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Part 29: Part XXIII: Hear the Future of a Prospector - Part A

Part XXIII: Hear the Future of a Prospector - A

Regina also has a pretty easy event line-up. Just bring her around and raise her friendship level, and make an easy item at the end of it. Piece of cake.

Whoa, that's quite a lot of stuff you have there. What did you buy?

Hmhm, what do you think? If you guess correctly, I'll pat you on the head!

Oh, I know! It's alcohol!

Hmm, is that the image you have of me?

Was I wrong? I'm sorry, I kinda jumped to that conclusion.

There's no need to apologize. This is cloth, embroidery thread and other such things. My oldest younger brother is gonna be coming-of-age, so I thought I'd send him some formal attire.

Regina, you're gonna make it? Formal attire from head to toe!? Th-That's amazing!

It's actually pretty easy. Want me to teach you next time?

Y-Yes! I'm not very good at needlework... Whenever I sew up ripped clothes, another rip somehow opens up... I've knit a scarf before, too, but... I somehow ended up with a pot holder...

I see. But you're exceptionally good at making medicine and cooking. I'm sure I'll end up with a lot of extra cloth, so I'll teach you with that.

You're right... With this much cloth, you could probably make two whole suits.

I've checked all the stores around here that might have it, but none of them seem to have that great of a selection.

The lining... It's usually soft cloth with a pattern, right...? I know someone who might know more about stuff like that. Do you want me to ask him?

Really? That'd be great! I was actually kinda stuck.

It's important attire for you little brother, so just leave it to me. (I'm sure Ernie sells cloth, as well. Okay, I should ask him next time.)

I'm not really good with fashions, so Ernie should know a lot more about it than me. I always have to do my best for Regina, since she's always been so helpful!

(That's right, maybe I should ask about the cloth Regina was looking for...)

I see, cloth for a lining... The circulation of those goods has been declining recently.

Since it seems to be an important gift, I'd really like to help her...

Leave it to me! She's your friend, so I'll do my best. It might take some time, but if you tell me her address, I'll deliver it to her directly.

Wow, you're the best, Ernie! You're so dependable. Now that I think about it, there's never been a time when you couldn't get an item...

(I wonder what kinds of methods he's talking about...)

Plus, I don't make clothes, but I do like to make ribbons and other small stuff... So, as a person who loves needlework, I definitely want to help her out.

Oh, how should I pay you? Should I pay you now?

Don't worry about it. Just do your best the next time I have a job for you.

So it's like we're bartering... That'll help me, too. Then, I'll take you up on that kind offer.

Then, is it okay if you let me choose the patterns and colors?

Yes, please do.

By the time I make it to Regina's, Ernie should have already delivered. He's so reliable when it comes to making deliveries.

Ayesha, thanks! It was delivered!

It...? Ohhh, you mean the cloth? Were you able to find a pattern you liked?

Perfectly! I even had to think it over since he had such great taste in cloth.

Oh, as I'd expect of Ernie, I guess.

So, Ernie... He was an easygoing and cute boy.

But, I think he's still much older than you...

I see. He doesn't seem like it... Although, he does seem to have a strong sense of responsibility. No matter the occupation, it's always refreshing to see a master at work. Anyway, I went ahead and made the clothes, but I was so excited. I ended up making too many. I was hoping I could get him to try them on so I can adjust the length...

He? Do you mean Ernie?

The next time you get the chance, can you bring him over? if you do, I'll treat you to a delicious meal.

Okay! I'll keep that in mind.

Hehe, I can tell Regina will have fun with this. I probably shouldn't tell Juris what I'm bringing him to Regina's for. Don't want him to get cold feet, hehe. Dress Up

Ooh, good girl, Ayesha! I have to praise you for that!

Hehehe, Regina praised me!

I'm sorry to interrupt your fun, but...what are you talking about?

Something really nice. Mostly for Regina and her younger brother.

I feel something menacing in the air...

Oh, stop it. We're not menacing. Anyway...take off your clothes.


Hehehe, oh, I wonder... You must be really curious...

Don't worry, Juris. This will be quick.

Mmhm. Not bad at all...

Why do I have to do this...?

Now, now, come on. Just think of it as giving me a helping hand.

Regina, should I make his hair look more "whabam" and slick it all back?

Yeah. The clothes make him look nice and crisp, so his hair should match. It might look nice if we spike his hair, too.

Hey, enough already.

Not yet. Come on, put your arms up. I need to tighten the sides a bit. If you move, I might accidentally poke you with my needle, so stay still!

Ouch! Hey, you poked me!

Hahaha, sooorry, my hand slipped.

...I'm not used to these kinds of things.

Then this is a great chance for you to overcome your weakness. Just think of it as practice, and suck it up!

It has a pink-striped pattern for the lining, so I'm sure you'll look great in it!

No. I don't want to wear something that gaudy.

But you'll look good in it. With a body as built as yours, you can pull off wearing gaudy colors.

Then it's decided. Okay, Juris, take off your clothes again.

Hrgh, don't try to undress me! I can take my clothes off all by myself!

Oh, you're finally catching on. Well, keep that up and let's continue.

At any rate, Ayesha, you're looking as energetic as always.

Hehehe, that's cuz this is fun. It's like having a big dress-up doll.

Don't treat me like a toy...

I think your huntsman outfit looks great and all, but you look great in these kinds of clothes, too!

Ayesha, I'm really starting to get tired...

I'll be able to send my brother the finest clothes for his coming-of-age ceremony.

Plus, we got to see Juris looking his best.

Right? Juris, I'm sure you were able to discover a "new you" today, weren'tcha?

I didn't have enough time for that. Having to change so hectically, I only got dizzy...

Well, choosing the right outfit is important. You can't make compromises. Thanks, Juris and Ayesha!

I've prepared today's meal to pay you guys back. Feel free to eat all you want!

Yaaay, Regina's cooking is the best!

Hehe, we might have gotten a little carried away, but it was just too much fun. Juris is usually so stone cold and serious, we couldn't help but take advantage of him when his guard was down! I'm sure Regina's brother will be really happy too, but a couple weeks later, Regina got something in the mail...

It all fit perfectly, even though you didn't take my measurements, so I was really surprised. You're awesome. Sis, how's your life been over there? I hope you haven't gotten sick or injured. It's been many years since you succeeded our dad and became a prospector. As your little brother, even though I want to cheer you on for working so hard... I still want you to come back home. Sis, you're so talented, I'm sure you can do many other jobs besides being a prospector. The clothes you sent me look amazing. What do you think of being a tailor? From now on, I"ll go out and work as hard as you, Sis. Now, it's my turn to support our family. I can't let you carry the burden forever. I'm looking forward to a day where all of us can live together as a family again. Well, talk to you later.

P.S. Mom and Dad said to tell you to come home every once in a while. The whole family would like to see your face again.

... Hmm, that little chump is all grown up, sending me a letter like this... It's a good thing that my siblings are getting older, but my parents are growing old, as well...

Hello, Regina. Huh? Were you crying?

Whaaat? Of course not! ...Is what I'd like to say, but I guess my eyes started watering up.

Wh-What happened? Was it something sad...?

Umm, it was sad, but also happy. I got a letter from my younger brother, saying thanks for the clothes I sent him.

Wow, how did he like them?

Heh, it seems like they were a perfect fit. And it's all thanks to Juris.

Regina, you're really good at needlework. I think you could even open up your own shop! If you open up a shop, I'll totally root for you!

Ayesha's saying the same thing, too. Hmm, I see... A tailor... I guess that could be nice, too...