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Part 66: Update LXIII: An Adventurer and the Sea of Rage

Oh man, only one video this update? It better be worth it, you might be thinking. Oh, don't you worry one bit about it being worth it. The longest fight I had in the game, against its most worthy adversary. It's going to be a hell of a fight on the high seas, and all of you are invited.

Well, like that adventurer a while ago mentioned, Ozean Kaiser can be found to the northwest of the Lost Island. Upon arriving there...

This is your final warning. No turning back now. Sic Parvis Magna - Ozean Kaiser

Far be it for me to toot my own horn, since I was the one who forbade use of Vanishing Mirage this entire playthrough, but holy cow does that song work so well for this fight. If I didn't know it was from another game, I could have sworn it was composed just for this fight.

So, Ozean Kaiser. He is by far the most powerful enemy in the game, and I will tell you now I lost more than a few times against him before I finally managed to bring him down.

First thing that needs to be done is Totori almost constantly needs to be in Time Alter mode. There's just too much to be done, and too many items to be thrown around for anything but. Moving once in a row is just not going to cut it.

Secondly, and this is the was the item that separated my failures from my success, was this. When I finally was able to put up a good fight against him, I did well, but around with 60% or so of his HP being gone, he was just getting too aggressive and powerful for me to keep up with. With this Conch Horn, however, a lot of the sting is taken off from his attacks, but even with that advantage, he's still plenty menacing.

As for our allies, however, a large part of the game will be them playing on defense. Their assistance is invaluable. After all, Totori by herself wouldn't stand a chance, and our allies have sworn to defend us. Their offensive power, however, is mainly to make sure Kaiser's 300 HP back a turn (moves three times in a row, like the Black Dragon, and gets 100 back a turn) doesn't end up mitigating a lot of the damage the bombs do.

He opened his offensive up with Rainbow Thunder, which is also probably his most dangerous attack, in terms of pure power. It hits with all the colors of the rainbow, and even debuffs you. Because Mimi was buffed before this attack, however, that attack by itself did next to nothing, but if he decides to get mean, Rainbow Thunder will be your downfall.

Curse Breath doesn't hit for much (although it still hurts plenty hard. Remember Cory and Mimi are defending and are buffed for this attack). What it does do is inflict Curse, which significantly reduces the power of all HP recovery. That includes items, and the HP regen from Convert Damage and the Warrior Mask. In a game where you're almost constantly losing a lot of HP, that can be critical.

His final basic attack is Bite. You'll be praying for him to use this a lot. It only hits a single target, and while it does a lot of damage, at least it doesn't debuff or hit everyone.

You remember my Physical+ Ether Ink? Turns out that is really, really useless against him. What's not useless is increasing the power of our items, especially with the traits on this, which makes it extra potent. Our turns are valuable; we also can't waste our N/As doing piss-poor damage.

Also remember that for each of the Kaiser's moves, that Ether Ink starts wearing off. It doesn't wear off in effectiveness, but after a few of his turns, you'll have to reapply the Ink.

That's what I'm talking about. The random number generator varies pretty badly with that final hit. One time against him I got more than 1000 damage on the final hit, but it can also go around to the upper 700s. But whatever. Each N/A means you're one step closer to victory.

Oh, and don't even think about debuffing him. He ignores any and all status changes, so don't waste your time and turns.

Like with his little brother, every three turns or so, he activates Grand Wave, which of course hits everyone, and you can't assist Totori on defense. The same trick of that attack gaining power each use still stands, which means you're once again on a timer.

But to be honest, you're going to lose long before Grand Wave can wipe you out in a single blow, but if he starts to get mean and doubles up on powerful attacks before unleashing Grand Wave, you've got problems.

Ho ho, things are really getting interesting now, eh?

But within a couple moves, the team is alive again.

Ah yes, and Totori makes an unlikely tank in this fight, with the Ancient Garb that increases resistance to all the elements. She can take quite a pounding, and keep on going. Which is a good thing, of course, since if she were lost, the game is over.

A big advantage to Totori not having much health is that Cory can cancel the enemy's moves. Against this guy, not getting pummeled three times in a row is a good thing.

Back at the offensive after a brutal few turns, our first N/A gives us a final hit of Lucky 7's. Fortune favors our blade. Let's try not to let her down.

Down to about 55% of his's not over yet.

Mimi is just not having the best of luck this run.

He might as well not even bothered attacking that time. Weak.

Alright, here's something you *really* have to watch out for. Imperial Roar doesn't do any direct damage, which might make it seem okay, but there lies a dark secret. Imperial Roar removes all buffs, which might not seem so bad, but it also gets rid of the effects of the Dimension Egg. This cannot stand, so always make sure to cover Totori for Roars. Luckily, Totori's HP is low enough for Cory's special assist, so I won't have to worry about it.

Three Curse Breaths in a row...would be hurting a lot more if I didn't have those Conch Horns. Man...if he uses Rainbow Thunder three times in a row, and you're not guarding or have a Conch Horn active, he can wipe out your party in a single turn. Absolutely brutal, and yes, it happened to me.

The dawn is coming...just have to hang in there.

Accidentally used the wrong move for Mimi here. Oh well.

That's why I like you, Cory. You're tough.

He's on his last legs. Just another turn, and we should be done here.

Hm, game gave Mimi a mulligan for once, but takes out Cory. Oh well. Emperor of the Ocean, you are more than worthy of your title, but back to the depths you go.

My victory was assured before I began. The Random Number Diety has decreed it thus.

Even so...a good fight, wouldn't you agree?

Largest bounty in the game, not only in terms of experience, but also money.

Our rewards are less than spectacular, but if you've defeated Ozean Kaiser, you don't need anything else.

Nothing can stop us. Nothing. That last fight put Mimi at level 50, but I had to finish a fight elsewhere to actually get the scene. I went back to where this story all started...

This has been your crusade, Totori. But more importantly, it's been your story. You started as a weak little girl terrified of a puny little squirrel, and in a few short years you've managed to become a masterful warrior. Your mother's life may have come to an end before you got started, but you've honored her legacy more than you'll ever know. May you have the honors, of the final blow in the final battle.

Good girl.

Yeah, we're a lot stronger than before.

Don't let it get to your head. You still have a long way to go before you catch up to me.

Hey, I'm not that weak... I think...

After things calm down, let's journey to some outer nations.

Outer nations?

If we stay here, we'll just be the nation's best.

Oh, right... When do you plan on going?

I want a permanent license first. It'll be after that at the very least.

Don't get ahead of yourself. If you don't get a permanent license, I'm going without you.

W-Well, I think it'll be fine, but I should work a bit harder...

The last ending flag, and I have more than four months completely to myself. Well, like I said in the thread, I'll be taking a bit of break here, so when we return, we'll be wrapping things up. Be there.

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