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Part 34: Part XXVI: Hear the Pride of a Hunter

Part XXVI: Hear the Pride of a Hunter - A

Juris' events are a bit strange. First off, you can't really do much with his ending flag until you see a bunch of events with Kyle where he gets Ayesha to agree to make a spicy soup, which Juris hates. Since those scenes are more focused around Kyle, I'll not cover them here, and instead feature the ones where Juris plays a prominent role. In addition, his major event also can have Linca in it if you've advanced her events far enough, so he crosses over with Linca for a spell. All in all, his events can be done pretty quickly, and indeed, his is the only character ending flag I've tripped as of my last recording.

He's the leader of the pack of wolves around here.

Oh, Juris, do you know a lot about this wolf?

I got a request, so I captured him. Although, I never thought I'd see him again. He's one smart wolf. He gave me a real hard time.


He...he seems to recognize you, Juris...

Sorry. I didn't accept this job so they could treat you like this...

Being held like that... I feel bad...

...He caused a lot of trouble. There's nothing we can do... But what could hurt his pride more than this...?

You, Juris. And Ayesha! If you're in town, come stop by at my tavern.

Oh, hello, Mix Master.

I was planning on stopping by.

Really? You've been acting rather cold to me lately... It's making me sad, you know...

Stop saying such misleading things.

Well, you've piled up some stories on your journey, right? Tell me about them over a drink.

I heard they're gonna move him somewhere to dispose of him today.

Dispose of...? Do you mean they'll kill him? But that's...

It's better they do that than make him out to be a side show. The way they're treating him right now is cruel...

I don't like seeing anything die, but Juris has a totally different set of values than me... Maybe this is the way hunters are supposed to think. Juris definitely looked pained when he saw that wolf. I might have had a scary expression myself...

Daaang, Juris, you're such a nice guy, despite your general appearance.

Don't make fun of me. I always battle my prey face-to-face with honor. Even if they're beasts, I don't want to do anything to trample on their dignity.

You're right... That wolf had really sad eyes...

Daaang, Ayesha, you're so kind, just like your general appearance.

You're so carefree...

Hey, it went that way!

Huh? It's getting pretty noisy outside...

Everyone in town is playing probably not what's going on...

Seems like someone messed up. Jeez...hey, Juris.

Yeah. He's not the kind of opponent the guys in town can handle... I'll do it.

Since the Cliffside Path is so close, Juris thought he might have run there. I don't want the wolf to hurt anyone, but I can understand why it wanted to run away. Maybe it wants someone to hunt it...

Huh? Juris, did you just growl?

...No, that wasn't me. That was...!


So it was you...

Wh-What should we do, Juris? Mr. Wolf seems kinda mad...


He left... He surprised me, but do you think he forgave us?

No... That was most likely a declaration of war. He's smart. I'm sure he understands the situation he's in. I heard his pack was completely wiped out shortly after he was captured. He probably has a grudge against me. His malice was far beyond that of a normal beast's.

I-I see... I didn't really notice anything.

It's no longer someone else's problem for you, Ayesha. He might target you in the future. He might've acknowledged us to be comrades in the same back.

Eeeh! Wh-Wh-Whaaat...!? From now on, try to stay close to me whenever we leave town. We never know when we might be attacked, so keep your guard up. Hyaaah... I feel like I got dragged into doing something terrible...

He's lurking somewhere near this area. We should dare to accept his invitation and... Just as I thought. Now, let the hunt begin.

(Urgh, something's different about Juris... A competition to see who will be hunted down first is too scary...)

I traveled around a lot with Juris, when I was near Hornheim, because of the wolf, but I didn't hear anything for a month. Juris said he could smell the wolf's scent nearby, as if it was right nearby... The wolf wasn't bothering anyone, as if it was only looking for Juris. A month after we saw it escape... Wolf's pride

Huh? He? Do you mean...?

It's that wolf. He's near!

Whaaat? I'm not mentally prepared yet...! You better do that quick! He's coming right for us...!

The Silver Wolf is basically a Bush League version of the Edge Wolf from back before we rescued Nio. Everything he does is weaker, and lasted about a minute, and only because I was going easy on him. At least we can confirm that Pana, does, in fact, possess fighting capability. Apparently that cowbell is a potent tool.

Whew, w-we did it...

Ayesha, I'm sorry I got you involved in this.

No, it's fine. I think it was inevitable, under the circumstances. It's just that, I feel kinda bad for the wolf...

This was his only path in life. There's no need for sympathy. Now, what should we do with him? Normally, I'd take the fur to sell it, but...


What's wrong, Ayesha?

Umm, can you leave this wolf to me...?

It took me a while, but I buried the wolf near the boulder. It's a very lonely grave, but he always liked to hunt alone, and fought me and Juris alone. I think he would have wanted it this way.

No grave marker or anything... It's a bit lonely for a grave. But anyone out for his fur won't know that he rests here. Still, this is my first experience with making a grave for my prey. It's not the kind of idea a huntsman would have, but this could be good, as is.

Juris, you told me to not sympathize with him, but... My heart aches whenever I think about this wolf's feelings.

In this land, with limited resources, it's hard for humans and beasts to get along. Sympathizing every time would cause us to starve.

Is it works?

Still, he was able to die as one who hunts, not as one who is hunted. He may not agree or be satisfied... However... Let's choose to believe that, at the very least, he had no regrets.

You're right... Or I guess I have no choice but to think of it like that.

That's it. Now, let's go back to town and tell Kyle.

Yeah. I'm sure he's worried about us, too.

I wonder... Knowing him, he might've forgotten all about the wolf... Well, telling that chatterbox will quickly get the word out that the wolf was exterminated.

Most likely. We need to reassure everyone in town! (I have mixed feelings, but...I guess this was for the best...)

Juris is a really proud hunter...I'm sure he didn't want to kill the wolf if he didn't have to. It was such a beautiful creature, I would rather have it roaming the wilds and being free. But, then it could hurt people...maybe Juris is right.

Anyway, hunting that big thing down is quite an accomplishment.

I did have Ayesha's help. It was a tough opponent.

Mmhm. When I saw him in the plaza, I honestly got the chills. I thought, "Ahh, thank goodness I'm not a huntsman. I'm really glad I'm the owner of a tavern."

M-Me, too. I'm glad I'm an apothecary... A-Although, I did end up helping out, but... So Juris, are you always fighting strong opponents like him?

No, it's not too often that I go up against tough ones like him. It's been a while since I felt the tension of hunt or be hunted like that.

So even Juris gets scared, too? That makes me kinda glad that even an experienced hunter can get frightened like me, too...

That wolf is totally the talk of the town. Especially since ths time, the town felt some damage. So Juris, you're a rather famous hero now.

Stop that, I'm a huntsman. I'm not that kind of a person.

It was a whopper. You should've at least brought back its fur. Did you sympathize with your prey? That's not like you, Juris...

Oh, that's, umm...

He was a hunter. I wanted to at least protect his dignity.

That's right. It didn't feel right to bring his fur back as a war trophy... So we buried him in a grave.

Seriously!? What a waste... With fur like that, it would've gone for a high value. That's not like you.

About that... How can I say it? It's not Juris' fault... I thought...that would be better to do it like that.

Ayesha, that was your suggestion!?

Umm...yes. Did I do something wrong...?

Nooo, absolutely not! Yup, I think that was an excellent idea.

Mr. Kyle, it seems like you're saying something completely different than before...

No, well, thinking deeper about it, it seems like it's a praiseworthy act.

But maybe I was a bit presumptuous...

Don't worry! You're completely fine! What you dd was glorious.

Goodness, Kyle... Anyway, Ayesha. I think that what you're saying may be right... I think it was appropriate to protect his dignity. Especially since his dignity was trampled on when we made a spectacle of him in the plaza. It was the best way to make an apology.

Well, for the time being, let's have a drink to celebrate the extermination of the wolf! No more gloomy stuff like this, cuz that would be a waste!

...You're right. Well, back to the celebration...cheers!

Juris really has a lot of love for think about the creatures that roam this world so much, to think about how to make them happy, while still making a living as a huntsman...I probably have a lot to learn from Juris, about the world. But, there was still something I wanted to talk to him about after we left Hornheim on another adventure.

He is the last one left in this area.

I see. In that case, I guess we got to see a rare sight. But why aren't there any other dragons? They look so strong...

Yes. By nature, since dragons are so strong individually, they have little need to breed for survival purposes. However, in recent times, they have been slain by humans, and their numbers have decreased sharply.

Even the strongest dragons are being hunted by humans...

And even dragons are no match for a great number of armed humans. So many were exterminated that their numbers dwindled, and now he's the last one.

I remember you saying something about the killing of livestock...

Yes. Naturally, dragons and humans have mutual enmity for each other. The dragon we saw before...he's no different. Very recently, cattle were taken from my village.

Eeh? Really? E-Even Nanaca's cows!?


An aged dragon is cunning and cautious. I don't know where he goes to roost. He appears out of nowhere in human villages when he gets hungry.

So we never know when he might come... That's...scary.

That's why humans hunt dragons. It's too dangerous to have them for a neighbor. I can't let him stay on the loose like this. Someday, I will fight that dragon. That is the fate that has been handed down to me by my family...

(Juris is really serious about taking down that dragon...)

The next day, just after daybreak... The hunt is on

Juris! There! It's the dragon!

Yeah. He seems to be heading out to hunt...

Seeing him again, he's really big...

Just a while ago, I was only able to look up at the dragon... But it's different now. I feel like I could reach him with my hand any minute. Just wait a little longer. Just a bit more...!

Since the dragon seemed so close, Juris was saying he thought the dragon might be nesting really close to Hornheim. He didn't say much on the way back to town, but he looked really intense. He was definitely thinking about something, but it didn't seem okay to ask him. When we arrived, though, he did want to speak to me at the workshop Mix Master rented out to me.

Oh, Juris, what is it? You have an unusually more serious expression...

It's been quite some time since I started traveling with you... And recently, I feel like my skills have improved. Right now, both my physical strength and energy levels have hit their prime. And so, I've started thinking that I want to test my skills.

Test...your skills...? Could you mean...?

Yeah. Finally, I shall...defeat the dragon.

Dragon!? You mean that really big one, right!? That's impossible, Juris, even for you!

Yeah, it's probably impossible for me to do it alone. So...I want you to come with me. I need you. I need your power.

That's...really embarrassing, in a good way. I'm not really that powerful, am I? Juris is still so much stronger than me, but maybe I've gotten a little stronger since I began my journey. It was all for Nio's sake, though...

Th-The way you phrased that...was really embarrassing... But, what do you mean you need my power?

I mean that I need you to come with me to hunt the dragon.

(Strong warrior...? But I'm a girl. That's kinda mean...) Although you look like you're always in a daze, and I can't tell whether you're asleep or awake...

Umm, I'm awake...

...But your combat skills, and most of all, your mental strength... I don't know of any other warrior like you.

But I'm not a warrior, I'm an apothecary...

I vouch for your power. Believe in yourself!

Even with you saying that...I don't think I'll be able to fight a dragon.

I have an approximate idea of where his roost is. It's somewhere in the desert to the west. Please get prepared.

In a desert to the west...? That's a broad area.

There he goes... I wonder if this means I'll have to join him on his dragon hunt? Urrrggghhh. No, no, it's definitely impossible for me...

But I can't let him down...I'll have to think about it. Meanwhile...isn't Linca looking for a really strong foe? Dragons are the strongest of all creatures. Besides, she's really powerful, and would definitely make things easier for Juris and myself. She agreed, because she's really convinced the answer she's looking for is somewhere in a great battle. I know she'll find the answer she wants eventually. I just don't think fighting is the way to solve all her problems.

Juris said that the dragon was roosting somewhere in Salt Desert. He told me it would probably like high places, like the lighthouse area. It took us a while to get there, but he was right!

Yeah. I've finally come to a pace where I can almost reach up and grab its throat. From here on out is the domain of the dragon. Each step forward will require determination.

You don't need to tell me... I know now might not be the time to ask a question like this, but... Why do you want to defeat this dragon, Juris?

This really isn't the time to ask, but well, I guess that's so like you. His claws have taken numerous lives, and the fire he breathes has burned a number of towns.

So you're saying...that you're fighting to protect the residents of those towns?

No. I don't think I'm challenging the dragon just because exterminating harmful creatures is a huntsman's job. I'm not a hero, so it's also different than fighting for a cause. Well...I have no particular reason.

Y-You don't have a reason, but you're still gonna fight it!?

Being born in a village of huntsmen, I grew up watching other huntsmen. In our village, we have a tradition. Anyone who hunts a dragon, the species that rises above all creatures... Is a true huntsman. However, our reality is much different. Basically, no one goes after something that they aren't sure can be hunted. Huntsmen have lives, too. As well as things they need to protect.

Being raised on the old stories of my ancestors, it became my dream to hunt dragons. There is no reason for me to hunt him. I just want to fulfill my dream.

I'm glad I asked. I feel like I was able to find a little more determination.

I see... Now, let's go!

This is the defining moment of Juris' life...his family history tells him he has to do this. Juris, if you want me to, I'll gladly fight the dragon! Hunt's end

There's no reason not to bring Linca for this fight, especially if you've advanced her events far enough. If you don't, you're obviously locked out of her events. Her secondary importance to Juris' ending flag events is the fact Ayesha and Juris have a bunch of lines in the next two scenes, whereas Linca just has two.

This is my first time facing you directly on the battlefield. I am Juris, son of Uraku, the one who hunts you. Let's settle who is the superior hunter right here.

Umm, sorry to interrupt you when you're so pumped up, but what should I do?

Act according to circumstance. And...don't get killed.

Hyaaah! O-Okay! I'm not really sure, but I'll try!

Whether the answer I seek lies within this battle...I must ascertain that! Dragon, if you hold the answer, show it to me...!

Music: Stargazer

So, despite the pretty cool song here, a song that plays nowhere else in the game, the Old Oath Dragon is pretty, pretty easy. He's only mildly harder than the Silver Wolf, and especially in the post-game with semi-good equipment, you can mop the floor with him in record time. So, just enjoy the song and Juris' killing blow super move.

Music: FJ: Grand Slam

This is one of only two CGs that have two different versions in the library. Obviously if Linca isn't here, she won't show up in this image.

Yes...! The life of this dragon, who had consumed innumerable lives, has returned to the sky. Life circulates, and is passed down as new breath. The battle of the hunter ends with my victory. Don't take it personally. Eventually, I, too, shall pass over to that side.

Now the people who have been living in fear of the dragon will be relieved. I'm glad I was able to help you...I guess?

Ayesha, there was something I wanted to tell you before the battle began. ...Thank you. I appreciate that you were determined to fight with me.

Hehehe, hearing you say that face-to-face is kind of embarrassing...

Yeah, I feel the same way. It's not something you should say lightly. As I started to travel with you, the environment around me changed tremendously. I probably wouldn't have made it this far on my own.

Hearing you say that...makes me even more embarrassed. It was mostly your strength. I just helped out a little...

No. I believe that I was only able to come this far because of your guidance. If I was alone, I would've continued to anguish over whether or not to hunt. I was able to accomplish my goal because I had you to trust and fight with.

I didn't mean to make it seem that way. The hunt will continue... Let's offer our thanks to living things that are alive this day...and then head back.

Yeah. I'm sure Nanaca and everyone else will be waiting!

Did my answer lie in this battle...?

So, aside from the music, that was a pretty lame dragon fight. For all their hype as king of beasts, that guy went down like a chump. Well, this tiny little black dragon is a more powerful foe, but uh...he's got a nasty little secret he's hiding. A nasty, nasty one. Again, another day...

Just one more event lies before us. Twin blades

Oh, yes? Come in.

Sorry. I didn't know you were working. Should I come back later?

I'm almost done, so will you wait for me?

I see. Then sure, I'll wait. There's no need to rush.

Sorry to make you wait, but I'm at a crucial part of finishing this up.

Don't worry, I'm used to waiting. I've hidden in the brush for a whole day in order to hunt my prey.

Oh, I've had times when I've spent the whole day stirring to make medicine. We have totally different jobs, but I guess they both require patience...

Making that medicine took a while, but Juris just stood there, completely silent. I guess you have to be able to stand perfectly still when you're a hunter. A prey getting away could mean missing a meal...

Thank you for waiting. Hehehe, this gave me more trouble than I thought...

You didn't even make me wait that long.

So, Juris, why did you come here today?

Oh, I have something I want to give you. I hope you can accept it.

It's an amulet that I made. I carved it from the dragon's horn. I want you to accept it as proof...

Proof...? Oh, you mean like as proof of defeating the dragon?

No... I can't really explain what it's proof of... It's just that, I fought to protect my family, and I've gained something else from that battle. Something inside of me definitely changed. It doesn't have a shape. It's something like faith...

I think I sort of understand what you're trying to say...

There's no meaning to victory by itself. I know that already, but... I'm still trying to find meaning in it. I still have a ways to go... I put all of those confusing feelings into the shape of that amulet... Sorry, I can't really put it into words, but please accept it.

Hehehe, I accept it with much gratitude.


What's wrong, Juris?

I carved that amulet with my feelings for you. I must tell you that, as well.


I can trust you with all my heart... That you will have my back... That you comrade.


If, in the future, you need to battle something... I want you to call on me without hesitation. As a comrade, I'll come rushing faster than anyone else.

Haha, I really don't think I'll ever be in that kind of situation...

Haha, you're probably right. But aside from that, if you're ever in trouble, you can rely on me. That amulet is proof of our friendship.

Okay! I'll cherish it...

The Dragon Talisman is an extremely valuable accessory, boosting HP, MP, ATK, PH RES, and AP Value / Critical Rate, giving substantial bonuses to each. Of course, only Ayesha can equip it, but it's well worth one of her slots.