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Part 89: Update XXXV: An Apprentice and the Hero Who Nobody Knows

I wish the next couple updates could be a bit more interesting, but this is some definite downtime in the game, where you have to be more focused on alchemy than adventuring. On top of that, with Rorona's arrival, a whole bunch of events related to her will be popping up, and ugh...Anyway, let's get moving.

But first, let's take Astrid up on her suggestion about the Homs. Video goes until Meruru says "I'm getting to work!"

What am I supposed to do with these two kids that were left here with Rorona? She said something about talking to them directly.

Do you have an assignment for me, Mini Master?

Huh? M-Mini Master?

Ohh, I get it now. It's kind of like a little brain teaser...but okay! So,'re...Hom, right?

Yes. Hom's name is Hom.

Hom's name is also Hom.

Music: Alchemy Boy&Girl

Huh? You both have the same name?


I see. That's not very convenient. Let's come up with a solution!

Hahaha. Meruru, I think they'll be fine as is.

Are you sure? I was hoping I could come up with some awesome names for them.

They're homunculi that Ms. Astrid created for Miss Rorona.


Yup! To put it simply, a homunculus is a human created using alchemy. More accurately, it's artificial life.

Whaaat? They were made with alchemy!? I-Is that really possible?

Well, it's incredibly complicated, to the point that it's basically impossible.

Really? But if they're impossible to make, then-

By the way, Miss Rorona made her own homunculi called Chims. mean those little things that hang out at Ms. Pamela's? The ones that go around saying "chim" all day?

Yup. They're helping out Pamela for now, but Miss Rorona orginally created them for me. I felt bad leaving them alone when I came to Arls, so I left them with Pamela. Of course, I had no idea Pamela would wind up here herself.

I see...then, could you make a homunculus, too?

You mean, like a secret ingredient or something?

I'll tell you more about it when you get older. Maybe...if the timing's right...

I can answer her question. You see, the materials for Hom are-

Why are you avoiding the question?

Aanyway, let me continue explaining. So the Homs' main job is...

So the Homs work a bit differently this time. They can either help with synthesizing or gathering, like in Rorona. If you want the Homs to synthesize, you can choose between a variety of categories you may want them to focus on. Quality, Traits, Trait Levels, etc. If you go with Quality, like I usually do, then the Homs can make items at a higher quality than might be possible for you right now.

For example, the final task for Moyori Forest is to bring the dudes there Homemade Pies with the effect LP Recovery M. It's impossible to make Flour of that quality right now on your own, but the Homs can make Flour that will give you that effect. As a general rule, I tend to use the Homs to fulfill character requests from the Tavern, because higher quality items give you more money and more friendship points than normal. And no, they cannot synthesize development, or equipment, items. Near anything else, though, as long as you have made the item already. Oh, and they don't need Pies or anything to keep working. They work as long as you want them to, no questions asked.

Well, I'm fine on my own. So you should let them help you. The more the merrier, right?

Understood. Hom will assist Mini Master.

Ask us for whatever you need, Mini Master.

If it is your request, we can engage in any kind of activity.

Wow! Okay then, what should we play...?

Ah, does that bug you, Miss Totori? Well, you could always tell me about the Hom secret ingredient-

N-No more discussion on that topic! Come on - get to work or I'll just stop teaching you alchemy altogether!

Okay, okay! I'm getting to work!

After finishing up a synthesis...

Yeah. She seems less like a teacher and way more like a student.

Such a weird song...but still cute!

Miss long is Rorona gonna be stuck as a child like this?

I don't know. Ms. Astrid is the only person who can fix her. So there's really nothing we can do. Maybe it would be okay if she stayed like this. But I shouldn't be thinking that way! O-Of course. I was just kidding... ALl we can do is take care of her until she's able to go back to normal.

Yeah! Let's draw!

Hey, that's no fair! Rorona, I'll read you a story!

Yaaay! Story! Story!

Meruru, Miss Rorona wants to draw with me. I asked her first.

No, I think she wants to read with me.

Aww...Rorona had to yell at us.

Heh. I guess we're both pretty childish ourselves.

Guess who?

What's wrong?

Well...that secret hot spring? I went there recently and found it tragically buried under a landslide...

A landslide? Oh, probably from all those earthquakes.

My dream to dig up a hot spring and become a billionaire... *sigh* Now what am I supposed to live for? become teh world's best coach driver?

Don't be stupid. I've wanted to quit that exhausting, demeaning job forever. Oh well...there's no use complaining to you about it. I should get going. See ya.

*Peter leaves*

Guess that's the end of that...or is it?

And now, big scene at Artisan's Way. Video goes until Mimi says " I honestly have no clue how your mind works, Princess...”

Ms. Mimi, what's going on?

It looks like there was a bit of a commotion. The horse of an Arland traveler just went on a rampage. The horse wouldn't listen to the coach driver, and it nearly stampeded through the plaza when somebody stopped it.

Wooow. Who could have done such a thing? Was it you, Ms. Mimi?

Of course not. I just came out to see what all the fuss was about. The real hero was -

The legendary hero! He's got himself a new mask, and a new outfit, but there's no question that this is the legendary hero himself!

-that guy, I guess.

Whoa! Who's that over there!? Could it be...?

Mm. I don't know who he is, but he's really popular in Arland. I guess that's where he's from. His name is-

Masked G...

Yes! I live to protect the peace. Young lady, leave the public order to me - you just relax and focus on development.

Ugh. I admit, he's got some talent. But how talks like that? And that mask. Seriously?


Hey, why are you spacing out like that?

Are you kidding me? I'm beginning to have some serious doubts about your sanity.

Masked G...! I wanna become a hero just like him. Then Arls can be peaceful forever!

I honestly have no clue how your mind works, Princess...

Few do. I just wonder when we’ll hear from our enigmatic swordsman again...

Couple days later, and a new newspaper.

Get some new material, you hack! After returning, another scene. Video goes until Meruru says “I can still learn a lot from her”

*fade to black*

I’m baaack.

Oh, welcome back, Meruru!

Were you a good girl today, Rorona?

Yup! Rorona spent all day drawing.

Hm? Are you okay?

Ehehe...yeah, I’m fine. So, what did you draw?

I’ll show you!!

What is it? There are so many different shapes here. Wait, is it...?

Huh? Is Rorona’s drawing really that good?

Yeah, it’s great! It’s really really good!

Ehehe. Thanks! You can have it if you want.

Really? Thanks! I guess even though she’s forgotten everything, I can still learn a lot from her.

Nothing super valuable here, but at least she still loves pie.

Here’s something nice. When you have something on a synthesis that tells you if the odds of success on an item are better or worse than normal, you get this little indication.

Alchemy Steel. If you are anything like me, you’re going to hate this item when you’re going for one of the endings.

At level 20, you get these recipes.

Whole lot of stuff, and Totori is even trying to pass on her brewing skills. I had to make a trip outside of town to get some Tar Fruit, and when I got back and left the workshop, another scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Rorona telling Meruru she can count on her.

Be careful! Do you have everything you need? Enough food? Enough medicine?

Miss Totori, you don’t have to keep on asking me that!

Are you sure? You can be pretty forgetful sometimes, so I worry... might have a point. But still, you don’t have to ask every single time.

S-Sorry. I know I shouldn’t ask so much, but it just sort of jumps out of my mouth.

Meruruuu! Let’s go plaaaay! C’mon, I wanna play princess!

Wah! Sorry Rorona, I’m kind of busy today.

Ohh...then can we play house instead?

That’s some crazy casting there. But i really can’t. I have to work today.

Nooo...Rorona’s been waiting to play with Meruru foreeever.

Stop trying to make me feel guilty. You just got here! Lying is bad, you know.

Huh? Work...?

What!? I’m not sure that’s such a good idea...

Well...I know she’s just a child, but she’s still an alchemist. She might prove surprisingly useful.

Really...? I’m not so sure...

Rorona in’s interesting, but not terribly useful as a warrior. She definitely has benefits to her, but there are much more capable people you can bring along. On the plus side, though, you can have an entire team made up of Atelier protagonists, so that’s something. As for me, I canned Keina and replaced her with Rorona.

Talking to Filly with Rorona around gets you this scene.


Welcome! Oh, that little girl your...sister?

Oh, no. This is-

I feel like I’ve seen her before... She kinda looks like my cousin.

No, that’s not it. This is-

Of course not! This is-!

Ooh, Hagel! Pamela! Long time no see!

Hmm? Have we met before? that you mention it, I feel like I’ve seen this dorky little face before.

You’re right. But I wonder where...I can’t quite figure it out..

I guess they really can’t tell. Well, I don’t blame them.

Oh, I see. You’re Rorona.

Ah, true, true. You do look just like her. The eyes, the nose, certainly the mouth.

And your clothes are identical, too. So you’re Rorona.

Yup. I’m Rorolina Frixell. Hi!’ve really, um, shrunk since last time I saw you.

I think it’s a bit more than “shrunk”. I mean, she’s a kid now...

Hey hey hey, stop joking around! If this really is the kiddo, then...then...what on earth happened!?

The Potion of Youth...? Something like that really exists!?

Yup. Well, I mean...I didn’t actually see it for myself.

Can I have it!? I need that potion! I want to get younger, too!

Sorry, no can do. Ms. Astrid said it’s really, really hard to make.

Nng...I see. I sure would have loved to try it...

I don’t think so...

Now we’re off on a whole other subject! Anyway, everyone be nice to Rorona since she’s...well, Rorona.


For yet another scene (told you this part of the game is bad for scenes happening one after the other), what you get after the first anniversary of the game beginning.Video goes until the screenshot of Rufus saying that’s all for now.

Huh? Is there a holiday or something?’s not Arls Foundation Day... Let’s see...

As of this month, it’s been one full year since you began working as an alchemist. As such-

Oh! So you came down here to celebrate with me, right?

Not exactly. Now that one full year has passed, only two years remain for you to prove yourself as an alchemist.

Oh, that’s right. Dad said I could be an alchemist as long as I increased Arls’ population in three years.

Precisely. To that end, I’ve brought you a report detailing the kingdom’s total population.

Rufus’ reaction, obviously, depends on how much the population is at 4/1. Although you can’t see it during this scene, exactly, I rocked the 5000-for-the-first-year goal’s socks.

If you continue at your current pace, you should have no problem exceeding your population goal.

So you’re saying I’m on the right track. Nice!

Look at that. More than twice what the first year goal was. The Goddess Statue certainly helped, but this game is very easy to beat.

ANOTHER scene after returning to the workshop. Video goes until Meruru says “Miss Rorona really is amazing”

Oh, welcome back, Meruru!

Thanks, Rorona. What are you up to?

Ehehe. I’ve been drawing again! Meruru liked my drawing from before, right? So I made something even better! “Rorona and Her Hard-Working Friends”!

Ah, so this one has a story to go along with it. What kind of story is it?

I see! That’s a very nice story. And how does it end?

Oh...that was fast. But I guess little kids get bored really easily.

Rorona’s gonna think of another story! So you can have this drawing.

Th-Thanks... And it’s another alchemy recipe, just like I figured. I can use this for more development. She’s so good, and still so young. But she’s supposed to be an adult, anyway. Miss Rorona really is amazing.

Rorona can give life to so much. Anyway, a couple of those items are good for Handel Forest’s third request, and the Magic Sword is a pretty great attack item. In fact, it’s my trump card for getting some materials far ahead of when the game thinks I should have them.

Another scene, another synth...

I’m working. Specifically, I’m synthesizing stuff to help develop the kingdom.

What’s “develop”?

Huh? How can I describe it... It means making people’s lives easier and making them happy.


She’s talking about Ms. Astrid, Miss Rorona’s master. She’s a true genius but doesn’t have much common sense, which can cause problems. But she’s not all bad.

Yup! Asty said that as long as she’s having fun, that’s all that matters.

Ms. Astrid...we haven’t seen her know...

She said there was something she had to do, then she just left!

She hasn’t really changed at all. But I don’t think we’ll have any problem taking care of Miss Rorona.

Miss Totori...I feel like you’re excusing Ms. Astrid for what she did.

Sh-She did? I wanna hear that story! And I wanna hear about your mom!

Well, I went across the sea and found her grave. I went home thinking she’d died, then she just randomly popped up.

Gisela, right? She’s a really famous adventurer...even I’ve heard of her.

Hehe. If those are the only features that stood out to her, it could only have been Ms. Astrid - daaah!

Wh-What’s wrong, Meruru!? Why did you scream like that!?

I just got this awful chill all of a sudden.

...Anyway, it’s great that Ms. Astrid did something like that. Huh. The chills are all gone. I wonder what that was about...

I see...I still haven’t been able to get a handle on what kind of person Ms. Astrid is...

Another synth, another scene...again.

Oh, Uncle Gio. What can I do for you?

Nothing. I actually came to thank you. You accepted my request and prepared everything I asked for.

Oh yeah! I have to thank you, too. Thank you for trusting me with that task, Uncle!

You and your teacher are the only ones who can perform alchemy-related tasks in Arls. Your teacher seems as busy as you are, so I was worried my request might never get done. But you did a great job.

Heh heh, I’m happy to hear that. Come by again if you ever need anything. I’ll be waiting!

Thank you. I have many necessities when I go on adventures, so I’ll be counting on you.

Huh? Uncle, have you been adventuring?


Huh? But I thought you held an important position in Arland.

W-Well, I’m practically retired now. At any rate, I’ll be back again. Farewell.

*Gio leaves*

Indeed. You can also talk to Gio in Hart Outpost after completing his request for a slightly different version of this scene.

Upon venturing into the town to get some supplies...Video goes until Meruru says “It was nice seeing you again!”

*fade to black*

Huh? Ms. Astrid?

Ooh, so you’re my first customer, huh? How are the Homs treating you?

Oh...yes, they’ve been a huge help, thank you. So, this your store?

Officially, yes. But I’ll also be using it as my own personal workshop. Alchemy research gets expensive, which I’m sure you know if you’ve been doing your work properly.

Yeah, that’s true. Along with the cost of materials, you need money to keep things running.

I’m here to sell you whatever you need. With a special discount for my pupil’s pupil’s pupil, of course.

Wow, thanks a bunch! I’m sure you’ll have some cool new stuff that’ll come in handy.

Is that so? Well then, let’s talk about my...special compensation.

S-Special...? You mean like, more than just money?

All of a sudden, I’m feeling very nervous...

Haha, there’s not need to be scared. I’m not talking about anything outrageous. Just things up to my personal standard.

And that’s what she’s afraid of...

Nng...she says that, but I just know she’s gonna ask for something crazy.

So what I demand...will be revealed later. Look forward to it! Anyway, today’s my shop’s grand opening. I’ll be counting on your business! See ya.

*Astrid leaves*

Kyaah! N-No, of course not! It was nice seeing you again!

Music: Oh My Siesta!

This is Astrid’s humble abode, the third and final shop. She mostly dabbles in magical materials, but nothing terribly valuable as materials. Let’s see what she has in stock...

Hm, I take that back. I forgot she sells Dragon Tusks this early, but the ingot you can make from them is way out of our league, so its usefulness is limited.

Well, sorry about a rather uneventful update. Hopefully next time we’ll get around to some actual adventuring.

Masked Man Reappears
Female Hom artwork
Male Hom artwork

Oh My Siesta!
For Astrid’s workshop. It’s an arrangement of “Oh! Nap Time!” from Atelier Rorona. I added a twist to keep it from sounding too much like a character theme. It’s a bit peculiar among the town.

Alchemy Boy&Girl
Hom’s theme, as I’m sure you know. Like the original, imagine gentle clockwork. I’ve arranged every character’s BGMs from previous games, so it might be fun to listen and compare them.