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Part 44: Part XXXIII: Hear the Mischief of a Bartender - Part B

Part XXXIII: Hear the Mischief of a Bartender - B

It's been a little while since I gave Mix Master the Hell Soup. I kinda wish I hadn't gotten involved with Juris' and Mix Master's teasing, but I just couldn't pass up all those delicious meals. I wonder what happened when Mix Master gave Juris the soup, though.

(I'm scared to ask, but there's something I need to check with him.) Umm, Mix Master, what happened to the Red Devil food from last time...?

Oh, that...? Well, there was a fierce result.

I'm scared to ask, but what happened...?

First, I called him over, telling him I'd treat him to a meal, but I think he suspected something was up... I had never treated him to a meal before, so that was a mistake. I successfully got him to eat the Red Devil food, and it put him through one hell of an experience, but... That guy spiked my drink with alcohol!

Ohh, so you were both thinking on the same level.

No, I was one step above him. "Juris, let's just call it a tie for today. Now, drink this water to rinse your mouth out." That's what I said as I offered him some water.

Oh...but drinking water after eating something spicy just accentuates the spiciness even more...

You see? I'm quite the schemer, aren't I? So I sealed my victory and took a sip of water... But that guy had spiked it with alcohol again! What a jerk!

I-I'm sure the blame falls on both sides...

Well, so the result ended up being a fierce tie. We were both knocked out the next day, unable to do anything... It was a battle where we lost many things... and gained nothing. However! I now feel a sense of accomplishment in my heart. I did it!

I-I don't know if I'd agree with you...

You should just end it instead of calling a truce. I really think you should stop...

That's an impossible request. This is our way of life. Well, I'll keep it a secret that you gave me the recipe... So don't worry about that. Hahaha!

(I don't think that's the problem. I wonder if this really turned out okay...)

With everyone going on between the Silver Wolf and the dragon, Juris really does need to lighten up a bit. When he gets that expression on his face, he can turn really scary quickly. I've never seen Juris in Mix Master's tavern before, but with the way Mix Master tells things, maybe that's for the better.

When we saw the dragon in the marshland and went to defeat it in Salt Desert, Juris was really happy, but exhausted. So was I. Being a hunter is hard work. Mix Master thought so too, so he asked if I could bring Juris to the tavern to celebrate. I guess that's a good idea! Victory party

What's wrong, Ayesha? It's not like you to be in such a hurry.

Hehehe, everyone's waiting...


Oh, it seems the guest of honor is finally here. Shall we get started then?

Juris, this drink's for you. And here's a cup of tea for you, Ernie.

Heh, I wonder if it's really okay for me to join in on this feast...

Don't worry about it. We're gonna go all-out tonight, so the more, the merrier, ya know?

Hey Kyle, what is all the hubbub about?

Don't sweat the small stuff. This whole place is reserved just for us, so there's no need to hold back.

*ahem* Today is a lucky day, being able to gather together with everyone like this-

Hey now, there's no need for any cheesy speeches. We're all familiar faces around here.

Haha, I guess you're right. Then keeping this short... Cheers! To Juris' great achievement!

Cheers with tea!

Hahaha, I prepared enough alcohol for four people, but you're the only one here who can drink, Juris. Drink your heart out for the rest of us!

To Juris! Congratulations!

Still, you're really something for actually defeating that dragon. It's too awesome! I can't even begin to imagine what that was like...

Huh? Ayesha, you went to slay the dragon, too?


I guess it must be weird for me to say that, because I was so scared to fight the dragon before I started. But with Linca and Juris' help, we really did it. It's still kind of weird to me.

Then that means you had a hand in slaying that dragon! Th-That's amazing!

Well, no. Juris was the one who defeated him. I was only helping...

No, no, it's still amazing! My whole perception of you has completely changed.

Please don't say that...

Well, either way, it's still quite an accomplishment. As sorta like your older brother, I'm very proud of you!

I'm not too comfortable with people making such a big deal out of this...

Don't say that! This is the only way a guy like me can say... Congratulations, Juris!

What's up with you being so formal? It's not like you...

Hmm, you're right. It's not like me... But still... Juris, I've seen how hard you're always working.

Mmhm. Kyle understands you better than anyone.

I see... I guess that's true...

It is true that it's traditional for a huntsman to slay a dragon before they can become full-fledged... But, that's such an old tradition. No one takes it seriously these days. But Juris, you're different. As a huntsman, you really did slay a dragon! Even among the huntsmen, there probably isn't anyone else who can do that now. To slay the dragon... I know, more than anyone else, that that has always been your goal. Accomplishing it was a testament of your dedication and faith. I'm happy to have a friend like you!


So that's what this is all about...? Thank you, Kyle...

No. I'm not doing this so that you can thank me. Now, I've prepared a feast just for you! Eat up!

Yeah... I'll gratefully enjoy this.

...So, you ate it, huh?


Yeah. Hmm, this is...

How'd you like the taste of this Red Devil food? Isn't it delicious!?

I knew it. I guess I should have thought of that before bringing Juris here, but I think it's a way for Mix Master to have fun with his best friend. When I think about it like that, it's not so bad!

K-K-K-Kyle! You...!

If there's anything you wanna tell me, go right ahead! My ears are yours! If you can talk, that is... Although, you might be too busy with your tongue swelling up... Hahaha! I told you, didn't I? This is the only way a guy like me can congratulate you. I'm too shy to celebrate normally. Well, just laugh it off, and forgive me, okay? If you can laugh, that is!


Okay! And with that, Juris' victory celebration is over! From here on out, let's party hearty for reasons independent of anything Juris has done!

Yes, sir! I'll do my best!

Hahaha! I guess we're tossing all ceremony out the window!

Kyle! Why you...! Hmhm, but, I guess this isn't too bad. I'll go along with it for now...

(Juris, I know you had a tough time, but this party still turned out okay!)

This is a really nice way to celebrate a great battle! But I still can't help but wonder what Linca thought of fighting the dragon. I'll have to ask her next time I'm in Vierzeberg.

Whatever you two want is my treat today, so don't hold back. Enjoy yourselves.

Then I will.

Are you sure...? I didn't really do anything.

You went with him to slay the dragon, right? You have every right to be here and drink for free.

Then, I'll have a warm milk please!

Still, I never thought that snot-nosed Juris would grow up to be this big... I always thought you'd be a pretty good huntsman, but I never thought you'd actually slay the dragon. Although, ever since we were kids, he was always saying that he was gonna slay that dragon.

Oh, from that long ago...

Hmhm, that's right. When I was young, I was told a story about my ancestors who slayed a dragon... And that became everything to me.

Everyone just laughed at him. They told him not to believe that old story.

I can't blame them. It is true that slaying a dragon would bring a huntsman the greatest honor, but... That story became a legend.

But Juris, don't get carried away, just because you slayed that dragon. Even at your age, you're still a kid.

You never know. You may seem like a calm guy, but you're pretty easy to provoke.

Mix Master, you're being really hard on Juris...

Hmhmhm, he has become a stern and boring adult. As your "Big Brother Kyle", it's really bumming me out. Isn't that right, Jurry?

Stop calling me that... We're not kids anymore.

Oh come on, don't be shy. Isn't it nice to think back to when we were kids?

Huh? You two are childhood friends?

It was nothing more than a forced relationship. Our parents knew each other.

I've known him since I was about 13 or 14, and he was about 7. He used to be just some cute kid with chubby cheeks. He followed me everywhere I went, calling me Big Brother Kyle.

I didn't know that! I wanna hear all about it!

Sure. I think it was about a year after we met... Jurry was aiming to become a huntsman even back then, and one day, he was making a beast trap. It was a simple pit trap. Jurry started digging a hole in the morning, and... As night came, he still hadn't come home, so the adults went out to look for him. Then, they heard someone crying from the pit. "I dug it too deep, and I can't get out!" It was hilarious.

Stop telling all these stories from the past...

Also, one day, when no one took Jurry out to hunt...


Whoa, Jurry's getting mad. Maybe I better not tell this story...

But I wanna know... Please continue.

Decided to try to cook the rabbit over an open flame, but the fire spread to his tent, and...

Th-Then what happened?

It turned into a small wildfire. Later on, he was crying because his parents yelled at him.

Hahaha, it's so hard to imagine that, seeing him right now.

But that little Jurry grew up to become the huntsman who slayed that dragon... As his Big Brother Kyle, I couldn't be happier.

Jeez...childhood friends can be so wicked...

It really is amazing how well Mix Master knows Juris. They'll always be friends! Especially when Mix Master can tell those cute stories to anyone, and Juris will get embarrassed. He seems tough on the outside, but he's a real big softie underneath.

Just one more character update left. The end is in sight.