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Part 73: Update LXX: An Adventurer and the End of her Journey, Roku: Memoria

For Mel's ending, you obviously need her ending flag, but you also need to defeat Evil Face (remember, the outcome of the battle with the three Scarlets doesn't matter). However, she does not have to be in the battle party when you throw down with him, thankfully.

There you are.

Hi, Mel. I didn't think you'd knock in the first place.

You say it like I get a kick out of trespassing on people's property.

You mean you don't? Oh well. Come in. Ceci is making a big feast for us.

Before that, you want to talk? Y'know, just the two of us?

First things first. Congrats on getting your license. I really didn't think you'd make it this far.

Thanks. But I owe you a whole lot. If you didn't help me in the beginning, I would've given up pretty early on.

I didn't do much. Just be a good girl and accept my kind compliments. Besides, I want to thank you instead.

Did I do anything worth thanking?

Um, you're welcome, I guess.

Enough serious talk. There's something I need your help with.

So this one isn't serious? Planning on doing something naughty?

Right? Won't that be great?

It's settled then. We'll put the plan into motion tomorrow... Hey, Ceci! I'm here to celebrate!

*fade to black*

When did I fall asleep? I remember Melvie coming here... We partied until morning... The ground is shaking... Is it an earthquake?

It's already past noon. You can be such a sloth.

Huh? Huh? What's going on?! Why am I on a ship?

I wanted to take you on another adventure. You wouldn't wake up, so we carried you onto the ship.

But... We have to tell Dad if we're gonna leave the house empty.

Dad's right there.

So you all were in on this? Where are you taking me, anyway?

To Piana's village. Pilca told me to take her back one of these days.

Grandma's going to scold me now...

You should've just told me.

But you were sawing logs and I wanted to surpise you. We have plenty of time, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

I'll do just that. There probably isn't much to do on this ship anyway.

*fade to black*

You naughty little brat! Do you know how worried we were?!

I'm sorry! Don't beat me!

No, bad girls like you must be spanked! Wait, where did our guests go?

Totori and the others went that way.

Also tell them to quietly prepare a banquet for later.

Okay. Will you forgive me if I do it?

You have to help set up the banquet. If you do, I forgive you.

Yay! I'll do it!

Melvia Ending

Melvia Ending