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Part 48: Bonus Update 5

Bonus Update 5

For this update, I'm going to put all the outstanding songs underneath Music, just so all the songs have been recorded in bonus updates for posterity. In addition, all ending CGs will be under Artwork, so be mindful of spoilers if you click on them.


Wind Ruler
The Last Labor
The Two
Ancient Dragon Slaying
At Paradise
Big Sister's Heart
Sending Sheep
Sisters Thereafter
Ernie's Long Legs
Dress Up
To Them

Wilbell END
Regina END
Linca END
Juris END
True Ending
Working Ma'am
Treasure Hunter
Girls Gathering
Sage's Hermitage

Ayesha and Nio artwork
Ayesha concept art
Ayesha sketches
Wilbell concept art
Wilbell sketches
Regina concept art
Regina sketches
Linca concept art
Linca sketches
Juris concept art
Juris sketches
Keith concept art
Keith sketches
Nio concept art
Nio sketches

Marion concept art
Marion sketches
Harry concept art
Harry sketches
Ernie concept art
Ernie sketches
Marietta concept art
Marietta sketch
Fred concept art
Fred sketches
Kyle concept art
Kyle concept art
Odelia concept art
Odelia sketches
Nanaca concept art
Nanaca sketches
Ranun concept art
Ranun sketches

Promotional artwork


Dream-Weaving House (Recorder Version)
A tradition since Atelier Marie, a bright and high-spirited workshop BGM. Yes, we have this one, too. Ayesha's workshop BGM will change to this one after accomplishing a certain goal. A big goal requires a big change!

Hanage Military History
I like how the repeat toward the end is kinda-sorta similar to a certain baseball anime's theme song. If you know which anime I'm talking about, you're amazing...and probably an oldie...and probably a Giants fan.

Anyone have even the slightest idea what anime he's talking about? Oh, and as for the mystifying name, I have no idea. Its name in-game is Record of Nose Hair War, so...a mysterious song all around.

Getting Closer
Based on the image of not knowing what to do when danger approaches. Songs like this are easy to imagine, so they're fun to make. Even in movies, panic scenes are fun to watch.

Just a tad bit lonely. When making a song like this, I have a song from my favorite band that I always base it off. The boy lives on in the man. The effects of what you liked when you were young are very powerful.

At the end of the journey, you'll have one fruit. After you finish eating that fruit, take the seed and go for a second round.

Close to the Edge
The essence of any RPG is the Boss Battle! I wanted to make a cool Boss Battle song, so I put my soul into playing the guitar and organ. The first demo had a 13-beat intro, but it didn't fit into the direction, so I had to delete it.

FJ: Meteor Storm
Wilbell's Super Move jingle is just like her character, with an image of a witch anime from the 70s. I totally like these.

FJ: Lady End
From Regina's blue-collar worker image as a prospector, I thought of including percussions, totally turned out to be a cool song. Oh well, I like it anyway!

FJ: Grand Slam
Juris kinda feels out of place, always being so serious, so to bring that kind of "out of place" feeling, I made it Hollywood-ish. It's a success if it feels like it fits the game, but it also feels out of place.

FJ: Pana Special
When I saw the image, I thought of Carmeeen. It may be simple, but it's a good simple... However, not having any twists lacks impact, so I gave it one twist. Mami Yanagi, thank you sooo much!

Tomorrow is Still Tomorrow
Coco retires, still being loved by everyone. Good-bye. And thank you. And good-bye. And become a legend. From legend to myth. From myth to comedy.

(Cont. from the teenage violence anime) Continuing a series for a long time can become tedious. And this series has reached the 14th. Fourteen! We've caught up with that big series. But we started 10 years after.

(Cont. from above) To break away from tedium, we need a directional change. There are times I think we need to perform an operation on the basic concept!

Let's Go!
(Cont. from above) And so, this is just a suggestion. Wouldn't "everyone transforms is a middle-aged man!" be very interesting!? Like "Bursting Odors! Cure Beer Belly!" It'd totally watch it.

Nice to Meet You!
(Cont. from above) So during the transformation, they'll dance while they shave. And when they say their names, they pull out their business cards. Their super move could be repeating their boss' hurtful words! It'd be amazing!

Vocals by the talented newcomer, Saya. Haruka Shimotsuki sung the chorus, and Dani on the guitar and bass. This luxurious line-up of artists created this Battle Vocal Song. The flower on Ayesha's staff looks like a lily.

Dream-Weaving House
This one is bright and fun. The lyrics illustrate Ayesha working hard in her workshop, but at the same time, it's a cheer song for anyone who creates things. Or maybe that's an exaggeration.

The ending theme by Annabel, who's from Argentina. Please pronounce it ah-ru-ti-ah. The image is of Tanabata (Festival of the Weaver). Why? Ayesha = girl who makes things = Orihime (Weaving Princess). No more space! Sorry!


Slag Warning
Mid-sized Slags
Keep Your Distance
Spirits Exist!
Small Dragons
Ancient Dragon
AG: Herb Garden
Monthly Alchemist
Noble Materials
TCN: Drifting Zone
TCN: Reward!
TCN: The Chairman
Medicine Research
Amulet Research
Materials Research
Magical Equipment Research


Skill Compilation 1 (Wilbell, Regina, Linca, Juris)
Skill Compilation 2 (Keith, Nio, Marion, Odelia)

Attack Item Compilation

Bonus Wilbell Scene