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Part 62: Update LIX: An Adventurer and the Strange Ruins

So, in case you're just joining us, we've finally put the ghosts of the past to rest. Totori finally has some closure on her mother's story. We learned of her final moments, vowed to put an end to the life of the demon who took Gisela's life, and in the last update, Totori lived up to her bloodline by putting the bastard away for good.

So where does that leave us? Well, we've still got quite a lot to do. We've only got a little bit more than a year left in the game, and we still haven't fulfilled any character ending flags. For Gino, we still have to get him to level 25 and see his final events. For Mel, we still have to take Ceci on a few more adventures. For Mimi, we need to get to adventurer level 50. For Marc, we have to drag him to the Promised Land. For Rorona, get to alchemy level 50, and for Sterk, finish Gerhard's beer sidequest (Sterk's relation to this will be explained later).

Well, we can start working on Marc and Mel for the moment. I wish I could do more this update, but 11 videos is plenty for one update, I think. Besides, it's more thematically appropriate for next time if I wait. Video goes until Piana says "Okay..."

Welcome home, Totori! You look happy.

Hehe. Do I? Well, that's because...

*fade for explanation*

Really? You really beat the devil?

Yep. That's why even if you go back to the village, you won't get eaten.

Oh, really?

What?! Are you going back to your village, Piana?!

Sorry. You'll just complicate things, so can you go away for a sec, Ceci?

*fade to black*

Okay, good. So what do you want to do, Piana?

Do I have to go back? Can't I stay a bit more?

Your grandma said you could stay if you won't make any trouble for us.

Grandma did? I thought she'd be mad.

She's really mad! I don't wanna go back!

No. You need to get yelled at to settle this. Not right away. We'll go apologize one of these days.


And then, right aftewards...

I found out about Mom, and Piana's village is safe now. What should I do...? What am I saying? I'm an adventurer! I have to go on more adventures!

That I like to hear. We've still got plenty to do.

Here's the cool item I mentioned last update. What this marvelous little thing does is that, in exchange for MP, Totori can move up to two or three times in a row. Obviously very, very useful, and if combined with the right traits, you can defeat the Ozean Kaiser on the first turn (obviously with the aid of the most powerful bomb).

I don't intend to do this, as it's really more effort than it's worth, and a good fight against the Kaiser is what I'm aiming for, and what he deserves. But the Egg is cool as hell, and I intend to make good use of it.

For my super weapon, however, I need to have it as high quality as possible, and I'll have to wait for this Chim to replicate a high quality Mega Bomb for the N/A. Nothing I can do until then, sadly.

So in the meantime, let's take Ceci out on another adventure. Video goes until Totori says "Hmm, I have to be more considerate..."

You seem really eager today.

My last trip was really fun, so I've been looking forward to it. Maybe you can't tell, but I've been training.

She seems really into this. I've never seen Ceci so pumped.

She was like this when we were small. You're catching a glimpse of her true personality.

Hey, wait! Ceci, you shouldn't go out there by yourself.

Adventures like this aren't bad at all.

*fade to black*

Come on, you two. Hurry up.

You're walking too fast. Wait, aren't you tried yet? We've walked really far...

Not at all. I'm used to it already.

You're used to it? But it's only your second adventure...

What should we do today? I know. I didn't fight monsters before. Melvie, can I borrow your weapon?

Mine? Sure, but I doubt you can use it.

Why not? If you can, there's no reason why I can't.

Told you so. Don't underestimate the weapon of a real adventurer.


Ceci, try my staff. I keep a backup so it should be fine.

Thanks. Okay, so I Just bash the monsters over the head?

Don't get too reckless now. The monsters here are pretty strong.

Oh? Isn't that why you're with me?

Haha. I'm counting on you.

*Ceci and Totori leave*

*fade to black, various battle noises*

I'm so tired. Where'd you get all that energy, Ceci?

You defeated all the hard ones for me.

That's because if I didn't... Ack! You have cuts and scrapes all over! Are you okay?

Huh? I'm fine. It doesn't hurt. It'll heal up in no time.

No. I love cooking and cleaning, too.


Yeah. But even the things you love can stress you out sometimes. Like cleaning up somebody's messy workshop.

N-Nothing's exploded recently!

Hehe. Well, I forgive you since you're helping me relieve some stress here.

You should just go get your adventurer's license.

If I become an adventurer, will you take care of the house?

I'm kidding. I told you, didn't I? I love housework, too. It's just nice to have a taste of adventures.

*fade to black*

I'm going to the store for some food. You two go on ahead without me.

But I thought you were tired...

I'll be fine. If it's okay with you, can you take me out again sometime?

*Ceci leaves*

She's so spunky. Maybe she's more fit as an adventurer than me...

Lucky girl. You're really enjoying this with Ceci, aren't you?

Mel! O-Oh right... I forgot you were with us...

I-I'm sorry. I forgot about you because adventuring with Ceci is just so fun.

I don't mind because we started to let Ceci get out and have fun. We've fulfilled our main purpose.

But don't you want to have an adventure with Ceci, too?

Oh? You knew that and still treated me the way you did today? You can be pretty mean.

N-No! That's not it! I really did just forget...

I just needed to tease you a little. Don't take it seriously.


Be sure to tell me when you go next. If you leave me behind, that's when I'll really start to sulk.

I-I won't! I'll definitely remember to ask you along!

Glad to hear it. Well, see ya.

*Mel leaves*

Hmm, I have to be more considerate...

That last scene put me at 5/25, and I forgot about that line where Pamela says Totori needs to bring her fake body back to the store (as I always do when I play this game), so another scene. Glad I didn't wait until 6/1 or after to do this. Video goes until Totori says "They probably won't be back".

I better go and return Pamela's doll. It feels really weird. It looks like a doll now, but it turns into Pamela when she goes inside.

I don't know why, I just really like that "I don't know what I'm saying anymore..." line. She just lost her train of thought a few seconds in. That's our Totori.

What happened, Peter?

Hey, Totori. We've been talking about how someone suspicious has been living in Pamela's store for a few days. We talked about going in to check...

Someone suspicious? Could it be...

So we all gathered here, but everyone is chickening out. Not one of them are brave enough to go inside.

But you're one of them, right?

What's going on?



What's the matter? It's embarrassing when you stare at me.

What? That's so horrible! You know how rude it is when you scream in my face?

I get why they want to run away...

Oh, Totori. You're back. Welcome home!

Yeah, I'm home. I brought your doll with me.

So this is what it means to feel like your feet are on the ground.

I don't think that's what it means...

So what was everyone doing here? Something interesting happening?

I don't think you should worry. They probably won't be back.

I mentioned a while ago that the shopkeepers won't register certain traits, and you can see in this screenshot Satisfying L and Final Strike+ (a 50% increase to the power of an item when it only has one use left) are greyed out. That means if I were to wholesale this Dimension Egg, I'd get the item on sale, but it would only have Healing Essence attached to it.

Another reason, aside from the cost of purchasing an item, why it's a better idea to have Chims replicate an item instead of buying it.

One thing about the N/A that works out real well is the number of ingredients you have to put in to make one of them gives you a pretty high natural Cost level for attaching all sorts of super-powerful traits. Normally you'd have to screw around with ingredients to get a good Cost level, but as a general rule you don't have to do that with this bomb.

Anyway, a part of me feels bad a weapon such as this, with such enormous power, is only really useful for a couple fights, mainly because it takes even a fully leveled Chim more than a month to replicate it. But hey, we're in no particular rush to defeat the final bosses of the game, so I immidiately set the Chims to work on...

My own personal weapons factory. Well, what I did was that for the Final Strike+ trait to activate, obviously the item with it can only have one use left. The N/A naturally has a use number of 2 per N/A, so I went to a nearby area only one day away and used it on a Puni. The neat thing about the Chims is that they replicate items exactly, use numbers and all. So with the only N/A I have only having one use, all the replicas will also have only one use, putting Final Strike+ into play permanently.

I nuked that Puni on 6/1, and as it happens this next event happens in Atelier Totori exactly on that day. Video goes until Totori says "I wonder what it is, if it's got even Peter all riled up..."

Huff... Huff... It's been decided! It's finally decided!

You have a crazy look in your eyes. What's been decided?

The Fishing Festival! It's been over ten years, but it'll be held here!

O-Oh? Is it supposed to be that big a deal?

Of course it is! Because...the main event is...!

Ugh. I'm kind of nervous now.

That's why I want your help. No, I'm ordering you! Help me!

O-Okay... What do you want me to do?

This is important. Listen carefully.

Eight?! I don't know that many... Wh-What should I say to them?

Just say you want them to be in a festival. I can't reveal the ultimate plan quite yet. The festival's in two months, so this is kind of urgent.

Two months?! I'm not sure if I can. Can't you at least tell me the plan?

Not a chance. Get them no matter what!

*Peter leaves*

I couldn't bring myself to refuse. I wonder what it is, if it's got even Peter all riled up...

So like Peter said, we need to talk to eight female characters and get them to cooperate, whatever he's planning. Let's see, we have...Cordelia, Rorona, Filly, Tiffani, Ceci, Mel, Pamela, and, well, let's start. Oh, and I should mention that for every character except Cory, Tiffani, Ceci, Filly, and Pamela, their friendship level has to be 60 or more in order for them to agree. Cory's a bit of a special case, though. And yes, the follow-up event happens exactly on 8/1, so don't forget.

If you do forget, then whenever you're back in Alanya after that day, you just get a scene where Peter very sadfully comes to the workshop, tells Totori the festival is off, then leaves. Even for Peter, kind of a mean thing to do to him.

If you do talk to a character and they don't have 60+, they just tell you to piss off and stop bothering so many words. Anyway, the scenes where they agree are pretty short, so I ended up combining them a bit. Ceci and Mel agree.

Yeah. Can you?

But you need young and beautiful women, right? I don't think I'm what you want...

I think you're perfect for it.


I think Peter would be really depressed if that happened.

All right. Since it's for the village festival, I guess I'll cooperate.

Really? Thanks, Ceci!

You're welcome. You have other participants to get, right? Go on!


Yep. That's why I'm asking you. Will you join?

I guess I fit the bill perfectly, but I"m not sure how I feel about Peter organizing all of this.

Please! If you don't agree, I don't know who else to ask.

Really? Thanks! ...Wait, you know what will happen?

I have an idea.

Can you tell me? It's hard to ask other people if I don't really have anything to tell them...

Oh, that stinks...

I think it'll be more interesting if I keep quiet.

Huh? What was that?

Now I really wanna know...

But before we can ask Pamela about it (who incidentally has the funniest accepting scene), we have another scene with her (which is also why I didn't combine Ceci, Mel and Pamela into a single video). Video goes until the screenshot of Pamela talking about Totori being a slave driver.


It's that voice again!

Oh, now i understand what she meant by the teddy bear being her bed. Pamela! Please wake up, Pamela!

Mmmhrmm... What? I'm sleeping here...

You shouldn't sleep during the day. Please do your work.

Five more minutes...


Have you seen my attitude toward the Chims? More work means fewer beatings. The system works! Anyway, Pamela acceptance scene.

Wow, that was easy.

One of the best lines in the game, easy.

Did I say all that? Okay, I guess. I have to go ask other people now.

Good luck. I don't know what's going to happen, but I can't wait!

I should probably explain about Pamela, since you can mess up the Festival if you don't do the whole thing with Evil Face soon enough. If you saw that scene in Atelier Rorona where Rorona talks about enlisting Pamela to get past the door, basically that scene takes priority over the Festival scene, and you can't get the Festival scene until Pamela has opened the door, Evil Face is defeated, and you return her body. It's strange, but I suppose it's not the only strange move this game pulls. Anyway, I don't have to worry about it.

And now, we head to Arland for the remaining girls. Mimi, Tiffani, Filly, Cory, and Rorona.

I knew you'd say something like that...

Then don't bother asking in the first place. I won't do it.

Please! I need to get enough women or Peter will get mad at me. Besides, maybe joining in the festival will make you famous or something.

Hehehe. Thanks.

It's not a compliment. Whatever. I'll play along just this once.

Really? Thanks!

Just this once. Since I've agreed, you better make it a good festival worth my while!


Yes! I was wondering if you'd join, too.

Me? I can't. I'm not young or beautiful.

Yes, you are! You're perfect for it!

I'll stop by the festival if I have the time though.

*Tiffani leaves*

She completely brushed me off... I better go look for someone else.

Damn. Even with all the named female characters we can talk to, that's only seven... Hm, something has to happen...

You don't have to scream at me...

But it's a festival. Lots of people will be there, right? I'm getting lightheaded just thinking about it.

Oh... I had a feeling you'd say no.

Huh? You need eight people?

Yeah. Peter said he needs eight.

Yeah. But only if I can get that many.

I'll do it.

Huh? Really? Why all of a sudden?

I'm scared about being in a crowd... But I might regret it if I don't go and see it...

O-Oh... I don't really understand, but it's great you can come. Thanks!

Y-Yeah. I just have to make sure I won't pass out.

I don't get why she's so motivated now, but I better not be too nosy.

I'm really not into those. Besides, I have to work here.

Please? I really need your help.

I don't know... Oh, what did Rorona say?

Rorona might die from a heart attack if she learns you asked me before her.

What? Really?!

Yeah. Go and ask her first! Get out of here!

O-Okay! I'll get going right now!

Yes, please! There's no one else to ask!

Remember, Rorona would be in her mid-20s about now, so she's just being modest.

It's okay! You still look young. You actually look like a small child!

Is that...a compliment?

Yes, it is!

Oh, fine. If you say so.

Thank you! I was scared you'd say no. I gotta ask other people now. Bye-bye!

Good luck. I'm looking forward to the festival.

Oh. So what did she say?

She said she'll do it. That means you will too, right?

Huh? I didn't promise you that.

What? So you won't? But...

Really? Thank you!

Your expressions change so fast. Just don't make me do anything weird. I've got my reputation at work to keep, you know?

It'll be just fine. I think.

So that's the last one, but again, we still don't have an eighth. Oh well, maybe something will come up before then.

You know who we haven't seen for a while? That nut Marc. While we're around Arland and on the verge of finishing his ending tree, let's take him up on that, shall we? I just outfitted him with the same tier weapon and armor Mimi, Totori, and Cory are on, and took him to the Promised Land, northwest of the Monastery. This is the resulting scene. Video goes until Totori says "I can't do so many things at once!"

I've heard rumors, but this will be my first itme seeing it in person.

Marc? Isn't it about time you told me what we're supposed to be looking for?

Oh? Did you forget? Or are you playing dumb?

It's not that I forgot, really. You never told me anything!

I didn't? I thought I did. One thousand pardons.

You don't have to apologize. Just tell me what's going on.

Ha-hah. You want to know? You really want to know? Well, I don't mind telling you, but...

He's playing hard to get all of a sudden. Can I go home now?

Giant robot?

Yes. A living one, on top of that. Wait, perhaps it's inappropriate to call a robot "living." With an unknown energy source, however, it is probably acceptable to categorize it as such for now.

Who cares? Don't you think a giant walking robot is dangerous?

Of course it's dangerous. According to eyewitnesses, those who meet the robot come back severely injured. It must be programmed to guard the ruins.

Severely injured? I won't do this. I'm going home!

If we can't even do that, we've no choice but to destroy it and try to extract data from it.

I can't! There's no way I can.

There, there. It'll work out. Maybe.

Marc remains the best mad scientist.

No! I won't be a sacrifice for anything!

I'm scared... I want to go home.

You're still muttering about that? I don't see why you're afraid when the opponent's strength is unknown.

I'm just scared, okay? Why aren't you worried at all?

Of course I am. Look at these knees. They won't stop knocking together.

You're not much better off than me...

You're saying something completely different from what you said earlier.

Let's set that aside. I'm a scientist, you know. Solving the unknown to make it more palatable is one of my life's missions.

You mean making the unknown not scary?

Aren't adventurers the same? You travel to unknown lands so others may go there with peace of mind.

That's the spirit. Let's do it.

You're probably not fit to be a scientist, seeing how easily you're convinced by what I say.

Huh? What did you say?

No, nothing. Anyway, it's time to cut the chitchat. Look over there.


Well look who the cat dragged in.

It's huge!

Thus the term "giant" robot. You wouldn't call something small a "giant", would you?

I know, but it's bigger than I thought. I can't believe something like tha tcan move around.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so so they say. Uh-oh... I do believe it heard you.

Huh? Wahh! What should we do? Do we really have to fight it?!

Oh, destroying it is a last resort. Prioritize its capture above all else.

I can't do so many things at once!

Iron Giant round 2

So Metal Gear here is definitely not as flashy as he was last time, and truth be told, put up a pretty pathetic fight all things considered. But considering I'm massively more powerful than it at the moment, it did its best, I guess.

But hey, Control CC worked for once. The robot is napping peacefully until I attack him next, or a few turns go by.

Like last game, after he's very low on HP, he increases his parameters a bit, but nothing will stop us now.

I mean, goddamn. I'm quaking in boots, here.

Before you curse me, curse your own weakness.

So now that we're done with that tin can, another scene. Video goes until Totori says "Now I'm worried..."

The subject was more fragile than I had accounted for. No matter. I can now study it to my heart's content!

Phew. It appears only the outer shell was damaged in our skirmish. The internals are still intact. This is amazing. I don't understand what it is just by looking... What's this object?

He's gone into his own kooky world. I worked hard, so I was hoping he'd at least say thanks...

Oh, I'm sorry. I completely forgot.

Wahh! You heard me?

Hehe, thanks. Wait, you're just saying that, aren't you?

No. It's from the bottom of my heart. Now then, I have another favori I want to ask of you, ma'am.

Why are you talking all funny now? What sort of favor is it?

What? This... You mean this giant thing?

Yes, this.

Y-You're joking, right? There's no way I can lift something this big!

You'll have to do it, even if it seems impossible. Otherwise, defeating it was a wasted effort.

Then why didn't you think of a way to transport it before we fought it?

Now that's just crazy talk. I never thought we'd beat it to begin with.

There, there. If you complain so much, you'll waste strength meant for lifting. Come and help me. On three.

O-Okay. One, two, and...three! Ugh! I can't move this at all.

*fade to black, lose 12 days*

Phew. The only thing we managed to bring back was the core internal unit.

We could barely carry just that one unit back here...

It pains me to think the rest had to go to waste, but I'll deal with that later. it's always more fun to invent something with just a hint instead of repairing someone else's work. Sorry for making you do all this. You were a huge help. Thank you.

Huh? Oh, sure...

What's with that blank look on your face?

That's plain rude. My mind is always filled with thanks for others. I'm a bit obtuse when it comes to these things and I'm unable to express myself as clear as I'd like to.

It all sounds fake because you say stuff like that.

As a way to thank you, I'll be sure to show you my completed work before anyone else. Now it's time to start researching!

*Marc leaves*

He looks so happy. Almost like he got in touch with his inner child. I'm tired, so I should go home...

No way. Even he wouldn't do something that crazy, right? But... This is Marc we're talking about... Now I'm worried...

So, predictably, we need to wait a while (about a month), until that goofball finishes...whatever it is he's working on. Also, you can't hire him, since he's knee-deep in very complicated Science. Since we need to be back in Alanya on 8/1, we've still got a bit of time until we head back. don't actually think he's planning on building a giant robot in a big city, do you?

Female Chim concept art
Male Chim concept art