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Part 7: Part VI: Hear the Lamentation of a Village

Part VI: Hear the Lamentation of a Village

It was a wonderful experience to meet Nanaca and Juris, but Marion still had something she wanted to talk to me about, even after showing her around the herb garden, but first... The busy market

Whoa... There's so many people...

Hello, Ayesha! Are you enjoying the bazaar?

Oh, Mr. Harry, I actually just got here.

Freshly picked mountain vegetables! Only two more left. Better hurry before they're gone!

Heeey, they have some cute fabric over there.

Oh, really?

Mooom, wh-where are you?

It's so lively... It's nothing like how the street normally is.

Hahaha, everyone says that. What do you think? Are you enjoying it?

Yes! It's very fun. I've never been to such a lively festival before. With so many people...I'm starting to get a little dizzy.

Hahaha, with this many people, it might be tough until you get used to it. By the way, festival? Hahaha, I guess it is something like a festival... This "festival" has become vital to developing Veirzeberg's economy and the circulation of goods and money. We hold this bazaar every month. By all means, have fun!

The whole bazaar was really noisy, but I could still hear the screaming from Marion's office... A clue toward Nio?

Huh!? Was that Marion's voice?

Jeez...always sending over additional work without knowing anything about our situation... If they want us to keep the deadline, they better send us money or people!

Deadline...? What is she talking about?

I do not know. A gofer seems to have to deal with a lot of trouble.

Since it's kind of an unusual word, basically a "gofer" is someone who's just constantly being given new orders. tells me it's a relatively recent word, having been invented in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

Don't say that so seriously, Linca. You're gonna make me sad... I'm sorry. I showed you yet another disgraceful moment. I kept receiving absurd orders, one after the other, and I just couldn't help myself...

You seem really busy. If you want, I can just come back later...

Oh, there's no need for that. As it turns out, I need to talk to you, too.

Huh? Marion...why are you smiling like that?

I got additional investigation instructions from my home country, but I already have my hands full... So, I was thinking I'd ask you to handle this particular investigation for me.

A particular investigation? Umm, what should I do...? (I have Nio's thing, too, so I wonder if I'll have time to take on a job like this...)

Hmhm, it'll probably help you out, too. I want to request an investigation of Hallos Village. All of the villagers disappeared overnight. Just looking at the circumstances, doesn't it sound similar to your sister's disappearance?

I've heard of Hallos Village before, but I've never been there. It's a really big place, definitely bigger than Riesengang. It's in the middle of a deep forest, beyond some rivers to the south of here. I wonder what happened, and if it's related to Nio...

That is interesting. Please let me do this job.

Thank you. In that case, I'll tell you the details of the request. I want you to examine the village thoroughly and search for something that might've caused the disappearances.

The cause... I wonder what could cause all the villagers to disappear...

There are numerous possibilities, like they were attacked by beasts or thieves, or poisonous gas. Of course, it could even be the work of a bloodthirsty killer.

That's just a possibility. But if that is the might see the vengeful ghosts of the villagers.

U-Umm, I think I'll actually decline...

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't think you'd get that scared. Don't worry. I don't think it'll be a killer, because... The villagers disappeared without a trace. It's really strange...

Th-Then...maybe I'll be... Umm, will I be okay?

Anyway, fi we can find physical evidence that points to the cause, it would be more than we're hoping for.

Physical evidence...? What would that be?

Samples of the water or dirt, whether or not there are any signs of struggle, or weapons on the ground. If you find anything out of the ordinary, bring it back.

Water, dirt, and anything out of the ordinary... Got it!

And...since we don't know what'll happen, I'll lend her to you. Linca, I order you to be Ayesha's bodyguard. I'm counting on you.

As you command!

Hmmm....Linca seems really...simple. She does everything for Marion's sake, and she's always thinking about fighting. They still seem to be pretty close, though.

Linca will...? Wow, that's very reassuring!

Ayesha, I'm sure you'll be okay, but always keep your guard up. If you think it's dangerous, don't go too far in.

Okay, I'll do my best!

Music: The Pen and the Sword

Understood. Ayesha, I will protect you from all enemies. Even at the cost of my life!

She's so serious...but I guess that's why she's a good bodyguard.

Oh, you don't have to go that far...

This girl is very skilled, but she's also very inflexible. Well, I can guarantee her skills with a sword. I'm sure it'll be helpful to take her with you. Linca, escort her to a moderate degree. Don't go overboard, okay? You'll escort her until you return to town. Do you understand?

As you command!

Also, don't go following strangers.

As you command!

When you wake up in the morning, make sure you comb your hair and tidy yourself up.


Where's your response?

A-As you command!

If you come back with messy hair, I won't let you back in the house, okay?

A-As you command!

(It seems like Marion has a lot to deal with...)

Well then, Ayesha, look after Linca for me.

Hehe, they have a cute relationship. I really hope I'll get to know the both of them better.

Neither Regina or Wilbell are essential for the trip to Hallos, but Linca is. Obviously, she's quite a bit stronger than either for them, and I'd recommend bringing Regina along, if only for the fact she has better defense. Going out on the main street and checking out the stall nearest to the right...

Huh? Regina!? You have a shop, too?

Yup, to earn some pocket money. The stall regulations are very lenient here.

Oh, I see. I assumed registering for a shop would be complicated.

Harry is the one in charge, and he's not too nosy about the details. That's one good point about him. Anyways, I'll have a shop out every month, so come stop by when you feel like it.

Okay... Oh, but I don't want to get in your way by talking to you too much...

Well, talking is part of tending a shop. Customers attract more customers.

Oh, I can kinda see that. You'd want to check out a shop if a lot of people are there.

Right? So I'm fully open for some chitchat! Even then, I still won't get that many customers anyway...

How many customers do you get at a shop like this?

Well, it depends on the day, but it's not that much. But maybe by the time I finish up, I can have a nice meal and a nice drink... I guess it might not look like much, but getting to enjoy nice food and drinks while taking a break... Being able to chat like this and get to know more people...that's enough for me, I guess.

Wow, that does sound fun...

Wilbell also has a scene for her stand, but I'll skip it, since this is already a chatty update. This is basically an introduction to the fact several party members are running their own shops in Vierzberg when the bazaar is going on, and you can often buy speciality merchandise. Characters events and general story progress can change their selection, so check back every now and then.

Making bombs...I know the spectacled man said that alchemy is the key to finding Nio, but alchemy's potential is pretty scary. I'm just getting started, but the things in that book Marion gave me are already much more powerful than anything I've ever used. I have to be really careful. After I finished making this, someone knocked on my door.

Oh, hello Marion. Are you here about another investigation?

Hahaha... Does it look like I only care about work?

S-Sorry. I've just never seen you when you're not working.

I-I see. That's a serious problem... I look like a woman who only lives for her work.

No, I don't think you "only" live for your work...I think. Plus, working ladies are very cool!

She found her purpose in life with her job, showed no interest in relationships, and continued to work. And thanks to that, she's the top achiever in her department.

That's a nice story. Like, as long as you work hard, you can achieve your goals...

No, it's not done. She told me, "I should've gotten married".

I-I see...

And she told me again and again not to follow down the same path that she did. That probably means I shouldn't just be doing my work so much.

Umm, I don't know. I'm not sure if I understand it all that well...

I'm still fine. I still have a chance... I'll be okay. ...Oh, right. I came here to see how you were doing today. So, how's it been? Was the book I gave you useful?

Yes, very! I feel like I understand a little more about alchemy now.

I see. That's amazing. To be able to read such a difficult book... I couldn't comprehend a single thing that book.

My grandfather taught me how to read that ancient language.

I see. I wonder if your grandfather was a skilled alchemist...

I've never really considered my abilities exceptonal, but maybe Marion is right about me. I was too young to really understand what my grandfather was doing, but I started my work as an apothecary too late to ask him what it really was.

I don't know. He told me he was an apothecary... Anyways, Marion, the book you gave me was really helpful. I don't know too much about alchemy, but this person told me to study more about it... Ah!

Wh-What's wrong?

About the person you're looking for, I...I've met him...

Really!? Wh-Where?

At the ruin behind my workshop. He seemed to be investigating it.

Huh, at that ruin? I should've gone there sooner...

Umm, that person...what did he do?

Illegal excavation of a government ruin, property damage, breaking into government facilities, and much more. Ayesha, if you see that man again, you shouldn't get too close. I'm sure he wouldn't harm ordinary people, but that still doesn't change the fact that he's dangerous.

(Hmm, but he doesn't seem that bad of a person...I think... And Marion is thinking about her work again...)

This is all getting really complicated...

When you have another 200 Memory Points, I'd very strongly advise writing A Strong Bodyguard down. Friend and Friend+ means inactive party members get the same amount of experience as active ones do (you can press select for a memory journal entry to see what the bonuses do). Always helpful, and earned much earlier in the game than in Meruru.

A Strong Bodyguard posted:

It seems that Marion got yet another new assignment. It was to investigate a village where all the inhabitants disappeared overnight.

So, since Marion was so busy, she gave that job to me. The situation is similar to what happened to Nio, so it might give me some clues.

It was decided that Linca would accompany me as my bodyguard. Even in a such a strange, having Linca with me gave me courage.

To actually unlock the route to Hallos Village, you need to see that above scene where Marion talks about her job. That basically means just making the Craft and Bomb, but both are good attack items, so it's in your best interest anyway.

When I made it to the Fragrant Wind Meadow, I had another really interesting encounter. The bard


Hyah! Where did that sound come from!? Okay, so when I stepped here, there was something soft and...


Hyah! Did I step on something!?


Hyah, kyaaah! H-H-H-He revived!

Hello, you have a beautiful voice. Thanks to you, I was able to have a refreshing awakening.


However, I feel like I'm about to slip back into a deep sleep. A deep, deep sleep...never to awaken again.

Umm, I'm sorry I stepped on you. And I'm glad you were able to revive...

Well, well, you're presumption is not altogether wrong... Right now, I'm being exposed to the crises of life. To get a better underestanding of each other, could you please ask what happened to me?

Oh, okay. Umm, so what happened to you?

Well, I wonder if you can hear this melody...

His stomach growled really loud... I guess he hasn't eaten in a while.

So that is it...

You're hungry? Then, you can have my lunch.

He started eating the lunch pretty fast. I'm so glad I got here when I did.

Whew, it seems like I was able to calm down. You're a lifesaver! Thank you.

I'm glad I was able to help. But calling me a lifesaver is a bit much...

No, no. I haven't had anything to eat in three days. I was beginning to the landscape of the angels...

Landscape of the angels...?

It was an ethereal scene. If you hadn't stepped on me, it would've been very dangerous for me. Hahahaha! Goodness gracious.

I don't think that's something to laugh about... Didn't you bring any food with you?

No. To be honest, I accidentally forgot to buy food before I left on my journey.

I don't think that's something you can "accidentally" forgot...

No, no, that happens a lot, actually. But I've always been able to manage. This place has a rather higher amount of traffic, so I assumed that someone would come save me. But... Sadly, no one came by for three days. And so... Beautiful miss, if you have any food to spare, it would be great if I could have some of it.

Oh, yes. I brought some extra, just in case. So, here!

Thank you. I can probably make it back to town with this. This is all I give to my savior. So, here goes...

No, it's okay. You still don't look that well!

Oh, you're very observant. To be honest, my vision is still out of focus... Then, let me at least tell you my name.

I'm a seeker of sounds, collecting music that has been scattered throughout the world!

My name is Ayesha. Nice to meet you.

Ayesha, yes. You're just like a fairy. What a splendid name... I feel some sort of connection with you. Like we might meet again somewhere. I'll repay you for today, some other day. Well, see ya.

(Ranun... He's a very...very interesting person...)

It's amazing how many people you meet when you go on an adventure! My adventure is just beginning, though, so I'll probably meet a lot more people before I find Nio.

Hallos Village is just beyond the Spring Water Forest, which is near where I met Ranun. When I got there... Re-appearance

Another thing I should bring it up is that even though the game says your basket can only hold 60 items currently, that's a bit misleading. See, when you collect more than one of the same material, that material in your basket has a number next to it indicating how much you actually have. That means you can actually carry hundreds of ingredients, or 60 different ones at any one time.

Consumable items like bombs, though, are counted normally.

Wow...I never imagined anything like this. There's no one here, but everything is still standing. Just like everyone vanished...

A village without any people is kinda creepy... Well, I should start my investigation. Where should I start?

It's you... Don't call me by such a weird name.

I'm sorry, I don't know your name. But what a coincidence to meet you here!

Coincidence...? Considering the peculiarities of this place, I'd prefer to think it was inevitable.

Huh? So is the disappearance of these villagers related to Nio...?

I told you, I'm not the one who should be searching for that answer.

But my sister's life is at stake! She might be living through some scary nightmare somewhere... If you know something, please tell me, umm, M-Mr. Spectacles.

...It's Keithgriff! Just call me Keith. I can't stand being called such weird names.

Okay, Mr. Keith, umm...

Sorry, but I'm not good at being friendly, so if you'll excuse me...

So these villagers are somehow related to Nio... I can't stand around like this. I need to investigate!

Music: Gnome

Many enemies possess area of effect attacks, but I believe these grey wolves hanging around Hallos are the first to use area attacks. There's a third assist option called "Disperse", which means if an enemy uses an area attack and one of your allies is next to another ally with an Assist charged up, the one ally with an Assist can jump out of the way of the attack. Its usefulness is situational.

Music: The Sign is Fleeting from the Mist

Hmm, I need to do a good job to investigate what happened here. Sampling the water might help.

Hmm, the water here might have poisonous elements mixed in it...


*gulp* *gulp* Oink!

...I guess it's safe. Then there's nothing abnormal about the water... I'll just get a sample of the water to be safe.

Oink moo, moooo...

Honestly, Pana's way too enthusaistic when she's thirsty. I investigated the village a bit more until I found an empty house.

H-Hello... Kyah! Oh, it's just dust and cobwebs... Umm, is anyone here...? I'm coming in.

If there's like any human bones in here, it'll be really scary... Urgh, now I'm starting to get scared. I shouldn't have thought of something like that... Umm, I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid... Even if a skeleton ghost appears, we can talk everything out... I feel like a talking skeleton would be even scarier... Waaah, I should stop thinking now. I'm investigating, I'm investigating...

Hmm, I guess there's nothing out of the ordinary here.

The first house has a lot of cow manure in the gathering spots (yep, manure is a material in this game), and a valuable recipe book.

The third empty house a little further in has a pretty valuable accessory that boosts the user's HP, ATK, PH RES, and Fire and Ice RES. I decided to put it on Ayesha.

This is the reason you want to bring Bombs to Hallos. There's a lot of strong enemy groups, but a Bomb is going to do a lot of damage. Crafts have a larger blast radius, but are considerably weaker.

Something's glowing up ahead...