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Part 99: Update XCV: An Apprentice and the Future Full of Hope

Let's keep this ball rolling. Although the past few updates have been pretty scene-heavy, I can happily confirm after this update, the new scenes slow to a trickle for a while. Up next is a scene that happens after you go to the castle after gaining at least alchemy level 40. That kind of requirement doesn't really make sense, considering the content of the scene. Why didn't I include it last time?

Turns out I forgot how I got it in the first place. Had to look it up on the Meruru wiki, and the reason I had to re-record it was because I double tapped X by accident and skipped a dialogue box. Not that it hasn't happened before, in Sterk's Ending back in Rorona, but it just rubbed me the wrong way.

Let's get this out of the way before the big scene of this update. Video goes until Keina says "Please, stop!"

You know, looking at her clothes...I must say, they're all so unique!

Ah - Keina? What are you doing?

Oh, n-nothing. Are you here to pick up a change of clothes?

Wh - yeah, you guessed it! How'd you know?

I figured you'd be here soon. I just finished doing some laundry.

Well, it IS my job. Plus, I kind of enjoy washing your clothes.

Oh, that sounds like fun! Here, why don't you try some of them on?

Huh!? B-But, wearing the princess' clothes even for a moment is just -! It was just a silly daydream!

Hey, come on, it's just the two of us. You don't need to be like that.

But that's...kind of...

Oh, who cares? Just for a second, please?

Okay...I suppose...

What a coincidence. Even though Meruru wears a different outfit in the game's ending, as well as a few of the other endings, she only seems to wear one outfit. I guess that's better than Totori and Rorona, who never change clothes except in non-canon endings and in-between games. Maybe Meruru has a ton of different outfits that are all the same, like Superman.

Oh, and speaking of outfits, there's some Japan-only DLC that gives Meruru either Rorona's original threads, or Totori's get-up. The only way you could get them is from a DLC code from some magazine, which obviously makes it an impossibility for me. It's just as well, though, because neither look quite right.



Yeah, you look great. And cute! You look really great and cute! Hmhmhm, I feel like sisters. We're twins now!

Th-That's very nice of you to say. But it's still kind of embarrassing. It's a little bit, around the chest area. And the skirt's a little shorter than I'd like.

Get...out there? I'm not sure I can do that.

But you're so pretty! It's a waste for only me to see you like this. Why don't we go show you off to some other people?

N-NO! No way! If I did that, I would just die from embarrassment.

Boooo, you're no fun. I wanna show you off!

Oh, Rufus!

*door opens*

Kyaaah! Don't look at me!

*Rufus leaves*

He's gone...why did he freak out like that?

Ahh, I'm so embarrassed! Of all the people to see me like this, why him? I'm getting out of these clothes right now. These are for you and nobody else.

Okay, okay. At least let me help you take it off. You always help me change, right?

What!? N-No, that's too-

Don't be so modest. Now, face this way!

I-I can do it myself! Please, stop!

That was certainly a thing. Next up, an honest to god scene with Dessier. It's been what, two months since I transcribed any dialogue from him? Has to be something like that. Video goes until Meruru says "I'll come see Dad again later".

*fade to black*

She reminded me so much of her, it honestly took my breath away.

Haha. I know how you feel. Sometimes the way Meruru acts, it's like an exact copy. I guess it's just in her blood. Those two really are similar, right down to the path they chose for themselves.

The path they chose... Yes, I suppose that's true.

Hahaha, very true. Meruru is certainly more...high-spirited than she ever was.

*fade to black*

Well one thing's for sure - she must be really cute! I mean, she looks just like me, right? ...Oh yeah. I guess there's nobody here to agree with me. I probably shouldn't bother them. I'll come see Dad again later.

Don't worry, I wasn't here to talk with Dessier anyway. However, the next scene we will be talking with him.

Something as innocuous as Dried Meat put me in October, which is when this scene comes up. As I remembered, the big dividing scene that cleaves this game in two, so to speak, happens in October if you reach 30000 early. Meruru's big moment.

Huh? Dad? I wonder what's going on...

I'm not sure. I just know it must be important. So don't dally! Hurry up, now.

I see...this doesn't sound like his normal requests. All right, I'll go over there right away!

*fade to black*

There you are, Meruru. Sorry to make you rush over like this.

Oh, no worries. So waht did you want to talk to me about?'s been some time since we last talked, and there's something I wanted to tell you right away.

I don't mind just talking like this... But you seem different, somehow.

Umm...if you want to talk about birds, I think Rufus is more qualified...

No, that's was just a metaphor. You're the young chick spreading her wings, you see?

Ohh, now I get it. Actually, no, I don't.

Oh, that's good news! WIth a bigger population, Arls' reputation is gonna get bigger too, right? We might be able to become like Arland sooner than we - wait, really!?

Yes, really. I'm amazed at how far ahead of schedule you reached your goal. I never dreamed you'd be so successful.

As far as I know, this line is the only real difference between completing your goal so far ahead of schedule, other than this scene happening in October. However, I fully admit, I don't know. I've never gotten the alternate version of this scene. Unless you are being incredibly lazy, there's really no reason you shouldn't pass 30000 long before the three years are up.

I still can't believe it. But I really did it, right? I helped develop Arls using my alchemy?

That's right. You transformed Arls. I see now just how serious you were when you said you wanted to do this. So then - Meruru, do you enjoy what you're doing? Do you wish to continue on as an alchemist?

Definitely! I know I've made some mistakes along the way, but I knew from the start this is what I wanted. It's not just about doing alchemy. It's seeing how happy I can make people with the things I create. I just...really like that feeling. It's hard to put into words...

You mean it!? Ahh, thank you!

Don't tell me! This is just the beginning, right?

Correct. We will merge with Arland in just over two years. From that point on... It will be your duty to determine how best to guide Arls. I expect much of you.

You can count on me. I'm gonna go tell Miss Totori about this. See you later, Father!

*Meruru leaves*

She's just as hasty as ever, I see. I wonder if she truly understands. And yet...she has clearly matured.

I'm sure she will guide Arls down the proper path and not lose sight of what is important to our people.

Hah, considering a few of the endings, I wonder about that.

Actually, if I did have one criticsm of Meruru, and some of Rorona's endings, actually, is that more than a few endings revolve around the main character acting qutie a bit out of character. I mean, I get that basically these games let you live the life of the main character, and you are responsible for what happens, but I dunno. Some endings rely on Meruru making a complete 180 from what she says throughout the game, and I wonder if a more natural solution could have been found.

Oh well, I guess you can decide that for yourself when we get there.

I feel the same. When I walk among our people, I see more smiling faces than I ever did before she began her alchemy.

*fade to black*

*fade to black*

Oh, hi Meruru.'d it go?

It went awesome!

Really? That's great! So you can continue on as an alchemist?

Yup! I get to stay on as your amazing apprentice!

Congratulations, Meruru! I've prepared a feast to celebrate.

Uwaah, thank you! You've always been there to help me out. Thank you so much for everything.

Stop, you're making me blush. That's just...what I'm here for, right?

Three cheers for Miss Totori! Let's get this party started! Keina, I'm ready to chow down.

Fear not! I've prepared yoru favorite mushroom dish. I'll lay everything out right now.

Woohoo! Let's cause a ruckus!

*fade to later that night*

Hmm, I can't get back to sleep. I need to go get some fresh air.

*fade to black*

Music: Little Crown

I wanted to escape my boring life here in Arls at first, but since then I've fallen in love with the kingdom. I want to work with everyone to make Arls bigger, and I want to keep studying alchemy. There's so much left to do! It all feels so weird. When did I start thinking about things like this? Hehe, it's just so strange! But...what is it I really want to do? I just don't know anymore...


Ahh, there's no point in dwelling on it. I'm just gonna keep on doing the things I want to do. For better or worse, everything will be decided when I turn twenty. I have to do everything I can until then.

That's that. After this part of the game, mandatory events that come up just in a matter of time basically slow to a crawl. Basically all you'll be seeing is character-related events from now on, but we do still have the matter of this mysterious person who looks like Meruru and is not Rorona (Rorona's current situation notwithstanding, of course).

However, what this does do is open a floodgate of events that won't happen until you officially pass this scene. We can get to a lot next time, but as for now, let's wrap things up with a scene in the Tavern. Video goes for the rest the update.

Wow, they look like they're having fun. I wonder if they've been drinking...

Oh no...Meruru, you just walk right on out of there.

Ah, Meruru! Quick, run away!

Listen to her! She has experience in these things! As does Esty...

Huh!? But I-

Mission complete! Colonel, I have secured May!

Ahh, I was too late. Why did they need to take another victim...?

Oh no, I've been captured! ...So what are we talking about?

Your'e about to find out. The nightmare has only just begun...

That was sudden. Perhaps in the future alchoholic drinks should be kept out of the hands of shopkeeps in future installments in this series? Never seems to end well.

What in the world are you talking about? Are you drunk or something?

Yeah! We only started drinking like...10 hours ago! We can't stop now!

Actually, I was hoping to get back to the workshop and get a little work done.

You have to stay with me to the end, Filly. It pisses me off how naive you are sometimes!

Agh! You talk to much when you're drunk. And then the next day you don't remember any of it!

Why are you acting like some creepy drunk guy!? Stoooop!

Oh man, your'e pushing all the right buttons...c'mon, lemme have a little squeeze.

What!? No! Uwaaah!

Hey, loosen up. What's the big deal? But your innocent cute!

Hold it right there, Hanna!

Oh, Ms. Esty! Thank goodness. Help me!

What are you saying!? me...


*a day later*


I really can't remember...maybe I'm better off NOT remembering. Ugh, I need to just stop thinking about it...

Not a great start to her new life, eh? Well, now that we're home free, we'll be able to cover a lot of ground next update. That tree could use some pruning, I think.

How Do I Look?
Drunkard Legend EX

Little Crown
The singer is Mutsumi Nomiyama (it was my first time working with her) and guitar and bass were performed by Dani. She totally nailed this mysterious song! As the director requested, I connected the lyrics to Metro, just a little bit.

Commentary for game edit: An edited version of the song. Having the images with the song makes it a bit different. The "lalala" in the middle went down in volume to match the images.