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Part 38: Part XXIX: Hear the Honesty of a Peddler - Part B

Part XXIX: Hear the Honesty of a Peddler - B

Huh? What are you saying all of a sudden? Are you trying to get something out of me?

That's just what I think. You're always so nice to me... And to Tanya, and everyone else, without showing more favor to anyone.

Hmm, well you could say that I'm everyone's friend. Although, I'm not really conscious of it.

It's probably just in your nature. Ernie, you're a good person.

Oh, but still, if I do something good, word of it might go around and it could lead to more business for me.

Hmm... Well, I guess you could put it that way...

Hmhmhm, I guess it's time to reveal this to you... I'm actually...a pretty bad person. This kindness is all just an act, and I've actually calculated everything out. I make calculations to ensure that my kindness will be rewarded by having more business.

You just came up with that, didn't you?

Th-That's not true. I really might be a bad person.

Why are you pretending to be a bad person all of a sudden?

H-How can you be sure that I'm just pretending to be a bad person?

No matter how I look at it, that can't be the face of someone who's thinking about bad things.

Hmm, I guess I can't pull it off. I've always admired the image of "bad guys". With their sharp eyes, ever alert, and on top of that, they have mustaches!

So it's the mustache...

Yup. For me, a mustache is a must. It looks cool and wild. Glasses would be cool, too. And wearing a coat, smoking cigarettes...

(I feel like this image is getting closer and closer to Mr. Keith...)

I've thought about all this since I was little, so... I've always admired men that're cool and bad...

Ernie, you're totally not like that, so I don't think that's possible for you...

You're right. I guess I can't do bad things. I'll keep on living like I've always been...

D-Don't get so depressed.

Well...don't you think, as a merchant, I lack a certain appeal?

I see. If you say so, then maybe it's okay for me to stay like this...

(I think he's wonderful just the way he is, but... I never knew Ernie admired those kinds of people...)

I guess guys like Mr. Keith look cool to lots of guys...he does whatever he wants, and goes wherever he wants, and says whatever he wants. I think that's kinda cool, but those times when he got angry with me... Anyway, I'm so glad Ernie's the way he is! I probably never would have found the energy to keep working as an apothecary if it wasn't for him.

Oh, but I'm not saying Mr. Keith isn't cool or he's a bad guy or anything! When he wants to, he's really helpful and nice, and like Nio said, he said his own wonderful things to keep her happy when she was still in that state where she was sleepy all the time and protected by the Yggdrasil.

After I had ventured all over and did all sorts of things for my friends, it was January of the final year of my journey. It's been such a long journey for me, but it's all coming to an end. I don't remember what I did for my last birthday of my journey, actually. Maybe it's because of what I did the next day. At least, that's what Ernie told me after I woke up on the 22nd. A poor drunkard

Here ya go. This one's on me. Just chug it down.

But isn't this alcohol?

You've already had your birthday, so now you're old enough to drink, right?

Like I mentioned a while ago, this scene is really easy to miss. Ayesha's birthday is January 20th, but this event happens on January 21st. This line confirms when Ayesha's birthday is, since you can't trigger this event earlier than 1/21, Year 3. I don't think you can get this event if you come any later.

Now that you mention it, you're right. But, how'd you know about my birthday?

I heard it from this guy here, who always has a smile on his face.

Hahaha. Kyle kept insisting that I tell him, so yeah...

Alcohol... Hmm... I wonder if I can handle it...

But you've never tried it before, right? There's a first time for everything. Don't worry. It's the weakest liquor I've got. I'm probably the only person who can't handle it... Haha, isn't that pitiful...? Whoa, I just got really depressed for a second. Come on, there's no need to hold back.

I see... Then, I'll take a big gulp...

At least, that's always how I've seen the guys in the White Crow drink alcohol... Really big motions! I think that's how you drink alcohol?

How is it? It's a smooth drink that's very popular with the ladies...


Ah, I think I'm done for.

Whoa, that was fast. Ayesha, you're quicker at passing out than I am! Hmm, I'm glad there's someone who's a bigger lightweight than me...

This is no time to celebrate. Did you really give her weak alcohol?

Yeah, without a doubt. It's basically just juice with a kick. If anything, there's so little alcohol, even a kid might not get drunk off of it. Sorry, Ernie. Can you take her to her room?

Yeah, sure thing. I really hope Ayesha's okay.

Oh, hahaha, I'm fine...

Yup, she's definitely not okay. Well, I hope she doesn't mind me picking her up.

Hahaha, that tickles! No, don't! Put me down.

All right... Huh? She's lighter than I thought.

Hehehe, this feels so nice and cozy...

Huh? How'd I get into my pajamas and in my bed?

So you don't remember... It was a big hassle.

I remember thinking about saying hi to Mr. Kyle after coming to Hornheim, and...

Y-You're gonna trace your memory back that far!? Ayesha, you came to the tavern, saw me, and were offered alcohol by Kyle. Then... As soon as you took a sip, you started laughing and fell over.

Wha-huh? I don't remember that at all...

At least you don't seem to have a fever or anything. But to be on the safe side, just stay in bed today.

Okay. Ernie, you're like a-

A mother, right? Yup, I'm starting to feel that way, too. Here. Mommy brought you some water.

*gulp *gulp* *gulp* Phew! It's so cold and delicious.

So, it seems you're much more of a lightweight than Kyle. That could be dangerous, so don't drink any more alcohol, okay?

Okay. But my head feels kinda light... It feels so niiice! I think I might like alcohol after all.

You're not allowed to drink anymore.

If you really, really wanna drink, you have to tell me first. You can never drink alcohol with someone you don't know, okay?


That's...probably a good idea, yeah. I need some sleep...

And now, time for the DLC dungeons, at long last. Next update will probably take a bit of time to get done, since I have to assemble a couple people at least and put a video together, my first time doing so. I'll be in touch.