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Part 43: Part XXXIII: Hear the Mischief of a Bartender - Part A

Part XXXIII: Hear the Mischief of a Bartender - A

A very Happy New Years to all of you. Like last time I posted an update on New Years', a new year is a time of new opportunities, new challenges, new horizons, and new updates. Let us begin presently.

I'm just saying the truth. It's very simple.

Look, there are times when the truth can hurt people's feelings.

That's because you lived a shameful way of life.

Umm, what's the problem? I don't think it's good to fight...

Huh? We're not fighting...

Ha! Ayesha, you don't have too many guy friends, do ya? Guys become better friends by telling each other our real opinions like this. So it's basically like baring our souls.

Hmm...I have Juris, Ernie, Ranun, Mix Master, Mr. Harry, and Mr. Fred and Mr. Keith...maybe. He might not call me a friend. I really don't have that many guy friends.

Oh, I see... Oh, are you eating lunch here, too, Juris?

Yes. I dine here occasionally.

You're no fun, Juris. You should come eat here all the time.

I prefer to eat my meals in peace.

Also, this was really unexpected. I didn't know you two knew each other.

Well, it was a forced relationship.

Whoa! They totally said the same thing at the same time. Maybe their souls are really in sync...

Whoa, we totally just said the same thing! This goes beyond friendship, and puts us on the level of lovers.

Hmhmhm, I think it's wonderful that you two get along so well.

Ayesha... That's not the problem here...

What are you talking about? Anyway, just get me another drink.

Ugh, you're gonna drink more? You stupid heavy drinker!

I'm doing a favor for the owner of this tavern. I think you should thank me.

Tsk. Well...I did get some nice alcohol. I think this one tastes good, ya know!

You...! You're so cruel, Juris! I've been studying up on alcohol, ya know! Man, this hurts... Since when have you been the type of guy who says such heartless things...? Oops, I'm sorry. I totally let a girl unattended.

Haha, don't worry. I'm having fun watching you two talk. But why are you saying such harsh things, Juris?'s not something I'd like to admit, but I'm a non-drinker. I can't drink a single drop of alcohol.

Huh? But you're the owner of this tavern!

Haha, isn't that funny? I wanted to own my own tavern, so I studied like crazy. But Juris is so cold to me. Ayesha, please give me some praise...

Mix Master, I feel so bad for you...

Ayesha, let me give you one piece of advice. There's no need for you to care for him. The more you care about him, the more he'll get carried away.

Whoa, what an awful thing to say. Fine then, you've scarred me enough. I'll have Ayesha praise me the next time you're not around.

Should I...praise him?

You should decide that based on the conversation we just had. I personally don't think you should.

Umm, but, now I know that you two are very good friends... Guy friendships are kinda nice!

Hmm, but I'd rather be with a girl...

They totally have a great dynamic going. Juris is tough, but he probably has a little bit of a goofy side. Mix Master is the total opposite. I think they make a great pair.

*sniff* *sniff* ...Huh? Something smells delicious... I wonder what this is... It's peculiar, but it smells so yummy... *sniff* *sniff* Is it coming this way?

It's one of the most aromatic spices you can get in the east. Hmhm, it makes my noise tingle a bit.

No, it's more than a tingle. It makes my nose all funky. But a spice from the east... As a cook, my fingers are just itching to try it.

Yeah, right? I thought you'd be able to put it to good use...


Oh, Ayesha. Are you here for lunch?

Hey, gimme a second. This is gonna be tricky...

Oh, Ernie... *sneeze* And Mix Master...! You two are...?

Yup, Kyle is one of my clients.

Ha! What a cute sneeze. So, are you here to eat lunch?

Yes. My stomach...! And I thought...!


So I...! I...!

She came here tempted by the fragrance of the spice. It does smell good.

Yes...! Umm, I...!


I see... I guess it was too stimulating for you.

Just...! I...!

Yeah, I think that's probably for the best. We'll talk some other time.

In that case...! But this...! So I...! If you'll excuse...! *sneeze*

I didn't think Ayesha would stop by... I feel bad for her.

So she's weak to spices...? I feel bad for her too, but... Either way, you're amazing. How were you able to establish such a mutual understanding...?

Hmhmhm, well I have known her for a long time. Of course I can understand her.

No...I don't think that's the reason.'re pretty amazing.

It smelled kinda nice...but I just can't handle spices! I never have. But...that was really powerful for some reason. I've never smelled something like that on the road, so Ernie probably got it from somewhere really far away. I decided to come back the next day, because that spice was really powerful.

Hmm, well, it's not really a problem.. I just wanted you to hear me out. I don't know where to start... So I guess I'll start with this... Thinking back, my entire life so far has been a difficult struggle against this guy...

Alcohol? Don't you think you're exaggerating...?

I'm not exaggerating. Because of this guy, I've gone through some really tough times. It's weird for the owner of a tavern to not be able to drink a single drop... I've already put in more than my fair share of effort into being able to drink. I've repeatedly put myself through hellish training that i don't even want to recall...


Yes, and...I still can't drink the slightest bit.

I see...

Well, not being able to drink is a natural talent. At least, I've decided to think of it in that way.

But...well I don't see why there can't be one tavern owner who can't drink.

Ayesha, you're so nice, but the world just doesn't work that way. A tavern owner who can't drink... The life of a man being branded as such is cruel and bleak. However, it got me thinking... If everyone is drinking alcohol, then I just need to eat more food!

Oh, I see! ...Huh?

And when the drunks start getting boisterous, then that'll be my cue. I don't mean to brag, but I'm pretty good at being boisterous, even when I'm not drunk. I bet no one can beat me when it comes to this! So with that being said, I've successfully conquered my weakness of not being able to drink.

I-I don't know if that's conquering... Actually, what did you want to talk to me about?

He's been getting too conceited lately, just because he can drink.

I-I see... Conceited... But Juris seems a bit more playful when he's with you...

He's a showoff, but in reality, he's still pretty childish. And I, the nice guy that I am, accept him like that. However...! He's gone too far this time... I need to teach him a lesson. This is the main thing. While I was eating with him a few days ago... He stealthily mixed alcohol into my drink! Can you believe that!? That's why... I've decided that I need to exact decisive revenge against that mischevious kid!

M-Mix Master, you've got a mischevious expression on your face right now...

That's because it's an eye for an eye, and a drink for a drink! So... I'm gonna sneak an adult taste that Juris hates into his food!

Since you're both adults...I'm not sure if that's really the right approach...

Anyway, that's all I wanted to tell you. Man, I can't wait to see his expression!

I-I don't really think you had to tell me about this...

Well, just look forward to it. I'll let you know how it goes next time.

I know they're really close, but I think it's silly how much they tease each other... Hopefully I can just watch them and not get involved. I don't think Juris would like me getting involved, either, while he's concerned about that dragon. Although I like all my friends, I don't think any of my girl friends would tease me like this. It must be something about Mix Master and Juris' relationship.

Thing? Oh, do you mean...that thing?

Yup, the "let's exact vengeance upon Juris" strategy... It's not working out so well... On that note, this is what Juris really can't stand.

It looks like a Red Devil, an enormously spicy vegetable. I don't even like using it in items, since the spicyness turns most people away. I certainly can't eat it...

Correctamundo. He's like a kid, right? So my plan was to sneak this into his food, but...

As spicy as it is, this has just as strong of a smell, so he'll know right away that it's in his dish.

Exactly! Plus the food turns bright red, too, so he'll figure it out right away. So, this is where I need your help. Can you make an odorless, colorless food that's just as spicy? I heard from Ernie that you're really good at this sort of thing, right?

I-I don't think I'm particularly good at it... Plus, it could be possible for me to make it, but I'd feel bad for Juris...

You shouldn't be. I'm only doing this for his sake, since he's gotten so carried away. I'm trying to teach him that you shouldn't do things to people that you know they won't like. This isn't just a prank!

I-If you say so...

Please! I'm begging you! It's not like I'm going to use it for evil!

Umm, but...

And your reward will be free all-you-can-eat lunches for a year! How does that sound!?

Urgh...that's very tempting...

I'll even include the added bonus of one free dessert with your meal. See? Don't you wanna do this?

Hmm...okay, I'll do it. *gasp* I answered that subconsciously! Mix Master, I didn't mean it...

Hmhmhm, it's too late now. You already said yes, so it's a deal. Bring it to me once it's done. I'll be looking forward to it!

(I-I feel like I made a terrible promise...)

Mix Master gave me the recipe for what he called the Hell Soup, which has the Red Devil as a primary ingredient. By combining it with water, meat, and another spice, I can disguise the color of the soup and not let Juris know that there's a super powerful spice in it. It doesn't taste like anything at first, but within a few moments the mouth of the person eating the soup will be on fire.

Juris...I'm sorry. I really didn't want to do this, but I'm not very good at controlling myself sometimes. I hope I don't have to get involved in this any more after this. I hope Mix Master doesn't say anything, either.

Oh, I've been waiting for you!

Yes. I made a promise to you, so this isn't because I was tempted by the all-you-can-eat-lunches...

Haha, I know. I know that you're a good girl, Ayesha. Well now, let's see it. Hmm, this looks like a normal soup...

I'm sure it turned out how you wanted it... Just don't use it for something too terrible, okay...?

Ayesha, you're already my accomplice. We're in this together.


Now, lemme have a taste... *slurp* ...

H-How is it...?

Here's the recipe. I'll give it to you just in case.

Cool, thanks. This is exactly what I hoped for. Hmhmhm, Juris, the next time I see you will be the end of you. I'll become the monster that reclaims my dignity...!

(Whaaat...? I'm sorry, Juris. I've done something terrible.)

Ooooh....I feel really bad about all this. Luckily Ernie came in just then, so I decided to order something sweet and talk with him for a bit to calm down. Hopefully I didn't look too scary to Ernie...I've just got to forget all about this as soon as possible.

You're right. I've never been to such a relaxing tavern before. It feels a little weird to drink delicious tea at a tavern.

Since I can't drink alcohol, I've tried really hard to excel at other things. I hope you can see that. I recommend this fragranced black tea.

I tried it before. The fragrance is really sweet, but it tastes just like normal tea.

That's the good thing about it. I'd be too much if it tasted sweet, too.

Oh, really? I think the sweeter is it, the tastier it is.

No, no, you're supposed to enjoy how savory the tea is. It'd be boring if it smelled and tasted sweet.

That's not true. I think sweet teas are the best.

I agree. Sweet things are also good for recovering from fatigue, and they make you feel peaceful.

Two against one!? Am I wrong here!? I still can't agree, but if you like sweets, I have something good for you.

Wow, thank you! *munch* *munch* *munch* ...It might be a little too sweet...

Yeah, it is too sweet. That's all you can really taste...

Huh!? Didn't you just say the sweeter it is, the better!?

That's the tricky part. I also don't want to gain weight.

You're right. Having something too sweet will just make you tired.

That's not what you said a moment ago! Aren't you contradicting yourself!?

It may seem like a contradiction, but it's not. That's what makes sweets so mysterious.

Hmm...I can't agree with any of this...

Hehe, Mix Master and Odelia both can't understand the lure of sweets. It's something you just have to learn from experience. It can't be too sweet, or not sweet enough. That middle spot is what makes sweets so delicious, but too many are good for you. It's just something that comes with eating a lot of them! But, I'm on the road so much I'm not gaining weight at all. That's a good thing, I think.

It's after the last Hell Soup event covered here that the Silver Wolf events begin in Hornheim. Kyle has a few more outstanding events, but we'll save those until next time. The dragon events happen, of course, right after the Silver Wolf's, so we'll resume Kyle's events next time right after Juris' final event in the Hornheim workshop.