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Part 26: Part XXI: Hear the Onset of an Ending

Part XXI: Hear the Onset of an Ending

It's a new day, for me and Nio. I was really tired from the battle, so me and Nio spent the night together for the first time in a really long time. Left behind

Even though Sis and Pana have grown so much bigger.

Nio, there you are. Let's eat breakfast.

Oh, sorry Sis. I didn't even help.

Don't worry, you've been gone for a while. It sure is nostalgic, isn't it?

Yup. She got bigger, too. She used to be just a calf...

You were missing for 4 to 5 years. She's all grown up now. She's strong and dependable, too, right?

Oink moo!

I learned to do more syntheses, and I met more people, too.

I see. It seems like I"m the only one who was left behind...

That's not true. Nio, you're gonna grow from now on. You'll meet lots of people and see lots of things... Your time begins now.

Lots of people? That sounds...exciting. Can I ask you one thing? I want you to introduce me to your friends.

Hehe, of course.

Sorry, there's so much stuff I have to do... To make it up to you, I'll bring back a souvenir. Okay?

Nooo! I wanna be with you! I wanna go, too!

But, I mean, I'll come back every now adn then. So...okay?


Hmm, this isn't good, but I guess staying here all alone would be lonely. Then, how about this? I can't do it all the time, but... Occasionally, when I'm not busy with work, I'll take you along, too. How about that?

...If I said no, would that cause problems for you?

Haha, maybe just a little...

Then, I'll make do with that. I don't want to make things harder for you.


And, introduce me to all your friends.

Nio... Okay, it's a promise! I'm glad Nio understood. Now, I need to get back to my job for today!)

I wonder if Ayesha is at this workshop today...

Okay, let's do our best as always!

Sis, did you forget your lunch?

Hello. You're more enthusiastic than usual.

Oh, Ernie. Welcome.

Oh Ernie. Long time no see.

So, you two are both at this workshop today. I'm lucky to have caught you two today.

There was some stuff to do, so we're here for today.

Ernie, Errrnie! Where's my souvenir?

Whoa, Nio. Okay, okay. I brought them with me, as always.

Yay! I love you, Ernie!

Haha, you sure love sweets, Nio.

Niiio, you can't eat them all at once or you'll get cavities.

What!? It'll be fine. My teeth are sturdy.

It'll be too late to brush your teeth after you get a headache.

D-Don't treat me like a baby...

Hahaha, your workshop just isn't complete without Nio. Even if this is just a dream, it's making me happy. I hope this scene comes true in the future...

Dream...? Ernie?

Yeah, cuz Nio is at the workshop. I'm sure the real me is still sleeping and having a fun and happy dream. This all makes sense as long as I think of it like that...

Ohhh, I'm so sorry, Ernie. I totally forgot!

Oh! I see, right. Umm, Ernie, I came back. Sorry for making you worry while I was missing!

Huh...? So does that mean, that...this isn't a dream? It's real?

Oh yeah, I made you worry. I totally forgot...

Oh...! Welcome home, Nio! I'm glad! I'm so glad...

Yes, I'm happy to see you again, Ernie.

Nio, you haven't changed a bit since you've been gone, so I thought it was a dream... I'm sure you had a hard time with food and stuff...

Let's have some snacks while we tell you all about it! I'll prepare some tea, too!

Okay. I have lots of things I need to tell you, too, about everything that's happened while you were gone...

Music: Dream-Weaving House (Recorder Version)

The house where dreams are forged, and where new ones are born every day. With Nio's return, Ayesha's workshop moves from being a somber reminder of Ayesha's life at the start of the story, to the present, full of hope and happiness. Everything's changed for her with her precious little sister's return. But...I think we can make things even happier, don't you?

Music: Dream-Weaving House

Haruka (she also sang MARIA, and the song in Oesten) sings the vocal version of Dream-Weaving House. It's J-Pop, so tread lightly if that isn't your thing, but I like replacing the instrumental version with the vocal when I play this game. Oh, and Nio joins after the above voiced scene, obviously. She's...interesting in battle, I think. She's one of, if not the weakest character, but she's the only character along with Odelia who can revive characters with one of her skills. She's definitely a support character whose offensive abilities, especially against bosses, are below-par. I'd say in terms of raw ability, Keith and Linca are the best teammates.

Oh, and now that Nio's returned, something very important returns to the workshop... Watch the only video for this update for a special surprise at the very end.

Okay, so here's the thing with how the structure of this LP is going to change going forward, until the ending. With Yggdrasil's defeat, the game opens up quite a bit in regards to what we want to do next. After resuming control, you'll get a whole bunch of notes about "Helping x character out". What that means is completing that character's events and getting their ending flag.

Also, completing all jobs for people from Hornheim, Vierzeberg, and Riesengang, and getting all of Tanya's, Marietta's, Nanaca's, and Nio's events (Wilbell's events are also necessary for the same ending as these characters. Of course, she has her own ending.). Finally, winning all six Thrilling Teasure Contests is needed for two endings, so make sure you haven't been skimping on those.

The Metastasis Wing is an integral part of getting all that done in the alloted time you have. I defeated the Yggdrasil on March 8th, meaning I have about 13 months on the clock left to do whatever I want. There's no real reason why the game ends on April 1st, three years in-game after Ayesha's journey began. If you recall the first update, Keith said in her present state, Nio had about three years, so that was an established time limit, but with her rescued, that's gone.

Now, because I finished the game fairly early, a lot of post-Nio scenes aren't going to come up for a while, but rest assured you can make progress. You can't complete all of the character events until October of year 3, which is pretty late.

Now, as for the LP. Instead of doing a bunch of narrative, start-to-finish updates, I'm going to divide future updates with character events into certain parts. So, Update XXII, dedicated Nio's events, is going to be divided into two or three parts, or however many are necessary. Every character has events I have yet to complete, so this is going to jumping around a bit until we have every ending flag. There won't be a particular order, as I'm going to transcribe scenes as they came up when I recorded last.

We're in the home stretch of the game, but we've still got a lot to do. I hope you'll join me as we continue on with the second half of this game (really about 40%, but still.).