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Part 42: Part XXXII: Hear the Crisis of an Entrepreneur - Part B

Part XXXII: Hear the Crisis of an Entrepreneur - B

After the events with the muffin and Harry's mom, he only has one event left: the final contest in December of Year 3. Since it's the final one, I'll cover the post-contest normally. I'll also use this update to cover the "ending flag" events. There's one with Nio (with a cameo appearance by Harry), one with Linca and Marion, and one with Wilbell, Marietta, and Nanaca. Sixth contest

It's too bad for Harry, with the Mellow Animal, has absolutely zero chance of winning. Wilbell putting in an absolutely pathetic entry, and Linca significantly better, but still nothing to talk about.

Even though it's my highest score (with an item that can never lose), I still feel like I performed on the low end of expectations. Linca performed about as well as she could, but I can't help but feel we got a rather unnecessary ingredient. I would have rather liked the Gold, but what can you do?

So, the time has finally come... There's a slight tinge of loneliness, but more than that... I'm happy!

Yes... Umm, what are we talking about?

Hey now, don't be so modest. We have come to a showdown. I hereby declare, the birth of the Thrilling Treasure Contest's... Second Grand Champion!

Oh. Umm...congratulations...?

You're the one who's receiving that title. Congrats, Ayesha. You have gained the right to be the Grand Champion. The first champ, myself, shall hand down these laurels to you!

T-To me? *gasp* That's not necessary...

No, you'll be able to fill my shoes perfectly. Becoming an author of treasure books, giving lectures on antiques, organizing the Thrilling Treasure Contest... There's lots of work to be done, Ayesha!

No, that's not possible. I couldn't possibly take your place, Mr. Harry.


Of course, someday I will take back the title of Grand Champion. Hmhmhm...

(Wh-What did I get myself into? I think I worked too hard...)

A life as a treasure hunter... I guess that might be pretty fun. I still have time to decide, though, but not much. Only a few more months left until my journey comes to an end.

And now, for the first ending scene. For this, complete 90+ requests. I was wrong, you don't need all jobs done. It's good money, though.

The urgent work is that one and that one, and the more urgent work is that one, that one, and that one... But thinking about efficiency, should I do that one first?


Oh, sorry. I got lost in thought. I have a lot of things to do, and I was debating what order I should do them in...

I see. Even as an observer, I can tell you're working really hard. Are you managing your duties okay?

That's the problem. It's really hard... When I wrote down all my plans, my notes got out of hand, too...

That is something that Marion is very skilled at. Not to boast, but she is amazing!

Why are you so proud of that? But, let me see... There's a knack to time management. Want me to teach you the basics next time?

Really? I've really been having trouble lately... So please, teach me your management techniques.

Haha, it's nothing that special.

Okay, to free up my schedule, I need to work hard on my jobs! Well, I"ll be going back to work now, so if you'll excuse me...

Hmm, she's so full of energy.

I wonder if that is the power of youth...

Marion, wasn't that remark...dangerous?

Whaaat? Oh, who cares...?

Getting Marion's help will be a big help! I originally started doing jobs for the people of Vierzeberg just because I needed the money when I first began my journey, but before I knew it, I had a lot of money and a lot of people depended on me to bring them synthesized goods and ingredients from all over the region... Maybe it's too much for just me. I should get Nio's help, too.

Like I mentioned above, complete Nanaca's, Tanya's, Nio's, Wilbell's, and Marietta's events for this scene. I've gotten a few Nanaca scenes in the post-game, but only a few, and I'll cover her's and Ranun's final event in the EX Update after I'm done with the character events. By my count, we have a second installment for Ernie and Kyle, and then we're done. But, I think after the character events, I'll do both of the bonus dungeons. A gathering of girls

Huh? That voice is...Nanaca.

My brother told me you had a workshop in this town, too.

It's pretty convenient, so I use this place a lot. Plus, I have more friends here, too.

Friends... Ayesha, you seem to have a lot of friends. I'm kinda jealous.

Ayesha, I have a question about some medicine... Oh, a guest?

Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Ayesha's friend, Nanaca.

Oh, why hello. I'm Marietta.

Nanaca here does nomadic grazing with her cows. And Marietta here runs a shop.

That's a rough introduction, although I guess it's not wrong.

Hehe, I'm not used to doing them... Please come in. I'll pour some tea right away.

Huh? But I have my shop... Well, I guess a little while won't hurt.

Hehe, thanks.

Oh, Bell...when did you get here?

I came to play, but you seemed to be busy, so I thought I'd let myself in.

Wait...I was right outside. How did she get in...?

Wow, that's such a big cauldron...

Heeey, is Nio not here today?

Nope, she went out to gather something on the mountain.

Ever since our talk, I've decided to trust Nio more. She's really doing her best, and she's a lot more capable than I remember. Besides, depending on what I decide, I may go to live somewhere else... Nio needs to be able to live without me, although I'd keep her around forever if I could.

I see... I actually came here to play with Nio, but there's always next time.

Oh, right. I got a letter from Tanya. She's coming here again.

Oh, really? Then I need to get a welcome party ready!

Huh, that girl's coming? I see, I see. Then I need to teacher her how to have fun in the city again!

Oh, Nanaca, please join us.

Oh my, looks like it's gonna be a lively party. We have to invite Nio, too.

(It's so lively. Now that I think about it, I made a lot new friends over the past three years... It's so wonderful that everyone's connected like this...)

When Tanya comes to town, we should definitely have a big party. Having a party with only girls in it makes planning it really easy! It's not that I don't like all the guys I've met, like Juris, Mix Master, and Mr. Keith, but I just seem to get along with girls better... Is that strange?

For this final scene, complete Keith's events (you don't have to see the final CG scene in the Zweiteturm), complete the events for the five mentioned above, win all six treasure contests, and get 90+ requests done. So, you pretty much need to see every scene in this update to get this final one. I swear, it just worked out that way.

Anyway, if you see this scene, you have at least six endings you can see, out of a possible nine endings (Regina, Juris, and Linca's events don't count toward anything). Two endings are "bad". One for not saving Nio from the Yggdrasil before the time limit is up, and the other for saving Nio, but not getting any ending flags. Obviously, I'm locked out of those two, but that's why I've kept many, many additional save files. Gonna have to clean those up when I'm done with this LP, just like I did with the Arland games. Remember way back when when I overwrote my Rorona save data? Good times, but seems like ancient history now.

Oh, why's that? Did something good happen?

No, it's about you. Don't you know? People in town have been raving about how amazing you are.

Whaaat? I didn't know that.

Goodness, you're so slow as always. Mr. Harry has been going around calling you "Master Ayesha" recently.

That's the word on the street. Even Mr. Keith...oh, he's gonna get mad at me if I say this...

D-Don't stop now. What did Mr. Keith say?

It's a secret! But he was praising you... Oh, but Ernie was worried about you. He's afraid you might overwork yourself and collapse. And other people around town were saying "Ayesha is amazing", too!

I didn't even know...

With the talk, you're a celebrity now!

Celebrity...? I can't do that...

Hehehe, why not? I'm totally happy... Cuz everyone is praising my sister.

(Wh-What should I do? I didn't know so many people were talking about me... I'm getting nervous about walking down the street. I need to make sure I don't move my right hand foot in synch.)

Master Ayesha? Is Master Ayesha here? Helllooo, Master Ayesha!

Ahhh! Stooop!

I'm toootally not deserving of so much praise! It's true I've done a lot of stuff since I saved Nio, but it's kinda embarrassing... I don't know if could live as an idol for the people of the world, but that's one option...