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Part 51: Part XXXVIII: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - An Apothecary's Job

Part XXXVIII: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - An Apothecary's Job

*gasp* Oh no! If you're late, you'll be making it harder for Ernie.

I know, but he's always so forgiving about the deadlines, I end up being late...

Ernie looks after us a lot, so you can't be late.

You're right. Okay, after I eat, I'll get right back to work. Nio, will you help me?

Of course! If we do it together, I think we'll finish by tomorrow morning! Let's do this! Yaaay!

Ernie, welcome. Sorry, but it's not done yet. My sister's doing her best, but...

Heh, you don't have to apologize. I'm the one who placed a huge order. The orders keep coming in, so I couldn't help it. I feel bad about it, but I can' say no to people who only want medicine. I'll just wait here for a bit.

Okay. Oh, then I'll bring you some tea... Wait, before that, I need to... Sis! Hurry up! Ernie said that because he's nice...but you're already a week behind!

Hyaaah, I'm sorry! It's still not done.

Hmm...maybe the order quantity was too big this time...

It's fine. Ever since Nio's been back, we've been able to work together.

Yup. I'm a tremendous help.

Hmhm, ever since you came back, Nio, this place has been lively every single time I've visited.

Hehe, making it lively is part of my job.

And, I feel bad, since you're still not done with this order, but... I got an additional order. Do you think it's doable? Of course, I understand that you might have other plans, so you don't need to agree by any means... There's still enough time to include it with my next order. What do you want to do?

(More medicine? I have plans to go out with my friend after today's job... What should I do?)

And the second choice, like I said. We'll be going with the first choice this time. Now, in every character ending video except Keith, I use this scene as the jump off point to get the character ending, and I said you can choose the first, second, or third choice and still go with a character ending. I wasn't lying, but choosing those others, then going to a character ending doesn't change much. Trust me, you're only missing one or two lines being different.

Of course we'll do it! An apothecary's job is to make medicine!

Thanks... But are you sure? It looks like you're working to your limit already.

No. I was late this time, so I wanna work harder to redeem myself.

Okay, got it. Thank you, Ayesha.

Music: Variety

Although I met so many great people during my journey, what I've always been good at is being an apothecary! With the power of alchemy, I'm even more efficient than I used to be. I have Nio back, and Ernie comes by to help, too. This is what I was meant to do. I asked my friends, and Regina is moving back to her parents, Bell is going off to talk with her great-great-grandmother about the next step in her training, Linca is moving back to the west with Marion, and Juris is still working as a huntsman. I don't know what happened to Mr. Keith, though... I checked by the Zweiteturm, and didn't find either Odelia or Mr. Keith. I wonder where they went...

Although I don't know if I'll see Bell or Linca or Marion again, I think I will. I'm certainly not going anywhere, as long as I have Nio and my workshop...

Maybe I collected a tad too many...

Give me a second. Let's see... 860 bottles of salve, 360 bottles of cold remedy, 500 days' worth of painkillers, 4 barrels of tonic...

Whoa...I've never seen a barrel as a unit to order...

Hmm, barrel... And four barrels at that...!

Yup. They're barrels. F-o-u-r barrels. Hehehe, barrel, barrel, four barrels!

Hehe, I guess Nio just likes saying "barrel". I kinda do too, actually... Barrel!

Yup. All that, and the delivery due date is one month from now... I think I got a little carried away. As expected, I guess this doesn't even qualify as just "a lot". If necessary, I can negotiate to have the delivery due date extended...

No, it's fine! I recently thought up a good way to do this! A way to make a lot of medicine, all at once! Using that technique, I think I can manage to do it in a month.

But Sis...aren't you worried that you won't have enough ingredients for all this? We don't have that many medicinal herbs in storage, do we?


If we gather everything from around here, we'll exhaust the supply and they won't grow back.

Oh, what should I do...?

Should I shift the deadline then?

No... if I can't do it near the workshop, but if I go somewhere else...

If I remember correctly, there was a warren near Hornheim!

Ernie, that's it. We'll be fine!

All right. Then, I'll leave it to you.

Yup. But to do this...

What? But, Nio by herself? Is that okay...?

I'll be fine. I've been wandering around all by myself for a long time in some place I don't even understand! Compared to that, going on some errand is totally easy.

I see. Then let's go together, Nio.

Thanks for taking me, Ernie! Sis, I'll go accomplish my mission, and I'll look magnificent doing it!

Okay then, Ayesha, we'll be going for a quick run to Hornheim!

Okay. Good luck!

Hmhmhm, you girls sure are full of energy.

That's our most redeeming feature.

You girls are energizing me, too. All right, let's do this!

Yeah...this is my life. This is what I'll do!