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Part 27: Part XXII: Hear the Struggle of a Sibling - Part A

Part XXII: Hear the Struggle of a Sibling - Part A

Nio's events are mostly oriented around bringing her to meet all the characters Ayesha has (oddly, with the exception of Harry and Marietta), Oesten, Vierzeberg, and finishing a single battle with her. She has by far the easiest events to complete in the post-game. Her first events begin in the depths of the Herb Garden.

Oh, Sis, hold on! Hehehe, my graaave. It's kinda weird to see your own grave... I wonder if I should make an offering...

Umm, I don't think you need to, since the actual person is here and all.

You're right. Hehehe, Sis, you came to visit my grave every day, right?

Yup. But I didn't consider this to be your grave. "If I come here, I might be able to see Nio..." Was the kind of impression I had.

Yup, I know. I was able to see you from my side a number of times... What you were always talking to me about...I listened to all of it.

I see... I'm sorry I didn't notice.

No, no, when I was there, I was really sad and lonely, but... Every time I heard your voice, it always felt so warm.

Hmhm, I'm glad I came here every day.

But my grave has lost its purpose now...

Yeah. But I think we can leave it as is. Now that's it's all over, I think this is an important memorial.

Yeah, let's leave it. Hehehe...

Where this began, where my hope I could find Nio again was started, where I met Mr. Keith for the first time... This memorial reminds me of a lot of stuff. Even with the sad history of alchemy Mr. Keith told me, I'm really happy I got to learn it. Nio wanted to fight that hamster, but...

Niooo! I'm so glad you're safe!

Wh-What's wrong, Sis? You look so pale.

Are you hurt anywhere? Did anything happen to you?

Umm, I think I'm okay. Sis, you worry too much. Oh, but I might've scrapped my knee a bit...

Hold on! I'll put on some ointment and a bandage right now!

Jeez, I'll be fine. You're overreacting, Sis.

No, it could get infected and turn into something much worse. C'mon now, drink this medicine. You'll feel better right away. And put on some of this ointment... And put on this medical patch...

Wh-Wh-Wh-! I don't need all that medicine... I'm better than fine! See!?

R-Really? If you say so... But let me know right away if it starts to hurt when you're walking, okay? I'm totally confident about my medicine, so I'll make sure you won't feel any pain right away!

Huh? Did I say something weird?

Goodness, there's no help for you, Sis. Come on, let's just keep on going.

Oh, Nio! It's dangerous to run!

Oh, and that arch in the background that's glowing? Another time...

Its' really been a while since you've been here.

Hehehe, thank you for letting me come. This place hasn't changed a bit. Thank you for all the help you gave my sister while I was gone.

My, my, how proper... Nio, you're so polite and well-mannered.

Well, I heard from my sister that you did a lot for me. Thank you so much.

Stop that. I've known you from way back when, so what I did was only natural.

Wow, Regina, this room brings back so many memories!

I think, at the most, Ayesha added some stuff. Way back when, you two came to sleep over from time to time...

Yes. You gave me a whole bunch of sewing lessons.

And you taught me how to cook. I guess we both learned valuable skills directly from Regina.

Hehe, and you two are like my younger sisters.

Younger sisters? Then that means... Big Sis Regina?

Huh? What are you saying all of a sudden?

Hehehe, I just wanted to try saying it.

Oh, that's not fair. I want to, too! Big Sis Regina!

Ah, I got two more sisters all of a sudden. Then, I'll do my part and... Ayesha, make dinner! Nio! You go do the laundry and clean the room!

Huh? Isn't the big sister supposed to do that stuff?

That might be true of others, but we're different. THis is how we do it in my family.

Regina, it's a little different than what I imagined...

Nio and Regina get along as well as I remembered! I haven't met anyone who didn't really like my sister. I have a lot of friends who live in Vierzeberg, so I'll head there next and introduce her to everyone.

Whoa, who are you...?

Nice to meet you! I'm Ayesha's sister, Nio.

Hm, ohhh. Ahhhh, hmm... Okay, okay, hmm, I see.

You're Wilbell, right? Thank you for always helping my sister.

Yup, yup. I'm totally helping her. Only sooometimes, she helps me, too.

You're a witch, right? That's what my sister told me!

It's a little different. I'm the great witch!

Bell, please be friends with Nio, too.

Of course. If she's your sister, then she can be my underling, right?

Umm, can I call you Bell, too?

No, cuz I'm older than you. You have to call me Miss Wilbell to show me your respect, okay?

Aww, that's too long...

Huh? Really? Then how about Miss Big Sister Wilbell?

That's even longer. Besides, you're not really the big sister type...

And why not!? No matter who looks at us, I'm totally older than you!

Hmm, if I had to choose, I'd say Bell looks older...I think?


Hmm, hmm...okay. I'll call you by your full name, Wilbell.

Well, okay. I like girls that are obedient like you. I can make an exception, and I can make you my pupil!

I don't know about that. The power of your blood, or natural talent, is most important for powering your magic. If you don't have any magical powers, no matter how much training you go through, you won't be able to be a witch... But if you're the sister of an alchemist, you might have some magical powers...

I can become a witch...? Yaaay, that sounds like so much fun!

It won't be all "fun". To become a great witch like me... You have to go through reeeaaally hard training.

Huh? I've never seen you go through that hard of-

Okay, you there, please keep all comments to yourself! Anyway! What you need to become a witch are magical powers and effort. Oh, and also mental powers.

What should I do to strengthen my mental powers...?

Well... a sacrifice...

A sacrifice!?

Hmhmhm, maybe you're too young to hear this... But to go into further detail, you need to prepare a knife made from silver and goat's...

Whoa, bell, don't teach Nio any weird stuff!

Maybe they shouldn't talk very much...Bell seems to like teasing Nio. She's still too young to hear kinds of things like that. The bazaar was going in Vierzeberg, and Nio said she had to go find something in the town, but when she didn't return for a couple hours, I went to go look for her. I hope nothing happened to her at first, but it turns out I didn't have anything to worry about!

Huh, Nio!?

Well, I heard that I could open up a shop here, so I'm trying it out.

You're really good with putting things into action. I haven't heard about this yet.

Sorry. I wanted to help you out... You know how you're always helping me? So I thought maybe I can do something special with the sales from this shop. don't have to worry about that. I'm just happy to have you by my side.

I'm happy to be by your side, too. So I wanna do something for you, since you're always doing your best! And I'm gonna do my best with the things that I can do!

*sniff* Nio, you're such a good girl... Then, maybe I'll take this?

Oh, so you're gonna charge me as well?

Of course! I'm gonna securely save up the sales money! When I have enough money saved up, I'll give it to you!

But I feel like the money is just gonna go back and forth between you and me.

If you just think of it as putting it into savings, you'll be fine! So, come on and buy lots!

Wow...where did Nio find time to find all of this stuff? The Time Guard Flower came from the Yggdrasil, but when did she pick those up? She's so energetic...oh, is that a Dunkelheit? Even I haven't found one of those! It's an amazing healing herb by itself, but with other ingredients it can become even stronger. Nio, thank you so much!

I don't know exactly when it happened, but Linca starts running her own shop in Vierzeberg either after you see a number of scenes with her in town or enough time passes. Nothing she sells is too valuable, though.

Making an excellent God's Miracle Drug is rather easy, as Usage Null, as I've mentioned, completely negates CP cost coming from ingredients (alchemy skills still require CP, though). It's a damn good, thing, though, as Time Guard Flowers have a 50 CP cost.

The third ingredient, Ruler's Claw, is also important for a good Miracle Drug, as Explosiveness gives every character affected the chance to cut their WT in half when they perform an action. You'll see "Quick" pop up over the character if that happens. Mythic Potency and Save Predicament raises all stats, but these increases become larger if the affected character is in a critical condition, and Time Power makes each Miracle Drug have three turns when used (oddly enough, it increases success rate by 25%, in a game where you can't fail syntheses. Not sure what happened there). There's another trait that does this, called Continuation, but the catch there is the item's power decreases on further uses. Time Power does not have this weakness.

A fine product indeed. The "KO Recovery L" is a bit redundant, as the Recovery property already revives targets. Everything should be fairly explanatory, except for MP Usage XL. What this means is that every time Ayesha uses the Drug, her MP gets reduced significantly. If she uses a Drug without having sufficient MP, the power of the Drug is reduced considerably.

However, you might be thinking that the Drug's turns don't count as uses. You'd be right about that, which is another reason why it's so incredibly useful as a property. Cures Ills is a little misleading, as it doesn't cure everything. Just Poison and Weak, which aren't that deadly in comparison to Slow or something like that. But, how can you pass up something like this? Marietta handles wholesaling for this song, but it costs a pretty hefty 605 Cole for every copy you want to buy. Chump change to me, though.

Ayesha, welcome. Oh, could that girl be...?

My sister, Nio. She came back safely, so we stopped by to say hello. Come on, Nio.

Nice to meet you, Marion. Sis...I mean, my sister has told me a lot about you. I heard that you've shown concern for me time after time, so thank you so much!

My, you're so cute. Hmhmhm, you're very welcome. And it's nice to meet you, as well.

Nice to meet you, Nio.

Yes. And please continue to look after both my sister and me.

My, my, she's such a proper sister. I'm jealous.

Huh? Why are you jealous?

Because I have a hard time dealing with an ill-mannered child every day.

I see. That sounds very troublesome.

Hehehe, Sis, I got praised!

If you get too excited, she'll find out that you're really hyperactive.



Why are you questioning me...? You should've just not noticed it at all.

I apologize. I could not help it...

Nio might look good in clothes like Linca's. Maybe I should prepare a set for Nio, too...

Hm, she has been wearing that cute outfit for a long time now. Maybe she should try something fancy like Linca's clothes...

Nio, please run away. Marion's bad habit is coming out. If you do not hurry, you will be forced to wear clothes like this.

Huh? But those clothes are really cute! I don't know if they'll look good on me or not, but they look great on you!

No, these clothes offer no protection against blades. I cannot recommend them.

I don't think girls normally choose their clothes based on whether they can protect you from blades...

Nio, please don't grow up to become like this lady here...

Also in the post-game, more (Alt.) notes will start coming in. There's a couple super valuable ones, including (Alt.) Steinfeder and (Alt.) Yggdrasil, which both have some amazing materials show up (Aurora Stone and Word Stone -Man- respectively), and with the highest tier of slags showing up in Steinfeder and Decayed Ruin Isle, you can get the highest tier of weapons and armor. Be advised, they are no pushovers.

Yup, you girls do look alike. I'm sure you'll grow up to be a beautiful lady!

Wow, really!?

Yeah. There's no doubt since I, one who has seen numerous girls up till now, is saying it!

You've only caught sight of them.

Ouuuch. Juris, please be a bit more gentle. I've been vulnerable to those heartless comments lately, ya know? Well, anyways, I can't help but give cute girls special treatment. Nio, I'll give you a drink on the house. The juice is sweet and nicely chilled.

Wow! Thank you, mister!

Whoa, MISTER!? Ah-hahahahaha, what a cute little sister you are...

Come on, Nio, introduce yourself.

Okay. Nice to meet you, Juris! I hope we'll get along well.

Yeah, nice to meet you, too.

Whoa, Juris! Why isn't she calling you mister? Nio, would you like a refill on your juice?

Urgh. Nio, that hurts...

Oh, I'm sorry! Did I say something bad?

Nah. Mr. Kyle won't be defeated this easily... Anyways, Nio, I'm the mix master of this tavern. So, I'd be happy if you'd call me Mix Master.

Okay. Mr. Mix Master, then!

Okay, good girl. Do you have a favorite food? I'll make it specially for you.

Let's see. Umm...

When I was captured, you called out for me many times. It was very reassuring. Thank you very much.

Oh, so you heard that?

Yes. I was alone and sad, but I was this place where I couldn't even cry... I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. And then I heard your kind voice. So even though I was all alone, I was able to bear through it.

Mr. Keith, so you were doing such a thing for us, as well...?

I was just attempting to make contact using a different means than yours.

What were you telling her?

I forgot. It's nothing of importance.

Oooohh, hehe, I think he's lying.

Oh, but I remember. Umm, it was like... "Just have a little more patience. In time, your sister will come save you..."

Wow, Mr. Keith said such nice things...?

Nio, you don't have to say such useless information.

Huh? But it wasn't useless at all. I was only able to make it here... Thanks to you, Mr. Keith!

Okay, I understand. Now let's end this conversation.

You don't have to get that embarrassed...

I'll say this to defend my honor. I, by any means, am not embarrassed.

(Mr. Keith, I toootally know that you're a kind person!)

I'm so glad everyone's happy Nio is back. I may not have told everyone what happened to her, but it's a long story, and it's in the past now. I'm a little worried she might try to do too much for me, but I'll be able to watch over her now! I won't let anything bad happen to you again, Nio!