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Part 76: Update LXXIII: An Adventurer and the End of her Journey, Kyu: Brilliant Years

Hehe. Good evening.

Teacher, you came all the way here from Arland?

Yeah. I thought I might get in the way of your family time, but...

Well, there's something I need to talk to you about.

What is it?

Wha...? Whaaat?! W-W-Why?! Did I do anything to make you hate me?!

It's not that. You remember how I taught a lot of people before you?

I do. But what's that have to do...?

I'm not. I still have so much more to learn.

You are. You're a great alchemist. But thanks to you, I have more confidence now.

Confidence? In what?

In teaching alchemy. I taught Piana a little and she learned right away. I want to try teaching alchemy to others one more time.

So when you said you'd quit being my teacher...

So that's what you meant. Phew...

Why don't you come inside? Ceci is making dinner right now.

No, listen to me first. Anyway, look. I even made a textbook.

We can talk about this over dinner. I want to help if you'd like.

Really? You'll really help me out?

How much do I scatter?

Um, how do I explain this...? Just scatter it like this. Scatter...

Just a pinch. It'll explode if you put too much in, so be careful.

Just a pinch... Hey, it changed color!

Okay, now swirl it around next. But do it quick!

I don't understand.

Like this? Oh, I think I'm getting it!

Ugh... Why does everyone listen to Totori and not me...?

Yeah. I have no idea what Miss Rorona is ever saying.

Kids, I'm not the teacher here. I'm just Miss Rorona's assistant.

Teacher! It changed colors again after I mixed it.

That means you did it well. Now, just...

*gasp* B-But...

Teacher! Don't let it get you down!

That's not true! Please cheer up!

Miss Totori! Miss Totori!

Look at mine, Miss Totori!

Hold on just a sec! I can't watch over everyone at the same time!

Y'know, I was surprised my first time seeing this ending how depressing in tone it was. Rorona got completely upstaged at her own idea, so here's my personal favorite scene in the game to give Rorona a much-deserved break.

Basically, if you don't get Mimi's ending flag events where she taunts the Flauschtraut, and talks to Totori about her mother's death with that whole sequence of events, instead when you're back on the main continent, you'll get approached in either Atelier Totori or Rorona, depending on what character has the highest friendship level with you (the location depends on the character, so Gino or Mel for Alanya, Rorona, Sterk, or Marc for Arland. Mimi already has a version of this scene, as shown in the playthrough, so she never shows up even if she has the highest friendship level).

I've only seen...I think Mel and Rorona's version of this scene, but I think, considering the dialogue for Rorona, that her's is far and away the best. Here it is.

Oh, Teacher...

Thank you.


So I want to thank you.

But I didn't do anything! You worked hard and did it yourself!

Wh-What am I saying?


Rorona Ending

Rorona Ending