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Part 67: Update LXIV: An Adventurer and the Home

We've finally made it. Two games completed, only one to go. This video will comprise just about the entire update, as what else is there to say?

Atelier Totori ending.

I didn't even think I could become an adventurer in the beginning, but five years have come and gone. I went to lots of places. I talked to lots of people. I also found out about Mom... Oops. I better hurry, or Cordelia will get mad at me.

*fade to black*

There you are.

Sorry I'm late. I've been really out of it recently.

Uh, okay. Just take out your license.

Sure. So it'll be okay, right? Can I really renew it?

I know, but I'm still shaking.

Well, this should calm those nerves. Here's your new license. A bona fide license you can use for life.

Phew. Thank you so much!

Mm-hmm, congratulations. Or should I say a job well done.


From now on? I think I'll go home and talk to my sister and dad.

I don't mean that. You don't have to worry about time or points anymore. You can do whatever you want now.

Isn't there anything you want to get done?

Oh, right. Well...

You don't have to think about it right away. I wasn't expecting you to have an answer this very moment. I guess it's more like you to not have a defined goal.

Ahaha... Sorry.

I want to speak a little with everyone who helped me. I'll be going now.

Hold one. One more thing.


I definitely will!

So after that, you get a montage of Totori going around and talking to all the named characters in Arland and Alanya, with the exception of Guid, Ceci, and Piana in Alanya, since they're in the final part of this scene.

I wonder if Ceci is mad again. I'm home!


*fade to black*

You don't have to make one every day. It takes days to return from Arland.

But it would be sad if I didn't have anything ready when she arrives.

I know how you feel, but there's only so much I can eat.

What? Are you saying you don't like my cooking?

N-No, I don't mean that at all.

Waaaah! Che-chi is scary!

It's all that Peter's fault! He needs to keep a regular schedule and stop slacking off whenever he wants...

What? I'm busy right now! Bother me later... Ahhh! Totori?!

G-Geez! If you're coming home, why didn't you tell me? Oh, no! I have to make dinner again! Wait just a minute!

It's okay. There's still plenty left.

No. I won't let you have these cold half-eaten scraps! I'll make it fresh!

Phew. So, did you get your license?

Yeah. Take a look. I'm an adventurer for life now.

I see. Congratulations.

Way to go, Totori!

Hehe. Thank you.

Her, on the other hand... She's hardly changed at all.

I guess so. Have you thought about what you're going to do now?

I don't know the specifics, but I want to think about it while i go on adventures.

I see. Well, you should stay at home for the time being. We'll all be sad if you leave right away again.

Yeah, I'll relax at home for a while.

*knock on door*

The way different endings in Totori work is that each ending (except True), starts with Totori answering the door and talking to someone (or more than one person) outside. You can think of it as a tree, of sorts. The trunk is the ending itself, and the branches are the different endings. Every ending starts from a similar beginning, but end up in different directions.

As for the True Ending, the only exception to this'll see. You shall see.

Oh, and if you watch the credits, you can see a few CGs that apparently didn't make it into the game (like near the end. There's artwork of a snowy village that appears to be the Frontier Village, but it's not in the game or an artbook as far as I know. Strange). Anyway, Atelier Totori credits.

Music: Dia

See you on the other side...

Alanya Village artwork
Arland artwork


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