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Part 63: Update LX: An Adventurer and the Stage

I really wanted to do more this update, but the damn Fishing Festival is such an ogre of an event. In any case, we rejoin our plucky grey-haired protagonist on 6/22, with less than a year left in the game until her tale ends.

Since I've been putting it off way too long, let's start making those drinks again. I could make one drink, the Million Nights, but I used the Floral Sour Mix to get a good cost level on my Velvetis (yep, our armor is partially alcohol. How's that for versitility?), and I don't have the Distill Stones for the Blessed Wine. Had to make a trip to the southeast to gather them, but let's just skip ahead to...

7/1 exactly when I handed over the next three drinks. Video goes until Totori says "I gotta try this out right away".

I tried really hard. Do you think any of them can be your tavern's speciality?

To be honest, no.

Huh? Why? You said you were amazed.

They are very well made, but even I can make something like this without the aid of alchemy. Do you think people would travel all the way here for this?

Um... No, I guess not...

Impact... That's kind of hard.

I know it's a difficult request. If you can't do it, just...

No, I want to do it!

Are you sure?

I'm all fired up about it now. I'll make something that'll knock you off your feet for sure!

Well said! Bring me something with a huge impact! Something that can be called this tavern's speciality!

I'll try!

Hahaha. I didn't think she could look so determined. She's become a full-fledged artisan... Or should I say, an alchemist.

You just have to return Atelier Totori for the next part of this scene, so...

*fade to black*

Huh? Wahhhhhh!

Oh Totori...

Ugh... What did I step on? It went "squish". A sardine? It's all crushed... What a waste.

*strange noise*

Ah-ha! I think I just came up with an idea. Should I be using sardines...? No, because they're sardines... I can do it. This should definitely work. I gotta try this out right away.

You have no idea how badly this is going to turn out in the end.

So this time, all you have to do is make Anchobeer. I don't have a Beer or Salt on hand, but nothing's stopping me from making either.

Our first fishy drink. Video goes until Totori says " I guess it's okay if he likes it..."

I hope it tastes good. Not like I can try it...

I just love Totori's reaction to this. It immidiately goes from pride to "Why the hell did I make this?", and of course, Cassandra Lee does a fantastic job on the delivery.

I wonder if I can take this one? I hope he won't yell at me for mkaing his bar smell funny. Why did I make this in the first place...? I-It'll be fine! He said he wanted something with a real impact! Okay, I should go. If I leave it here, Ceci will yell at me.

So yep, another drop-off at Gerhard's. Let's see what he thinks...



Um, Gerhard?


I guess it's no good. I'm so sorry! I don't even know why I made something like this. I'll go throw it out...




Huh? R-Really? This?

I can see it... Fishermen filling up this bar after a big catch, with huge smiles...drinking this.

I think it'll make the tavern stink.

But it would be a waste to stop at only one variation of this drink. If you can get more, it'd be perfect. Can you do it?

Sounds good. Let's see... How about making three other kinds? I'll let you decide what fish to use.

I don't mind, but I have to ask again. Are you really sure about this?

Why ask? This is a new beginning for this tavern. It calls for a toast.

Ew. He's really drinking it... I guess it's okay if he likes it...

So Bomb Booze, Butterliquor, and Tuna Wine. Making these three drinks is a bit more involved than last time, but luckily I picked up enough fish on our first trip to the Frontier Village to avoid worrying about getting those out of the way ingredients. And yes, you do need an actual bomb to make the Bomb Booze. Wierd.

All done. Another trip to Gerhard's to see what's shaking.

I don't know why, but even if he compliments the alcohol I make, it's not like I feel very happy. So what do people think of the drink I made last time?

Nothing much. There are many customers interested in it, but almost nobody actually orders it.

I knew it...

And there will be four of them! There's no reason why my tavern won't be bustling!

Are you sure? I hope you're right...

Sure, I guess...

So we've got a month to wait until the next part of this sidequest is available. Cool, I guess. Next scene is after you talk to Ceci when you're done with this part of the sidequest.

Wah! What's wrong? You look pale. Are you okay?

Don't worry. It's nothing serious.

Then why? You looked fine at home...

Oh... I guess it does smell fishy...

The counter area is much better off. The storage is just filled to the brim with fish... But Gerhard looks so happy. I can't ask him to stop. Who put such a weird idea into his head anyway?

I have to stay since it's my job. But you should try to stay away. It's hard to wash out fish stench.

Y-Yeah... I'm sorry, Ceci...

These are the growing pangs for an alchemist, Totori. More and more you'll wonder why you made some stuff, but those are the breaks. Anyway, the reason I talked to her was to to invite her on her third adventure, so let's start get that underway. Video goes until Totori says "Yahhh!"

Yeah. Take care.

*Ceci leaves*

Ceci, wait. Don't go off on your own... Oh, geez...

*fade to black*

I know I was the one who asked her out, but are you sure it's fine?

Yeah. There's not much to do anyway. Ever since you started doing this, Ceci's looked happier each day.

Oh, good. That makes it worth it.

Hurry up, or you'll get left behind. Take care and be safe out there.

*fade to black*

So where are you taking me today?

Since you're getting used to it, want to go a little further away?

Oh, no!


Gino asked me to do something for him. I have to do that first.

Oh, really? Then let's forget it for today and...

*Totori leaves*

What happened? She's acting a bit odd.

Hmm, it's my fault she's like that.

Huh? What do you mean?

Um, sure...

Thanks, Totori...

*fade to black*

Mel is with her, so I guess it's fine... Hmm... I really wanna...

*fade to black*

All right, let's try over there next! I get the feeling some really great monsters are hiding!

Calm down. You're way too excited.

Let me have my moment, okay? The last time we went out on an adventure was when we were kids.

If one of us acts like a kid, the other has to be mature.

She'll be fine. Totori's not a baby anymore.

A baby. Huh.

Can we adventure one step further in? I promise this'll be the last.

I want to make this one the last time we go on an adventure.

Why? Why would you say that now? You don't want to bother us or what?

It's not that. If I'm always here, you and Totori will never get to go on a serious adventure.

You do think you're being a bother.

I don't really get your intentions, but I think I know what you mean.

I knew you'd understand.

Fine. You get so stubborn once you decide on something.

Yeah, let's!

*fade to black*

I should've just followed them...

Wah! Sterk?

You're here. Good. Stay in the village. It's dangerous out there.

Dangerous? What do you mean? What happened?

Strong adventurers were sent out to hunt them, but there are too many. It's safe to just stay indoors for now.

*Sterk leaves*


*fade to black*

Melvie, you're bleeding! You have to let me treat it!

Oh, you're right. You'll pay if this ends up scarring my face. But when you're as pretty as me, I won't have any trouble getting men to throw themselves at my feet.

This isn't the time to joke around!

What better time is there to joke?

That might be hard. They're smarter than they look. I killed a couple, so now they're out for revenge.

Then what are you gonna do?!

I think I can get about ten more if I try really hard. Don't worry. I'll make sure you get home safe.

No! You have to come with me!

Don't make this harder than it is. It'll be difficult for both of us to survive.

I'm sorry. It's my fault for wanting to come this far...

I got what I deserved. I really did.


I bled so much I'm not thinking straight anymore... How do I get Ceci out of this...?

Ah! What's that noise?!

Relax, ya'll. I got this handled.


Not exactly the best timing though. I wish you came a bit sooner.

Grr! You'll pay for hurting them! I'll blast you with my biggest bomb! H-Huh? I'm out? I used them all up?


I expected that from you, but considering the situation, it's not really funny.

Ugh... B-But it's okay! I can beat them myself...! Yahhh!

Yeah, you do get thrown into a 3-1 fight against a group of Scarlets. This was another fight I was considering making a video, but it ended up being boring as hell. They never really came close to winning, mainly because of my equipment, and I just took a really long time taking them out.

Trust me, you're not missing much.

I should note that if you lose that fight, then what happens is Mel thanks Totori for trying anyway, and then Sterk and a group of adventurers come and bail you out. Doesn't affect anything else either way, though. Video goes until Totori says "I wish I had a friend like that..."

Huff... Huff... I did it... Are you two okay?!

I'm fine, but Melvie is...

Wahhh! You're bleeding so much! You'll die! Mel's gonna die!

I'm not gonna die. I'm just really tired right now... Let me sleep for a little while...

No! Don't close your eyes!

Melvie? No! Pull yourself together, Melvie!

*fade to black, lose 10 days*

A complete recovery! Sorry to make you guys worry about me.

Are you really okay? Maybe you should rest some more.

I'm fine. I ate tons of fish, so I'm all better now. I need to exercise to work off some calories. I'm really sorry about the other day. It's my fault I almost got you killed.

Don't be sorry. I should apologize. It's because I asked to go farther...

No way. I should apologize. I should've gone with you two.

If Totori didn't come, I don't know what might've happened.


I'm not the kind of leave debts unpaid. I'll be sure to help out as much as I can.

You've been helping me all along, so I think we're even.

You have to look after Melvie. I worry about her when she's alone.

Looks like I lost your trust real fast.

Of course. I was really scared.

Don't do something so reckless again. Promise me.

Yeah, yeah. I promise.

That's pretty harsh. Don't worry. I'll keep that promise. You can trust me on it.

I don't know about that... I can't even remember all the different tiems you just said "count on me".

Now you're just being mean.

(Looks like I'll be in the way... I wish I had a friend like that...)

Aside from the Fishing Festival, her ending, and a few other endings, I do believe those are the last lines poor Mel is going to have in this LP (she gets mentioned in Meruru, but no direct lines). Well, at least we're nearing the end.

Now that we're done with Mel's ending tree, I headed back to Arland to see if Marc was done yet. He was, and now we get his final scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori thinking about Cory yelling at her.

*fade to black*

"Notice: I will present a grand show to the world today at noon. Go to the bridge's center at the town's entrance. From the proud genius scientist - Professor M". Marc isn't even trying to hide his name. I wonder what he's up to. What should I do? I don't wanna go, but I think I should stop him...

I can't believe I ended up coming here.

Hello there, and welcome. This show would not have been made possible without your help.

Uh-huh. By the way, why did you call me out here using a note?

I know how fickle you can be, Missy. Even if I invited you normally, you'd put up a mask of indifference. So, I devised this little plan. And just as I thought, you came.

There, there. Let's change topics. There's actually something I want to show you today, Missy.

We wanna see it!


Oops. The crowd grows restless. Ahem. Thank you very much for waiting. Behold!


Wah! An earthquake?

Stop tossing your gaze around. Focus. Otherwise you'll miss the greatest moment of this century!

U-Uh... I have such a bad feeling about this!

Hahaha! Surprised?!

O-Of course I am! You really made a giant robot...

Why did you make it in town?!

You didn't know? Giant robots are supposed to be stored underwater. It's the most basic rule of all.

Ah, so it's more RAY than REX. Good to know.

Who made that rule?!

What are you made about? Look. All the kids love it.

They do look happy, but you'll get into a lot of trouble later!

It makes me sad you worry about the future and forsake the wonders of now. What made you such a degenerate?

What are you talking about? If you don't hide it quick...

You should know. You fought its big brother a few years ago. Granted you were KO'd most of the fight, but still...

Wahh! Cordelia?

You're the culprit! What've you done?! Hurry up and do something about it!

I-It's not me! Marc did it, he... Where did he go?

He went somewhere else.

He ran that way really super fast.


N-No! It's not me! I didn't do it! Wahhh! Marc!

*fade to black*

Marc's gone and the robot disappeared before I realized it.

Took you long enough. From your face, I deduce you were chastised quite severely.

Marc, you're terrible! How could you run away like that?

Sorry. I had just remembered a personal crisis demanding my attention. When you get to my age, it's quite easy to create one or two sudden emergencies you must tend to.

I guess... Wait. What did you just say?

Since you bought me some time, the start up and storage experiments went smoothly. I give you my thanks.

You're welcome...I guess.

But you can count on it when it matters most. Anyway, farewell.

*Marc leaves*

I lost my chance to get mad at him...

Too bad Marc, like Mel, gets completely shoved into the background come Meruru, but at least he's not forgotten, in more ways than one.

Thanks to getting his final event, Marc now has his super attack, which, predictably enough, summons that giant robot to pound whatever you sic it on. Pretty great, but I'm not likely to use Marc for the rest of the playthrough.

My last act before the Fishing Festival was making my first Elixir. Like last game, Elixirs are pretty great for alchemy level grinding, especially in this game since it's a level 50 item. That Beginners Okay is awesome because it gives you a +30% chance to make an item, and greatly increases the quality. Good stuff.

But now it's time for the main event. The Fishing Festival

He asked me to get eight people, but I only got seven... I wonder if he'll be mad...


There you are. Why so surprised? You're really skittish.

W-Well, um... You're the one who shouted at me all of a sudden...

I did? Anyway, the thing I asked you about... You managed to get everyone, right? I wanted to brief you on the program.

I-I'm sorry!

Why are you apologizing...? Don't tell me that...!

What...? Then how many did you get? How many?!

Seven... I couldn't get the last person...

Seven? Hah, seven. Phew. Don't scare me like that.

Huh? Are you sure? It's one person short though...

Huh? Me?

Yes, you.

And I'm saying you'll be fine. I mean, you're no Ceci, but I don't think you're too shabby to look at.

B-But I don't think...

Okay, it's settled. Try to gather everyone here by tomorrow evening. I'll give you the details then. See you later.

W-Wait. Can't you at least let me know what you're going to...

*Peter leaves*

Well, whatever. I guess I'll just wait for tomorrow. Yeah!

*fade to next day*

So these are your eight picks?! Ceci, too?! Totori!


Amazing job! You've outdone yourself!


I've got an idea what it'll be.

Melvie wouldn't tell me.

Hehehe. It's a real festival. I'm starting to get excited.

I've been excited since yesterday!

This better not be anything stupid.

Wow, so many pretty people. I'm really happy, but it's also making me really nervous.

All you really have to do is stand around. It's nothing particularly difficult, I assure you.

Just stand around? That's it?

Phew. I think I can do that.



The Alanya Village Fishing Festival Swimsuit Contest is about to start!

Music: On a Busy Day

Yay! How do you like me, everyone?

This should be fun every now and then. Come on. You need to get out there!

H-Hey! Don't push me!

Hehehe... This is really embarrassing.

It's beyond embarrassing! We're being shamelessly put on display for show!

Totori. We need to talk later. Be ready for it.

Now, let's talk to our contestants. Oh, yes. The winner of our contest will be decided by your reaction! Please cheer as loud as you can for your favorite contestant!

More like, the results of a short, informal poll in the thread a few days ago.

The shy receptionist of Arland's Adventurer Guild! Filly Dee!

Huh? Wha? M-Me? I, uh...

The way this works is that you just have to tap X the most for whoever you want to win. I aimed for mildly tapping X for each (Pamela got a bit more), just to maintain a sense of realism here.

Thank you so much for coming here to...

Ahhh! G-Get away from me! Don't come any closer!

B-But I need to talk to...

No! Get away! Pervert! Pervert!

Must say I agree. Can we not listen to Peter in the future about anything regarding women?

*Filly leaves*

Apaprently, being first has put her a bit on edge. Let's move on. Entry Number 2! Owner of her very own store! Pamela Ibis!

You seem to be enjoying this, Pamela.

Hehe. I always wanted to do something like this.

Amazing. Not only do you look young, you're very young at heart. It's like you never age. You've been at the village for years, but you don't look a day older. Tell us your secret!

There's no secret. I don't age because I'm dead.

What? Sorry, I didn't quite hear you.

I said I'm already dead. That's why I don't age.

Uhh... She must be overexcited in the heat of the festival!

*Pamela leaves*

L-Let's move on. Entry Number 3. I knew she'd be here... It's Melvia!

Thank you. And next we have...

Hey! I sense a little bias here.

I'm the emcee, so I can do what I want. We're short on time, so moving on!

You're confident today. Usually, I'm kind and compassionate... You sure you want to see me mad?

I, uh... People are watching...

So you don't mind when no one is? We can talk about this later. In private.

*Mel leaves*

I may have overstepped my bounds. But I'll think about it later! Next up, Entry Number 4. Here she comes! Our shining star and most promising contestant today! Cecilia Helmold!

Thank you! That was wonderful! Well, um...

This is really flattering... I joined without thinking too much, but I really don't think I belong here.

That's not true! At all! Well, I mean...

Yo, emcee! Snap out of it! What're you all nervous about?!

Sh-Shut up! Stay out of this!

Oh, I'm sorry. I guess there's not much to say about me in a swimsuit. Just go on to the next person...

*Ceci leaves*

W-Wait! Can't you stay... Oh...

I thought you were short on time.

I said shut up! Ahem. The festival is just getting started!

*Mel leaves*

Next, we have Entry Number 5. Oh, we have a celebrity here! Rorolina Frixell!

What a huge surprise. I didn't think you'd come to a festival at a remote village such as ours.

Well, Totori asked me to. If I knew it was going to be like this, there's no way I would've come.

You're a famous alchemist, but you're still young. Almost childish, in fact...

Ugh! That really hurts... I wish I looked a bit more dignified...

It's not just about your face. Your body is almost like a child's, too!


But some people love the gap between your real age and... Ow!

Please don't come out before your turn! Anyway, thank you very much! There you have it, everyone! Rorolina Frixell!

I might never recover from this...

Next, we have Entry Number 6! Another receptionist from Arland's Adventurer Guild! Miss Cordelia von Feuerbach!

Now, Miss Cordelia, you appear to be the youngest of all our contestants. But in actuality, you are...

Hold on. What's that supposed to mean?

Huh? I just mean literally...

Go on. Try saying it.

I get the feeling you'll ruthlessly murder me if I do.

You got that right. Now go on and say it.

Th-Thank you very much! Moving on!

Hey! At least let me punch you in the head to relieve some stress.

*Cordelia leaves*

Next up... Oh... This'll be awkward... Entry Number 7! From the famous arisocratic family of Arland! Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang!

What the...?

Is something amiss, sir?

You seem...ladylike. You're completely different from how i remember you.

Is that the truth, sir? I feel I am acting as any proper aristocrat would.

Weren't you railing at Totori earlier?

Perhaps you mistook me for another.

When I noticed you around the village, you had a haughty little attitude. You were more like a snobby tyrant!

May I say one thing I've noticed?

Yes, what is it?

I-I'm sorry. I was getting excited in the presence of so many beautiful women...

Beautiful? Oh, you flatter me.

Th-Thank you very much, Mimi...

*Mimi leaves*

Entry Number 8! The girl who made this contest possible! The great alchemist of our village! Totooria Helmold!

Thank you so, so much. This thrilling experience was possible due only to your efforts.

A-All I did was walk around and talk to people.

Since you're the last contestant, would you like to do something? Kind of like a bonus for the audience.

Huh? You're really putting me on the spot!

C'mon, help me out. I want it to end like an actual contest.

B-But I don't know what to do. Uh... A bonus, huh? Umm...



O-Okay! Thank you very much!

H-Hey! Can't you at least comment?!

Me?! Yay! Thank you, everyone!

Congratulations! Would you please make a statement for all your supporters?

Please come shop at my store!

I think we ended this contest on a very high note! And we now bring it to a close! Don't miss the next one!

*fade to black*

Why, thank you. Too bad for you though, Totori.

It's all right. I didn't think I would win anyway. I'm the one who should apologize. I didn't know it would be like that.

Don't worry about it. I had the time of my life. I'll be at the next one too, so be sure to tell me!

Yikes, neither do I. That was only four minutes shorter than the big Gisela scene. Well, we can get back to more exciting stuff next time.

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