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Part 64: Update LXI: An Adventurer and the Ocean Depths

With the Fesitval out of the way, we're officially in the home stretch of the game. I can currently envision only four more updates before we get to the endings, including this one, and none of them should be particularly long. They are fun, though, so there is that.

As for this update, though, it simultaneously manages to be the best and worst thing. It's strange.

Shortly after the Festival ended (as in, on the exact same day), I got this scene with Piana. Video goes until Piana says "It's so hot..."

Ugh... Totori...

Ack! What's wrong? You look pale. Are you sick?

I don't know... I feel really tired...

O-Oh no! I have to get some medicine! Wait, I don't know what she's sick with! Hmm, you don't have a fever. Does it hurt anywhere? Like your head or tummy?

Piana's fine. Just calm down.

She's not fine! Look at her! She looks like she's in a lot of pain!

There's nothing we can do about it. I think she just has to get used to it.

Get used to it? You mean she's not sick?

The heat... Oh, yeah. Piana lived at a really cold place.

Ugh... Totori...

I can't do anything even if you stare at me like that.

Hmm, I think I'll take her to the beach after she calms down a bit. She might feel better after taking a dip in the water.

Ugh... It's so hot...

But now it's time to stretch our wings a bit. We're headed to Night's Domain one last time to throw down with our first Galaxy-only monster.

Indeed he is. Believe in the Dawn - Black Dragon

The Black Dragon here was so humiliated by his shameful defeat at Rorona's hands so many years ago he did some beefing up in the meantime. While he's not quite the hardest boss in the game, he is your introduction to the big leagues.

His main trick is that he moves a whopping three times in a row, and gains 100 HP back each time. This sucker really likes his status effects, and won't hesitate to hit you with them over and over again.

At least he still has his nice purple flame breath.

On the other hand, his physical attacks are less than effective against us.

Luckily, it's easy to get rid of all those status effects. This is when you'll really start loving Cure-All. The most important thing I can stress for this fight is just keeping everyone in good health with your healing items. He can quickly overwhelm, but he doesn't quite possess the strength to kill very easily, assuming you're equipped properly.

After two super attacks and little else, he's hurting bad. Just keep it up, and don't let his regeneration repair all the damage. Also, remember that it's best to shield Totori for his group attacks. If you're equpped properly, Totori can tank those physical attacks.

Cory's special assist really, really helps in these fights, since the boss simply loses that turn.

Thought you'd take my buddies down, eh?

(Though, I didn't notice both of them survived through Guts before I took this screenshot)

Serves you right.

A Scale and Tusk. Not bad.

Our next foe is in the Moonlight Forest. Here we find...

Another one of these. Adamant Will - Glass Element

Glass Element is, to put it mildly, annoying as all hell. She has a lot of health, regenerates HP (of course), and takes forever to kill because she debuffs you constantly. Curiously, she's not all *that* hard, it's just she takes forever, so prepare for a long fight.

Always with the arrows. This one hurts bad, but nothing too horrible, I think.

Oh yeah, and she loves putting people to sleep. It's as annoying as it looks in the video.

While Cure-All might get rid of Sleep, it doesn't get rid of those other debuffs. It's not LP-related, either, so nothing you can do about it.

Also curiously is the fact you can debuff her directly. Most bosses resist these status changes, but not her. What that boils down to is mostly mudslinging between you and her as you debuff each other all the time.

Hmph. You got lucky. Don't expect that to last.

Oh, and if you were watching really closely you might have noticed Cory got Guts again with that attack. Thing is, many boss attacks in this game hit several times, but even if they're part of the same move, they do count as separate attacks. So even though Cory got Guts for one of the hits, she didn't get Guts for all of them.

Oh sure, just drag this fight out longer. Glass Element and Black Dragon have a similar dichotomy to Demon and Iron Giant last time. One focuses on debuffs then killing, and the other mostly just focuses on killing. Element isn't hard, per se, though.

I really wish I had more to say about her, but nope. Rest in peace yadda yadda yadda.

Even my rewards were uninspired.

Thanks to her death, though, these Dunkelheit are now in bloom. This also counts as a landmark, in addition to being the only place you can find the...

Moonlight Flower. This is needed for the Ruby Prism recipe, but otherwise doesn't have much use.

Well, this warp did return me to Arland for unknown reasons (I didn't do anything there, and immidiately warped right back to Alanya), but it *has* been a month since I finished my last fish liquor, so let's see how things have turned out. I love this scene for a lot of reasons, but I'll let the game show you first-hand. Video goes until Totori says "How did it end up like this?"

Hmm? Oh, it's you, Totori.

You don't look very happy. I have a feeling why...

There are no customers...

Sorry. After all you went through to make me the best alcohol ever, I still let this happen. It's my fault.

I-It's not! I think it has more to do with the actual drinks I made than anything else...

I thought as much. Maybe it would be better to have something more normal. I'll go make it right now...

Yes, you're right... Wait, isn't this going off in a weird direction?

Ordinary fish can't satisfy these people.

I think Rorona has a kindred soul in the world. Regular stuff doesn't work? Just jump right up to a legend, and make a drink out of it!

W-Wait! I think it's better if you get away from fish brew in the first place!

Around these waters, the legendary "Guardian" lurks somewhere. When I was a child...

I sense a flashback coming...

But then I heard the grown-ups discussing this "Guardian". I had to go right away. I got a friend with deft fingers to make me a fishing rod. I quickly set out to sea.

I think this might take a while...

I wondered if I could really catch it. I thought to myself, maybe such a creature's existence is a rumor.

Well, obviously he found it. The number one things with video games and in-game rumors is that they are always, always true.

Then, my fishing rod suddenly bent.

*yawn* I'm getting sleepy...

It's exactly this point I start loving this scene. Gerhard spins a compelling tale.

I can't let it break me first! It took hours, but I drew in the line, little by little. Finally, when I saw its giant shadow beneath the surface, I knew victory was mine. But!

Whoever Gerhard's voice actor was did a real nice job of this line. He has the nice "horrible revelation" tone to his voice for this.

It was after my ship. By the time I realized that, it was too late. The boat was smashed to pieces. The despair I felt was unimaginable. I cursed my opponent's might and felt utterly powerless. It's not over yet. I didn't have time to be depressed. The most fearful thing of all was...

Gerhard! C-Can you stop there?

Don't interrupt. This is where it gets good.

Could you please tell me where it is? Um, in simple terms, please?

Oh? Did I awaken your inner fisherman? Very well. I'll tell you the rest of the story when you catch it.

I'm not sure I want to now...

You already have a ship and rod. You'll need to go to a certain place on the last day of the month.

Uh-huh... Wait, I don't have a fishing rod.

Yes, you do. Guid uses it all the time. Take that one.

Now about the bait... I'm sorry, but I don't really remember. I think I brought some kind of fruit. I don't remember what exactly...

Fruit... I guess I should just try everything.

Let me save you some time. It's a Sonne Fruit is what the Gerhard evidently brought a while ago. I have plenty of Sonne Fruit from my trip to Grune Rainforest, but I'll bring along the one I got from Iksel, just so I get to use all of the ingredients he gave me way back when.

Lastly, do you know anyone strong?

Um, can't you do it, Gerhard?

Oh... So I need someone else...

You might not have it all, but if you can get all of the conditions right, I think luck will be on your side. I believe in you. You should be able to catch the Guardian.

I thought I was gonna make alcohol. How did it end up like this?

How indeed. Still, don't we know a bruiser within earshot? Let's see if Mel will help us out.

What's the matter? You're thinking.

Hi, Mel. It's because... I found her! Someone with freakish strength!

Oh, sorry... I-I'll explain, so please don't get mad at me!

*fade for exposition*

I'm not doing it because I want to. So will you help me?

I want to, but I'll pass. I hate fish.


I don't mind eating them, but I can't deal with live ones. You know how they're all slimy and nasty.


What? N-No! I didn't go that far!

So you were thinking about it.


Whatever. But that's that. I can't help. Oh, what about Sterk? He should be perfect for the job.

It's fine. Despite how he looks, he loves helping others. He'll help you if you ask nicely.

Seems the two of them have met before. There is a a group scene between Sterk and Mel where Sterk complains to Totori about Mel, saying she's responsible for wanton destruction herself, much like Gisela.

Really? Okay. I'll give it a try. See you later.

Yeah. Good luck.

*Totori leaves*

Eavesdropping? You're a naughty girl.

I just overheard. Why'd you lie to her?

What are you talking about?

Doesn't that mean Totori will?!

Don't worry. That's what Sterk is for. But he seems to attract misfortune, so the bad stuff might get even worse with him there.

I hope Totori is going to be okay...

I'm starting to get cold feet about this whole operation, but in for a penny and all that. This scene came up as soon as I returned to the atelier. Video goes until Piana says "Totori!

Ahhh! Totori!

Fun fact, but that illustration of Piana at the start of this scene is the only time that particular expression of her's comes up. It's a permanent ??? in the art gallery in-game if you don't see this scene.

Wah! What happened, Piana?

Piana, wait! Oh, Totori. Catch Piana for me!

Che-Chi is... Che-Chi is... Ahhhh!

Please don't cry. Did Ceci bully you?

No! Why would I?!

Then why is she crying?

That's not it, geez! Will you drop the bullying thing?!

My mouth and eyes hurt when I went in the water...

Well, that's because it's the ocean... Oh, I get it now.

Yeah. Can you explain to her why that happened?

That's called a sunburn. It'll go away with this medicine. Now, get over here.

No! I hate you, Che-Chi!

You...hate me? Huh? Piana hates me...

C-Ceci, she doesn't mean it. Calm down...

Ahhhh, no! Piana said she hates me!

Ahhhh! Che-Chi keeps bullying me!

Ahhhh! Totori!

Ahhhh! Totori!

It's a sad day when Totori is the most mature one in the room. In spite of my predictions never coming true, I'm pretty sure that's the last line Piana will have before the very last scene of the game, before the ending junction. I can see it now...

But before then, let's get Sterk on board with the plan.

Hmm? Did you want something?

Well, this might be hard to ask, but...

*fade for exposition*

Please! You're the only person I can count on!

I've never fished in my entire life. I hardly think I can help you.

It'll be fine! I just need someone really strong!

Are you sure? Hooray! Thank you very, very much!

But before heading back to Alanya, another scene with Sterky boy.

Sorry. Something's been bothering me.

What is it?

Well, is there really a reason for me to go with you?

Of course there is. You're strong.


Nothing. I can't waste time complaining. I should just train some more.

Train? Again? You're already so strong...

Again, don't feel bad, Sterk. A lot of my power comes from the vast, vast amount of bombs, healing items, and support items I have on-hand.

*Sterk leaves*

What do you mean by that? Sterk? Sterk!

Now we can head back. We also need to talk to Guid to get his rod, so...Video goes until the screenshot of Guid by himself, thinking.

Hi, Totori. Did you want something?

I have a favor I want to ask. Can you let me borrow your fishing rod?

I really don't want to, but Gerhard... (Wait, if I talk too much, Dad might have a flashback like Gerhard.)

What's up? Cat got your tongue?

Um, well... Thank you, Dad! I'll give it back when I'm done!

*Totori leaves*

Well, everything is all set up (seeing that last scene lets you actually go to the Guardian's Den, but if anything is missing (the bait, Sterk, or the time of the month), Totori lets you know when you get there. As it happens, I got that last scene toward the end of August, so I didn't have to waste much time waiting for the time to head out.

At last, time for one of the more infamous scenes in the game. Video goes until Totori says "Sure..."

How is it?

Nothing. I do feel a presence though.

Really?! What kind of presence?

Keep quiet. It'll notice us.

Oh, sorry...

*fade to black*

This is a test of endurance. The one who gives in first loses. A powerful opponent is at hand here.

You sound really excited.

*fade to black*

Ugh! Here it comes! It's powerful!

Th-The whole ship is tilting. Let me help!

O-Okay. Then let me cheer you on. You can do it, yeah!

If it's strictly endurance, I'm at a disadvantage. When it loosens its grip for a moment, I'll make my move. Ready?

Ready? For what...?

I don't know! Don't you have to do something after you reel it in?!

Oh, right... I have the net... Do I have to throw a harpoon? What else do I...

Well, if we've hooked Del Lago, I hope you have a lot of those harpoons...

Huh?! But I'm not ready yet... Wahhhhh!

*fade to black*

Sure... I think I know what it is.

I don't know much about fishing, but I was under the assumption our target was a giant fish.

That's what I thought, too...

I don't know! Wahh! It's so slimy!

Get off me! Accept your defeat with honor and stop squirming!

Ow! Ow! The suckers are digging into my leg!

Damn this. I'll have to cut through all these arms. Help me out!

B-But I can't move... I know! Ceci told me you're supposed to rub salt on octopuses!

Do you have enough salt on the ship for this?

I don't... Wahhh! This is too weird! I can't take it anymore!

Fine. Then I'll do it myself... Argh! Stop pulling on my clothes!

Let me go! It feels so, so, so gross!

Yeah. There's a reason I only had one screenshot while that CG was up.

Th-Thank you... But the octopus itself got away...

Such amazing vitality... Well, you should have enough sliced up arms here.

Yeah... Why do I have to go through all this just to make some alcohol? I'm sticky everywhere. I need a bath...


Yeah, yeah. I'll make the damn drink later, but for now I don't even want to think about fish. Next time will be a boss battle jamboree. Stay tuned.

Flashback Gerhard
Legendary "Fish"