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Part 36: Part XXVIII: Hear the Dedication of a Gofer

Part XXVIII: Hear the Dedication of a Gofer - Part A

Marion's events are short and sweet. Nothing to them other than visiting Riesengang a few times, and Vierzeberg just once. This all happened to me in the post-game, but it may not be related to saving Nio.

If you'd show any bit of willingness to compromise, I'd be grateful.

Huh? This voice is...

I can't let an outsider go inside. On top of that, you're an amateur and a woman. Sites have rules. Now, go home! I mean, how many times have I told you this? You don't give up, do ya?

This is a lot like when I first met Marion. She was trying to get into the Riesengang ruin and Mr. Glide wouldn't let her. I guess she was too busy with other stuff to come back until now... I wonder if it's still a part of her mission.

I'd like to say the exact same thing to you, too. ...Okay. I'll go home for today, but I'll come back, no matter how many times it takes!

Heh, just get out of here!

Goodness...what an obstinate fellow!

You seem to be having a hard time, Marion.

Oh...well, it's the same as always, so I'm used to it now. It seems like you've seen all of my disgraceful moments...

No, that's not true... I don't think...that was disgraceful...

You're really holding up. Boss is hardheaded, so when he gets like that, he won't budge an inch. I understand that it's a part of your job, but maybe you should give up.

I won't lose at being hardheaded. This has become an endurance contest. I'll continue to pay him a visit until I'm allowed in!

But you're free to enter...

I guess he doesn't treat me as a woman. Hahaha... *sigh* But Boss does have a valid point. It's really dangerous inside the ruin.

I fully understand that, and if I get injured, it's my responsibility.

I see. Then maybe you'll just have to sneak in. If you go at night, I'm sure no one'll notice. There's no watch and we keep the entrance open. If you want, I can be your guide. So, whattaya say?

I appreciate your offer, but I'd have to decline. My job includes not only investigating, but building good relations with the people of this area. When an investigation team comes, they'll need a trusting relationship to carry things out smoothly. I can't enter without permission and lose your boss's trust.

You have to think about all that to do your job? Being an official must be really hard...

So you're gonna keep trying until you get official permission? That's hard. But, I understand your feelings now. I'll try to talk to Boss for you. I'll tell him to listen more to what you've got to say.

Regina...thank you. Please do.

But, I don't know how much he'll listen to what I tell him.

I'm just having no luck whatsoever.

Hmm...this is a difficult problem... I understand what your boss is trying to say, but you have your job, too... But, but, you'll have Linca with you, so I think you might be okay...

Hahaha, Ayesha, you don't have to look so worried about it.

Thank you, Ayesha. Sorry to make you worry.

Marion's job is really stressful...I wonder how she relaxes. She has Linca to help her out, but she also has to look out for Linca, and she can be difficult to work with. I only wish I could help Marion out with her work, but she's got so many responsibilities that I wouldn't know where to start. All I can do is helping her whenever she needs me.

Missy? Who?

You know, what's her name? That black-haired missy who's so high-spirited.

Oh yeah, I haven't seen her around lately. Maybe she gave up, since you kept driving her away?

What? You gave up already? After only getting declined a few times...? What a wimp. That's why young'uns these days are so unreliable. *mumble* *mumble*

(I wonder how Marion is doing... Maybe I should stop by later.)

Knowing her, she's probably just busy with another assignment. I'll go see her in Vierzeberg now.

Marion? Hellooo...huh? Is there a problem?

Yeah. It's about the boss in Riesengang... I was thinking of how I should persuade him next time.

Oh, about that... He mentioned something about you.

Huh? Really?

Yes. He said something like how that high-spirited missy hasn't been around lately and he was wondering about you.

Oh, he did? I wonder if he's worried about me... My other jobs here had their schedule pushed up, so I couldn't go, but this might be a good opportunity. No, I should say that it probably would have been a good opportunity... If only I didn't have that other job...

You can't go to Riesengang today?

No. I have to go to Hornheim to receive a package. It's urgent.

If you don't mind, I could go receive the package for you.

I actually have to go personally go there and issue a certificate. If I didn't have to do that, I was even thinking of having Linca go. Ugh, I wish there were two of me!

You're saying that like it's easy. Can you do it?

I am making an earnest effort!

Okay, okay.

Shadow cloning? That would be an amazing ability! I wonder if that's something alchemy can do. I'll have to ask Linca more about it later.

Well, I feel like I just need one more push, but today, I have to prioritize the package. I'll apologize to the boss with a letter. Ayesha, thank you for letting me know. I'll take it as an "if you can't push, you have to pull back" strategy.

(Marion really is always busy with something. I bet being an officer is harder than I can imagine.) feels kind of weird to leave it like this, but this is Marion's problem, so she should see the boss in Riesengang when she has a chance. Me getting involved will only make things harder for her, and I don't want to make things any more complicated for Marion. She's already done so much for me.

After meeting with Marion, I did a lot of stuff with Juris and Nio, but when Regina was getting the measurements for her little brother's suit, after the dinner, we saw Marion coming up the path from the village's entrance. I guess she wants to speak with the boss herself, one last time.

I was just starting to think that you had finally given up.

I apologize for being unable to visit after I claimed that I'll return as many times as it takes. I explained my situation in the letter, but it still doesn't change the fact that I wasn't able to come here.

Yup. I'm sure your work is hard, but you have to keep your promises. So, I can't let someone enter who can't keep her word. Now, go home!

Okay. I'll go back for today.

Boss looks really happy today.

Huh...? He seemed to be mad.

No, I can tell. Since the day he got the letter... He's been restless ever since.

No luck today, either. His head's as hard as the stones in the ruin.

Well, Marion-

Hold it, Ayesha. Just gimme a sec.


That's too bad, Marion.

But, I'm not done yet. I'll continue to visit.

Yup, you should. He's hardheaded, but... Could you please keep coming without getting discouraged?

Huh? Yes. I'll come here no matter how many times it takes, but...

Okay, come again.

Regina, was that okay?

Hahaha, well, I don't wanna rob Boss of his delight. Plus, maybe the job Marion mentioned before has already been accomplished. The one about building good relations.

That didn't seem like good relations to me...

Well, we'll just have to watch from the shadows.

Well, even though we're three days out from 2014, I think this will be the last update of the year. Have a good New Years, everyone, and I'll see you again in 2014.