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Part 49: Part XXXVI: Hear the Resolution of a Journey

Part XXXVI: Hear the Resolution of a Journey

My journey is finally over... Three years after I set out to rescue Nio, it's time to come home. My life has changed so much since then, but now I can live happily with Nio and Pana, with Ernie coming by and all sorts of jobs coming in. Paradise

Whoops, that took longer than I thought! I need to hurry home! I'm sure Sis is worried by now. If I make her any more worried, I might get grounded.

Hyaaah, sorry I'm late, Sis! I'm home!

Welcome back. What took you so long? I was worried.

Hehe, sorry. I lost track of time while I was gathering the medicinal herbs.

Nio, that's not the only reason, is it?

Ahh, so you could tell? ...I kinda loitered around. I'm sorry.

I know how you think. When the weather's this nice... Even I'd want to loiter around a bit outside. Well, I'm wrapping things up here, so let's take our lunch break.

Yay! I'm staaaarrrving!


What are you laughing about all of a sudden? Is there food on my face?

No, no, it's nothing. Eating meals with you like this... Reopening our workshop, and with all these jobs flowing in... Goodness, I can't keep up with all these orders! I don't have time to eat like this! ...Was what I was thinking. Then it made me happy to realize these are the kinds of things I have to deal with now.

Wait, then you're in no position to be happy! Sis, you accept too many jobs without a second thought!

Haha, I know, but all of them are so important, I can't say no. If I work hard enough through the night, I think it'll all turn out fine.

Wow, Sis! With all your new friends, you have so many clients now. if you don't start planning things out, it could get way out of hand real quick. Do you know what your next plan is? You've been pretty vague about it, so I'm a little worried.

I have a rough idea. Let's see...

So, Ayesha's system of endings works like this: after the above scene, you'll get your choice of ending, assuming you've got the flags for the required ending. For the first three choices, you'll proceed to a new scene, then get the opportunity before too long to have a second choice: between character endings you've unlocked or, you can choose to continue on with the current ending. The bottom two choices don't offer you that second choice, and will lead straight to the Sage's Hermitage ending or the True Ending with Keith and Odelia.

For the LP, we'll be taking it from the top. We'll do the first choice, called the Working Ma'am Ending, then do Wilbell, Regina, Linca, and Juris' ending, then move down the list, for a total of nine endings. Of course, that's after the two bad endings, which are coming right up.