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Part 3: Part III: Hear the Bustle of a City

Part III: Hear the Bustle of a City

Along the way to Vierzberg, Regina said we had to go through this creepy old tunnel. This area seems to have a lot of mountains, and this tunnel was the only way to go through quickly. I hope we can get it over with soon...

Huh!? Is it like a trap or something!?

No, no, it's just an old tunnel, so it shows its age in places. But a group of us went around restoring it, so I think it should be okay... Just as logn as you didn't bring anything heavy.

Heavy... That describes Pana to a T...

Uh-oh, Pana...I hope she'll be alright...


Hmm, I wonder... I think this much will be okay. Pana is a girl, too, so I'm sure she doens't want to be called heavy, right? Right, Pana? Ayesha's so mean, huh?

Oink moo...

I hope I didn't hurt her feelings. Cows can be pretty sensitive.

Oh, oh, Pana, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way.

Oink moo!

This is such a large passage... I wonder how the people of the past made this...

Who knows? I'm sure it was a tunnel to transport things, but they must've gone to a lot of trouble to make it.

You're right. It's amazing how they just carved out the inside of a rock-hard mountain.

Actually, the materials that're used in this passage themselves would make me good money.

This just this one pillar alone, I could live work-free for at least five years.

B-But, you can't! If you took the pillar, wouldn't the passage fall?

Yeah. No doubt, it'd fall.

B-But, then we wouldn't be able to get away safely...

Stop it. I'm not planning on taking this pillar.

I'm just saying that if there is any part I could take away, that'd be it.

Let's not do that...

Hehehahaha, hmm. I guess I shouldn't think about striking it rich...

That's right. Steadily, little by little is the best way.

...It's just, aiming to strike it rich is the best thing about being a prospector. On second thought, just one pillar won't... *gulp*

Hyah! Regina, stop! I don't wanna fall!

Music: Tangomushi

Hehe, well, she didn't really hit the pillar, but I was still plenty scared. It's sometimes hard to tell when she's joking, but she's really good-natured. I'm sure she wouldn't let anything bad happen to me.

Music: A Single Beam of Light

This tunnel is full of minerals and rocks. None of them are too valuable, as far as I can see, but I'd definitely like to come back here and look around more some time. I'm sure Regina would like to, as well.

Music: Invitation Flower -Summer-

Every now and then, when wandering around certain parts of the world map, Ayesha will notice and pick up flyers. They are where they are, and they give you 50 free Memory Points, so it's a good deal. Also, Ayesha is one of those games that has several different world map themes, but they play in different parts of the map. They are, of course, named after the seasons.

Spring plays in the southeast and eastern parts of the map, around Riesengang and Ayesha's workshop. Summer plays for most of the world map, extending from the northeast down through the center of the world map. Autumn plays for traveling on the western side of the map, and Winter for the far northeast.

Oh, and just so you know, New Game+'s option to skip the intro ends when you get to Vierzburg for the first time. This is sort of the hub town of the game and the area around the city is where you'll likely spend most of your time. The big city

Music: If You Walk Down Main Street

Whoa! So this is Vierzeberg! There are so many magnificent bridges, it's amazing!

Well, let's go our separate ways from here. I have a delivery to make.

Okay... What should I do?

This is a good opportunity for you to just wander around. I'm sure there's a lot of things in this town that you've never seen before.

Sightseeing... That does sound fun...

My friend's shop is just up the hill, so let's meet up there. Sorry I'm making you wait around, but I'll introduce you to the person I was talking about!

The hill... How do I get there?

If you head down the street that you'll see when you enter the town, and just keep going, you can't miss it.

Hahaha, I'm still pretty confident that I can get lost.

You'll be fine. But if anything does go wrong, let's meet up at this bridge.

Umm, even with that backup plan, there are so many bridges...

Okay? See you later!

Regina's right...this really is an amazing city. There are so many buildings and people. Reisengang is much smaller than this city. Hopefully her friend can tell me all about the mysterious flower I took from around Nio's grave. I wanna learn everything I can so I can find Nio as soon as possible.

Oh, and check out the box in the top right. Notice the rabbit ears on the on the eight? If there's a zero in the box, like if it's 10 / x or x / 10, Ayesha even puts a little smiley face in the circle. It's a couple cute little details. The cute witch

Music: I'm at the Bazaar

Are they having some kind of festival...? Since I'm here, maybe I should go buy some souvenirs... Huh? I wonder which way is "up the hill"... I have no clue... Could I have...gotten lost? Oh nooo! Regina's probably waiting for me.

*sniff* *sniff* *sniff* ...Something smells mysterious.


*sniff* *sniff* This is...the smell of a witch.

Music: Baby Bird

Who is she? She looks so mysterious...kind of like a witch. But I probably shouldn't say that, since I've always read witches were always old women who lived alone and brewed strange potions. I don't do anything like that...I think.


There's also a sweet scent. Is that the smell of candy?

Whoa! Umm, who are you...?

It won't do you any good to hide it. You have sweeeet candy on you, don't ya? Wanna give me some?

Candy? Sure. Here you go.

I always carry candy when I go out traveling. Ernie usually brings them around, as he's known forever that me and Nio love sweet candy.

Hehe, thanks. Hrm-hmm... It's so yummy! Hrm-hmm... At any rate, I never though I'd run into a person of the same profession.

Oh... Same profession...?

Yup. You're a witch, right? You have the smell of catalyst. *sniff* *sniff* ...This is the smell of Taun.

Oh, yes, I do have Tauns. I use them for synthesis.


Yes. Umm, is something wrong...?

Well, I guess that's rare, too.

An a-alchemist...?

But alchemists are nothing but copycats of witches, after all. Oh, thanks for the candy. See ya!

She left... She was an interesting girl.

Alchemist...that man with the glasses I met also mentioned alchemy, but I have no idea what it is. Since she mentioned I was in the same profession as her at first, I guess she's a witch. But she looks way too small and cute to be like one of the ones I've read about. I guess I've still got a lot to learn about the world. I hope I'll see her again while I'm in the city.

Well, I should go and try to find Regina. Hopefully I won't get lost...

Yes! So the person who's knowledgeable about flowers is around here...?

The owner of Harry's Trading House is an odd fella who likes strange things. He might know something about the flowers you're looking for.

Ooh, then let's go see him right away!

I know I shouldn't say this after guiding you all this way, but...don't expect too much. Also! Keep an ooopen mind when you meet him!


Regina directed me to a nearby shop. I guess this is where she made her delivery. Setting up in Vierzberg

Welcome! ...Oh, hey, Regina.

Music: At My Pace

Hey, is Harry here? I wanted to see him.

So, you're here to see him?

Well actually, she's the one who wants to see him.

I'm Ayesha Altugle, an apothecary. It's nice to meet you.

Ayesha...? I feel like I've heard that name somewhere... Could you be the person who made this biiitter medicine?

Oh, I did make that medicine. I'm sorry it's so bitter...

No, don't apologize. Your medicine is really popular. Some people even travel pretty far just to buy your medicine from us. I was wondering what kind of person made this medicine, but... Who knew she would be so young and cute...?

H-Huh? C-C-Cute...?

Aww, are you embarrassed? Hehehe, how cute.

Hyah, I'm not like that... Umm, I don't think I'm all that cute...

Hahaha, you are cute, to the point that it just makes me want to tease you.

Nio is the only person who ever called me cute...but she's family. I never thought someone from the city would think so. Maybe she's just trying to make fun of me...

Please, stop saying I'm cute...'re playing right into Marietta's hands...

Hahaha, I guess I should formally introduce myself, since such a cute apothecary came all this way... I'm Marietta, the shopkeeper of this store. If you need antyhing, or have anything you want to talk about, feel free to ask anytime.

Oh, yes. Pleased to meet you...

But I know she's not a bad person. That was pretty fun, I think... She definitely seems like she's really smart.

Oh, that's right. Hold on, I'll go get him.

Well, well, I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long. You see, I am a busy guy...

(Whoa, he's very...flamboyant.)

I am the Commercial and Industrial Association Assistant Vice-Director, Riesengang Government Chairperson... President of the Occasional Rare Item Enthusiasts Society, and the organizer of the Thrilling Teasure Contest... Yes, I am the famous Harry Olson!

Music: Merchant March

Now then, when you're as famous as I am, it seems your fans will even raid your house... How troublesome. Even so, I promise not to mistreat you. I'll willingly give you an autograph. It is, after all, part of my mission.

Yes, umm...thank you very much.

Hey now, that's not it. We came here to ask you a question. Ayesha, if you don't want it, you definitely have to tell him that you don't want it. Anyway, we have a question for you. Harry, you're familiar with weird stuff, right? This girl is looking for rare flowers. Do you know anything about that?

Why is Regina being so cautious...?

Hmm, flowers you say!? Flowers are my field of expertise. Well, every field is my expertise. Come now, ask me anything.

Ohh, this is...hmm... Hrmh...I-I-I see, I see... ...Got it! This is...that!

You know something about it!?

Hmhmhm, I told you earlier, my knowledge in the field of science is wide and deep. There is absolutely nothing that I don't know about. However... It's right on the tip of my tongue, but its name escapes me. I seem to be suffering memory lapse.

That seems kiiinda suspcious... Harry, you seem to be sweating quite a lot.

Wh-What? Are you accusing me of lying? Stop looking at me like you don't believe me. I'm sorry, but would you please give me some time? I'll try to remember it.

So you're trying to buy some time, and plan to do some desperation research?

O-O-Of course not! I told you, there's nothing that I don't know.

Well, whatever the case may be, I don't mind. We'll come back later.

Sorry. Not necessarily to make up for it... But you're welcome to freely use a spare room while you wait.

We're grateful, many days do you plan on taking to remember?

Okay, okay, do your best to somehow remember or research it. We're counting on you.

Well...there is always the man with the glasses. Something about the way he was talking made it seem like he knew something, but I bet he thought I wouldn't understand, even if he told me. He's probably right...

Leave it to me. I'm a man who never betrays your expectations. Now... Why don't I go ahead and take you to the room you'll be using during your stay?

Oh, are you sure? But...

You shoudl take him up on this kind offer. Staying at an inn would get expensive. Being helpful and looking after people is Harry's strong point.

Okay. Then, I'd like to accept that offer.

Wow! What a splendid room...!

Oh, it's not that big of a deal. I have plenty more rooms just like this one. Think of this as your own house, and feel free to use it.

Harry, your generosity and the looseness of your purse-strings are exceptional, as always.

Oh, getting praised like that is making me blush. Oh, goodness gracious. You said your name was Ayesha? I'm sure coming here from the countryside couldn't have been that pleasant. I believe Marietta told me that you sell medicine... In that case, you're somewhat connected with my store. There's no need to hold back.

Okay, I'll use this room. Thank you so much!

No, no, I'm happy to help a young apothecary. If you have any worries, feel free to come talk to me. Until we meet again.

Hehe, I guess even if he's a little strange, Harry is a really nice guy. In the future, I can definitely count on him to help when I'm in trouble or need something.

Goodness, Harry sure can't be helped. He said he was gonna try to remember, but I'm sure he never even knew. Whatever the case may be, it's hard to hate him, so don't feel bad, okay?

Of course not. I really hope it's okay that he lent me this room...

Regina can come off harsher sometimes than she intends to, I think. I'm sure she doesn't feel badly about Harry or anything, but she takes my issues really personally. She's like a big sister, now that I think about it.

It's fine. Harry was a total miss, but you were able to borrow this nice room, so I guess we broken even.

After that, Regina wanted me to step outside onto the balcony to show me something, and to talk in general about the town. The first steps

You're right. Although, I'm still not sure where to start... Glowing flowers...and clues about Nio... I need to find them, no matter what! Regina, I'm gonna overcome any challenge that comes my way. I'm sure I'll find clues about Nio somewhere!

Yup, you can do this, Ayesha! I'll do my best to help you. I just intended to walk around after this job was done anyway. Feel free to depend on me whenever you want.

Wow, having you with me will be a great help!

A map! For the area around here. I saw it in the room, so I brought it with me. We need to know what's around before we can start searching.

Oh, a map... I don't know anything about the area outside my workshop. I guess I have to start by looking around.

That's right, I think this'll really help us out. Also, asking the people around town might be good, too.

Okay! I'll do my best!

Music: Nice to Meet You!

Well, even if Harry doesn't know anything about the flowers, I'm sure someone around here does. Just hold on, Nio! Your big sister is doing everything she can!