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Part 18: Bonus Update 3

Bonus Update 3

Riesengang 3
Riesengang 4
Vierzeberg 3
Vierzeberg 4
Hornheim 1
Hornheim 2
Homunculus Town 1
Homunculus Town 2
Glass Factory
Oesten Marshland
Salt Desert


Rondo of Sunshine
In this title, there are several locations you can perform synthesis, but they each have different BGMs. We weren't planning on this, but while we were making it, we were like, "Hmm, maybe we can make one for each..."

Heat Haze
Going with a desert image (with fewer sounds) would've made it sound sleepy, so I made it a bit more energetic. Since Totori, there's at least one ambient-like song request without beats. It's a challenge every time.

Wish for Treasure
From the top, you're welcomed by 17 Haruka Shimotsukis. I had her sing the chorus. This kind of song is very Gust-like.

A Far, Far Distant Place
The very last song I made. Actually, I just received the re-take of this song before writing this comment, so it's not complete yet. Oh my! But...I'm was completed on time...I think.

Holiday at the Plaza
Speaking of towns, all the stores have been a bit too fancy lately, so I just can't go in. I'm hoping a delicious cafeteria-like cafe opens up in front of my station...

The Homs' voices were way too cute. I was rolling on the floor while I cut this music.

Invitation Flower -Autumn-
I mixed in images of the four seasons for the World Map songs. Autumn is a season of impatience and struggling.

I tried my best, but stopped after the 3rd round. I just watched better people play, like a stupid kid. On a side note, my school didn't allow students to stop at the arcade on the way home. I feel old saying that.

Vocals by Nagi Yanagi, guitar and bass by Dani, and drums by Yoshihiro Tsuchiya. I was told that for this song, everyone in the scene hears it, so I used a synthesizer with no step recording.

Commentary for game edit: I really liked Nagi Yanagi's whispering, so I included more parts that she sung in whispers for this edit.

Harry's Sale
New Products
A Bazaar Announcement
Prankster Warning
Wolf Sighting
Don't Play Dead
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Vierzeberg Guide
Hornheim Guide
Homunculus Town
AG: Dry Valley
AG: Glass Res. Fac.
AG: Salt Desert
AG: Ancient Library
AG: Tunnel Ruins
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TCN: Possible Famine
TCN: Disappearance
Bomb Research