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Part 74: Update LXXI: An Adventurer and the End of her Journey, Nana: Shining Blue

Like with Mel, you need both her ending flag and Evil's Face head to get this ending, but again, the stipulation Mimi doesn't have to fight Evil Face herself stands.

I knew you'd be back here.

What's up, Mimi?

I wanted to check up on you and make sure you renewed your license.

Yup. Look.

Phew. That's good.

I think it's about time you trusted me a bit more.

When are you going on your next adventure? A higher rank doesn't mean anything if no one knows you.

About all that... Can't we take it a bit slower?

Don't give me that nonsense. Someone else will get ahead of us while we idly twiddle our thumbs.

I know, but if we go around the world, I won't get to go home for a while. Ceci will feel really lonely.

Hmm. Fine, I'll wait.

Come on. It'll be fun. Ceci, Mimi's here!

H-Hey! Oh, fine...

Stop gawking like it's your first time. People will think you're a redneck.

Hmph. I guess compared to you, I am a redneck!

You're still holding a grudge about it?

Hey, Mimi! Look!

Geez. Stop shouting.

I really wish Mimi wore that outfit during the game, but I guess her Meruru design is close enough to this.

How dare they publish this picture book without permission.

Hey, look at this magazine over here. It's from when we had that interview. "The Great Adventurers Among Us. An Interview with Totori and Mimi".

Those are our names, right? What's so weird about that?

It is weird! The names are in the wrong order. Why isn't my name first and yours second?!

I, uh, don't know. Maybe because it sounds weird?

How does it not roll off the tongue?! It has to be because of your name! Yes, that's it.

S-Stop shouting. It's unladylike.

Who cares about a little shouting?! This is much more important!

B-But we're famous here. Everyone's staring...

But you said we were going shopping!

We can do it in the next town! Come on!

Mimi Ending

Mimi Ending