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Part 72: Update LXIX: An Adventurer and the End of her Journey, Go: The Path of Conquest


Hi, Gino. What's up?

You know exactly what's up. You went to the guild by yourself. I had to renew my license too, y'know.

Oh, sorry. I forgot because I had a lot on my mind at the time. You got your license, right?

Of course I did. Take a look!

Yeah. Well, I'm going out first thing in the morning, so you better be ready.

What? First thing in the morning? W-Why? We should sleep in every now and then.

We can't do that. If we slack off, Master will find us.

Master? You mean Sterk? Are you hiding from him?

I'm a full-fledged adventurer now.

Hehehe. You were the clingy one until a short while ago.

Okay. Fine.

I know. Hey, one of them went that way!

No worries. I can beat it up in one hit!

No, that's not how you attack! You have to take one step closer!


Totori, Totori! Use some medicine now.

O-Oh, okay...

Geez! If you keep nagging from behind, I can't concentrate!

Then fight better so I don't have to. Everything you do is so reckless!

Teacher, what are you doing here?

Hehehe. Sterk was worried about Gino, so I tagged along to watch over you.

Geez, shut up. I'll do it how I want! And stop following me! You're so annoying!

How dare you talk back to your master like that!

There they go again. They'll be arguing for a while.

Oh, I made some pies for lunch. Let's eat until they're done.

Gino Ending

Gino Ending