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Part 41: Part XXXII: Hear the Crisis of an Entrepreneur - Part A

Part XXXII: Hear the Crisis of an Entrepreneur - A

Harry's events, are, of course, tied up around the Thrilling Treasure Contests. He's stopped by the workshop once before because of a contest loss, but after the 4th, he'll start coming by after each one. Fourth contest

Everyone (includes Harry, Keith, Juris, and myself), were kinda phoning this one in (the fourth Contest in December of year 2), but Harry still got smoked, just barely edging out Keith for second place, but it's all pissing into the wind when I beat Harry by about 150.

Saddest part is, he loses the next contest by an even larger margin.

Oh, Mr. Harry, it seemed like you weren't very energetic today...

That's no surprise. I mean I am currently questioning the meaning of my life.


I couldn't help it. I've been defeated repeatedly by the girl who I declared I would defeat with all my might. How disappointing... The Collector King losing just sounds stupid. Hmph, just laugh at me...

That's not true! I won't laugh!

On the other hand, you continue to advance. You're more suitable for the title of Collector King.

That's a bit...

The time to pass the torch to the new generation may be fast approaching. I don't feel like I can win against you.

That's not true. I've just been lucky this whole time.

I see, luck. Hmm, you're so modest. I am no match for you. Yet here I am, being tossed about by waves of jealousy as my boat drifts through the storm...

I'm not sure what you're trying to say, but you're better at collecting items. I was only able to win by chance. I'm sure you'll definitely win next time!

...You really think so?

I see... You're right. It's true, I can't let it end here. Retreating right after declaring to be your rival would be shameful. Next time, next the name of the former champion, I'll take my win and crush you good! Just look forward to it. Hmhmhmhm-hahahahahaha...! Bwahahahahaha! *cough* *cough*

You shouldn't push yourself to laugh so hard...

There's no need for your consideration! We are rivals after all! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be looking forward to the next time we meet!

(Hahaha...I wonder if Mr. Harry came here so I could cheer him up...?)

I feel bad for Mr. Harry, since collecting priceless treasures is his calling in life, but I don't think he'd like it at all if I went easy on him, even once. He wants to be the greatest treasure hunter ever! I'm sure he'll put up his best effort next time. I'm really looking forward to it. Fifth contest

God's Miracle Drug toasted everyone, with Harry losing by a massive 537 points. The contests really are a gold mine, yikes. I'd have to go back and look, but I wouldn't be surprised if first place in every contest nets you about 100,000 Cole. Way more than needed to realistically pay all the bills in this game.

Ever since then...

Oh, Mr. Harry, are you out for a walk?

Ayesha, hmhm, a walk? Well I guess it's something like that. When things don't go well at work, I always come here.

This is a great view. It's like my feelings are getting refreshed, as well.

Yes. I've challenged you at every Thrilling Treasure Contest, but I've lost every battle... I came here because I wanted to reflect back on myself. It's a familiar view that I've seen for many years. And now, I suddenly remember something about my past. I'll be reminiscing, but would you mind listening to my story?

An old story about you? If it's okay with you, I'd love to hear it.

Thank you. It's been 30 years since then... Before you were born, this town wasn't as big as it is today, and I was but a child. We had years of bad harvests back then, and there were many years where people didn't have enough to eat. My family has been trading for generations, so we were somewhat well-off, but... Even still, there were many times when we had trouble getting food.

There was a time like that...?

Yes. Even so, my mother somehow devised a way to make me snacks. Back then, you couldn't eat till you were full, so she probably wanted to at least give me a little taste. Hmhm, mothers are always so strong, I guess. Anyway, time passed and I became an adult, and the food supply had gotten better... And at the very least, I don't suffer from starvation anymore. However... I still can't forget the taste of that snack that my mother made me.

It must've been an amazing snack, made with your mother's love.

You're right. No treasure can match that taste. Now, let's return to the present, for this story doesn't end in the past. Currently, I have lost my former glory, and I am at the depths of disappointment. Losing to you, my heart has been wounded, and I'm looking at the same sunset as before. My title as the Collector King has become a thing of the past... In the very same past as my mother's snack.

I-I don't know about the latter, but I don't think the first part is true...

There's no need to cheer me up. So basically, I'm very depressed right now. To heal this wounded heart, the snack that my mother made for me would be perfect. However, it's very difficult to explain what kind of taste it was, and there is no recipe for it. I'm totally at a loss as to what I should do, but... Then I thought, "I know! Ayesha can do something about!" And so, I have been waiting for you!

Uh...huhhh!? I-It's not like homemade sweets are my forte...

So, about my mother's snack... I thought could... No, you can do it... This is something only you can do! Please! You and I have a wonderful relationship. Please just help me by recreating that taste!

You don't have to beg me. I'm not sure if I can do it, but... I'll give it a try...

Thank you! I knew you'd say that! For me to recover from my disappointment, and to pursue new knowledge to the extreme... I need to return to my roots. This is for that very purpose. I'm sure it won't be easy, but I'm counting on you!

(Hmm, I couldn't decline. What should I do? I wonder what kind of taste he's talking about... Maybe Mr. Fred will know something about this? I should go ask him.)

Interestingly enough, the nice sunset from the previous scene continues after that scene, before you go to another area in-game. The one time in the game that happens. It was a very nice sunset, you know.

About baking? I'm sure I know about most things, but... If you're asking for my help, does it have something to do with weird baked goods?

Actually, yes. I was asked to recreate the taste of a snack from the past...

Oh, this is about Mr. Harry's story.

Huh? You know about that, too?

Yes, he asked me, as well. Mr. Harry seems to be telling that story to a lot of people. I've had a similar experience, so I want to help him, but... I just don't have enough information. I can't even identify the recipe.

You're right. No matter how little it is, if we had more information...

Oh, then about asking Ms. Marietta? She's had the most chances to talk to Mr. Harry, so maybe she might know something...

Yes. Please, go and talk to her. I, umm...don't have the courage to speak to her...

But it's just asking Marietta a question...

Yes. I don't have the courage to do that... Anyway, please Ayesha.

Got it. I'll go ask her right away!

I still wonder why Mr. Fred can't just talk to Marietta himself, but... If anyone knows anything about it, she would.

Oh, about that story... I've heard it so many times, I know more than I want to.

Hahaha, I knew it.

Actually, there's more to that story. I don't really care for it, but...wanna hear it?

There might be something related to the snack, so please tell me.

Then, I'll just brieeefly go over it. Young Harry received all that love from his mother, gained knowledge and experience, and inherited the business. Young Harry showed a rare talent for business, and became the wealthiest person in town. He fell in love with a beautiful lady, and everything seemed to be going well.

It's like a fairytale...

But, that didn't continue for long.

Wow, I'm starting to get nervous!

A few years later, they had their last and biggest crop failure, and the town was in deep trouble. It was like 20 years ago, so I was too young to really remember... But my mom seemed to be going through a tough time.

I see...

Now, Young Harry, who had received all that love from his mother, didn't hesitate to open up his safe. He sacrificed his entire savings to gather enough food to share with the people who were starving... And thanks to him, this town was able to survive the crisis. But he paid a big price for that, and Harry's Trading House was on the verge of going out of business. But with all of Young Harry's strenuous efforts, it was somehow able to recover. And that led to what you see today.

So something like that happened...?

I guess. I think it's a good story, but seeing Mr. Owner now, it sounds kinda fake. If that story is true, then he's my personal savior but... I guess that story didn't really help at all... Anyway, about the snack Mr. Owner's mother made... I heard it was made from grounded up beans. It was a really simple baked good. I guess it was popular among the mothers back then to make it for their children.

But just knowing what kind of snack it was is very helpful. Thank you so much! (Okay, I should go back to Mr. Fred's one more time!)

The ingredients were different form normal, but as a recipe, it seems to be really ordinary.

Yes. We might be able to do something about Mr. Harry's memorable snack. Plus, even I remember the year of that crop crisis. I think I was 12 years old back then. That year, no one had any harvest. This land didn't have much harvest to begin with, so we had no reserves. Many people were starving. And then Mr. Harry entrusted a baker, my teacher, with the ingredients. He went around town... Delivering baked bread to everyone. I was also one of the people who received bread back then.

I see...

I still remember the taste of that bread. That was the moment I decided to become a baker. I never forgot how much it moves me, so I chose this occupation. I've always wanted to repay Mr. Harry for his kindness...and this might be my one chance. Can you wait for me a moment? I'm going to write down the recipe right now.

He jotted down some quick notes...I guess it really did make a big impact on him. Thinking back on it, I think this might be what Mr. Keith was talking about when he talked about bad things happening to nature. I wonder if alchemy research had anything to do with the bad harvests...

It's done. This is the recipe. However, we don't know the ingredients, so it's not complete. You'll have to try various ingredients and aim to recreate the taste...

This is more than enough. I'll take it from here!

Yes, good luck. I'll be rooting for you!

Well, there's the bean taste Marietta mentioned, but it looks like it needs a flower ingredient, sweetener, and Fluffy Whip to get the taste just right. I never knew Mr. Harry had a past like that...I wonder how much of it is true. Oh well, if I can make Mr. Harry happy again after losing to me again, I'll do what I can!

I'm not sure if this is it, but please give it a taste...!

Oh, so it's finally done? As I expected of you, Ayesha. Then, if you don't mind, I'll taste it right away. *munch* *munch* *munch*

H-How is it...?

*munch* *munch*


Wh-What's wrong? Did it taste bad?

That's not it... The smell, shape, texture, and this taste... There's no mistake, this is my mommy's taste... I never thought I'd be able to taste it again... I'm deeply moved...

I'm glad... I was worried that I wouldn't be able to recreate it.

No, you were amazing, Ayesha. The taste that I had forgotten... You splendidly reminded me of it. Thank you! Thank you so much...! I don't have a reward that can match this taste...

I don't need one. While I was gathering the recipe, I heard a lot of amazing stories about you. That you used so much money to help everyone in town that you risked your own business...

I knew what it was like to be starving. I couldn't just stand there and watch children starve. That was all.

I'm sure the people you've helped have grown up, making this town very prosperous.

I see... Hmhm, back then, I didn't think that far ahead, but... I guess I was able to do something for this town that I love.

The one regret I have is that I couldn't show mommy how splendid I turned out. Mommy passed away before I inherited the business. It was probably because of her long years of hard work. I've wanted to show how splendid appearance to my mommy...but that could never happen. But I've been striving to make sure I'll never be ashamed to face her.

I-I gan't... I'm sho weak do sdories like diz... *sniff* I'm sure Mr. Barry's mother is looging down on dyou from heaven...

Are you crying for Mommy and me? You're very kind. Seeing your tears, I'm reminded of my feelings from before... So I'm not ashamed to face Mommy. Today, after eating Mommy's snack, I feel like that feeling has solidified even more. Thank you, Ayesha...!

No, thank you. *sniff* Please keep working hard from now on, too. *sniff*

You're right. I'm still young. And I still have...lots to do!

That's such a nice story *sniff* I only have one more Thrilling Treasure Contest with Mr. Harry before I have to go home to Nio. I'll make sure I give it my all, for Mr. Harry and Mommy!