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Part 52: Part XXXIX: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - The Never-Ending Story

Part XXXIX: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - The Never-Ending Story

I'm really sorry about turning Ernie down, I did speak to Bell about our plans for the future. Bell said that she was going to go speak to her great-great-grandmother about possibly opening up a shop of her own, combining her magical powers with my alchemy. It really sounded interesting, at least the way she put it... Besides, Bell said she could fly me back and forth from the workshop, and I can keep in touch with Nio with letters.

I'm sorry. I have a previous engagement after this...

Okay, got it. Then I'll combine them with my next order.

Okay. I'll work really hard once I come back, so please wait till then!

She didn't mention I'd be flying on her broomstick there!

Nope. If I fly any slower, it'll be nighttime by the time we get there. We gotta ask my great-great-grandmother if the two of us can open up a shop together... We have to get there by the promised time! A witch is never allowed to be late for a promised time!

Hurgh, that may be the case, but're going way too fast!

It's fine since we're in the sky.

Bell, if you hadn't failed so many times at baking a cake...

You promised you wouldn't bring that up! The last one I baked was fine, so don't worry!

I basically baked the last one...

You promised you wouldn't bring that up, either!

Whoa! I think I'd rather have taken a relaxing ride by stagecoach...

...Ayesha, you ready? Evasive maneuvers!


And the loop-the-loop!

Uyaaah! Stooooooop!

Hehe, it's not smart to cross a witch when you're in the sky.

Just fly straight. The wind keeps lifting up my skirt...

No worries! This high up, no one can see it! You're lucky to be on Miss Wilbell's broom. Don't worry about the details.

Goodness. Bell, you're so assertive...

Hmhm, no matter what you say, while we're flying-! Oh, look, Ayesha! Look at the ocean!

My house is only a stone's throw away from here! Now, for the last spurt! Hold on tight, cuz we're really gonna fly!

Ahhhh, I don't know what I'm saying... But, the days will certainly be lively! It'll be like living with Nio, but if she could do magic! I'm sure after capturing a part of the Wind Ruler's power, Bell's great-great-grandmother will allow her to open up a shop, but I wonder what'll happen. I guess I'll find out!