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Part 12: Bonus Update 2

Bonus Update 2


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Thrilling Treasure Contest


Splendid Place
Forest: Part 2. This one is darker. Forest stages can be like a fairytale or a horror story (those two might be somewhat similar to begin with), so they just can't be covered with just one song.

The Sign is Fleeting from the Mist
Kind of like how walking around the countryside after midnight can feel like you're in a ghost town. I gathered the melody that came to me while I was loitering around in the middle of the night.

Just a Coffin and an Automaton
The mellow chorus and the string melody illustrates the eternal automaton, and the uniformed accompaniment illustrates the books that are lined something I just came up with. But I like the smell of a library.

Glass Cotton Flower
It was originally a song made for the witch, Wilbell, but was discareded since it didn't match her personality. Rearranging it with some translucence, it felt glass ruin-ish, so we decided to use it for that.

Scapon Detector 77AVturboZmkIISR
Donnybrook! Is what I had in mind, and I was totally gonna copy a certain wrestler's theme song, but...when I was done, it sounded more like the BGM right before the Dorombo Gang gets beaten. From the Showa Period, of course.

That second-to-last sentence seems to be referring to a group from the anime Yatterman, which first was on Japanese TV in the late 1970s, then again from 2008-2009.

The Pen and the Sword
Pen and the sword is about Marion and Linca. I intially thought Linca was a cool beauty, swinging her sword elegantly, but she ended up being a bit comical.

Purple Smoke
Being a tsundere, this is Keith's theme. I made it in the hopes that his mercurial nature would come out. I was improvising, so I might not even know what the chords might be...

The intro and Bouzouki of the interlude are sooo cool! Amazing work by Dani. You're da bomb! Zeppelin or Kula Shaker, songs that mix ethnic instruments with rock are really cool.

Earth, Wind, and Sentiments Sonnet
The song performed by Ranun on his bagpipes (?). I feel like in Gust games, musicians and poets = not the smartest, who don't have the power to survive. Although, that may be true for me, too.

If this was for an anime, for after the commercial break, this would have been descending.

Lyrics, mandolin and sleigh bells performed by Tae, and guitar and bass by Dani. This song was arranged by Mr. Achiwa, with lyric edits by Mr. Aoki. I'm so grateful to have everyone's help on the song that I made.

Commentary for game edit:
This is the game version. An important person once said that you shouldn't cry until the ending.