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Part 17: Part XV: Hear the Blooming of a Flower

Part XV: Hear the Blooming of a Flower

Hello, Ayesha. you have some free time?

Oh, sure. I was just about to take a break.

That's good. I brought some sweets today...

Wow, sweets! Then let's enjoy them with some tea.

I love when Ernie brings me candy! He always brought them for Nio and me, but she also loves sweets, so I rarely got to eat any.

Ah, that was so delicious. I have enough energy to work some more now! Oh, Ernie, did you want to talk to me about something?

Oh, how did you know? I didn't even say anything...

I can tell just from looking at you. I've known you for a long time.

I see. Yeah, well, I came here today because I have a favor to ask you. I didn't want to ask, since it's for my own selfish reasons, but...I really need your medicine.

My medicine? You don't have to be so secretive about it. Of course it's okay. If it's for you, I'm more than happy to help. Besides, you're always looking after me.

Really? Are you sure? Are you going to be okay?

Of course! I can synthesize in my spare time.

Thank you, Ayesha! That'll be a great help! I have an important client who seems to like your medicine a lot. But he ran out of all the medicine he had, so he begged me to get some more for him. I have a big business deal with him coming up, so I couldn't say no. Do you think you can prepare the medicine?

Sure thing. No problem!

Thank you! This'll really help me out, Ayesha! Sorry for asking you to do a favor to help me out for my own personal reasons.

(Ernie always looks after me! This will be an easy task.)

We all have to help each other out! It won't take me very long at all to make the medicine, but I also have to make sure I make the Madder Holy Iron for Bell. I'm really glad my alchemy can help people in need. I sure wish I could make Marion's job easier...

Umm, you're really bad at giving massages... You squeeze with all your might, so I feel like my shoulders are gonna break.

Thank you.

That wasn't a compliment.

Hello. I baked a cake, so I brought some to share with you.

Wow, Ayesha! Perfect timing!

Hehehe, I thought you might be busy, but is it okay if I interrupt?

I just reached a deadlock with work, so you're totally welcome.

These are all reports. Just looking at them makes me want to pass out.

Investigation reports of the ruins, climate, agriculture, technology, industries, military affairs, food... And many others make up for this mountain of reports.

We were going to start organizing them in the near future, but... The due date got moved up, so it's been total chaos.

It'd be a lot of work just to read all of that...

I hope they read it, but my boss is so cruel... Making gofers do all the work while the boss just drinks tea all the time... Even after writing all these reports, they might just be weighed on a scale and... Oh, it's so not fair!

Hyaaah, Marion, let's just forget about your job for a second and eat some cake!

*sigh* Y-You're right. I lost my composure for a second.

It is always like this before a deadline.

I'll triumph over that dumb boss in the future! Oh, I'm getting my energy back!

(Hmhmhm, even if she complains, Marion is passionate about her job.)

I should get back to mine, too. I hope Bell hasn't gotten in trouble because I took so long making the Madder Holy Iron...

Ignore the fact we've traveled back a month in time. These past few updates have had me shuffling scenes around like crazy to at least try and be consistent. Definitely a bad habit. Also, just for reference, even though this is for Bell, she doesn't take it after this scene and you can use it for your own syntheses in the future.

Bell, I finished the item you asked me for!

Oh, really!? Lemme see, lemme see! Oooh...amazing! It turned out pretty good! This is perfect for my task! I wonder if Great-great-grandmother will praise me for it, too... I'm glad I asked you, Ayesha! Thanks!

You're welcome. But, what is this tool used for?

For magic, of course. I might've told you before, but... Witches use magic by extracting power from a catalyst, or by making contracts with beings of power. For catalysts, pure ones are more convenient, like this one that you just made me. That's why we synthesize catalysts, too, but... Honestly, I'm not good with those kinds of tedious things!

Yup. My shoulders get stiff when I have to meticulously mix medicine. And that's not the type of witch I'm aiming to be. I wanna defeat bad guys with my magic, or travel around the world, saving people! That's what normal witches do.

I think it's more typical to see a long-nosed woman mixing mysterious potions...

Huh? Isn't that more of an alchemist thing?

Maybe. I might've got them confused somewhere. But if it was me, I could do all that meticulous work all day long without getting bored.

You're just weird like that! Anyways, I can finally leave my great-great-grandma speechless... I mean, get her approval! I'm gonna take this now! Oh, right. Thanks for today! I repay you someday, physically!

Haha, I'll be looking forward to it. (I'm glad Bell was happy. But, I wonder if that was really okay...)

I wonder how this will turn out... Since I'm back in town, I'm sure Marietta has something going on.

Hello. Huh? The atmosphere in here is very gloomy today...

You're probably right. I'm totally stuck.

Is it about Homunculus' jewels?

Bingo. I keep selecting different jewels and delivering them, but they keep getting returned. What's wrong with the sparkles I pick!?

Marietta, you're starting to sound like Homunculus...

That's why I told you that you should drop the order. We've already sent all the jewels we could get... And the last delivery included a really huge jewel that we wouldn't have made any profit from with their payment. But, this was the end result. Let's just give up.

Urrrgh, I don't want to.

Umm, can I say something? I've been to Homuculus Town before... And it's a wonderful place, but it's also a very simple place. Like, there's nothing fancy about it at all...

Yeah, this is another reason you want to stop by Hom Town on your first trip to the Hornheim area and the western side of the map. Marietta, Tanya, and Nanaca all have little sidequests attached to them, and, you guessed it, completing all of them is necessary for one ending. Tanya and Nanaca you just have to see all their events and follow the breadcrumbs, like Fred's events. Marietta's string of events is a little more elaborate.

I see! So that's why they're looking for extra fancy jewels!

Umm, maybe it's the opposite... I feel like Homunculus and jewels just don't go together. Looking at that town, I can't imagine Homunculus wanting jewels.

But with this much payment, it has to be a valuable item. Plus, he wants sparkles, right? I can't think of anything other than jewels. Hmm... But maybe that's just our sense of values talking...

I'm sure I'll be going to their town again... So I'll let you know if I find anything out.

Could you? Sorry to always ask for your help, Ayesha.

I'll ask you as well. Please do this for us, Ayesha. If Marietta is this determined, I want this transaction to end on good terms.

The next Thrilling Treasure Contest will be starting soon, but I can probably head back to Salt Desert and make the flower bloom before it starts. I'm sure Mr. Harry wouldn't want the contest to start without me, so things should be okay!

This next scene is interesting. As for making it trigger...I have absolutely no clue. This scene caught me completely off-guard while recording, and even though I finished my last playthrough back in April, I don't remember ever getting this scene. Because of what happens during this scene, it's not really worth transcribing it like usual. Have fun watching it, if you so choose.

Music: Thorns

Oh, Ayeshaaa!

I knew it! That's Nanaca's cow.

I'm on my way back from a delivery in town.

Oink! Oink moo!

Moo? Oink moo?

Pana, looks like you're happy to see a friend.

Oink moo.

Pana's always alone, so she seems excited to meet your cows.

I see. That's good. Then let's take 'em out to eat some yummy grass next time.

Oink! Oink moo!

Yup, yup. Food is always much tastier when you have someone to eat it with.

Oh, that's the same with us.

That's right. Whether it be cows or humans, eating together is...ah! Hey, you guys, a carriage is coming, so go line up on the side of the road.


, Whoa, a professional does things so differently.

Hehe, I'm happy that they're all so reasonable. Although, there are some mischievous ones.

What this? With all of you here... What an unexpected place to meet.

Oh, hello, Ernie.

H-Huh? Nanaca, you've met Ernie before?

You know him, too?

I didn't know that you two were friends, either.

Hehehe, we just ran into each other, so we were just having a chat.

I see. Hmm, what a coincidence.

It feels like some kind of fate, since we all have cows.

That's right. And Nanaca's cows are amazing. WIth just one command from Nanaca, all of her cows lined up.

What, really? They can do that?

They can do this, too! Okay, everyone, about face!

Wow, that's amazing! They're so smart!

Whoa, that's so cool... Oh, I know! Pana, you try, too! Okay, about face!


I guess not... Then, line up!


Ayesha, I don't think you can line up just one cow...

Haha, I guess, you're right...

It's amazing how connected everyone is. We don't have much, but we all have to work together. Cows, too! Linca wanted another cooking lesson, so I wanted to teach her something easy. The last course didn't go so well, but it's a good thing for a girl to know how to cook.

I like stew, although I specialize in eating them.

It's easy to cook and you get to use a variety of ingredients. Plus, even if you make a mistake in the middle, you can still redeem it.

How reassuring! That is the perfect dish for me.

Then, let's start. First fill the pot with water and drop in the meat ingredients.

Meat ingredients...understood. Then I shall drop in the frogs and lizards that I brought...

Hold it right there! You can't use frogs or lizards!

Do you not like frogs? Their texture is similar to chicken, and they are really delicious.

Then let's just use chicken! Just...say no to frogs and lizards!

What about newts?

Uhhh, that's a no, too... Sorry, but please use the ingredients I've prepared.

Linca has really weird ideas about food. I wonder if she got that from Marion. No...Marion wouldn't eat frogs and newts.

Understood. I will simply follow your directions, Ayesha.

Its appearance is drastically different from the stews I usually eat. The size of the ingredients are all different, and most of all, the color of the soup looks bad...

The seasoning is done perfectly, so I'm sure it'll taste good when you eat it. When making bigger stews, it's always better to make bigger portions. The ingredients will mix together more, giving the stew more depth of flavor.

The more you eat, the better it will taste... That is very useful information. So, I just have to make an overwhelming amount!

(It went pretty well this time...I think)

So, speaking of Linca, her voice actress in the Japanese version is Ami Koshimizu. She, like Kana Ueda, is one of those voice actresses who is in absolutely everything these days. In my experience, she's voiced two green-haired characters in the Agarest series (they sound completely different though), and a character in Maria-sama, like her prolific colleague.

The only reason I bring this up is because Ayesha is the only PS3 Atelier so far where you can't hear the Japanese voices, if you don't have the Japanese version. The reason for this is a bit complicated. See, in-between Meruru and Ayesha, Tecmo-Koei, who also owns the Dynasty Warrior series, acquired Gust, meaning TK now holds ownership of the Atelier series (although, NISA still can print copies of the Arland trilogy games. Just not anything past Meruru, that's TK America's turf). When Ayesha was released earlier this year, the people who got it first noticed something strange. There was no Japanese language option.

From what I recall of the time, TK was kinda wishy-washy on how this happened, and it depends a lot on how much you believe them, but from what I understand, issues regarding licensing and cost, and the whole issue over whether NISA or TK America would be responsible for the dubbing, led into a chain of events that resulted in not-Japan Ayesha having no Japanese voice option. A lot of folks were not pleased with this development, as the kind of niche this series fills would attract people who like listening to Japanese, thanks to anime and such, and overall just weren't happy about not having an option, at least.

But, this story has a happy ending. With everything worked out, TK America is responsible for dubbing this series from now on, and the next entry in the Dusk Trilogy, Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky, will have the Japanese voice track when it gets released sometime in Q1 2014 outside Japan (released in Summer of this year in Japan). So, support good game developers and buy the game new when it comes out. I know I will.

So, I forgot that Nanaca also sells stuff eventually (Tanya does, too, but she doesn't sell any recipe books). Aside from the recipe books, nothing she sells is too valuable, which goes for a lot of shopkeepers. While the Bazaar was going on in Vierzeberg, I hired Regina because of this event in Oesten. Mischevious Regina

Huh, is something weird? It looks the same as everywhere else to me...

My long honed intuition is whispering to me that something's here. Hmm, there's no use just thinking about it, let's blast it away. Stand back.

I wonder how many explosives Regina carries out when she's with me. She can be really scary when you think about...

3,2, in the hole!

Kyaaah! What are you doing? is...?

Hm-hmmm! Totally seems like a sealed entrance...I smell treasure.

Wooow, you were right...! How did you know?

I'm telling you, it's my intuition. When you're a prospector, you can just tell. Anyway, aren't you curious to see what's in there? Let's go look.

You're right... There might be some relics from an ancient civilization...

Or there might just be some bones of ancient people... Hehehe!

Hyaaah! Don't scare me like that!

No, not yet! There could be some combustible gas in the air. And you wouldn't wanna go KABOOM when you light the fire, would you?

I love Regina's body motion for that last line. She clenches her fist, then explodes and throws her arms up in the air when she says "KABOOM".

No, I wouldn't want that...

We'll know for sure once we go further in, Ayesha, follow me closely. Oh...what's this soft thing?


Not too hard, but not too soft. The texture feels like an angel... Is this the treasure!?

Th-That's me, Regina!

Whoops, sorry, Ayesha. Haha, although, it's not that different from a treasure... Let's see, squishy-squishy... Hoho, now this is something...

Nyah! Hyah! H-Hey! That tickles!

Oops, sorry! Touching you feels so amazing, I can't stop myself...

Hyaaah! Let's just investigate!

Huh? Oh, just a little longer...

Well, I'm reluctant to stop, but I guess I'll get back to work... *sniff* *sniff* *sniff* ...It seems like we're okay to light a fire. Let's get some light in here.

I wish Regina wouldn't tease me this much, but she's always been like that. She's really a good person, honest. She just gets way too excited when she's around me...

Huh? This looks a lot like Riesengang's ruins...

Hmm...I guess there's nothing special here. But the ruin itself does look familiar...

Now that you mention it, it looks similar to the ruin in Riesengang.

Maybe they're connected. Let's investigate further.

So, a shortcut from Oesten to Riesengang is opened, making the latter town much more accessible. Always handy. There's not much in the depths of the Riesengang ruins aside from a Resonance Bell accessory, which increases the effect of the Defend command in-battle, and makes the super gauge charge up a little faster.

Hey Ayesha, come over here for a sec. Do you know what this is?

Whoa, is this...a bigger type of those round ones that are around here?

Yup. It's a cast-off skin of the chief slag around here. Isn't it huge?

It sure is. I wouldn't even be able to tell that this is the same species as the other ones.

Right? Everyone will be so surprised when they see this! Whether the small ones grow to be this big, or if they had these big ones in the past... I'm not sure, but it's quite a sight. Although, it makes me shudder, just imagining ones like these growing restless.

This shell seems really hard. I don't think I could even scratch it by hitting it with my staff...

That's nothing. Tools designed to cut rocks can't even give it a single scratch. If there was a way to cut it and carry it out of here, we'd make good money... Oh, I know. It's been a while since last time, so maybe I should try again... Hi-yah!


Hyah! A-Are you okay!?

I'm good. I've tried that a couple times now... But I guess it's still a no-go. That sucks!

Don't do anything too reckless. I don't want you to get injured.

I knooow. Ayesha, you're so thoughtful. Anyway! I'm gonna cut you up and convert you into money one of these days, so brace yourself!

(Whoa...Regina is so brawny...)

It's really scary to imagine slags that big. I hope there aren't any still around in any of the ruins I'll probably have to go to. Still, Regina is always talking about making it big and getting a lot of money. I hope she has enough money these days...

And yeah, I was right. Before I left Vierzeberg, I stuffed my basket to the brim in order to force this next scene in Hornheim. A kind offer.

Oh, Ayesha, it's you. I was just thinking about you. I was wondering when that pretty apothecary was gonna come back to my tavern... Oh shoot! I got fired so many times for doing this back in my underling days. Using pick-up lines while working is strictly forbidden! That's a basic rule of this business! Anyways, I'm happy the taste of our food here was to your liking! Even sure have lots of stuff. It's like you're moving a mountain. Do you always travel with so much luggage on your cow?

Yes. ...Is that weird?

I wouldn't say it's weird as much as it's amazing. It's like you packed your whole house...

Not that you mention could be right...

Alll right, I'll prepare some tasty food for ya! You must be tired from carrying all that stuff around... I'll treat that cow of yours to some delicious water, too.

Wow, thank you so much! Hehehe, I'm actually really hungry.

Well, let's see... I'm leaning toward the "Mix Master's Special of the Day" that you listed in front of the store.

Excellent! I'll show you that calling it special isn't an exaggeration!

It was such a delicious meal! Fish, meat, and all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Mr. Kyle is an amazing cook! I had to ask for water, though, since I'm really bad around alcohol. The few times I've been around Regina when she drank, I got woozy from the smell. She eventually decided not to drink around me anymore.

Hmm, I'm stuffed. I think I ate too much...

I like girls who can eat a lot. I think I'm about to fall in love with you...

Oh, stop teasing me. You're embarrassing me...

I'm just praising you. It's not good to overeat, but there's nothing wrong with eating a lot. Obsessing too much about your weight or figure isn't very attractive in my opinion.

But I think every girl worries about that...

Yeah, but you're totally okay, Ayesha! Girls are more attractive when they have some curves!

Y-You think so? It's gonna take me a bit of courage for me to agree with you...

Well, you should stay here for a while. It's not good to move around too much right after you eat.

Okay! If you say, I don't mind if I do!

Here ya go! Some fine ale for you!

(Oh, that's alcohol... I wonder if it tastes any good...)

Oh yeah, so getting back to the story, what's in all that luggage you brought with you out front?

They're tools I use to synthesize medicine. Like my synthesis cauldron, materials to make the medicine... Other materials I might need... Oh, and a spare cauldron, and the spare's spare cauldron...

Whoa, do you really need all those things? Especially the latter half of that list? And shouldn't you limit the amount of stuff you take on a journey?

You're probably right, but I'd feel so insecure if I didn't bring them along with me...

Heh, it's more like you moved out than went on a journey... All right then! Please allow Mr. Kyle to lend you a helping hand! This place used to be part of an inn, but the rooms are all vacant now. I'll let you use whichever room you want, so you should leave your extra stuff here.

Huh, but...

Watching you makes me worry... Besides, they're vacant rooms to being with. There shouldn't be any problems with you using one. In return, just come here to eat food from time to time.

If you say so, maybe I'll take you up on that offer...

Music: Rondo of Sunshine

Welcome to the game's final workshop, with the best workshop theme (though, there is one more in the game that definitely gives it a run for its money). Just listen to it. It's so incredibly happy sounding. Probably not too appropriate this time of year, in the continental United States, what with these grey, cold days, but in summertime, it's a wonderfully happy song when you're outside, the sun is shining, and you're enveloped in the warmth of the world.

Or something like that. Point is, it's a really great song.

I'm still scared of going on the balloons, but I'm getting used to it. With all these Tonics, I'm sure I can make the desert flower bloom. Maybe I'll even get to see Nio again!

Hello, Tanya. Are you mining salt?

Yes, but some areas are really hard. It's a little dangerous, so please stand back. Tryah! Yes, I got it!

Wow, that's so pretty!

It's really sparkly. Is it a jewel?

Haha, nope. It's just salt. I get some big clumps sometimes. They're rare, but I can't sell them.

Oh, really? I bet there'd be lots of people who'd want something like this, as long as it looks this pretty.

Then I'll give it to you, Ayesha.

Huh? Really? But you worked so hard to dig it up.

That was nothing. I always do that.

Umm, but I feel kinda bad... about I trade it to you for one of your stories!? I've always lived here, so I don't know much about other places...

Hahaha, then it's a deal. Let's see, today... Maybe I should tell you about Vierzeberg...

Oh, I've heard of that city! There's a store that we sell our salt to wholesale.

Really? Maybe it's a store that I know of. And so...

I told her all about Marietta's store, how she stocks so much and works with Mr. Harry. She was really impressed to hear about Marietta and how much she does for the town, but Tanya still really wants to go to the town itself. It takes a lot of time and money to get there, though, and I don't know how much she has. I wonder if I should help her raise the money...

Anyway, I can't wait to see how beautiful the flower is when it blooms! Hope springs eternal.

Whoaaa, that's amazing! This is the biggest flower I've ever seen!

Oh, Sis... *yawn* Good morning. ...Huh? Where am I?

This is Salt Desert. It's way to the west of the workshop, even further than Hornheim, I think.

I knew I've never seen this place before... So it's really that far away? That's why it felt like I traveled really far when I left that place... Oh, no! I still wanna talk...but...

You can see Nio's feet when she says that last line, and I think her platform shoes are even bigger than Ayesha's. Hidari seems to love his shoes.


She disappeared again... But at least I got to talk to her... Yup, this is still an improvement. I won't give up, Nio!

It definitely seems like she's drawn to the special flowers when they bloom. I've seen her in Dry Valley, Hallos Village, the Glass Ruins, here, and the ruins near the workshop. At least I can hear her voice again, but I wonder what I should do with these special flowers...