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Part 8: Part VII: Hear the Power of a Warrior

Part VII: Hear the Power of a Warrior

A field of glowing flowers

Glowing flowers...just like when I saw Nio.

Something strange is going on... Something doesn't feel normal... B-But, I came here to investigate, so I need to start...investigating. I need to get a closer look and check everything out...!

I heard there were reports of people disappearing. Can you tell me anything about that?

Wh-Whoa! They disappeared...! H-Human's can't just disappear like that... So, could these really be the vengeful ghosts that Marion was talking about? *shiver*

Music: Twilight

Another really good song. Just like with Guidance, it's a song that makes you think of twilight, honestly. A calm wind, long shadows, a feeling of isolation and things coming to an end. Unfortunately, it doesn't play for long in this scene, but I'd definitely recommend listening to the full version.

That's... Nio! What's she doing in this village...? No, no, that doesn't matter right now. Nio! Nio, it's me! Can't you tell? Look at me! I never thought I'd see you in a place like this, so you surprised me.

Oh! She...disappeared... But, why...? She smiled at me before... The flowers! They're glowing...! I remember him saying...that investigating the flowers was also a key. I'll just pick one of these flowers. It might lead me to Nio in the future... If I keep collecting these kinds of flowers, I'm sure...someday...!

For the next part of the scene (the above video incorporates these two scenes), approach this object in the back of the flower field and investigate.

I wonder what this is... It's pretty and mysterious and...I've never seen anything like it before... Marion did say to bring back anything out of the ordinary... This seems really out of the ordinary. If I take it back...


Oh, the spectacled man...

I thought I told you to call me Keith. Anyway, do you understand what this is?

I was just gonna take it back for the time being. Is it special?

Hmm... I was impressed that you took an interest in this place, but I guess you're still only at that level. Looks like you don't need this right now. I'd better take it instead.

It may be a clue to finding Nio...

Even so, it won't do you any good yet. This item is too advanced for you. I shall put it to good use instead.

But, I found it first...

However, I was first to pick it up. But, let's see...I'll give you advice in exchange. This place is connected to the place we met. Although, that connection is only a temporary phenomenon.

Hmm...Mr. Keith is really helpful, even if he's really grumpy sometimes. He also really knows a lot. He confuses me...


The earlier illusion is proof... You can discover the rest for yourself.

Umm, please tell me more about what you know. What happened to this village and Nio... Do they have something in common?

I thought I told you to use your own hands, feet, and head to find the truth for yourself. I despise people who don't put it any effort or devotion themselves, and only seek results the most.

*sigh* He's being mean again...

Aww, Mr. Keith is about to leave. Wh-What should I do...?

Wh-What's wrong, Linca? Why are you pulling out your sword all of a sudden...!?

Miss, I have no recollection of you., and entering...buildings, and...and... Anyway, Marion said to capture you. Brace yourself, Keithgriff Hazeldine.

L-Linca, don't say such scary things...

I couldn't care less how society judges me. However, I can't stand by and do nothing when I'm exposed to danger.

H-Huh...? Why is the atmosphere turning threatening all of a sudden?

I will seize you with all of my might. Ayesha, don't let your guard down.

Oh no...I really didn't want to fight Mr. Keith... Versus Keithgriff.

Okay, so, it's *technically* possible to beat Keithgriff, but without the highest tier of equipment, forget about it. While this fight is winnable with the highest tier of equipment, you stand exactly 0% chance of winning using equipment from this actual point in the game.

Your attacks will almost never break more than 1 damage, and even your most powerful attack will only do about 6 damage, against an enemy who has 500 HP. That's not to mention how powerful he is. While obviously I get my ass handed to me in the above video, you can at least see Keithgriff's super move in action, so that's fun.

But because you goons are lucky bastards, I actually went to the effort of reloading my last save from this game when I was near the end, beat the game and reloaded that save to carry over equipment, then played the game up to this point with the highest-tier of equipment on Ayesha, Wilbell, and Linca. Defeating Keithgriff.

Although there is an alternate post-battle scene, it doesn't change anything of substance. But, just thought I'd do something nice for you all (and I love the credits for this game). However, let's stay in reality, where Ayesha easily loses to Keithgriff. Another time, another place

Please ignore the fact Ayesha's staff in this screenshot is not the one she was using in the losing battle. That's because the game does an annoying auto-skip after the battle ends if the skip option is present. I forgot it did this, so I had to use the winning save to record the losing scene.

Goodness. It's rather difficult to go easy on someone. I'm sorry, but I don't have any more time to keep you company. So, farewell.

Ouuuch. Mr. Keith ended up taking what I found... I should go report back to Marion...

And just for completion's sake, here is Keithgriff's entry in the monster list, as you'll never see it if you're doing a New Game.