if you're tired. We can still go home. What do you say?

But we'd have to come again later. I don't feel like doing it again.

You don't have to come back at all...

*Pamela leaves*

Pamela! What am I supposed to do?

*fade to black*

Let's get started!

B-But how?

Well, I could do it myself, but would you mind helping me?

Help you?! I can't do that!

Button? You mean your clothes? Is it easier to do if you're naked?

No, not my clothes. Here. On my neck.

Hurry, hurry!

O-Okay. There we go.

Huh? Huh? Wah... Wahhhhhhhh!

I hate whenever I listen to this scene and I'm wearing my headphones. Totori's shriek there is pretty piercing.

Eek! Don't scream in my face like that. It's against the rules to scare a ghost.

B-But you're the one who scared me... Wait, a ghost? Wahh! You're floating!

Calm down. Come on, now. Give me some deep breaths.

O-Okay. Huff! Puff! Huff!

Did that help?

That's right. Didn't I tell you?

No, you didn't! What about that body?! Ack! It's like a stuffed toy!

Amazing, isn't it? Rorona's teacher made it just for me. You see, I couldn't touch or hug anybody when I was just a ghost.

Hug anybody? W-Well, that aside...

You could have told me so I wouldn't worry as much!

I thought you already knew. Anyway, is the gate open?

Oh, right. I completely forgot.

It opened! It really opened!

I'm glad I could help! I guess my job here is done...

Please don't talk like your spirit's passing on. But, thank you for your help.

You're welcome. I'm sleepy. I think I'll go back to the village, so be sure to bring back my fake body, okay?

You can go back that easily?

Well, I am a ghost. Toodles!

*Pamela leaves*

Well, I'll digest all that later. This is more important! Okay, let's go!

Well, he is our enemy, of course, but damn if that isn't the classiest demon I've ever seen. The hat really makes the outfit.

There it is! That must be it... I'm too scared to even go near it. But it looks hurt... I came this far, so I gotta see it through to the end!

The past cannot be changed, but a new future begins now - Evil Face

Music: Terminus

Alrighty, so we finally have the real final boss (that you don't even have to beat to say you beat the game) of Totori, the rather unusually named demon Evil Face. Evil Face isn't very hard at all, but he does have some really awesome music attached to him (that doesn't play anywhere else in the game), and most importantly, he's just fun.

He doesn't go down very quickly, he has a fair variety of attacks, you've got an appropriately dramatic background, and hey, we're avenging our mother. Let's dance.

His most annoying attack is called Merciful Curse, which inflicts a number of status effects, but luckily the Cure-All from the Sage Herbs gets rid of all of them. Gotta love 'em.

Wing Slicer is his basic physical attack. It hits for fairly insignificant damage, but it can also lower defense. Not a huge deal.

Blind is really annoying because it causes attacks to miss all the time, which makes getting rid of those status effects a priority.

Thousand Needles hits everyone for middling damage, but also takes away a fair bit of MP. Our Secret Remedies, thankfully, restore all that.

When he's hovering around 60% HP or so, he'll call in Evolution, which basically gives him an upgrade, along with restoring an automatic 250 HP a turn, so that's 500 HP he gets back every time he's up to bat again.

Now, if there's one thing I've learned from video games, is that no amount of supernatural terrors are immune to some good ol' lead-based medicine. Let's let Cory here demonstrate.

Damn, she's been taking lessons with that gun. Natural gunslinger.

Below 50%, he calls in some backup. Trouble is, is that his backup is a couple of Black Demons. You're wasting your time here, pal.

Also below 50%, he starts using The Fallen, which is his is strongest attack, but against us even then it's not going to do much.

Looks pretty nice, though.

He's such a nice sport, too.

But being a nice sport isn't going to save you now.

May you know no peace in the abyss of death.

This time we get Rorona's best weapon from a boss weapon drop, but I don't see me using Rorona much for the rest of the game.

Anyway, for beating Evil Face, a capstone scene. Video goes until Totori says "I'll tell her that her grandma is furious."

It disappeared?! Did we win? We did it! We did it! Pilca and Piana will be okay now! I better go and tell everyone!

*fade to black*

Goodness... Is that true?

Yes. No one will have to worry about being eaten ever again.

I don't believe it. Not even Gisela or all the people thoughout the ages could do it. But you defeated it.

Hehe. I don't really believe it, either.

Sorry. I should have thanked you before anything else. Our village will forever be indebted to you and your mother.

You don't have to thank me. I only did this because I wanted to.

I see. It was like you avenged your mother as well.

Avenge? I guess. I didn't think of it that way.

You didn't? Why else would you want to challenge a devil of that caliber?

Because you're an adventurer?

...I always wanted to say that once. Did it sound weird coming from me? Not sure why, but I don't think that's too far off from why I really wanted to do it.

Heh, is that so? Are all adventurers like that? It's not just you and your mother who are special.

Well, I'm not so sure about that.

Y-You don't have to. Oh yeah! What should we do about Piana? There's no reason for her to stay at my village anymore.

Hmm, but there's no reason for her to come back here either. If it's not too much trouble, can you let her choose what she wants?

She's no trouble at all. My sister loves her.

But I still must scold her for leaving without telling anyone. It doesn't have to be now, but can you please bring her here one of these days?

Sure. I'll tell her that her grandma is furious.

No matter where you are, Mom, I hope you were watching...

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