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Part 47: EX Update 2

EX Update 2

Unlike the last EX update, which was basically forced on me so I wouldn't have such massive scene backup, this is purely for completion's sake. Basically in the post-game, you'll get a couple events with Marion and Ranun that are related to each other, and about three scenes with Nanaca in a few parts of the world map. This is the update dedicated to covering those, as well as the final journal entries.

I'm too far away to go to a friend's house... I wonder...where Nanaca is around now. (Wait, whenever I think about Nanaca, she always...)

Oh, there's a knock on the door. I didn't hear it because I was thinking so hard...

Oh, yes. Coming. (Could it be...?)

Hello, Ayesha. I came to play.

Wow, I knew it! Speak of the angel, Nanaca!

Hehehe, I wanted to surprise you. Did it work?

Well, I kinda had a feeling it might be you.

What!? How?

Because whenever I think about how you might be doing, you always appear. Anyway, please come in. I'll pour you some tea!

Oh, I hope I'm not intruding on anything.

Not at all! I'm really happy you came. I was just thinking it'd be great if you came to play.

Ohh, then maybe the bugs brought us together.


Bugs that are said to live alongside humans. They have the power to read people's feelings. They take subconscious wishes and tell them to the other person.

Well, I was really thinking that I wanted to see you...

Me, too. When I came around here, I suddenly started thinking about you. Hmhmhm, so the bugs might've told us.

Nanaca, you're so mysterious. I'm surprised you were able to find my workshop.

I just thought it might be around here. I was just gonna find the workshop and head back, but then I saw Pana... So I knocked on the door, thinking that maybe you'd be here, too. Although, I thought I might be bothering you by coming unannounced.

Not at all! I'm happy that my friend came to visit! I have looots I wanna talk to you about! (I never thought I'd be able to talk to Nanaca at my workshop. Today's gonna be a good day.)

Nanaca said her cows were grazing nearby, and Juris said he was going to hunt in the area to look over them, so there's nothing to worry about. It was nice to sit down and talk to Nanaca now that I don't have to look for Nio. I was always worried she was getting impatient with me since I never had the time for long talks while looking for Nio, but I'm really glad she doesn't think that way.

I wonder if what she said about special bugs is true... Nanaca can be really mysterious, but it's amazing how much she knows about nature.

Oh, you mean Hallos Village? That was like when I first met you and Linca.

Yup. I heard that people started returning to that village recently.

(Now that I think about it, the villagers were in the same place as Nio. I didn't even really think about that, but...I wonder if Mr. Keith did something.)

Protected by the Yggdrasil... But that's a really long story, so Marion probably wouldn't have time to hear the whole thing. I guess the Yggdrasil really did capture a lot more people than just Nio.

Huh? I thought that you'd be a bit more surprise.d..

Oh, no, that's not true. That's great to hear!

Yes... Although, now i have to re-investigate that place.

Hahaha...well, I'm sorry.

Huh? Why are you apologizing? You're so weird.

(We created more work for Marion...)

There was a village near Vierzeberg where all the villagers disappeared overnight... But recently, all those villagers came back!

It seems so. I heard about that, too.

So you knew about it? Well, it did create a buzz. But the stories from those villagers are really interesting. I've been visiting that village frequently now. Villagers who disappeared and then all of a sudden reappeared... This is the perfect subject matter for a song to be passed down through the tradition.

Ranun, could you be writing a song about that?

That is my goal right now. When I disappear from this world, someone will play the melody that I have left behind... That's when all my effort will pay off.

Ranun, I didn't know you thought about things like that... In a world, a hundred years from'll be amazing if your music is still being played.

Right? Even if my name is forgotten, if my music still exists...then I'll be satisfied. It'll be proof we lived in this era.

Proof... To be able to leave proof is amazing!

Hmhm, I'll make sure to create a song like that. I promise this to the shining stars in my eyes!

I haven't really thought about it much when I won't be around. Will anyone remember my journey? What I did here? That's why I'm writing down all my memories of my journey in my notebook. Even if I can't be around to tell my story, anyone who has that book will know all about what I did and who I met. Sometimes Ranun can speak really strangely, in a way I can't understand, but I can totally understand wanting to leave something behind! I really hope I can hear that song someday.

Oh, Nanaca!?

Ohh, Ayesha. What are you doing here?

What about you, Nanaca? Why are you in a place that doesn't have any grass?

Well, I came to have them lick the salt. Licking salt, especially from here, improves the shine of their fur.

Oh, I see. I didn't know that.

Hehehe, I've been to a lot of places, so I know a lot of stuff... Like where the most delicious grass grows, or which mountain has the prettiest view of the moon.

I didn't know the salt here has that kind of effect! Pana, wanna try licking it?

Oink moo!

Nanaca, you're amazing. I've never thought about salt while I was traveling before.

That's because my family's been traveling for generations. My knowledge comes from my grandma, and my grandma's grandma, and my ancestors before that. It's been passed down for a long time. My cows need salt, but it's easy to run low on it... So, I'm planning to stay here for a while. I think it'll just be salt for tonight.

Just salt?

Yup. I'm gonna have my cows lick the salt, and I'll cook something with a lot of salt. And then I'll spend the whole day complaining, "It's sooo salty!" It's not good to take in too much salt, but you still need it from time to time.

But won't the cows get hungry if they're only licking salt? There isn't any grass around here.

If you look veeerrry carefully, you can see moss growing. Lots of cows like moss, too.

What? Oh, you're right! Pana, do you wanna try some, too?

Nanaca really is incredible. I never knew the tradition of a cowgirl runs so deep. I wonder if there's anything she doesn't know about nature. Mr. Keith wanted to stop by the Steinfeder to go back into the research lab there to read some the books. Since I'm on the way back from Salt Desert, I guess I can stop by. There were some rare grasses growing on the landing platform for the balloon, and Pana looks like she's a little hungry. I'm sorry, Pana.

Whew, maybe I should take a break... I'm so tired. I bet Nanaca is on a journey with her cows today. Hmhm, I've met Nanaca in so many different places, like the Marshland Salt Desert... Now that I think about it, Nanaca travels to a lot of amazing places. I guess I'm not that different... But I'm sure she wouldn't come to a place like this...

Hey, you guys, this way. It's just a bit farther away to the delicious grasses.

Oh, Ayesha. This is an unexpected meeting.

Nanaca, how did you come all the way out here?

I'm surprised, too... I thought I was the only person who knew about this place. How did you get here, Ayesha?

Oh, I came in a balloon. Did you come by balloon as well?

I didn't see any other balloons, and the other platforms outside the main building are all pretty heavily damaged and not good for landing a balloon...

Nope. My cows are afraid of lying, so I can't... But there's a better way.

A better way...?

But that's a cowgirl's secret!

Urgh, I really wanna know...

Ayesha, want to change jobs and become a cowgirl? I think you've got the talent for it. Pana always looks so happy. I'd like to go on a walk with you and our cows.

Become a cowgirl with Nanaca? Wow, that does sound fun!

It would be fun! We'd follow the seasons and travel with our cows, listening to the call of the soil. When you see the cows sleeping at night, you can feel just how peaceful this world is.

Uhh...that's very tempting, but I think I still prefer to be an apothecary.

Oh, I need to get going soon. See you later, Ayesha.

(She's so mysterious. You need a balloon to get here... I wonder how Nanaca was able to come here with all of her cows...)

I'm sure Mr. Keith would be curious, as well...but how did she get up here? I might not ever know, since I'm not a cowgirl...

And now, the final cavalcade of journal entries. Now, assuming you do all the job requests, you'll come up just short of being able to write down every possible entry. So, in order to write down everything, you do need to do the Alchemist of Dusk request in the notebook, which requires you make all but about six items in the game. It's not that hard, and it gives you an extra 10 CP for alchemy as a reward, as well as about 300 Memory Points.

Secret Treasure Search posted:

The other day, Bell tried as hard as she could to sell magical implements to Marietta's shop, but it seems like she couldn't convince Marietta to buy any.

Marietta told her that if she had any secret treasures, she'd buy them. I got a bad feeling when Bell asked me to hunt for treasure with her.

Our target was the Glass Factory. I felt that there was something there. While we were searching for treasure. I held Bell's hand, because she's afraid of the dark.

We continued our search into the deep recesses of the factory, and we found a secret treasure. I didn't think we'd really find anything, so I was surprised.

Unfortunately, the entrance was too narrow, so we couldn't get it out. We weren't able to get the treasure, but we had so much fun, I want to do it again.

Feminine Wiles posted:

By Marietta's request, I went to meet a delivery man in Hornheim. At first, I didn't know if I was qualified, so I was a little worried.

I thought the delivery man would be scary, but he was very nice and helped me look for the shipment. Thanks to that, I was able to accomplish Marietta's request.

When I told Marietta how it all turned out, she said, um, that it was because I'm a beautiful girl. I'm beautiful!? Marietta was teasing me again!

Just thinking about it makes me blush. I think I'll do some syntheses to forget about it. For some reason, I'm really embarrassed.

Homunculus Journey posted:

I was invited by Homunculus to participate in a funeral. But, I soon got very sad and couldn't hold back my tears.

However, the funeral was different than I expected. Homunculus returned to life. I was a little surprised, but I'm happy we were able to meet again.

I was also able to see Nio. I think it's because they had glowing flowers for the funeral. It seems that Homunculus was also able to see Nio.

The glowing flowers and Nio... If I look for more mysterious flowers, I'm sure I'll see her again. It seems like what I have to do hasn't changed.

Nio Can't Come Home posted:

Recently, Nanaca's cow, Poro, went missing. I went out to look for her to bring her back, but it seems that ordinary methods of catching cows won't work.

Poro has the habit of running away when her name is called. The first time I saw her, I accidentally called out her name...

The next time I found her, I made sure not to call her name. I got up close to her and spoke to her softly. Oh, and Nio was there.

I was finally able to talk with Nio. Even now, whenever I think about Nio's voice, I get so happy I can't hold back my tears.

Nio said that she didn't know how to come home. But does that mean if she did know the way home, she could come back? Nio, just wait a little longer.

Ernie and the Landlord posted:

I caused Ernie, who's always helping me, some trouble. The landlord asked me to make a lot of medicine, but I don't have that kind of time right now.

I know I can make a lot of money, but there's something more important to me than that. So, I tried to figure out how I could turn the landlord down.

Just then, Ernie came to the workshop and said the words I needed to hear. But because of that, his relationship with the landlord turned sour.

Ernie felt really down, so I just feel horrible. I hope he can return to his usual bright, kind, and smiling self.

I want to find a way to make him feel better.

Dreaming Automaton posted:

I want to write today about how Odelia got well. The last time I went to the library, I was attacked by a slag. That was really scary.

That was caused by the worsening condition of the library's systems, so Keith and I decided to go fix the control unit.

It was very complex and there are still a lot of parts that I don't understand, but it seemed that Keith understood how it works. As I thought, Keith is amazing.

Odelia had a fever and I heard that she might lose her memories, so I was very worried. But, she got better, so I'm very glad.

Oh, and one more thing... Keith became Odelia's new master. He can heal her, so it's a good fit, right? Well, I think so.

History of Alchemy posted:

I think that alchemy has progressed slowly over a long period of time. It seems that most of it is lost nowadays, but I have a little skill in it.

I think that it would be good if I could use alchemy to help many people. I want to make medicine to heal people's wounds and make them happy.

If Keith knew that, he might get disgusted, but I started as an apothecary. I want my alchemy to help everyone. And also, to save Nio...

This memory is where you get the remaining 10 CP, for a total of 120 CP if you're alchemy level 50, completed Alchemist of Dusk, and wrote down this memory. This memory is gained by completing Keith's events where he and Ayesha discover the truth about the Yggdrasil.

It's a Promise posted:

Nio said that she wanted to go with me. If possible, I'd like to be with Nio, but the journey could be really dangerous...

I don't want to put Nio in danger, but I also don't want her to feel lonely. This is a problem. In the end, I decided that whenever I had the chance, I'll come home to Nio.

I also promised Nio that I'd invite my friends over to meet her. Bell, Regina, Keith, Harry, Marietta, Fred, Marion and Linca...

Juris, Nanaca, Tanya, Odelia, Ranun, Kyle, Ernie, all the cute homunculi... I've made a lot of friends, haven't I?

Nio, all of them are great people. I'll introduce you to them, so please just wait.

Reunion with Nio posted:

Nio has returned to our workshop. I'll never forget this day. Nio, who I thought I'd never see again, is smiling right in front of me... There's no greater happiness.

I'm glad that I rescued Nio from the cradle that protects life. I searched for glowing flowers, traveled all over the place, and was finally reunited with her.

In this workshop, with Nio and everyone else, if we can spend more calm days together, it'll be wonderful. Nio hadn't grown at all since she disappeared.

I'm looking forward to the future. Making medicine together, eating together, sleeping together.... I'm really happy to be getting back to a normal life.

Whereas most memories give you two tangible benefits, the second "bonus" for this memory is called Happy Memory, and the description for it is "Happy memories make you happy..."

Nio's Grave posted:

I took Nio to her grave. It felt a little strange, but only at first. Now, it has become a memorial where I can recall all of my memories of Nio.

It seems Nio isn't too disturbed about having a grave, and it seems that she was always able to see me and hear my voice.

If my voice was able to bring her even a little peace, I'm happy. Nio, I'm so glad you're safe. Welcome home.

The Tailor posted:

Regina is an amazing prospector, but she's also really good at sewing. It's a little surprising, but she's good enough to make clothes.

Regina is pretty and like a reliable big sister to me. She's even kind enough to make formal wear for her little brother for his coming-of-age ceremony.

Ernie helped out with the lining and we used Juris to take the measurements, since he's about the same size as her little brother. Thank you, Ernie and Juris.

I'm especially grateful to Juris. We ended up playing around and made him try on a lot of different things. He was like a big dress-up doll. It was really fun.

I hope her little brother like the formal attire. Regina put her heart into it, so I'm sure he will. It made me want to have a big sister, too.

A Budding Bond posted:

I feel like a mysterious bond is beginning to bud. I get the impression that the boss and Marion are always fighting, but they actually accept each other.

I can't see the bond clearly, but since Regina's known the boss for a long time, she seems to know. It would be better if the boss was more straightforward.

Marion's job is to gain the trust of the people of this region and make sure her investigations go smoothly. It might not be too long till that happens.

I'm glad the boss understood Marion's straightforward sincerity. I imagine that will free up some time for Marion on her busy schedule.

For some reason, I just can't imagine Marion relaxing. Naturally, Marion shines the most when she is working. Marion, I'm rooting for you!

Silver Wolf's Grave posted:

Today, I'm writing in this diary with a feeling of sadness. While I was making the grave for the wolf, I had a very glum feeling inside.

Juris said the wolf had no regrets, but who can know that? The truth is, he caused a lot of problems for a lot of villagers, so I guess it couldn't be helped.

I feel that when the wolf escaped from the cage and showed himself to us, there was nothing but hatred, so I still feel sad, despite what Juris said.

At the very least, please rest in peace. It isn't a very proper grave, but at least there, no one will be able to find you. Good night, wolf.

The Devil's Cooking posted:

It seems Kyle tried to punish the alcohol-drinking Juris by making him eat spicy food, even though he doesn't like it, but you can tell it's spicy just by looking at it.

So, Kyle asked me to use Red Devil to make a dish that seems bland, but is secretly spicy when eaten. I didn't think that was a very good idea...

I'm sorry, Juris. I lost myself to the promise of free lunches with dessert for a year. I somehow managed to make it, but I got the feeling things would go south...

Juris ate it, but at the same time, he tricked Mix Master into drinking alcohol. Both of them collapsed, and it seemed they ended with a tie.

But, it seems that even after that, Kyle isn't giving up the fight. Neither of them are mature, and they both like pranks. I guess that is a little cute...

Redeeming Myself posted:

Ernie seemed to be upset about angering the landlord, but he was actually worried about something else. It seems his situation with the landlord is okay.

Instead, one of his precious friends was having some trouble with insects. So, in order to redeem myself, I did the very best I could.

I prepared a lot of anti-bug grass and gave it to Ernie. With it, they were able to get rid of their insects in the field.

A little while later, Ernie brought me a lot of milch beans. Because there weren't any bugs, they had a bountiful harvest.

Ernie's precious friend is happy, and I'm happy, too. Milch beans are delicious and nutritious, so I think I'll start eating them every day.

Slaying the Dragon posted:

There's an old tradition that in order to become a full-fledged huntsman, one must slay a dragon. As Juris tried to do this, he was simply radiant as a huntsman.

When he invited me to go dragon slaying, I was a bit taken aback. If I didn't help, Juris would've gone anyway. Saying "A strong warrior needs a woman", is bad.

When it actually came time to slay the dragon, I got very flustered. When I even think about that huge dragon's roar, my palms get sweaty.

I...slayed a dragon, didn't I? I still can't believe it. I wonder if I should become a huntsman, too...

A Legend Retold posted:

I think Ranun has a wonderful air about him. Creating songs from the lives we're living right now so that they can be told hundreds of years in the future is wonderful.

Normally, I can never tell what he's thinking, but I think today, I understood him a bit better. Ranun's songs are very mysterious.

A village where everyone disappeared overnight. A village where everyone returned overnight. I wonder how he'll write a song that'll go on into the future.

Looking for Myself posted:

After Marion said something, Linca began searching for herself. Looking for yourself... It actually sounds hard. I don't think I have an answer for that.

Linca was confused, but this is also part of Marion's kindness. Having her learn how to cook and make 100 friend, it's all for Linca's future.

Right now, Linca might be in a bit of a fix, but with her trusty sword, she decided to search for what she wants to do. For some reason, she chose dragon slaying.

I was surprised, but she really did slay a dragon. Thinking back on it, it still makes my heart pound. But it seems Linca doesn't just want to defeat powerful foes.

But finding out now that she only knows about battle is a big step forward in finding herself, I think. I pray to the heavens that Linca finds a goal for herself.

Can't Eat Sweets Time posted:

Odelia, the librarian, loves sweets. If you read lots of books, you'd want to eat sweets, too. Those endless halls of bookshelves and having to read them all.

Oh, but sometimes she forgets. The other day she lost some data. But she still introduced me to an alchemy book. She was a big help.

It seems that she got a cavity. It looked so painful for her that my own teeth started to hurt.

After eating sweets or a meal, you should always brush your teeth. Odelia, hurry up and get rid of that cavity and feel better!

Tastes Like Mom's posted:

I went up a hill and met Harry. He seemed heartbroken, since he lost a lot of contests. It's because I won, isn't it...? But, that can't be helped.

At that time, Harry told me a story about his past that deeply affected me. Harry isn't just a person who likes rare things...

Harry asked me to make the snack that his mother used to make a long time ago. For Harry's sake, I want to make it.

With Fred and Marietta's help, I used ground up beans to make a baked snack using alchemy. When Harry ate it, it seemed to bring back a lot of nostalgic feelings.

Harry cried, which made me cry. I'm glad that Harry was able to pick himself back up.

The Cowgirl's Secret posted:

This is my memory of when I met Nanaca on the floating island. I've met her at various other places, but I never thought I'd meet her there...

I wonder how she got there? She said it was a cowgirl's secret, but that's just really mysterious.

Sometimes, Nanaca talks about the stars. It's strange, but sometimes I get drawn in to what she says. I like when she's normal, but I also like her mysterious side.

I'm secretly thinking about the next time Pana and I can walk with Nanaca and Poro. I want to enjoy the sun with a good lunch where the cows can eat delicious grass.

Large Slag posted:

There was a rumor that some people had seen a giant slag in the ruins. It was summoned by Keith as a training exercise for me.

But that's a secret. It'll all be fine and well if I can beat it, but if I can't, what does Keith intend to do?

I think that Keith approves of me a little bit. I've learned how to make various things with alchemy, and I want to continue to study to become a full-fledged alchemist.

Regina Kurtis Bridge posted:

Regina completed an amazing job. She made a wonderful bridge in a tunnel that was about to fall apart.

Now the nearby residents can continue to use the tunnel. If they couldn't, I'm sure it would be much harder for them. So Regina is a hero!

I think Regina's last labor was to make a bridge that spans wishes. The boss christened it the Regina Kurtis Bridge. He was so moved, he cried.

I think Regina will quit being a prospector, return to her hometown, get married and start a family. Please become a kind, warm mother, Regina.

Well, maybe it's a bit too early to talk about becoming a mother... She needs to find a husband first. I wonder how I'll turn out. I have to think carefully about that.

Victory Party posted:

A celebration party was held at White Crow for Juris in honor of him slaying the dragon. Juris didn't show it in his face, but he was pleased.

But at that party...Mix Master pulled a prank. It seems he mixed the red devil dish that I made into Juris' food.

I think that was Mix Master's way of celebrating. I'm sure he felt embarrassed. It's clumsy, but it might just be a male friendship...

I felt a little jealous of these old friends. If I had a lot of old friends, I'm sure I'd have a lot of fond memories.

PS. I got caught up in the moment, drank alcohol and lost consciousness. When I woke up, I was asleep in my bed. It looks like I did it again...

Friends I Can Rely On posted:

I thought Bell was being fairly quiet recently, and it turned out she was expelled from her witch training for neglecting her tasks and turning in a birthday cake.

I thought it was wrong for Bell, who was so proud of being a witch, to give up. To get her back in with her great-great-grandmother, we went to find the Wind Ruler.

When we finally hunted it down, the angry Wind Ruler attacked us with blades of wind, but Bell jumped in the way to protect me.

When I saw Bell in pain, tears welled up in my eyes and my heart was heavy. But, it seems that the blades never hit Bell. I'm glad she was okay...

We got the powers of the wind, so her great-great-grandmother let Bell train to be a witch again, so it all turned out well, right? Bell can still be a witch.

Young Girl's Longing posted:

This memory is about Tanya and the city. Tanya really liked the handkerchief she got as a souvenir from the city. Marietta and I made a good choice.

Also, when I found out that everyone uses the salt she mines, I felt really happy. It felt as good as when a lot of people use the medicine I make.

Tanya really longed to go into town. I can understand the feeling. Every time Ernie told me about the towns as a child, I would get really excited.

Seeing Tanya made me feel a bit nostalgic. I want to support her dream of going to the city.

Amazing Bread posted:

Fred did his best to make the most amazing bread. He said that all that matters to him is bread, and he put everything he had into making it.

When he asked me to try his amazing bread, I was a little nervous. That bread certainly was worthy of being called amazing.

It was fluffy and crispy and had a hint of sweetness. It was so delicious, it just makes you smile. When I think about it, I really want to try it again.

He wanted more opinions, so I got Mix Master and Odelia to try it. Everyone had a really high opinion of it, but they all said it wasn't bread you could eat lightly.

When I told Fred, he seemed to remember what's important. It's best to bake bread that everyone can enjoy. Food tastes better when you eat it with everyone.

8 Lincas posted:

Um, I don't really know what I should write about this. Linca spoke to me, and then came up from behind and disappeared. I don't really know what's going on.

It seems that Linca knows someone who looks exactly like her. And it seems they have a deep connection. I don't know what happened, but I wonder if they can get along...

And then I was told by the scary Linca to bring Linca and Marion. I did as I was told.

And, of course, there was a fight. It was scary. One Linca was trying to take something precious away, but the Linca who was protecting her precious Marion was stronger.

I like the nice Linca. I hope the two of them can make up someday. But, I wonder what it means that there are eight Lincas...

Future Beautiful Girl posted:

Tanya saved up her money and came to Vierzeberg. I'm sure she was really impressed with the big city, the number of people and the exciting atmosphere.

Luckily I was able to run into Tanya again, and we climbed to a high place to look out on the city. Seeing Tanya's smiling face made me happy, too.

Then, Marietta gave Tanya some clothes as a gift. It was the first time she ever wore a skirt, and she looked really beautiful.

I'm sure that all the guys that pass by her when she wears it will turn and look at her. She really has a bright future ahead of her.

Walk Slowly posted:

I get a little worried when Nio acts like a tomboy. Recently, she came home very late when bringing back a large bundle of medicinal herbs from afar.

She also gathered a lot of fire stones and even borrowed Ernie's wagon. Climbing hills in a skirt shows she doesn't have enough awareness of her womanhood.

She seems to be trying her hardest to make up for lost time. She should take her time...but I think Nio and I have different ideas about taking one's time.

So, for now, I just intend to watch over her. Tomorrow, the next day, and forever after that, we will be together. Nio, we'll always be together.

Looking back on my journey, all the stuff that's happened and all the people I've met... It's truly a garden of memories.