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Atelier: Arland Trilogy

by Sylphid

Part 80: Update LXXVII: An Adventurer and the End of her Journey, Jyu-San: The Whole Sky

The intensely sparkling stars appear after a dream.

Music: Her Future 1

Could it be...

But if she didn't pick me up then, I would have been as good as dead. Let's see how home sweet home is...

*fade to black*

They might let me join, but it'd feel really awkward...

It's nice to see how some things just don't change. At least for today...

Hey. Still runnin' your empty bar?

Ah, whatever. I can just ask about it later.

It's my house after all.

*fade to black*

Greeting me with a forceful hug? I sure feel right at home.

...Huh? What?

Oh, my two daughters look so pretty, but look at you. You've gotten old and decrepit after all this time.

Is it...really you...?

A little on the short side, but what needs to be added? Sure, you could say that this ending is guilty of using that hokey cliche of someone is never dead in fiction unless you have the body, but that's kind of missing the point of the ending. You think someone as weak sauce as Evil Face could bring down Gisela? Not a chance.

all the same, of course. Well, like with Rorona, I had a lot of fun, even though making it through the LP was a slog at times. Like with last time, I'll take a little break to enjoy Ayesha (just got it today) a bit, then we're headed back to the front lines one more time with our newest alchemist, Mererulince Rede Arls. Until then, I've been Sylphid, and this has been Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland.