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Part 90: Update LXXXVI: An Apprentice and the Long Walk

Wilkommen. This time we'll be back on the road with a surprising party member joining us. Oh, and this update has the honor of being posted on 4/1, which is the day this game and Ayesha both begin.

Hey, it's 4/1 where I live

But we still need to report to Rufus about that windy place. Video goes until the screenshot of Rufus saying he'll begin development arrangements.

Oh, you mean Trombe Plateau. The winds there rage nonstop all year round. It would be excellent if we could harness that wind and turn it into a new power source for the kingdom.

I knew it! You probably already have a plan all thought out and everything, right?

That's correct. Simply put, we should construct some windmills on Trombe Plateau.

Second two are pretty easy to achieve, it's just the first task is by far the hardest boss in the first part of the game, before Sterk joins. You're not going to win without some good planning, or luck.

Mmm, ah yes, of course. Just one question - what's a windmill?

Shades of Andy from Advance Wars 1...

You...don't know? I don't mind that you've devoted yourself to alchemy, but a little common sense would be nice.

Sorry, sorry! I mean, I'm kinda familiar with the concept, but I've never seen one myself before.

Sure you have. That place with the Unicorn had some in the background.

It's simply a machine that converts wind into a power source to be used for other purposes.

Maybe it'll be easier if you figure it out for yourself. Seeing is believing, as they say.

You got that right. I'm sure it's faster just to make one than to try and actually understand it.

We shall be getting there this update.

Not a great Bunny Tail, but this early in the game, it'll do. With this, I can actually get materials greater than 100 in Quality, but only from enemies who drop materials that good. Another scene with Rorona shortly after.

Bye, Rorona! Come back to play whenever you want. And be careful going home!

Don't worry. I'll make sure she gets home safe. I'm leaving the workshop to you, Meruru.

Can do!

Okay, Miss Rorona - let's go!


*Totori and Rorona leave*

I still can't believe Rorona is really an adult.

Whoa! Ms. Esty!? Wh-When did you get here?

Right as Totori was leaving. So what I heard is true? Rorona looks like that because of the Potion of Youth?

I guess so. She was already a kid by the time I met her.

You don't need that kind of thing, Ms. Esty! You're still pretty, even know.

"Still" pretty...?

*sword unsheathing noise*

...Hey, Meruru. You're an alchemist, aren't you? Couldn't you make one? The Potion of Youth, I mean...

M-Ms. Esty, stop making that scary face at me... I-I can't do it! It's impossible! See, Miss Totori's teacher's teacher made it, and even then it wasn't complete. It's a really hard synthesis!

You sure? You wouldn't lie to me, right? If you did, I might do something we both regret.

Why would I lie about that!? Please, take your hand off your sword handle!

Yeah, I can see you were serious. But if you really want to make it, you should go talk to Ms. Astrid.

Hmm...I didn't think of that. She's a tough adversary, but I'll do anything for a taste of that potion.

M-Ms. Esty...

Okay, target acquired! Thanks, Meruru. I'll be going now.

O-Okay...but did you have some other reason for coming here?

Oh, it's not important now. See you later!

*Esty leaves*

I don't get it. All I want to do is become an adult like Miss Totori...

There's part one of the Trombe Plateau quest. I only need five Cloths with the "Sturdy" trait on them for the next part. Final part is defeating the boss there, but obviously we can't do that from the atelier. Unless we could call in a tactical airstrike on him, and I'm not thinking that's an option.

Mimi asks for Meister Tartes a lot, so I'd advise having the Homs make one, and wait until you get an A-rank one. Thing with Quality and ranks is that they're not necessarily correlated, but they're pretty strongly related to each other, but the materials available to us now do not permit the synthesis of many A-ranked products, but that never stopped the Homs.

You can never be sure of the final result, so you'll want to register stuff you'll be using a lot with Pamela. Unfortunately, for now she only has five spaces for registering stuff, but the Miester Tarte is one of the more valuable things for dropping off, because Rufus asks for it, too. Mimi's requests are fairly infrequent, so building up her friendship level ASAP is a wise decision. There's another good reason why you should raise friendship levels.

See, unlike in Rorona and Totori where friendship levels were mostly cosmetic aside from getting character events, in Meruru, higher friendship levels mean that character's support gauge builds up faster. A character with 100 friendship level's support gauge builds up very quickly, so even after you've passed the necessary amount of points to get all that character's events, it's still a good idea to keep working on them. The money, of course, never hurt my feelings none.

On the other hand, Rufus is quite generous with money. 1000 Cole for a couple Pies is child's play. Another scene after getting Mimi's friendship level over 10...

Oh, maybe that's her now. Welcome back!

H-How do you do...? Such a classy way of speaking...I knew it! Ms. Mimi!

Oh, I wasn't trying to sound fancy. But I guess sometimes my aristocratic upbringing leaks through.

Well...I just don't know anybody else besides you who talks like that.

Oh really? This really is the countryside. Anyway, so do you work here at this workshop?

Yup! I'm still in training though, learning lots from Miss Totori!

I see. But for a princess to lock herself away to study alchemy like this...

Oh, sure. But I'm doing this because I want to, so I don't mind at all.

Hmm...I wonder if you got that from Totori, too. You think just like her.

R-Really? It's not like she forced me to think that way. But I'm happy to hear you say that, anyway.

Thank you, Ms. Mimi! But...why do you care so much what happens to me?

There has to be like two or three scenes this entire game where Mimi doesn't end up blushing at some point in the conversation. If Totori is mentioned at all, you can bet good money on Mimi getting embarrassed.

A-Anyway, that doesn't matter! I'm just saying, I'm here for you. So show some gratitude...!

O-Okaaay! Man, why am I getting yelled at...?

Oh, shoot...I"m falling back into old habits. Anyway, that's all. I'm looking forward to working with you, Princess.

I'm looking forward to it, too!

Now that that's settled, do you mind if I stop by again from time to time?


Of course! Come by anytime. I'm sure Miss Totori would be happy to see you.

R-Really!? That's great...

G-Got it...I think?

Just as long as you understand. Yup, that's right. I'm just happy I was able to get closer to you, Princess.

*Mimi leaves*

She just agreed with herself and left... What was it I could have taken the wrong way?

Some folks never change. Another synth, another scene. Video goes until Meruru says " I'll teach you the recipe right now"

Nnng...Rorona doesn't wanna do alchemy! Rorona wants to read a story book!

Huh? But you promised you'd practice alchemy today, remember?

No! I want a story book!

It looks like Rorona's lost all interest in alchemy.

Well I need her to get that interest back! It might be the only way to regain her memory.

Um, umm...okay. I'll make something if it's real cute.

Something cute...okay, give me a second!

Her most special part is her rolly eyes. Look at her long enough, and she'll look right back at ya!

Ahh, you made her cry.

Jeez, that's weird. I thought it was pretty cute.

But, come on...those goofy eyes? The whole thing is just...bad.

Hmph. Then what would YOU make?

Well, why don't we start by drawing a picture?

Ohh, it's a picture of a dolly! It's so cuuute! What kind of dolly is it?

Heh heh, I'm glad you asked. It's a doll based on a Chim. I call it...Chim Doll!

I must admit, the name is just as cute as the drawing. Good job, Meruru.

Ehehe. Rorona, would you like to try using alchemy to make this dolly?

Yeah! I wanna make something just like this!

Aw, we made her sad...

Whoops. Clearly, Totori only gets worked up when it comes to cute things.

Huh? What? Miss Totori, don't get so excited! I'll teach you the recipe right now.

We don't actually need to make the Chim Doll for a bit, but we will eventually. Afterward, I completed the final request for the third Mine request, so I went to go drop it off. For bringing Esty and Rorona out, a scene.

I'm telling you, you're gonna get hurt running around like that!


AHHHHH! Don't fall!

There you go. Listen, Rorona. Stop running all over and making Meruru worry. You hear me? saved her. Say thank you, Rorona.


Oh no! I'm sooo sorry, Ms. Esty! She didn't mean any harm! I think!

Totori...? Okay, I'll be more careful.

Huh? Y-You're not mad?

I know Rorona pretty well. I'm not so sensitive I'd get mad at her for something like that.

R-Right, of course...hehe. Oh, so know Rorona that well from before?

But this situation is that much more shocking. The Potion of Youth...what kind of drink must it be...? tasted real yucky! Asty told me it wasn't, but she's a big fat liar!

Huh? So you do have a memory of that?

Of that? Of what...?

Of when you drank the Potion of Youth! So...?

Meruru! Could that be some kind of hint!?

M-Ms. Esty...your face is...a little too close. Please, calm down.

Bitter and salty...I know! Maybe it had salt and charred meat in it!

I'm positive it's not that simple...

Okay! Don't worry about those stupid monsters. You just focus on finding all the bitter-salty stuff you can!

Why the big change in attitude?

I just...want to see Rorona returned back to normal. You wanna go back to normal, right Rorona?

Umm...I...I dunno!

See! She totally said she wants to go back to normal!

...No, she definitely didn't.

Esty is losing it here, people. I headed to the Mines, and got into a fight, so let's check out Rorona.

She's no God of War, is all I'm saying. She is quite a mage, though. Her basic attack is...

Yep, throwing an Uni. Not that powerful, but it is a little kid we're talking about. As far as skills you can't see, she has a 33% chance of evading attacks. I guess being a shrimp can have its advantages. She also has a single-target skill that does fairly good damage, but she's mostly useful for throwing items. Sometimes a single alchemist cannot do everything.

First battle with Rorona gets you a scene.

I'm fine. That was easy! Rorona's super strong!

*Rorona trips*

Ahh, I'm sorry! I wasn't paying attention! Pain, pain, go away! Come again another day!

*sniff sniff* It doesn't hurt anymore... Rorona's a strong girl!

I know, Rorona. You're so strong. I'm sure you can keep going! Let's go.

Okay! Rorona's gonna protect you, Meruru!

I don't know, she's about par for the course. She's never been a powerhouse. Anyhow, all I did here was drop off a couple Alchemy Lamps for the request here, but one more thing regarding Rorona.

Quick Use. When Rorona uses an item from now on, her WT until her next turn decreases, but in return, the item's power goes down. I do not care for this skill at all, and would much prefer if it was a skill can activate for MP instead of something that's always on. When I use an item, I expect it to perform to expectations, regardless of when my next turn is going to be. Any reductions in an item's power can have grave consequences.

I'm sure you can guess what prompted this next scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Meruru wanting to become a better alchemist.

Sorry for making you help me. I know you have a lot of work at the castle, but this shouldn't take too long.

Don't worry. I've already finished cleaning the workshop.

Well then, this should do it...there!

I've never seen you work up close like this. You're doing much better with your alchemy than I realized!

How rude! Hehe. Do I look like a real professional now? Of course, it's all thanks to Miss Totori's instruction. She's really good at explaining the process.

She's that good at teaching, huh? Meruru, you look so happy whenever you talk about alchemy.

Y-You think so...? Oh, I have an idea! Keina, you wanna try to do some synthesis?

You'll be fine. I mean, even I was able to figure it out, right?

Oh, you always had a talent for it. I don't want to cause you any trouble. I'm afraid I'll have to pass.

Here, I'll teach you an easy one. You should always be up for a challenge, ya know?

A challenge...?

Yup yup, a real challenge! If it goes well, maybe the two of us can open up our own workshop.

Great! Okay, so first of all...

*fade to black*

Agh...I messed it up again.

That's so strange. I figured you'd be able to do it no problem, Keina. Maybe I'm just bad at explaining it. I guess I'm not ready to be a teacher yet...

Hey, don't look so sad. It was worth it just to see what it takes to do your job. I can still be of use without knowing alchemy. You know, cooking, cleaning, looking after you...

Well, with that in mind, become the best alchemist you can. Good luck. I'd better get going now.

*Keina leaves*

At this point, I completed the syntheses for Handel Forest round 3, and simply dropped them off. Every point helps, and I'll need every point if I want to construct absolutely everything in Arls. There's exactly enough points to build everything in the game, and Arls is absolutely massive when you do. That will be the endgame for this game, that's for sure.

Some stuff definitely is less important than others, so stuff like Lodging is just going to have to wait. Another scene in the atelier. Video goes until Meruru says "Rorona, you're incredible"

Yup! I'm drawing something just for you.

Let me see... Oh my, this recipe is quite extraordinary. But...what do you mean you're drawing it just for me?

Well, you're a princess and you wanna help the kingdom, right?

Um, yeah, that's true. But how did you know that?

Maybe because you told her?

Rorona's smart! I know stuff!

I-I see. So what does that have to do with your drawing?

So Rorona came up with some specialties and drew them for Meruru. And here they are!

I drew it real good. I'm sure people would be real happy if we had these.

I do like mushrooms, and Arls has all different kinds, so focusing on that might be just the thing! Rorona, you're incredible.

Couple development items here, but they won't be important for quite some time. The third, the Stew, is a healing item, but its alchemy level is quite a bit higher than what you're likely capable of.

Up next, could I please finish one synth without a new scene? This is getting ridiculous.

Thanks, Keina! I really needed these. I've been so busy, I haven't had any time to do laundry. I was dangerously low on clean clothes.

Well, please let me do all your laundry. I'll make double sure all those pesky stains disappear!

Kyah! M-Ms. Astrid-!

So I think I'll take you back to my workshop.

Huh - kyaaah! L-Let go! Meruru, help!

What are you doing, Ms. Astrid!?

Hmph. You have a problem? Since she works for my pupil, that means she works for me, and I can do as I wish. This girl is an outstanding servant. I would love to have her in my workshop and tamper with this and that.

H-Help meee...

Wow, Pupil #3 is fuming! Such a menacing attitude is enough to totally overwhelm a delicate little petal like me. Fine, I give in. Just when I thought I'd found a most excellent maid. Well...I'll get going, then.

You can't treat Keina like an object! Jeez, Ms. Astrid!

Whew...thank you so much, Meruru. You really saved me.

That kind of teasing is way too cruel! Are you okay? She didn't hurt you, did she?

Of course! You're my best friend! Besides...I'd be in big trouble without your help...

*giggle* That much is true. Okay, I'd better finish up my cleaning and other chores now.

It's nothing particular about this scene, but I must say I'm getting tired of back to back to back to back to back to back to back scenes. One more, THEN we're heading out. The rest can wait.

Another newspaper. They print stuff like this these days?

Now then, I should introduce one of the DLC characters. They only become available after Rorona arrives and it's past a certain date. We'll go with...oh, Pamela first. See, unlike in Totori, the DLC characters are actually somewhat integrated with the story, such as it is, and have exclusive scenes you can see with them, assuming you have the DLC.

Ahh, how boring. I'm so booored of taking care of the store every day. Is there anything interesting going on?

Interesting? You wanna read me a story?

Umm, that's not interesting. I'd have more fun just playing with youuu...

Noo, you always just pat my head. That's boring!

Notice there's no skip option. That's because that option is disabled if you haven't seen that particular scene before on any of your previous playthroughs.

Yup. I've just been listening to Pamela's life problems.

L-Life problems?

Yup. She's thinking about her life.

But Ms.'re already a ghost.

I just keep working and workinge every day. I feel like I can't breathe. I'm so jealous of you, Meruru.

Huh? Why me?

R-Really? I feel like the reality isn't quite so rosy.

So lucky...I wish I could have risked my life for something like that...

Ohh, so you wanna go on adventure? Then why don't we go together?

Hey, Rorona. That's kind of-

Whaaat!? S-Seriously!?

Absolutely. Come to think of it, nobody ever actually told me I HAVE to stay here and watch the store.

Please, Meruru...take me with you the next time you go on an adventure!

We shall see. Pamela is very interesting in battle, and hey, it's Pamela. Decided to replace Rorona with Pamela.

Pamela's very unique feature indeed is that if she's been KO'd, then on her next turn she revives automatically, completely restoring her HP (from what I've seen). On the downside, though, she's quite weak, and her defense and HP aren't too great, but uh...we'll see what she can do.

I know I said I'd only do Pamela's joining scene before leaving again, but this next one has Mimi once again crushing hard on Totori, so I deem it worthy of being included this time.

Welcome, Ms. Mimi. Yeah, she's out right now. But she should be back soon.

Oh yeah, you wanted to see her last time too, huh? Were you two close back in Arland?

W-We were just casual acquaintances, I guess? Or...two people connected by fate? Nothing like friends, anyway...

Really? You know, I was talking to Miss Totori after you stopped by last time.

A-Are you serious!?

Yup. And she just kept going on about you. So I assumed you were friends or something.

Huh...w-well, she treats everyone like they're her best friend. It's kind of annoying, to be honest. So...uh...what'd she say about me? I mean - I just want to make sure she got all the facts straight.

Umm...well, a customer came in right after that, so I wasn't able to ask her too much. But she said you're from the Schwarzlang family and you became an adventurer to make that name famous. Is that right?

No...not that I can remember.

Oh...that's kind of disappointing. Er, I mean - g-good! So she didn't commit slander or anything.

So did you come to Arls to spread your family's name?

Essentially, yes. I've done all I can do back home, but I still want to spread our name as much as possible. So when I heard about how Arls was developing, I knew I had to jump on the opportunity.

Ah, looks like the royal princess of Arls is quite observant. That's right, I am very amazing. Anyway, I've committed myself to full participation from this point forward.

That's awesome!

...Oh, I just remembered! Miss Totori did say one other thing. She said, "If Mimi's with you, I know I have nothing to worry about".

I-I mean, she and I ARE acquaintances, you konw. And you're her apprentice, right?

Hahaha. So you ARE friends with Miss Totori! You obviously care about her a lot.

I'm telling you, it's not that! It's just convenient, that's all. Just convenient. Don't you dare misinterpret!

Good ol' Mimi. Alchemy level 25 gets us these items.

Believe it or not, the Meteor is the most powerful bomb in this game. There's no superweapon like in Rorona and Totori.

And now we are finally ready to head out.

But now we have a happy fish to kill...hey! Down in front!

That's better. The Isle Fish is going down.

Isle Fish isn't too bad, but you do have to prepare for him. Bombs aren't quite going to cut it, but having a couple of fairly hard-hitting, single target allies (like Mimi and Gino, for example), is a good idea. You should be able to make Lightning Bombs at this point, so it would be highly advisable to use those.

Pamela here is clearly worshipping the God of Teddy Bears.

On the other hand, her basic attack is fire elemental for some reason, and hits about as hard as one of Esty's swords does.

But a lightning strike takes him out. How that's for luck?

Pamela is of course an elegant lady, even in death.

And there's our next rank-up. But we've got to head north to Quelei Forest. The scene upon arriving.

Music: Fountainhead Greens

Here I aaam! Jeez, that water's so clear! Let's just have a little sip, shall we? Mmahhh, so refreshing! Everyone in town is gonna be so happy to get a taste of this. And if all goes well, I can probably use good water like this for my synthesis. I'm getting really excited!

You don't say? The delivery guy is right in front of where you spawn in.

The final task is to collect water samples, so gather items like these. Ointment Water, the final item there, is a rather nice ingredient, and there's a few of those lying around.

A unicorn and a behemoth in the background. You certainly don't have to beat the behemoth to finish this area, and he's a really tough fight at this stage of the game. Once Quelei Forest I is cleared, though, he goes away.

As for that unicorn, on one of my playthroughs of this game, I saw the unicorn walk somewhere at just the right angle and launched a million miles into the air. How I wish I could see that while I was recording

And that'll do it. Such a nice area, with nice music. Anyway, we're headed down south to Trombe Plateau. The resulting scene after going there.

Music: Wind-Blooming Mountain

Waaah, there's that strong wind I remember! I wonder where wind like this comes from, anyway... Rufus said we could use this as a source of power, but I'm still confused. I mean, how would that even work?

Trombe is divided between two areas connected by a bridge. The area has this Elder Griffon hanging out. It is possible to get behind him and smack him to get the initiative, but I wasn't able in the video, since the positioning is very percise.

Music: Double Riddles

Ho ho, this guy is really tough right now, and Pamela being a weak link isn't helping. Pamela actually worked out surprisingly well in this fight, actually. Really should have brought some Nectars if Esty goes down, though., Pamela only took one damage from that attack.

And down she goes...

But you can't kill the messiah. Or Pamela. Whichever.

You fool. You can't stop me.

And this is your reward.

Pamela is best ghost.

Both of those materials are both greater than 100 quality and have some lovely traits, but the real prize is that Beast Armor, which I'll be putting on Esty.


A couple fights later, Esty was one her own mostly against a couple birds and a Jagd. Funny thing is, even without any support, Esty can manage these three, because that Beast Armor shrugs off so much damage.

At level 35, Esty will learn her Super Move, Lovely Shadow. Everyone except Meruru gets one at level 35, but Sterk and Gio always have theirs'. The awesome thing about Super Moves is that if a Super Move is the killing blow in a fight, in that it kills the final enemy, you get a different animation for it, and different music to go along with it. In fact, you can see Esty's version here.

Music: Esty FJ: Lovely Shadow

Beautiful, but total overkill against that guy.

Believe it or not, I was too stupid to double check if I had all the materials I needed to finish everything here Oh well, I'm in no hurry.

Upon that silly note, I will leave you until next time.

Atelier Meruru
Near the Gate
Namiki Road

Fountainhead Greens
For the forest with the fountainhead. I wanted a natural melody, so I recorded the flute without too much rehearsing. Then I added and subtracted sounds based on the flute, and done! That kind of method can be nice from time to time.

Wind-Blooming Mountain
For the windmill plateau. I just imagined a cooling wind. The beginning accompaniment sounds kind of silly in quadruple time, but changing it to 7 made it sound so much better. I was asked to make it a lively song, so I did.

Double Riddles
Similar to double dribble. You blow the whistle and make a circle with your arms - wait, that's for traveling. What was it...? Flapping both arms?

Esty FJ: Lovely Shadow
I imagined a sharp knife, and also a slap bass. I wonder if anyone will recognize the quote she uses when she begins... Finally, her big moment after 14 years!