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Part 23: Part XIX: Hear the Origins of a Dusk

Part XIX: Hear the Origins of a Dusk

This update and next are going to have a boatload of plot, because we're coming to the end of the "Saving Nio" part of Atelier Ayesha. As such, I'm going to be cutting out any extraneous scenes in the interest of saving space for the important stuff. I'll probably do another EX Update to catch everyone up on what I've seen but not recorded, just so we're good to go for the post-Nio rescue stuff.

Hey, Ayesha. So, you came back here?

I wanted to do some synthesis that I can only do at my workshop. Oh, that's right! Ernie, I made some progress with Nio.

Really? Judging from the sound of it... It should be a good story, right?

I still can't say, but I'm hoping to give it a happy ending.

I see. I can't really help, and all I can do is worry... But I'll always be rooting for you so I can hear how your story turns out.

Ernie...thank you so much.

Oh, there's one thing I need to talk to you about. You know how the ground was rumbling a little while ago? I think there are several places where the rumbling has caused roads to fall apart and damage to the ruins. Slags from the ruins have been appearing frequently on roads where we usually don't see them.

Ergh, th-that's... I'm sorry.

Huh? Why are you apologizing?

Well, I thought it might be my fault.

Haha, of course it's not. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that it's dangerous, so be extra careful. This is just a hunch, but...I feel like something bad is gonna happen. My hunches prove to be right pretty often, so please be careful, Ayesha. Well, I've gotta get going now. See you!

Slags appearing on roads... It's probably because of the Flower Crystal... I might've caused something terrible. I hope it hasn't caused anyone any trouble...

If the slags are getting really restless, then...Riesengang might be in trouble! There were a lot of slags living in the ruins underneath the village! Taking responsibility

Hey, it's heading that way!

Women and children, get inside! Lock the doors and don't come out!

Wh-Wh-What!? What's all this commotion about?

Oh, hey kiddo! Looks like all the rumbling of the ground damaged the wall. Lots of slags have been coming from the section that broke down. For your own good, you should keep out of the village. Right now, it's safer outside the village than inside.

(It's probably my fault. What should I do? I'm causing trouble for people.) U-Umm, I'd like to help fight off the slags-

Hey! It went that way!

Eh? Kyah...!

A large group of slags attacked, but Juris and Linca were a lot stronger than any of them. I'm so glad they're here to help everyone.

Sorry, kiddo. Our town watch is unreliable...

No, don't worry about it. (It might actually be all my fault... What should I do...? It's probably because of the Flower Crystal's influence...)

Hmm, rampaging slags... So, slags can understand those "words", as well...

Mr. Keith...when did you get here?

Just now. Something interesting seemed to be happening over here, too. The "words" the crystal emits must be like their god's voice, giving these slags their absolute orders. However, when you used it, the words were simply scattered without holding any meaning. The nonsensical voice of their god resounded within them. They seem to be deeply confused.

What should I do...? If anyone gets injured, I'll-

I'm sure the people who live around here are used to this level of strife, so there's no need to worry.

Boss! The big one that was inside starting moving!

Whoa, whoa, he's gonna start moving, too...? Oh, this is...gonna be trouble.

On top of that, there's a girl floating in the air, giving the slags orders. What the hell is going on...?

Excuse me, but what did this girl look like?

(So this girl... Is she Nio...?) Boss, I'm gonna go.

You? No way. It's too dangerous to go inside!

No...I'm gonna go. I have to!

If something happens, we won't be able to save you...

Don't worry, this little darling will be fine. Let her go.

If you say so... But, if you feel like you're in danger, come back immediately!

Okay, it's decided then. Go.

Yes, sir! It's my fault, so I need to do something about it...!

Well, you don't have to get so worked up. If push comes to shove, I'll settle this. Above all else, with all this confusion, I'm sure there'll be moments you can catch them with their guard down.

O-Okay...I'll get going!

Mr. Keith has a lot of faith in me...I can't let him down! I remember Regina showing me a large slag shell when I was in the Riesengang ruins last time... I guess that thing woke up! Proving one's strength

Alchemist, you are the one who attacked me, are you not...?

Nio...what are you saying?

Designating target alchemist as an enemy... Activating elimination protocol...


Music: Slag Tocatta

This song is really unique, I think. I'm not sure what it makes me think of, but it's definitely not something I'd associate with a giant, rampaging mechanical monster thing.

Anyhow, our foe is the first genuine boss in a long time. Last time we had an actual boss was Keith back in Hallos Village. This time, though, we need to win. Fortress has a lot of strong attacks, and many of them can hit more than one target if they're close to each other. At the start of the fight, your characters are in three different spots, and it's probably best to keep them that way. Keep in mind his first "attack" is Energy Shell, which is just him launching three missile salvos that'll come around in three separate parts. No need to defend for that move.

As for items, you'll definitely want any items that increase a character's maximum HP, and / or include various buffs. I made some Powerful Ointments last time I was in Vierzeberg to help with some upcoming fights. Bright Crafts are really crap against him, so don't bother. Who would have known smacking the thing with Ayesha's staff would inflict about as much damage as a bomb?

Linca's super move, Raging Edge, is pretty nice. The killing blow version is even better, of course, because it includes a cool little pop song that communicates the grace and dignity of her many, many strikes on a target. Something to look forward to in the skill compilation videos at the end of this LP. Also, when he drops below 25% of his HP, he'll use Final Charge and up his parameters, but just keep smacking him around and you'll be fine.

This was such a bummer. By all rights Juris should have killed him with his special move, but he just had a sliver of health left. To make it clear how close it was, Ayesha's next attack was worth 22 damage, and it KO'd him. Oh well. Among the things he dropped was the Diamond Gemstone, which has the tremendous trait Usage Null, which completely eliminates CP from synthesis, meaning you can do as much as you want making an item if that trait is in the Stock Yard.

Unexpected resistance confirmed. Action...ceased.

Y-You're not Nio, are you? Who are you? Why do you look like Nio?

Nio? This specimen's name?

Yes. She's my sister. Please give Nio back to me.

That, I cannot allow. I am the keeper of "this".

Then stop keeping her. And don't call Nio "this"!

All of my actions have been authorized. Any interference will be eliminated by any means necessary. Further hindrances will not be tolerated. Alchemist, this is your only warning.

Ah! Wait...!

Hmph. That's quite a considerable tantrum.

I'm throwing a tantrum, too! Treating...Nio like...! *sob*

Don't cry... I can't deal with crying women.

Sorry, I got upset. But, I don't know what I'm supposed to do...

Hmm, I don't know what that thing was... But it's going too far for something that was created by human hands.

Ugh, don't fret. I won't say that there's no benefit to crying, but is that really what you should be doing right now?

Sorry, I'm sudch a grybaby...

If you want to cry, cry all you want after you save your sister. Not all alchemists use their skills for the greater good. Or maybe it's... Never mind, that's only a hypothesis. Regardless, if we can locate where it is, we can come up with a way to deal with it. Do you have any ideas?

Ideas...? They aren't directly related, but a few things do come to mind...

Then let's meet at the edge of town and go from there. Come find me after you've calmed yourself.

(That's right. Now's not the time to cry. I need to hurry and find Nio.)

Mr. Keith gave me another recipe book before he left... I guess he wanted me to calm down while I was reading it. The recipes are really amazing, but I didn't want to keep him waiting very long. I'm sure he has a lot to talk about, now that whatever has Nio is aware of us... What to do next

Sorry to make you wait, Mr. Keith.

So you've calmed down? Then we should get going.

Whoa...what just happened? I was in Riesengang, then Mr. Keith took something out of his pocket, and now I'm in the Zweiteturm. He must have teleported us...

I've returned. Odelia, are you here?

Oh, welcome back. You have returned early this time.

When I'm late, you're always in a bad mood. Although, that's not the reason I came back early.

(I didn't notice that the library is now kinda like Mr. Keith's home...)

Prepare a location. We need to have a rather long talk.

Certainly. Please wait one moment...

Now, why don't you tell me your thoughts about the location of that thing?

It's not like I know about the place directly. Actually, I have no idea where it is... Not only that, but lots of mysterious things happened while I was searching for Nio.

Mysterious things...? Even phenomena that appear to be beyond human understanding at first glance can be discovered for what they truly are. Come on. Start off by telling me about it.

Hmm...I should think about it. I've been searching for Nio for almost two years now, ever since I met Mr. Keith in the herb garden, but he's probably curious about things that have happened recently...

When I synthesized the Flower Oil, I fell asleep... And before I knew it, I was with Nio in some place I've never seen before. After I woke up, I thought that maybe it could've just been a dream, but... I gave Nio her favorite candy in the dream, and when I woke up, I didn't have it anymore. I don't know how it worked, but I was able to give Nio an object.

Hmm... So you're saying...that in a dream-like space, you were able to meet your sister, and give her an object?

Yes. I know it may not sound believable, but...

No, it's not impossible. Perhaps it follows the same principle as the tool I used to move us from the village to the library...

But Nio also said that she couldn't open the bag of candy.

So physical contact wasn't possible. A conclusion that could be derived from that would be... Your sister is likely in a state of being where her mind and body are distinctly separated. Her body is most likely in a dormant condition. What you've been meeting with was her astral body.

Now that I think about it, it did kinda feel like she didn't have a physical presence... Oh, and one more thing. A while back, my friend's calf went missing. Then, the flowers near a ruin suddenly started to bloom, and I thought I saw the calf bathed in light... And the calf totally disappeared into the light!

That's most likely a transport technique. They're used to transmit objects over vast distances.

There's more to this story. So, the calf comes back... And when it does, there are two of them! Two of the same calf came back! Isn't that amazing?

That's a common mistake with transport techniques. I've done it many times in the past, myself.

*gasp* Then if something went wrong when we came to the library, there could've been two of me, too?

Relax. The one I'm using now is very stable. The odds of something happening with this one are 10,000 to 1.

Then that means...there's still a possibility of something happening once every 10,000 times...? *gulp* Now I'm starting to get nervous.

Knowing that, we may be able to take an effective step forward. I have one idea, but first, let's hear your opinion. What would you do now?

Well, I think it'd be nice to be able to find the sent object.

Hmm... Using what kind of method?

Umm, it's starting to feel like I'm taking some kind of test...

Don't worry about that. Continue.

For example, if I send something that creates sound, I could use the sound to look for Nio. The "words" emitted from the Flower Crystal...were able to confuse the slags from very far away... So if I can make something like that and send it to the other side...

That is roughly correct. Let's proceed according to that plan. Now, we should start by creating this "object" to send to the other side. I shall give you a hint for the basic principles. After that, you must create it on your own... And with it, gracefully locate that thing.

Uh, Mr. Keith, you're not gonna help me?

You've come this far. Wouldn't you like to accomplish the rest on your own?

Haha...well...I guess...

You don't need to worry. When you're going against that thing, I'll lend you a hand, to some extent.

Oh, you will!? Th-That's really reassuring...

Then, don't think about unnecessary things and just focus on attaining your goal. The path has already been laid out before you.

You're right. I need to put all my effort into this...! Um, Mr. Keith, thank you very much.

What's with you all of a sudden?

Well, after all, I just thought I've been depending on your assistance.

That is all. Farewell.

(Mr. Keith always ends up helping me... I guess...he really is a nice person, huh?)

How to make the transmitter to send to Nio...obviously it needs a source of electricity, and a way to make the sound...I need to go back to the workshop to go over exactly what I need to make, but I can make it. For Nio's sake, I have to! I'm also really glad Mr. Keith has decided to help me out more. Ever since I made the Flower Oil, he's been willing to help a lot more. I remember how powerful he was back in Hallos Village, so I know I'll be safe when he's around!

Alright, here's the thing: we are really super close to saving Nio. If I didn't care about 100% completion, I could simply go back to Vierzeberg, make the Slag Transmitter, wait a few days for another scene, learn where Nio is, and head off to rescue her. However, if you do that, you can't get Keith's ending, which leads into Atelier Escha and Logy as the canon ending, or another ending that requires you do Keith's ending events.

If you do care, what you have to do is this: visit the Zweiteturm a few times for a few scenes where Odelia tries sweets, then you'll get this upcoming series of events with her. After this series of events is done, we'll move on to the next step. Just keep in mind a few extraneous scenes came before this one. I had wanted to do these scenes properly, but because this update is so big already, I had to cut it. After the final voiced scene from this video, just keep in mind you have to see another unvoiced scene before you can leave the library. A new master?

Hehehe, bingo. I'm so thirsty.

I guess I'll enjoy a smoke as well.

Another cigarette?

Yes. I can't live without them.

Do they taste good...?

They do, without a doubt. Heh, cigarettes and alchemy might be somewhat similar for me. Both have their own peculiarities, but they each beckon to me.

Oh, do you remember the talk we had on the bridge at Hornheim?

Yes, about the sins that past alchemists have committed. Of course I remember.

It's going to help save Nio, so I just can't consider alchemy to be something evil.

Alchemy itself is neither good nor evil. However, it's up to humans how they use it. Putting it differently, I suppose you could say that humans, as a whole, are "evil".

Th-That's not true! All the people I know are nice, and... I can't even imagine doing evil things with alchemy... Mr. Keith, maybe you're thinking too much on the bad parts...

If you continue to master alchemy, you'll eventually understand. Most people just put on the mask of a saint. You just haven't realized that yet. You don't even know what people are saying behind your back.

That's not true! You're wrong, Mr. Keith...

Goodness, you're more stubborn than you look. No, maybe it's your youth... There's no need for you to venture out to discover this, but...if you insist, I'll prove it to you.

It's there, in a place across the sky from Hornheim. Head over there. And there, you'll learn just how true my words are.

From Hornheim? The sky...? That seems kinda scary...

You can't help but go. You've said so yourself. And if you're an alchemist, it'll be somewhat meaningful for you to see it. Now, we should get going.

The...malice of humans? I...need to know the truth. About alchemy. I have to head there now...

Music: Moon Guidance

Best location theme in the game, easy. Just listen to it, is all I have to say about it. Massive bonus points for including Flower Marks in it.

This place is...

One of the masterpieces of alchemy... As well as as mass of pure malice... This building itself is a floating control battery, but...let's proceed further in. What you must see awaits.

This is amazing...but what makes Mr. Keith hate this place so much? Remains of human malice?

Let me ask you a question. What are you cognizant of when it comes to slags?

Huh? They were created

Well, you're almost correct. The power that created the slags was the power of alchemy. When it comes to creating life, slags aren't too difficult. After being created, they are low-grade living entities that multiply by themselves, but...

This is...?

A being that was created solely to massacre lives... So, it's awake. It seems like it has identified us as intruders... Ayesha, what actions will you take if you find that the malice of previous generations still remains today?


I've decided to crush it head-on!

Music: Slag Dance

Another really good song. Definitely worthy of a listen. Mecha-Dragon is a pretty tough foe at this point in the game. He has a lot of damaging attacks, including his most potent, Disaster Wing. Unless the target is Keithgriff with my current equipment set-up, the target will probably be KO'd. In addition, many of his attacks lower Ice resistance, and many of his attacks are also ice-based. It's really important you keep Ayesha in good shape for this fight, although, Odelia can recover targets from KO with one of her abilities.

On the plus side, with all his group attacks, he'll charge up super gauges really fast. I threw out more super moves than I thought I would this time.

One thing I really like about Keith's super move is that in the time he takes to say "I guess it's time to show the true essence of alchemy", his idle animation defaults to the clenching his fist part by the time he's finished saying it. Unintentional, probably, but still really cool. His drops this time were some nice materials and Ayesha's final weapon. The Moon's Gold Vein is especially nice to have a material for weapon upgrades.

Also, one final note is that you can lose to Mecha-Dragon without screwing up Keith's events, but of course, you miss out on the rewards. Be a man and win!

Hmph. It wasn't that big of a deal. It looked stronger than it actually was...

Hyeee, I thought it was pretty challenging...

I see. Regardless, I shall deliver the finishing blow.

Oh, it got away!

Damn...! However, you should understand by now that a person's ego always leads down this direction, after all. And your sister was most likely seized by the malice of ancient times, like this one.

The malice of ancient times...? But if that's the case, what should I do?

Is it necessary to shirk away from malice? Just challenge it head-on, like me.

I see. But still...

What is it?

Is it...really malice?

...What do you mean?

The being that captured Nio, did it do it out of malice? Maybe there was some other reason it did it...

Now this is surprising. Are you going to defend the being that captured your sister? To capture a living human, absorb it, and eliminate its presence from the world... If that's not malice, then what is it supposed to be?

...I don't know. But I can't believe that its reason is to eliminate them. Because Nio is still alive, and is still able to smile.

Hmm... That's a very curious assumption, but... Now is not the time to think about such things. You should be more active.

That's...true. I'm sorry.

I don't know which one of us is correct. However... Seeing it with our own eyes may give us the answer. There might be something that can lead us to your sister further down. Let's split up and search.

There's something up looks like a laboratory of some kind. If the answers are anywhere, they have to be there...

This like a workshop.

Hmm, it's like an antique exhibit. These seem to be rare artifacts. Some of this equipment could be useful for my research. This is a pleasant surprise. I've only seen this material in literature. Very interesting...

Umm...didn't you mention something about helping me find clues about Nio...?

That is your objective, not mine.

O-Okay. I'll go investigate over there.

Do that. Look for clues about this facility.

Oh! It's talking about a way of synthesis that I don't know about. Seems fun! ...I mean, that's not it. Clues about Nio... A record of constructing the two cradles...? Th-This is...!

Hmm. It doesn't contain many details, but it seems to be about the construction of something. It does seem to have some sort of relation. I guess I'll research it as well... Without doubt, this facility is of great import. Its details are intentionally hidden. Or maybe they were erased...

Yes. Either way, it doesn't seem like we'll find any more useful information here, even if we keep searching.

No, we've gained enough. We just have to ask someone who might be knowledgeable.

Knowledgeable...? Oh! You mean, Ms. Odelia?

Correct. Now, let's go!

Music: Vestiges of Technology

One of my favorite locations in the game, the Lab of Dusk. There are no materials, no enemies, no nothing. But this is where it all happened. Where the research that caused everything to happen was carried out, in secret. The world Ayesha lives in is headed toward destruction, because of what transpired in this room. Now long abandoned, what happened in this room forges the world's future. The music for this area is also really effective, because it just gives you that sense of nostalgia and things long gone.

All that aside, this location is very special, in that it's the one location of the game that you might be locked out of getting. If you do Keith's events wrong, you get the recipe book Causality of Dusk after the Mecha-Dragon fight, you get a different post-battle scene, and you will never see this room. Also, even though he runs off, you'll never see the Mecha-Dragon again. You also get Causality of Dusk in this series of events, but after that scene just now. Anyway, off to the Zweiteturm to find out about the two cradles. The two cradles

Ms. Odeliaaa! I have a question for you!

What is it? Oh, if you are looking for the restroom...

That's not it. Ms. Odelia, do you know about "the two cradles"?

"The two cradles"... Of course I am familiar with them.

Hmm, well done. I was operating under the assumption that this information could have been lost.

I am the keeper of this place. I preserve various information.

Then, please tell me about the two cradles. What exactly are they? Where are they?

That... I cannot answer.

Huh? Wh-Why not?

So it's not that you don't know, but you can't tell us?

As you say, Keith, that information is classified top-secret. I cannot release it to the public.

Please, Ms. Odelia! It might be very important information!

I cannot release it to the public.


A serious problem has occured, affecting the maintenance of this facility's confidential information. By Library Administration Agreement, Article 6, this facility is now closing. If you would please leave... Thank you very much for stopping by.

Goodness, she's impossible. We have no choice, we have to go in after her.

But from how she was acting, I don't think Ms. Odelia will tell us...

From everything I've researched, this place has no information about the two cradles. If Odelia knows that information... Then that means Odelia is the last book that I haven't looked through. I'm sure you're not going to give up on your sister, after coming this far, are you?

That's... Yes, I'm gonna save Nio, no matter what!

Then we have to go after her. Let's go.

After that scene, Archives 8 and 9 are unlocked. Odelia is on the very bottom floor.

Ayesha, Keith, I believe I told you that this facility is closed.

I'm sorry, but I just need to know. I know I'm being selfish, but please tell me about the two cradles!

I would like to give you the information you need, Ayesha... However, disclosing confidential information violates Article 271 of the Confidentiality Order. I find it difficult to make sound judgments... What should I do, Master...?

Master...? Do you mean the person who created you, and gave you your orders? Then he's probably also the one who ordered her to maintain the confidentiality of the information...

Yes. That was the last order given to me. It's been...a long time since then.

How unfortunate. You still hold fast to orders from nearly a thousand years ago...

For us to continue functioning normally, we have no choice but to faithfully follow the orders that were given to us. If we do not, we would lose our purpose for existing.

I guess you can't overturn the order... Then how about I give you a new order?

Does that mean you will become my new master?

That's right. And, I will give you new orders to overwrite your old ones. Then there shouldn't be any problem, right? Or do you not like the idea of having me as your master?

...No. Possessing extensive knowledge in every field, you are a suitable person to be my master. If you became Master, I would...

Well, I'm honored. Then...I shall be your new master.

Understood. I acknowledge Keithgriff Hazeldine as my master, and... I transfer this library and all managerial authority that I possess to him.

To disclose all information regarding the two cradles!

Understood. In obedience to Master's order, disclosing Secret Matter No. 527...

Ms. Odelia...

The cradles are the medium which were established as protection mechanisms to deal with unexpected incidents. This library counts as one of them. A cradle to protect and to provide various knowledge...that is the Zweiteturm. The keeper, Odelia, was created as the guardian to protect the cradle of intellect.

So, this is the cradle that protects knowledge...

Though, she's a bit unreliable as a guardian. Various places in here are full of deficiencies...

Due to unforeseen circumstances, serious incidents have occured in this facility, bringing about disorder. Please accept my apologies for my shortcomings.

Ms. Odelia, then the other cradle is...

The other to protect and to provide various seeds.

Guardian Yggdrasil, who presides over the cradle of life, was also created around the same time as I was. He protects life, and I protect knowledge. ...That is all.

The guardian of the cradle that protects life. That's who took Nio away...?

I keep and store various knowledge. It can be assumed that he does the same with living beings. I went to every means to withstand a crisis. He, too, probably tried all possible means...though this is merely speculation. With no record of him after the disaster, what happened to him... And also what happened to the cradle that he protected is not known to this day.

So, his goal of taking away your sister was to preserve the seed...

Then Nio is being "protected" by him?

If he is functioning as he should be. Superficially, it looks like he's gone out of control, but...

Master, I have disclosed all information regarding the cradles. Can I lift the closing of this facility, and switch back to normal operations?

Yes, do that. Closing this place down is preposterous.

Understood. Then I will start the reopening preparations.

Thank you very much, Ms. Odelia...! The being that took Nio away has been identified, but we still don't know its location... I'm gonna go search for it right away. Thank you so much!

However, if my assumption is correct, the being that will confront us may not be malicious, but...

The legacy of alchemy is incredible...I don't know why the Yggdrasil needed to be made, but I know what I need to do now!