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Part 13: Part XI: Hear the Story of a Scholar

Part XI: Hear the Story of a Scholar

I decided to leave the Zweiteturm for now. Mr. Keith's advice was very helpful, and I'm very glad Ms. Odelia let me have this book. It's so old...but I'm sure it'll be fine. If anything can help me find Nio, it's this book.

I was just about to have lunch. Would you like to join me?

Well...I was planning on skipping lunch today.

Why? You won't have enough energy if you don't eat properly. No matter what you do, your body is an important asset.

Hehe, well, umm...I'm starting to deal with a little weight problem...

You've gained weight? It doesn't seem like it...

But like, I've gained a little weight in places you can't see...

A little? I don't think a little is much of a problem.

Buuut, it still matters. I am a girl, after all.

With a body like yours, I think it's weird to worry about your weight.

Hrgh... But still, it's better to be lighter...

No! While you're traveling, it's very important to maintain your peak physical condition. I've never heard of someone being on a diet while they're traveling before!

But, but, still... I can't gain any more weight...

Hmm, so it means that much to you? Girls are really confusing... Hmm...but it really doesn't seem like you've gained any weight... Actually, it looks like you've lost weight...

Huh...? Really...?

Yup. Maybe you've gained more muscle since you started traveling?

I-I wonder... But that still doesn't change the fact that I weigh more now...

It's healthy, and that's all that matters. Now, make sure you eat your lunch. I'll share with you, so come here.

Ernie actually let me take his picnic blanket with me. It's a good thing, too, since I noticed Linca starting to get hungry as we got closer to Vierzeberg.

I have been waiting for those words. I was reaching my hunger limit.

Hehehe, it's nothing fancy, but I made lunch for us. Here you go.

Ooh, then if I may... *munch* Th-This is...delicious!

Whew... Good. I was worried it might not suit your taste.

So alchemy can even be used to make these kinds of things...

N-No, that's not it. I made them normally.

Normally? Then Ayesha, you can cook?

Hahaha, well, I'm not good enough to go around telling everyone I can cook...

No, this is admirable. It is not something that is easily done.

I-I wouldn't take it to that extent...

...Ayesha, I have a special favor to ask of you. I know it is improper for a bodyguard like me to ask for favors, but... I was hoping you could listen to my pleas.

What's wrong? You're so proper... I'll listen, as long as you're okay with someone like me...

However, even though I have cut wild beasts, I have never cut vegetables. It is quite easy to slice a beast that is more than twice my height, but I find ingredients to be most difficult to cut.

It seems like normally the opposite is true...

Ayesha, will you please instruct me on the secrets of cooking?

Well, I'm not sure about the secrets of cooking, but it's nice for girls to know how to cook... Okay. If you're okay with having me for a teacher, I'll do it. Wait, but wouldn't Marion be able to teach you?

She told me to use my head first. However, I do not know where to even start when it comes to cooking...

I-I see. I understand your situation. Then, umm, would it be okay if I can get ready first?

Of course! That wolud be very helpful!

(I'm not to apoint where I can teach anyone... I need to study up, myself.)

It was mostly from watching Nio that I learned to cook, but I guess I can help Linca a little bit. I guess this is what Marion meant by being her friend. I have to do something to help Marion, since she's already doing so much for me. But before then, I need to get back to town and read that book. Flowers and Nio

"Due to recent research, many plants and animals that were considered to be mere legend have been rediscovered. This book will introduce you to the study of flowers that contain unknown properties." Legendary flowers...? Maybe it'll have the flowers from the ruins... Alrighty then, I'm gonna read this whole book start to finish. Let's see, this is... Uh-huh, uh-huh, I see... Whew...I still have a long way to go. Oh, this is the glass flower that bloomed in the Glass Factory!

Let' see... "a plant that absorbs silicon from the ground and blossoms with a glass-like flower... It may be possible to utilize and apply this property to create a living building material... An experiment to construct a three-story building from the biogenic substance of this flower was a success. There are still more tasks to be done, but the synthesis of a living building material was successful."

Whoa... Alchemy is amazing... I can do a a little synthesis, but nothing like these people... It seems like I'm a little different from an alchemist after all... Riesengang spring water... Hey, this book is talking about the area near my workshop! Maybe it'll have something about the flowers in the ruin... Let's see...

*yawn* I stayed up all night... I can't keep my eyes open... I should take a break and make some tea. The book didn't have any clues to lead me to Nio. Mr. Keith, what am I supposed to do now...? Even if I asked him, he probably wouldn't tell me. It might be good to start by investigating the mysterious flowers that grow around here... The book has a flower that waits for rain, one that blooms every 100 years, and one that doens't bloom in the sun. Of these three...the flower that waits for rain must be near my workshop... It even says it's near Riesengang. I wonder where the other two are... The flower that blooms every 100 years is at the end of an endless meadow...

The text here says "meadow" but Ayesha's voice actress says "plain". The latter honestly makes more sense, considering where it actually is.

And the flower that doesn't bloom in the sun is along the shore of a big sea. Hmm...they don't seem every local... I guess I'll have to go to different places and gradually gather more information.

My First Alchemy posted:

I was wondering what alchemy is, and it seems like it's the same as what I've been doing to make medicine. But I was only making medicine as usual...

So then, I decided to carefully read an alchemy book and give it a try. At first, I was nervous and didn't really think I could make anything.

I ended up making a bomb, so I'm feeling a complex mix of emotions. The book said that only af ew amazing people can use alchemy, but I don't feel that amazing.

If I learn how to do alchemy properly, I might be able to rescue Nio. I don't know how it relates to glowing flowers, but if it'll save Nio, I can't waver.

While I'd hesitate to call everything up to Zweiteturm the "intro", your half-game spanning goal at this point is to gather those three flowers. The one near Riesengang, the one at the end of an endless plain, and the one that blooms in the moonlight. don't *actually* have to get all three of those. Off the top of my head, there's two flowers other than those you can get aside from those three, and it's a good idea to do so. If you wait for the moonlight one, you'll be stuck in this part of the story until November of Year 2.

But, the overriding point of all this is to gather three of those special flowers and save Nio. I'll go ahead and spoil it now, but Nio is indeed still alive, and the overriding point of the game is to save her. See, the reason I'm spoiling this is because the manual does it for you.

Ayesha's manual, page 23 posted:

Ayesha's goal is to find her missing sister, Nio. Whether or not she'll be able to safely find Nio is up to the player's actions. Also, finding Nio will not clear the game. You will be able to journey together until you decide to return home.

So, there you go. Anyone with the manual can check it out for themselves. So yeah, find the three flowers, save Nio. Before then, though, there's some stuff you really should do, especially if you want this game's canon ending. The post-Nio rescue stuff is mostly character events, to set up everyone's endings. The bakery opens.

Welcome! Oh, hello miss, so you came!

Yes. The aroma of the baking bread led me here.

Haha! Freshly baked bread has the mysterious power to lure people in. I have everything from freshly baked bread to bread that'll keep for a long time, so take your time and look around!

Okay! Wow, there's so many, I can't make up my mind. The kitty bread is so cute! Oh, and so is this teddy bear bread over here! It's so cute, I can't eat it.

Hehehe, I can't help but love cute things. The amount of effort put into this bread is incredible... This baker is amazing.

Hahaha, eat without regrets. That's what the bread would want, as well. By the way, the kitty is filled with jam, and the teddy bear is filled with custard cream.

That's amazing...! Do you make all these cute kinds of bread, too?

Yup. I want my customers to feel the joy while they're eating. It may not seem like it, but the animal breads are quite difficult. You need to estimate how much the dough will rise. Until I got the hang of it, all my animals turned out like monsters.

I see. Now that I look at them closely, they all have slightly different expressions. Oh, this one is cute!

Hahaha, choose whichever one you like. I'm glad you're enjoying this. Making bread that's fun to look at, and delicious to eat is my ultimate goal, and...

This man is so big and strong, and yet he makes adorable bread like this... Looks can be really deceiving. I've never met anyone as passionate about bread as I am. I've made a lot of bread before, but this baker is way better than me.

Ohh, what should I do!? There are so many, I can't decide! Hrgh, this is bad. There are so many that I wanna eat, I know I can't finish them all...

Hmhm, then let me choose. You're my first customer, so this one's on me.

Huh? Really...!? But...

Huh? But if you keep greeting people in town like that, it'll be a big problem for you.

Haha, if everyone eats my bread, that's enough for me.

Th-Thank you so much. Then, I'll gladly accept your kind offer! Umm, my name is Ayesha. I'm an apothecary... Although, I'm currently taking a break from that.

Hello, Ms. Ayesha. I'm Fred. I would love to have you as a customer from now on.

Yes. I'll stop by again! (I got free bread. I hope that's okay... It looks delicious!)

When I looked through Mr. Fred's stock, I saw he had some alchemy books! Well, they weren't really alchemy books, but recipe books. I could easily replace the ingredients with alchemy materials. It's not really that hard a skill, but I still need to taste everything myself when it's made. Since I'm not using a stove, it could come out wrong.

Well, I will certainly keep stopping by Mr. Fred's! I love bread, and it helps me relax while I'm working. Since I haven't seen Marietta in a while, so I decided to stop in with her.

You were right... I didn't expect it to be this much trouble.

I think it's best to withdraw immediately before this gets any worse.

Wh-What happened?

Well, you know how we had that Homunculus customer last time?

Homunculus...? Oh, the one who said he wanted sparkles...?

Yes, that one. So I gathered up a bunch of jewels and had them delivered, but... They were returned today. Like, they returned everything...

I helped pick out the jewels, so I can guarantee their quality and value.

So those jewels didn't meet Homunculus' expectations?

We don't know. Their words are just so abstract... Anyway, this is what happened after we did all that we could. I think we should pull out from the order...

No, Mr. Owner, please let me try one more time.

Hmm, but my hunch is telling me to that no matter what we do, we won't get a good result...

But your hunches are never right, so it'll be fine. Plus, if we give up now, it'll hurt the reputation of the store!

Hmm, if you feel that strongly about it, we did receive the payment in advance... Okay, let's try it one more time.

Marietta's so focused...but I wonder if anyone other than the Homunculus can understand them. I'd sure like to meet more of them...maybe I could help. When I was on my way out, I bumped into Wilbell. I haven't heard from her for a while, but I also haven't seen her around town. I guess she's been busy with something.

If you want the alchemy system screen in tutorial mode, here you go. Just for the record "Apply Property" from the previous update that I mentioned not remembering what it does made that "Next bonus" window on the right show up.

Wh-What's wrong, Bell? What do you mean by "be of use"...?

You can only answer in two ways: "It'll be my pleasure!" or "Yaaay, I'm so happy!"


Well, just listen to what i have to say. Oh, before that, I have a question. How long ago was it when you first started synthesizing?

Umm, about 10 years. I first started when my grandpa was teaching me.

Okay, so you've been doing it for a while. What kind of things did you do to train?

Like, memorizing the names and shapes of all medicinal herbs, synthesizing the same things over and over...that stuff.

Hmm, that's so tedious!

Hehe, but it's fun. I could be grinding herbs in a mortar all day long, and I still wouldn't get bored.

And my grandpa really made sure I did things right. He never talked about how powerful alchemy could be, but I was always scolded when I put the wrong ingredients in, or put too much or too little. I wonder if my grandpa taught himself...I never asked.

Ugh, that I don't think I'd agree... My mind would go completely blank. Hmm, but I think I got the gist of it. So, here comes the main point of this... To tell you the truth, I'm still doing my apprenticeship.

Yeah, well, I'd assume so at your age.

Well, age doesn't really have anything to do with it. I basically consider myself to be a full-fledged witch, but my great-great-grandmother doesn't acknowledge it.

I see... Training to be a witch... What would that be like?

Wh-What's with your tedious imagination? I don't do that! We're not like that. We get to choose our tasks, so we're free to do anything we want!

Whoa. Then I'd be totally lost about what I should actually do.

That's it! I've done various things up till now, but Great-great-grandmother won't approve of any of them. I've kinda reached a deadlock, and I thought of getting you to help me.

Help...? Hmm, I wonder if there's anything I'd be able to do...

Easy-peasy, just make the thing that's written here.

Umm... "Madder Holy Iron"? This book is really difficult. I don't think I can make it right away, Bell...

Well, maybe not. This is a magic book...

I'll try, because studying it might do me good, but can I have some time?

Of course. If you need clarifications for anything, come ask me. I can help. Well, I'm counting on you!

Hmm, it's a bit difficult for me right now... But if I can understand this book, I might be able to synthesize more powerful things. Alright, I'll give it a try.

Hmm, I don't know about making something for Bell's task, but if she says it's okay... Actually, I should head to Dry Valley and find out what I can do about the rainflower. In Dry Valley, it hardly ever rains, so I don't know what I'll do...but I might as well start somewhere.

Hello, Ayesha. You're as energetic as always. I feel like i get energized just from looking at you. You're probably blessed by the god of the sun and smiles.

I-Is that so? I'm not really sure... Anyways, Ranun, are you performing your music here today?

No. I'm waiting for the wind.

Oh, the wind...?

Have you ever questioned it? About where the wind that runs throughout the world is going?

No, I've never thought about that. Ranun, do you know the answer?

Yes. The wind is...running toward the person that should receive it. The wind blows in the direction of a certain person, for a certain moment, at a certain place, who shall receive it.

Th-That sounds so complicated. I don't think I really understand... Anyways, I was hoping to hear your music...

Oh, I feel honored. However, I never thought that you'd be the person to say that. Hmhm, you and I might be on a matching wavelength... But, I can't today. Currently, I've lost sight of the sound...

The sound...?

I want you to recall the story I just told you about. Remember the story about the wind? The wind will bring new sounds with it. That is why I'm waiting here. The wind is essential for me.

(...Music is so complicated.)

Haha, although it is a bit boring. However, endurance is required to play music. But just waiting should I say...making me hungry.

That's not surprising. I feel like it's such a waste of time. Why don't you try working or something while you wait?

I-Is something wrong?

Ayesha, you have an interesting idea. Yes...very interesting.


But I have a very weak relationship with that word. I appreciate your advice, but I think I'll choose to go with my own plan. I'll wait for the time when the wind will carry new sounds to me.

(Th-That kinda seems cool, but it also kinda doesn't...)

I mean, if not today, then there's always tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then there's always the day after tomorrow. The promised day will come after overcoming many hardships.

But I feel like you're not overcoming anything... Nope, nothing.

The new sounds are right around the corner. Yes, they have to be there... However, even so...I'm getting hungry...

He seems like he's in a different world whenever I talk to him... I wonder if there's anyone who can really reach him. Maybe he's just too focused on his work to notice anything else. Well, I should continue toward Riesengang.

By the way, Ranun is selling some adventure equipment for Ayesha to equip. Nothing too special, just increases enemy drop rate a little. But it's a tiny little 1000 Cole to pick it up. He's also selling an incredibly valuable ingredient for 3000 Cole, but it's not really important you pick it up right now. It's certainly not going anywhere. To make it rain.

Since it's so close to the workshop, I wouldn't be surprised if I've seen it before. I better refresh my memory... Hmm, let's see... "During the rainy season, the valley becomes a roaring river. The pretty, pink petals give off a fragrance similar to a well-leavened wine." Hmm...I've never seen it rain so hard that it turned a valley into a river...

Up to this point, I've seen traces of erosion all around. Could it have been caused by water flowing through here? If the flower only blooms when it's raining, then it must need water... Maybe it's just a seed or bulb that's waiting for it to rain... If that's the case, then the flower has to still be in the valley somewhere. Oh, I know! If it has to do with plants... Pana! Can you find it!?

Oink! *munch* *munch* ...Moo!

Yeah...I shoulda known it wasn't gonna be that easy... I need to come up with a way... Hmm...hmm...I can't think of anything... Maybe I need to study synthesis some more...

Odelia's attacks are entirely electricity-based, and she has the only group-normal attack in the game. Her special attacks involve her calling in the black slags that were following her around and do her bidding, making her pretty unique. Not as flashy as Marion, I think, but I think I'll like her. Anyway...

Like Ayesha says, you have to level up her alchemy level to learn the recipe for the Nimbus Stone, which is needed to make it rain in Dry Valley. You have to get to level 20, to be exact, to get the scene that lets you make the Nimbus Stone. Unfortunately, the Nimbus Stone is alchemy level 30, so you still need 10 more levels to actually make the thing.

Now is a good time to make a whole bunch of stuff, like the Basket and Corrective Glasses (Basket obviously increases its capacity, better materials means better effects) and the Glasses reduce gathering time (it only has one effect, but it's still good to make). It's good to make a whole bunch of items, instead of grinding with one, since there's Memory Points to be gained from making all sorts of items. Also, remember to do jobs in Riesengang, too, since it's another town with jobs in it. If you're following my timeline closely, the second Contest will have started, so you'll have to make your way back to Vierzeberg for that to show up.

For alchemy skills that show up along the grinding way, at level 20 you get Draw Power. What this does is it's your first real alchemy skill. By pressing right on the D-pad at the ingredient selection part of synthesis, you can access a second menu, one of alchemy skills. Draw Power increases the property values for ingredients, making it closely related to Apply Property. So, it makes it easier to get bonus properties on your equipment. Keep in mind, though, it costs 5 CP to use. For items with no actual bonus properties, like the Basket, Draw Power is completely useless.

At level 25, you get Property EX, which allows you to add up to three bonus properties on items. Not that exciting, but every little bit will help until we get the best alchemy skill of the game and Property stuff really isn't that important anymore. Anyhow, big scene in Veirzeberg after I decided to return. Keith's story

Mr. Keith! Thank you so much for the other day. I've been studying hard, using that book as a reference.

There's no need to thank me. Putting it to proper use is entirely up to you. Besides, I'm not here to talk about that. I was thinking it's about time... Let's go somewhere we can talk. This is going to take a while. You have a workshop in this town as well, correct?

Yes, but it's a bit messy...

I don't mind.

It's the same medicine cauldron I"ve always used. Stirring cauldrons helps me relax...

Hmm, I can't agree or sympathize with that, but it's your personal perference, so I would have to assume it's true. However, such a simple bookshelf... It seems you have unique books on medicine, but your collection is still meager. Does your knowledge come from an oral tradition?

Yes. Half of it came from books, and the other half was taught to me by my grandfather himself.

So, the skill was fully passed down from one generation to another...

No. My grandfather passed away before he was able to teach me everything. The amount of the ingredients or the ratio of the mixtures are pretty much guesses. Hehehe... But I'm pretty confident that I kinda know what makes it work or fail...

I see, guesses and kindas... Hmhmhmhm...

*sigh* You're laughing at me...

No, I beg your pardon. I apologize if I made you feel bad, but I didn't meant to look down on you. However, this workshop is severly lacking. Let me give you this.

Wow, I can really have this? Wait...I feel like I've seen this before...

I'm not surprised that you recognize it. It's from the village where all those people disappeared.

That's right! You took it away from me...

I'm glad Mr. Keith doesn't feel bad about Linca attacking him, though. He's never even brought it up again...

I still won't tell you what this vessel is. However, don't move it from here, or it won't be useful. Now, sorry to keep you waiting, but let's move on to the main subject.


I have a job for you. I want you to use your alchemy to make me an item. alchemy?

That's right. It can be anything. The medicine you specialize in making, or a rare metal... However, you are restricted to creating something under the assumption that I will be using it.

Ehh, you will...? Th-That's a bit... Would you really be satisfied with an item that I make...?

The point of the request is to see if that's possible or not.

Huh...? Wh-What do you mean...?

Before I tell you that...let me tell you an old story.

Alchemy was "rediscovered", due to a certain incident. Many people put their hearts and souls into mastering their skills...and I was one of them. To us, alchemy was "possibility" itself. My colleagues and I were elated with the excellence of alchemy. However, one day, I came to realize that no single person truly understood alchemy... That everyone was a sham alchemist, who had only scratched the surface of the art.


Satisfied with showing off their insubstantial knowledge, some never bothered to pursue the truth... Others refused to even try to understand. Even if you simply imitate the form, you can use the skill to a certain extent. However, the things they created were nothing but shams. To me, that was unforgivable. Alchemy books, equipment, facilities...I destroyed everything. Because of that, I have become a man on the run. Though, I don't regret anything.

I guess that's what Marion was talking about a few months ago...It's nice to hear Mr. Keith's side of it. He's always so serious...I wonder what he thinks of alchemy, actually.

I understand your story, and what you're trying to say...

Yes. Depending on the matter and nature of what you create, I may...take alchemy away from you. Alchemy should only be handled by those worthy of it. It's sacrilege for someone without ability to pursue it.

I can understand that synthesizing with only partial knowledge of what you're doing is dangerous... But to save my sister, to save Nio...I need alchemy... You taught me that. So, why?

This and that are different problems. Hey now! Why are you assuming that you'll fail from the beginning? You just need to convince me that you're worthy. I won't set a specific deadline. When you finish something that you think is right for this, bring it to me. I'll prepare a generous reward, as well. That's all I came to say.

(Wh-What should I do? This is really major... I might be forced to stop doing alchemy... I just have to make something super, and make sure Mr. Keith approves of me...! *sigh* I wonder if I can do that...)